"Home is the only place I feel I can drop my guard. In an upcoming episode of Home Town, which returns in early December, the Napiers will share even more of their historic home and how they restored it. Artist Erin has a degree in graphic design, while Ben is a woodworker and entrepreneur with a degree in history. So, it makes sense that many viewers assume that Ben is the head carpenter on the two shows, but he's actually not! When Erin posts a picture of when the show is on and people start commenting, it makes me think, "Dang, people are paying attention, I need to stay on track." Of course, their floors are hardwood (viaInstagram). HGTV sat down with Home Town's Ben and Erin Napier to learn more about their holiday decorating tips, hosting tricks and family traditions. "It feels as though you've crossed the ocean and you're not in Mississippi anymore. But it didn't always seem that way. (ok, handiest every different week.) Making A Visit to Laurel, Mississippi Home of Home Town. Since Erin and Ben Napier are accustomed to being on camera, it makes sense that they have been willing to talk to reporters about their gorgeous home. The Napiers own Lauren Mercantile, andThe Scotsman Co.is Ben's custom furniture business. At the end of the day, it seems clear that Erin and Ben Napier arent going around flaunting their fortune in front of the world likely because they arent those kinds of people. Erin Napier and Ben Napier have become one of HGTV 's most popular couples with their hit show, Home Town. Of course, there's a fireplace in their living room (viaInstagram). So, I'll have to raise money in other ways. That blue and white striped cotton rug? In a conversation with Realtor.com, Erin reiterated how surprising the whole TV show thing was. He has his own professional woodworking shop @scotsman.co. Not far from the HGTV star's primary residence in the town of Laurel, Mississippi, their new weekend retreat had been hiding in plain sight. Take the dining room, which features a giant, wooden farmyard dinner table. I never want to leave her side, which means taking care of my heart has to be a major priority.. And that they did.. Ben and Erin Napier of "Home Town" usually renovate single-family homes, but in their latest episode, they've turned their keen reno eye toward a good cause. Inspiring other people to be healthier is awesome, and it humbles me to think I helped someone with that. Small town America being restored, one house at a time. In October 2017, Erin posted a photo on Instagram with a caption that read, I have a secret to tell you. The post directed followers to a link to their pregnancy announcement on her blog. Anyone who watches Home Town on HGTV knows Ben Napier has a way with wood. ", As much of a sanctuary and safe haven that Erin and Ben Napiers' house is, it isn't always photoshoot ready. From the welcoming small-town neighborhoods to the plethora of old homes, Laurel is definitely an idyllic Southern burgh we so adore. Of course, their daughter, Helen, has their own set of shelves. HGTV: Is it more difficult to participate in local traditions involving food now that youre thinking about your own health and eating in a different way? I will say this, it helps keep me honest. This [series] is set trying to make the city a better region, but to also recapture the splendor of some of the older houses that were laid to waste.. Yup, the home improvement experts installed those, too (via Instagram). When you visit this site, it may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies. dewforpolitics.com Progressive Democrat Website, Meet The Richest Kid In America: The Famous Youtube, Who Is Responsible in the Colleen Ritzer Murder Case? Though Phillips has lived far away from The Magnolia kingdom for years, a bad typhoon in Indiana in 2019 inspired Phillips and her husband Jay Stein to set their sights on moving down South. Who knows, Scotsman Sluggers might be available in the future! Now, as far as advice, I honestly do better not trying to substitute. Erin is a big fan of "Something's Gotta Give," and bought one to match the movie set (via Instagram). "That's not something our girls can do in town.". "When I first saw the show, I absolutely loved it," Phillips told Realtor.com. HGTV: Youve talked about how prioritizing exercise has been a key part of getting healthy for you. From the welcoming small-town neighborhoods to the plethora of old homes, Laurel is definitely an idyllic Southern burgh we so adore. Go behind the scenes at HGTV with your favorite show and host news, delivered straight to your inbox. Even with all of that in mind, many of the Napiers fans would be surprised to learn that according to Closer Weekly, the couple has a combined estimated net worth of $5 million. A contractor and woodworker have similar jobs, but, did you know that carpenters actually require a general contractors license or a subcontractors license to work on substantial projects such as a full-blown home or partial renovation? The town of Laurel (population 18,338) itself is a starring character in "Home Town," and it's a huge part of what keeps the Napiers grounded. Two of the biggest: Who pays for all the furnishings on the show and do the homeowners get to keep everything? Does Ben Napier really work on the houses? Thanks to the fact that Erin and Ben Napier have been TV stars for years, it shouldnt surprise anyone that they are doing well financially. You can find out more and change our default settings with Cookies Settings. How Ben Napier and Erin Napier Spend Their Impressive Net Worth, if Bryan And Sarah Baeumler are HGTVs richest stars, It Turns Out These Reality TV Shows Were Always Scripted, the couple has a combined estimated net worth of $5 million. And he even has his own show, Ben's Workshop, which returns for a second season on December 26, which is all about. That said, regular viewers may have noticed some 'Big' changes last season. Instead, the HGTV stars made magic out of thrift store finds, vintage decor, the occasional (affordable) Ikea purchase, and family photos. We are trying to get our shop in a position where we can produce more things and still keep quality in check. Travel back to their dining room, and you'll find an oil painting that was a prop in "The Sopranos" (via Life At Cloverhill). When I was 14, I started playing music at the coffeehouse in downtown Laurel to earn my money, she said. How Does The Worlds Best Differ from Americas Got Talent?, Being Human 4.02 Review: That Time Of The Month, A Michael Keaton Batman Beyond Film Was Reportedly Scrapped, American Made Inventors: Five Interesting Facts About this New Show, 50 Cent Has a Chance to Redeem That Horrible First Pitch from 2014. Do you have any advice for others making similar changes? After all, the Napiers allowed their home to be photographed, and to say that it looks gorgeous inside and out is an understatement. How old is audrey from that youtube family? How would you rate this article? They also operate the Scotsman General Store. 21 Shows to Watch If You Like Yellowstone, 'WoF' Fans Say This Is the Biggest Choke on Show, St. Patricks Day Trivia Questions and Answers, Adam Sandler's Wife Jackie Shuts Down Red Carpet. "We are doing a house for. Climb the stairs to its second floor and you'll find two bedrooms and a Jack and Jill bath (via Hooked on Houses). But have you ever wondered what it's like to renovate your home for the show? Healthy moves arent a flash in the (cast-iron) pan for the bearded, 66 half of Home Towns husband-and-wife dream team in fact, Ben Napier started exercising about eight years ago. A former screenwriter, Gale and her late husband, Richard Robinson, wrote screenplays for major motion pictures that include the hit movie Piranha that went on to become several sequels over the years, Kingdom of the Spiders starring William Shatner, Poor Pretty Eddie starring Shelley Winters and Slim Pickens, and Highballin starring Peter Fonda and Jerry Reed. but they also desired to make it a place in which their youngsters will need to come again. Don't miss HGTV in your favorite social media feeds. Now, the dream has come true and they moved into their dream home in 2008 after they got married. She captioned the photo "Real life: sinus infection, snacks, books, juice, books, design research, books.". Ben: The easy answer is to say, yes, it is harder, and yes, I feel like I'm missing out. And, the rest, as they say, is history! "It's dear, and cluttered, and familiar No one needs help feeling bad about their imperfect lives. No matter how much their fellow HGTV stars are worth, it definitely is worth noting that Ben and Erin Napier have accumulated a truly impressive fortune. According to Instagram (via @erinapier), they have social media to thank for bringing about their amazing show. Aug 4, 2022 With the seventh season of "Home Town" set to air sometime later this year, husband-and-wife design team Ben and Erin Napier have been thoroughly vetted as HGTV's heir to "Fixer. Ben puts his clothes in a handmade armoire, a collab between Erin's dad and Ben Napier, made out of Erin's grandpa's barn door (via Hooked on Houses). In one interview, Erin described a sweet habit Ben fits into his morning routine. Ben talked to HGTV about how hes recommitting himself to healthy choices, one day at a time. from locals to these sweet new folks". It seems like every time a new show hits HGTV, somebody has to start calling it a fake. The thought of my mom on that day broke my heart, he wrote. Now, instead of just being the cutest couple on HGTV, theyre the cutest family on HGTV. Here's to Erin continuing to follow her dreams with Ben Napier by her side! Whew, what an episode! and that they did, says Rhonda Phillips, who changed into featured on season 4 of the hit HGTV show. HGTV: New parenthood really throws a wrench in eating and exercise plans for a lot of people. WATCH: HGTV's Home Town Starring Ben and Erin Napier Is Returning for Season 5. To see the couple's Craftsman-era home renovations, dubbed the Holloway house, watch Season 4, episode 11 of HGTV's Home Town. The stars wanted a place they could take the girls to garden, fish and run around outside. Erin Napier gave the skinny on people's biggest questions when it comes to her program and other home renovation shows. In another post,Erin further explained the inspiration for her realness: "Life isn't perfect or neat," she wrote. Enter Erin and Ben's bedroom and you'll find a bed made with timeless, white and cream, mismatched linens accentuated by a black, wrought iron bed frame (via Instagram). Erin explains her unique decorating style. She asked the couple if they had ever considered doing TV. Ben and Erin (C) work to open up the wall between the bedroom and the room that will become a large bathroom for the Kellers. Ben: Hahaha, have you been in our wood shop meetings? The house that we picked was in such bad shape, if anybody could fix it, it would be them and their team. As listing agent Kandace Monsivais told Realtor, "It's bittersweet. "We get to be on the front row for Christmas morning, over and over and over and . Two of the biggest: Who pays for all the furnishings on the show and do the homeowners get to keep everything? till that day comes even though, heres the whole thing you want to recognize about the pair. I want to move to Laurel, Mississippi. She also says that he always has a Coke waiting for her. We empower millions of people the world over to enhance their knowledge about celebrities people life style and net worth with our smart content. According to the Jones County court records obtained by Heavy, Erin Napier, Ben Napier and Erin's . No pressure or anything but renovating a home for family is a big deal and an even bigger deal when it's their FIRST home! It's what the Napiers' have done to it that makes it into a haven. The Home Town duo recently renovated a weekend home in Laurel, Mississippi. Read the full story and see more of the Napiers' home in this month's issue of Southern Living and on southernliving.com. "But we were feeling . Erin was seven months along and had managed to keep the pregnancy quiet (even while filming) until the pair were finally ready to tell the world. Whereas on a show like Fixer Upper, they apparently don't. If I let it stretch out over a couple of days, it gets harder to get back on. Though Phillips has lived away from The Magnolia State for years, a bad storm in Indiana in 2019 inspired Phillips and her husband, Jay Stein, to set their sights on relocating down South. After I first noticed the display, I certainly loved it, Phillips instructed Realtor.com. Is Daisy Jones & The Six Based on a True Story? Kelsea Ballerini Confirms Relationship With Chase, Your Privacy Choices: Opt Out of Sale/Targeted Ads. Stars and hosts of HGTV's Home Town Ben and Erin Napier have made quite the impression on viewers since they started their home renovation series. But the budget may not include a few things, and for those items, Erin revealed that the homeowners get a book filled with photos of all the pieces, and the opportunity to purchase them if they'd like sometimes even at a discounted price. After all, even the trucks custom paint job which looks incredible would have been expensive. You can see why Ben and Erins show has taken off: Their work renovating houses in Laurel, MS, is inspiring not only in terms of design, but also because theyre raising their humble towns profile and real estate values all around! (portrait). Ben Napier hosts Home Town alongside his wife Erin Napier. Erin shared that their dream is to raise Helen and Mae in the wide-open spaces of the country, the way she grew up. While Erin and Ben may have gotten into HGTV fairly easily, things havent always been smooth sailing for this couple. But if you haven't already familiarized yourself with Home Town couple Ben and. or "I should do better." Let your eyes wander up when you get a chance because not even the kitchen's lighting is 'just because.' Even after the show, they [the sellers] renovated every single room. Jan. 21, 2022. Simply the Worlds Most Interesting Travel Site, The Truth About Ben And Erin Napier's Outrageous Net Worth. Comment your questions to Ben. Luckily, Erin had strong support from her mom during these trying times. ", According to the experts atStopBullying.gov, the effects of being bullied as a child can last into adulthood. Growing up in London, Ontario, Canada, Matthew developed a love for storytelling that he loves to share with others through his writing. However, some viewers feel theHome Townteam is a bit more laidback with some thinking that Erin and Ben appear to have more fun on the show. Little did Phillips understand, however, how a whole lot of painting is going into shooting each scene for the episode, with more than one takes occasionally being required just to get a brief segment ready for the airwaves. HGTV features a lot of fabulous duos who make watching homes being redecorated or flipped that much more exciting. The couple stayed to make their fatherland an extra appealing vicinity for themselves, folks who stay in it, and others who might dont forget shifting. I would put together natural history dioramas in old shoeboxes. Thanks to their busy schedule as TV stars and all of their side projects like launching a furniture collection, it seems clear that Erin and Ben Napier dont have that much free time. But who knows, maybe shell play a song on Home Town one day. about this whole process on Instagram. (Okay, only every other week.) If you buy from a link, we may earn a commission. in Adorable Video: 'Daddy Skills', WATCH: Erin and Ben Napier Act and Sing! The latest movie news, trailers, reviews, and more. It was known as "The McKibbens House" by locals, and Erin said, "This is one of those streets that just feels historic." As a businesswoman and entrepreneur, Ms. Robinson started a company in California with five local stores and a popular website called 4moneyandmore.com. The 1960s-era home, a 2,160-square-foot cottage boasting three beds and two baths, was redone by Ben and Erin utilizing a $200,000 budget set by the owners. He described the heartbreak of watching his father undergo emergency bypass surgery before his 60th birthday in 2014, and the fear that rippled through his extended clan as a result. Nothing in the Napier's craftsman cottage is accidental. Despite that, there has been some conjecture about whether or not HGTVs House Hunters is real. Erin and Ben are parents to their daughter, Helen, who they welcomed in 2018, and they have a growing home improvement brand that includes Home Town, the spinoff series,Home Town Takeover, plus two businesses, a line of furniture, and a book. "The psychological effects of bullying include depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, self-harming behavior (especially for girls), alcohol and drug use and dependence, aggression, and involvement in violence or crime (especially for boys)," the website states.