You've successfully subscribed to this newsletter! His Mom Ashamed (Full Episode) | Paternity Court. The mother is Helen Macintyre, a professional art consultant, who lost her legal battle to keep secret the paternity of her daughter, who is named only as "AAA" in public court documents. Are you getting over a break-up? Gardened By Many Men: Man Says Girlfriend Is Addicted To Her Ways (Full Episode) | Paternity Court, Heartbreaking Reveals: Saddest Moments On Paternity Court (Compilation) | Paternity Court, Plot Twist After Plot Twist: Shocking Cases On PC (Full Episode) | Paternity Court, Multiple-Choice Paternity Questions: Many Possible Fathers (Compilation) | Paternity Court. Season 5, Episode 14 Mask/Muriel v. Redmond: A Michigan woman believes her younger brother is being taken advantage of by his ex, who claims he is her sons father. Woman Brings 2 Men To Court To Find Out Real Dad After Many Secrets (Full Episode) | Paternity Court. I tried looking for updates or social media on the people in case 2. Latta v. Nevills/Coleman-Nevills & Richardson v. Kimball II. Man Begged Woman To Be His Girlfriend (Full Episode) | Paternity Court. Moore v. Scott: A Mississippi man brings his ex-girlfriend to court, adamant that he is the father of her four-year-old daughter. Strip The Doubts Away: Man Denies Stripper Girlfriends Daughter (Full Episode) | Paternity Court. Woman Was Told Two Men Were Her Father But Now She Needs The Truth (Full Episode) | Paternity Court, But the handsome man in the blue shirt behind the defendant, Season 5, Episode 73 Murray v. Gerald-Donaldson, Boyfriend Abandoned Girlfriend During Pregnancy (Full Episode) | Paternity Court, Kidd v. Rawlings ( Season 5, Episode 39 ), Mother Denied Paternity When Better Man Came Along (Full Episode) | Paternity Court, Couple Broke Up 1 Week Before Prom (Full Episode) | Paternity Court, It wouldnt happen if he was not trying to get me pregnant. The show was produced by 79th & York Entertainment and . But dad Steve, 54, blasted this statement, with his legal team branding the petition a "sham". Added On:- 2022-January-6th. had to stop the video to commend this young man. Man Says Woman Comes Home Too Late After Work (Full Episode) | Paternity Court, Fast Food Fling Resulted in Twins (Full Episode) | Paternity Court. Chile bye, I will take my child support paper in the mail, Man Waits 27 Years to Say Hes Not the Father (Full Episode) | Paternity Court, Paternity Denial Left Mother and Child Homeless (Full Episode) | Paternity Court. If he ever reaches out again, you can get into the emotional aspects but it's likely he will not," they continued. However, she has no clue as to which of two men is her sons father. They Thought They Were Sisters But Now Theres Doubt Around One (Full Episode) | Paternity Court. Women At War! I: Woman Names Three Possible Fathers (Full Episode) | Paternity Court. Woman Sees Paternity Result After 33 Years of Doubts (Full Episode) | Paternity Court. But on Tuesday, Judge Daniel Juarez shot down claims the term 'grandchild' was ambiguous and needed to be clarified. Season 5, Episode 10 Hunter v. Holden: A Florida auto mechanic suspects his live-in girlfriend had another mans baby and is only with him for his money. A Florida man comes to court with hopes that he is the father of his girlfriend's 11-month-old daughter. How could you abandon your own flesh and blood and get re-married like it was nothin while my mom and I grew up poor?' Season 4, Episode 46 Leigh v. Leigh: Is a 39-year-old New York man the son of a late NFL player? 3,134 Followers, 2,477 Following, 1,732 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Damien Johnson (@johnsonballet) johnsonballet. Season 5, Episode 108 Harris v. Sterling: They had an off and on relationship for over 15 years, and now a Georgia man denies fathering his lovers 11-month-old son. ( 2020-02-29) Lauren Lake's Paternity Court (originally known as Paternity Court) is a nontraditional court show in which family lawyer and legal analyst Lauren Lake heard and ruled on paternity cases and rendered DNA test results. Late Night Massage Resulted in Pregnancy (Full Episode) | Paternity Court, Paternity Court 12.06.2019 (Jones vs. Fowler) Full Episode | Lauren Lakes Paternity. Whitman v. Mapson/Anderson An Arkansas woman isnt sure who the father of her infant daughter is. Johnson v. Lewis: A Kentucky woman wants proof that her boyfriend is her daughters father. Man Doubts Paternity Of 6 Month Old Child (Full Episode) | Paternity Court. Now the Moline, IL man is in court with his girlfriend hoping to prove he is only the father of her child, not both. Smh. Johnson v. Fortune (Part 2) - A woman admits to six possible fathers, and after eliminating 2, tries to identify her son's biological father.Subscribe: https. Damien R. Johnson passed away on Wednesday, February 05, 2020. Hollins / Williams v Anderson: Despite sleeping with two men only one day a part, a Detroit, MI woman comes to court certain that her ex-boyfriend is the father of her child. (Full Episode) | Paternity Court. Church Scandal! Even though she has found lasting success as an actress and swimwear designer, Elizabeth Hurley revealed in an interview with Red magazine that, 'It would be fantastic to fall in love with someone wonderful.' Weeks v. Moore: A Chicago man questions his own paternity. Douglas v. Jones: A married couple who were unfaithful to each other want to determine the paternity of their daughter. All those men she slept with watched this show and after the results were read they packed up and left town. Season 4, Episode 18 Sheats v. Rhodes: A woman is in court to see if the court will grant a paternity test to the two men she was told were her fathers. Michelle Yeoh Says Hollywood Questioned If I Even Spoke English After 1997 Bond Film: I Didnt Work for Two Years Due to Stereotype Offers. High School Haunting: Engaged Man May Be Ex-Sweethearts Baby Daddy (Full Episode) | Paternity Court. Bido v. Bolton: A man believes his girlfriends baby is not his because the babys skin is too light. He was hearing to respond, he shouldve been listening to understand. If people apologize for their mistakes, are you obligated to forgive them? Season 5, Episode 38 Caples v. Harris: An Iowa woman accuses her exs girlfriend of spying on her in the hospital when she gave birth. The Truth Comes Out On Facebook! It is also included in Just Boris, a book written by Sonia Purnell. Lema v. Scott/Anderson: The second season opens in Orlando, where a woman claims that a married man is her childs father. Wife Cheats On Husband Ten Times, Now He Has Doubts (Full Episode) | Paternity Court. Lowe v. Meyer A man hopes he fathered his girlfriends daughter but has doubts after she confesses she slept with another man. Hudson v. Bridges: She slept with multiple men she met through a dating app, now an Atlanta, GA woman brings two of her online lovers to court certain one is the father of her child. Some ways to get through the mourning period of a relationship ending is to let yourself feel your feelings, break out some old hobbies and find people who support you like friends and family, according to Self. How accurate is a DNA paternity test? Woman Accuses Ex of Faking A Paternity Test (Full Episode) | Paternity Court. After Being With 2 Men Within 2 Days, Woman Still Insists Dad Is Ex (Full Episode) | Paternity Court, Paternity Court 03.30.2020(Reed vs. Campbell) Full EpisodeLauren Lakes Paternity. Allie had an affair and two months later, had a son, "Damien." Watch Lauren Lake's Paternity Court: Chaplin v. Jackson from Season 6 at The issue with this is that this doesn't seem much better . Man Says He Has Zero Spiritual Energy With This Child (Full Episode) | Paternity Court, 20 Years of Questions Leads to Paternity Test (Full Episode) | Paternity Court. To the best of my knowledge, Stephen has never met Damian, and Stephen only met Kira after she became an adult. Husband Found Intimate Video of Wife With Another Man (Full Episode) | Paternity Court, Paternity Court 05.24.2020 #97 Carr v Villa & Fisher v Doyle. Was secretly a DNA test and once found out he was not father he disappeared from boys life completely. 130k Followers, 809 Following, 3,669 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Paternity Court (@paternitycourttv) Pin The Baby On A Daddy: Man Says Woman Pins Babies On Innocent Men (Full Episode) | Paternity Court. Fields v. Nichelson: A man comes to court to prove his girlfriends son is not his. This Tampa, FL woman brings 2 of them to court to prove that her son did not father these children. Damien Johnson was shot and killed and the alleged shooter is in jail. Its an emotional day in Paternity Court when a 24-year-old Missouri man confronts his supposed father for abandoning him after his mother died in a car accident. Paternity Court 08.21.2019 (Lang v. Brown) Full Episode Lauren Lakes Paternity, Grandmama Drama! A 23 year old woman from Jackson, Mississippi is ready to prove that she knows he is the father. Woman Hopes The Man Who Stepped Up Is Actually Childs Father (Full Episode) | Paternity Court. 27K views, 242 likes, 12 loves, 125 comments, 48 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Paternity Court: Bring your tissues, today! All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, Man Was Living In Another State When Baby Was Conceived (Full Episode) | Paternity Court. First Date Makes Due Date: Man Claims Ex Was Pregnant When They Met (Full Episode) | Paternity Court. Potential Father Proposed With Chicken Nuggets (Full Episode) | Paternity Court, Paternity Court 11.10.2019 ( Wilson vs Dean) Full EpisodeLauren Lakes Paternity, Paternity Court 11.09.2019 (Foster vs Jackson) Full EpisodeLauren Lakes Paternity, Woman Claims, Facts, I Am The Best Mother In The World (Full Episode) | Paternity Court, He has two girlfriends, why cant I have two boyfriends, I used to have a pride thing where I didnt like to have to ask for help. Mother Believes Ex or Older Man Is The Father (Full Episode) | Paternity Court. A Philadelphia mother brings her ex-boyfriend to court to prove that he is the father of her 6-month-old baby girl. Man Denies Two Children After Girlfriends Infidelity (Full Episode) | Paternity Court. View All Episodes. Not shouting or loudly I love this episode thats all I can say, Man Initially Told He Wasnt The Father, Now She Says He Is (Full Episode) | Paternity Court, Paternity Court 05.31.2019 (Patterson vs. Knight) Full Episode | Lauren Lakes Paternity, Two Men Fight For Fatherhood (Full Episode) | Paternity Court, Man Names Baby & Now Has Doubts Now That Hes With Someone Else (Full Episode) | Paternity Court, She kept me from seeing my daughter for so long, I have not seen my daughter in 2 to 3 months, It really get to me cause that is my baby, I am not about to take care of a child that is not mine, Woman Says They Were On A Break (Full Episode) | Paternity Court, Woman Says They Were On A 1 Month Break (Full Episode) | Paternity Court.