For someone L37 to have enough faction to buy the prints for the L28, 30, 32, 34 ships they had to have had horizon drops by now. There, you will find level 9 to 11 enemies that will grant you easy blueprints. My factions make me hunt level 35s and I usually get one print every other day or so. Are there certain systems or type of ships that give them better ? This place will always remain a preserved space for people to air their frustrations and give honest opinions about what these predatory games are like. Originally built in the early 22nd century, they started service as pre-warp vessels but have since been maintained and upgraded . The Horizon freighter was part of the ECS's privately owned fleet and used for transport all types of goods, ranging from hazardous material to passengers on long haul journeys. I kill 37-39 rom explorers all the time and occasionally get centurion drops, and even gladius rarely, Getting drops around her when doing daily, Bortas and occasionally a brel. Yes that is where you will get them mung for example. 75 The best and cheapest way to get the USS Franklin is by completing the occasionally held Franklin events. Here's the Amazon wish list! Doing that over a few weeks I had all the parts I needed. Farming Blueprints. Understanding the importance of improving your fleets firepower and harboring internal development is key to success in Star Trek Fleet Command. That's maybe in 150-200 crates or more, I kill Romulans in level 36-39 systems and I have enough BP to make 3 horizons, I got a fair amount killing lvl 30-31s. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 1 Arrives on Blu-ray, DVD and Limited-Edition Steelbook on March 21. The tables on this page are searchable and list out all ships in the game. "); Update 48 - Patch Notes. Systems to grind ships3. I have an alliance member lvl 37 trying to get more bp for another horizon. Star Trek: Fleet Command Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. : "http://www. Carnac | December 12, 2020July 1, 2020 | Independent Ship, Ships. Heres how to get ship blueprints in Star Trek Fleet Command. 1 Chest. For the most part, you shouldnt be spending a lot of time mining dilithium. | Privacy Policy. I have been hitting level 33-34 surveys ships in fed and kling with only getting 2 blueprints all week. The Ship Ability of Dilithium Miner is only really useful for a couple of missions. Centurion requires crystal and gas which your Legionary and Mayflower is eating up to upgrade. The Mining Rate of Dilithium is increased by 150%. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Been a long time so I don't remember. medianet_versionId = "3111299";
. Also from killing NPC Hostiles level 21-30. Level 1: 15%Level 2: 16%Level 3: 17%Level 4: 18%Level 5: 19%, Build TimeTime: 10d 5hSeconds: 882,000 **, Repair TimeTime: 1h 26m 42sSeconds: 5,202 **, Level 2: 800Level 3: 1,000Level 4: 1,400Level 5: 1,700. Level 26: 75%Level 27: 80%Level 28: 85%Level 29: 90%Level 30: 95%, Build TimeTime: 7d 12hSeconds: 648,000 **, Repair TimeTime: 2h 56mSeconds: 10,560 **, Level 26: 47,000Level 27: 51,000Level 28: 57,000Level 29: 61,000Level 30: 69,000. Go nuts in TyGo, and you'll be inundated with Brel and K'Vort bps. The Mining Rate of Dilithium is increased by 54%. var sc_security=""; Originally built in the early 22nd century, they started service as pre-warp vessels but have since been maintained and upgraded for low-warp travel. So only 4000 kills and you have your second Horizon and big wad of faction points. Dont grind hostiles because you will have to grind a hell of a lot of high level hostiles to get enough bp for a faction ship. This vessel's design has roots that link it back to the old ECS cargo haulers of the 22nd century, which have become a staple of mining conglomerates, and plucky Independent traders . Attack only explorers and avoid klingon hostile(assuming you are hostile in Klingon territory) Attack until ship is destroyed then open your chest. The Meridian is a 3 Star survey Ship, and requires a Shipyard at lvl 25 in order to build it. And the third way is to purchase blueprints for real money. Or, you know just go to the Twinfinite homepage. Ability: + 2000 % mining Bonus of Isogen The Meridian is a Survey ship that specializes in the extraction of Isogen. Cookie Notice 1000. Discover an ancient secret that could tip the scales of power forever. Shran and the ship would make frequent appearances throughout the third and fourth seasons of Enterprise. When you're playing a game titled Star Trek Fleet Command, it becomes quickly apparent that upgrading to bigger and better ships would very obviously be a wise investment.More ships in your . Battle triangle doesnt matter. Official Subreddit for all things Star Trek: Fleet Command, the newest MMORPG by Scopely. var sc_project=309838; A lot of players are curious what ships can the grind and where should they do it to unlock some of the ships in the Star Trek Fleet Command universe. medianet_crid = "953388431";
22 Privacy Policy. The Alpha Quadrant is in turmoil. I'm coming up on the horizon research and I'd like to run two of those ships down the road. I do almost all of my dailies in tendering Ive only gotten two horizon bps in the last two months. So get in your star destroyer and hit warp speed! I just went to augment space level 28/30 space and let my ship get auto attacked. Start investing with Acorns today! 53k I got 1 per 100 kills (kills, not crates) in Ebisu and Ulrich. Ugh those are hard once you hit level 3 You need level ~12-24 explorer systems. medianet_width = "728";
Those are the main 2 system i hostile hunt in for explorer parts for my Centurion and I get way too many Horizon blueprints from there. That procedure implies either switching factions - either your fed or your rom rep needs to become Klingon, and so you will be grinding a lot to get the correct rep, so you have the faction stores that you want, say if you want to get faction ships from all three factions. Level 21: 54%Level 22: 58%Level 23: 62%Level 24: 66%Level 25: 70%, Build TimeTime: 5d 15hSeconds: 486,000 **, Repair TimeTime: 2h 38m 36sSeconds: 9,516 **, Level 21: 29,000Level 22: 31,500Level 23: 36,000Level 24: 39,000Level 25: 42,000. The massive upgrade in cargo capacity will also make it possible for you to make base-raiding really worth your while. It doesnt cost you anything to look, so check them out today. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. That might be a little easier, actually. If you are able to strike a balance, the two can work in tandem, allowing you to progress much more smoothly. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. What system(s) have you seen horizon blueprints as reward for hostile grinding? Anyone else found similar BP "farms"? Im currently running a due fed/rom faction and was hoping to nab some Klingon ship blueprints, Edit: so the general consensus seems to be enemies level ~ +30 or my level needs to be +30, It seems mostly level based. More ships in your fleet means more units to send out to mine for resources and engage with hostile targets. Start Strength: 53k Its a long grind. I've gotten Bortas BP in [33]Carraya and Horizon BP in [31]Tandorian. You can easily earn 45 blueprints by completing a mining and a hostile hunting event. Level 6: 20%Level 7: 21%Level 8: 22%Level 9: 23%Level 10: 25%, Repair TimeTime: 1h 43m 18sSeconds: 6,198 **, Level 6: 2,400Level 7: 2,900Level 8: 3,900Level 9: 4,600Level 10: 6,000. 15 comments. - Page Last Updated on February 27th, 2023 -. The term "game-changer" is completely overused, but these ships will change the way you play the game. The other option is waiting to get faction lock at 10M, grinding up the other factions, and collecting all the ships then, which is sort of a pointless exercise from my point of view, but hey, you can do whatever you want! Enterprise Bridge Blueprints - Revised, Klingon Nin'Toq Class Tactical Assault Ship, Intrepid Class Exploration Cruiser - NCC-74600, Defiant Class NX-74205 Starship Prototype, Constitution Class NX-1700 Starship Prototype, Type IV Zero-G Utility Vehicle (Work Bee), U.S.S. This page has been viewed 4326607 times since October 10th, 2005 Avenger Class NCC-1860, Glenn Class Fleet Survey Vessel U.S.S. As tensions between the great powers rise, the arrival of The Dominion spells the loss of the space station Deep Space Nine for the Federation. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The Horizon appeared in the appropriately-named Enterprise episode Horizon. The Mining Rate of Dilithium is increased by 15%. The Mining Rate of Dilithium is increased by 27.5%. Where do i find them? First, you can start building your first Faction Ships, but secondly, you can construct the ECS Horizon. Any clues as to why or how to better get the bp for the horizon? For each additional Horizon, youll need 40 blueprints that youll get by attacking level 31+ faction hostiles and Klingon Separatist bosses. If you have a good ship that can kill them, then the grind could be worth it. Is it always this hard to get them? Enormous. For each additional Horizon, you'll need 40 blueprints that you'll get by attacking level 31+ faction hostiles and Klingon Separatist bosses. Its not as ravenous as its bigger faction cousins, the Antares, the KVort, and the Valkis, but its still something. "https://secure." It's going to start off with a 2,000% bonus for iso. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. 3 Chests. For horizon bp, I found it was best to grind non-faction warships, level 30-32, and never to hit surveys. Level 11: 27.5%Level 12: 30%Level 13: 32.5%Level 14: 35%Level 15: 37.5%, Repair TimeTime: 1h 58m 54sSeconds: 7,134 **, Level 11: 7,000Level 12: 8,500Level 13: 9,500Level 14: 11,000Level 15: 13,500. Reputation Level. var scJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? Getting drops around her when doing daily, Bortas and occasionally a brel. Acquire the Mantis and hunt Actian hostiles in a new gameplay loop that rewards SNW Officer Shards and Syndicate XP! They offer some huge discounts at retailers you probably use every day, like CVS, Verizon, AT&T Wireless, iRobot, Lenovo, Omaha Steaks, HBO, Bass Pro Shops, Your Mechanic, among many others. I am not looking to advance to level 30 for a while. Going from a Horizon to any of the faction miners in Star Trek Fleet Command is a big step in the game. Press J to jump to the feed. 2 Chests. Furthermore, you will also need a level 17 shipyard. Compared to all the previous miners in the game, the Horizon is better than all of them, at just about everything. Grissom, Federation Shuttlecarrier Comparison Chart, Federation Shuttlecraft Identification Chart, U.S.S. And my mayflower at 501k strength. - View Recent Updates -. Here are just a few of the highlight offers that I think might interest you. Our Rewards program is up and going now! Maybe 1/100 or so. After completing certain missions, you can get a maximum of 25 blueprints. A little behind on ships right now. You could save enough for that new ship youve been eying, or maybe a whole lot more. The drop rate is super, super tiny. With 11,159 blueprint sheets currently online. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Did you unlock it in the research tree? Special awards await!, drop a small donation through paypal/venmo?***********************************Check out the Facebook page! hang out on Twitch! the Discord channel!***********************************A very big thank you to my Patreon subscribers and everyone who donates to the show, for making this possible. I am ignoring BP for smaller ships, focusing on the later ships. As the D'Vor is to raw latinum, the Meridian is to Isogen. I have been grinding for the last week constantly for horizon blueprints. The Vi'dar is a 3 Uncommon Interceptor Ship, and requires a Shipyard at lvl 25 in order to build it. Has had zero drops of a shard in over 109 NPC crates opened. I started seeing them around 30 but still only once a week or so would I get a bp. Originally built in the early 22nd century, they started service as pre-warp vessels but have since been maintained and upgraded for low-warp travel. Blueprints will typically be in the possession of high-level enemies, and it will most definitely be a challenge to take them down. Make sure you check it out!Wanna buy Deuce something? If youre after more tips, tricks, hints and schemes on Star Trek Fleet Command and other mobile games, Twinfinite is your best destination! Reaching Level 26 in Star Trek Fleet Command means a few things. The last kill hostile event I was killing hostiles mostly in xerxes and I got 8 horizon bps maybe that'll help? I'm 23 BP's shy of getting a free K'Vort from Klingon drops when I was trying to Lock Feds and Roms problem is I'm not hitting Klingons anymore because I'm trying to dig out of the 2m rep hole, Random but dont ignore building lower ships, maxing and scrapping for bonus rewards. My lvl 30 account has 80 right now, and I still have to open 1200 PVE chests. Level 16: 40%Level 17: 42.5%Level 18: 45%Level 19: 47.5%Level 20: 50%, Build TimeTime: 3d 18hSeconds: 324,000 **, Repair TimeTime: 2h 15m 5sSeconds: 8,105 **, Level 16: 15,000Level 17: 17,500Level 18: 19,500Level 19: 23,000Level 20: 25,000. Level 36: 125%Level 37: 130%Level 38: 135%Level 39: 140%Level 40: 145%, Build TimeTime: 12d 4h 30mSeconds: 1,053,000 **, Repair TimeTime: 3h 52m 48sSeconds: 13,968 **, Level 36: 105,000Level 37: 116,000Level 38: 122,000Level 39: 134,000Level 40: 140,000. Since you have your legionary and mayflower then you are in the positive with Feds and Romulans(same route I took), so I would advise against attacking in Fed space for the blueprints as it will negatively impact your Federation faction rep. Now going from there, use your legionary. Unofficial reddit community for Star Trek Fleet Command. The print-out version of the Star Fleet Technical Manual, as used by the Star Fleet Academy, is a collection of only those Technical Orders necessary to the indoctrination of new cadets until such time as they have become experienced in the use of the data read-out stations of Mastercom/SFHQ. This collection of Star Trek Fleet Command Hostile Drops that sorts each faction by the loot they drop so you can easily find out what system to farm specific materials from and what hostiles you need to pew-pew. Several away teams missions reward you with away teams credits. For less than a bucket of chicken and a drink you can support the show! Do you need faction rep to build the ships?4. var sc_invisible=1; Your North Star might (emphasis on might) be able to get a faster mining rate for a short period of time, but its got such a small cargo (and even smaller protected cargo) that youre going to be constantly unloading the thing. And it may take a while before your Horizon is as strong in combat as your North Star, but in terms of mining, its a better ship, hands down. keep us on the air! Level 31: 100%Level 32: 105%Level 33: 110%Level 34: 115%Level 35: 120%, Repair TimeTime: 3h 24m 42sSeconds: 12,282 **, Level 31: 72,000Level 32: 81,000Level 33: 86,000Level 34: 95,000Level 35: 100,000. Horizon Blueprint Shard Drop . Surprisingly, I got about 6 Horizon BPs while grinding level 34-35 augment hostiles for the event the other day but I have acquired enough bps for 2 more horizons from killing level 34-37 hostiles, mostly in Rom space but have acquired them in Fed and Kling systems as well. scJsHost+ These tremendous new weapons . Description: The Envoy is an advanced ECS freighter with significant improvements over its older cousin . Details Lower right side of Fed territory. The best Reddit community for Star Trek Fleet Command! Some of the guys in my alliance had levelled up more quickly than me and were hitting level 35s for dailies and hoping to get horizon bp but getting almost none. I wouldnt recommend maxing a Horizon, as if youre advancing with any speed, youre going to have a faction miner before you have the chance. ASPEN NCC-1824, General Plans U.S.S. I've gotten Bortas BP in [33]Carraya and Horizon BP in [31]Tandorian. Research Projects. The Mining Rate of Dilithium is increased by 75%. The best Reddit community for Star Trek Fleet Command! The best Reddit community for Star Trek Fleet Command! All will hear your name and tremble, so make sure its something much more intimidating than KoolDaddy232852. Im not looking to level up again for quite a while I want to stock pile my resources before I even think about level 30, Don't you get all the bps when you research the tech for horizon? Topics covered:1. Daily Goals Total (Mining and Hostiles) Faction Reputation (Completing the Spending Event) Total Possible From Dailies. Credits Per Blueprint. Has had zero drops of a shard in over 109 NPC crates opened. Star Trek Fleet Command secret code hack tips Tip, android gameplay secrets: complete federation events or missions of early grade 2 space to acquire blueprints to unlock ship. In Star Trek: Fleet Command, you need 90 blueprints to construct the USS Franklin. After a while, however, youll be swimming in these blueprints. Is there a way to grind faction ship blueprints without creating negative faction reputation for a faction somewere in Deep space .