The expected Schedule 26A charge to CWLP is $2,960,550.00 or 63.6% of this ordinance amount. 300 S. Seventh Street City Utilities Board; Park Board; Planning & Zoning Commission; Build Your Community, Build Your Career; City Council. GE Grid Solutions, LLC. The proposal has township leaders and city leaders split on what is best. Email Us:, AMTRAK-Rail Passenger Service "Back On Track", United Way 2021 Campaign KOB September 9, 2021, Springfield Fire Department Promotion Ceremony July 15, 2021, Citizens Club of Springfield "SangamonCEO Entrepreneurial Education" August 27, 2021, Organized Labor, Lawmakers & Municipal Officials Against Closing CWLP, Prematurely. The full agenda packet and instructions for joining the meeting virtually, along with additional information can be found at https: . Watch the City Council or Committee meetings live each week on at 5:30 pm on Channel 18. For questions, please contact AJ Nytes, City Recorder, at 541.726.3700. Click here to view the full agenda packet and virtual meeting information. Mayor & City Council; City Council Meetings . This ordinance will approve a second extension and increase the agreement by another $51,500.00 for a grand total amount not to exceed $100,000.00. Watch. Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission, Applicants Sought for Ward 4 Council Seat City of Springfield Oregon (, Click here to be redirected to our YouTube Channel. Watch the City Council or Committee meetings live each week on Channel 18. City Council Agenda Packets(from March 5, 2007 to present) and Minutes (from January 1993 to present)are available and can be accessed using Online Public Documents. Early in 2021 the City began uploading recordings from those meeting to YouTube for ease of use/viewing Click here to be redirected to our YouTube Channel Please note that videos are uploaded generally by the Friday after each meeting. The Redevelopment Assistance shall be paid in six (6) annual equal installments of One Hundred Thousand ($100,000.00) Dollars each beginning December 31, 2023 and continuing on each December 31 for each year thereafter until paid in full. ", Judge in Macon County finds assault weapons ban unconstitutional, New John Deere facility coming to Mattoon, One person killed in Springfield car crash, Akorn fallout: Local businesses impacted by unexpected closure, Springfield coroner identifies person killed in crash on East Lake Shore Drive, Authorities issue alert in locating 44-year-old man, Springfield police respond to report of "suspicious item" at Sangamon Towers, Champaign man found guilty in 2017 murder of two Danville men, IEA: Retirement age forcing teachers out of Illinois. Council's committee of the whole meeting will follow. Call Us: 217-789-2235. The expected Schedule 26 charge to CWLP is $1,144,438.00 or 24.6% of this ordinance amount. Council normally takes a recess during the months of August and December of each year. UE20-11-65 was authorized with ILMO Product Company (ILMO) for a five-year term to supply maintenance gases in the total amount of $41,411.95. In 2020 due to COVID 19 Precautions the City Council began meeting virtually. Adjourn to Special City Council Meeting - Closed Session. This pays for system coordination, long-term planning, congestion management, operational planning, maintenance and outage coordination, billing/settlement function, dispute resolution, and tariff administration. The use of Adobe Acrobat Reader X is recommended for viewing these documents. City Council Meetings; Councilmembers; Public / Town Hall Meetings; Special Council Meetings; Tuesdays with Council; COVID-19; Economic Vitality; Environmental Services. An ordinance authorizing acceptance and execution of the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative Grant, in the amount of $190,100.00, for the Office of Planning and Economic Development. Last year, ordinance no. Gary Budd is the Supervisor of Springfield Township. along with the Mayor, City Clerk and City Treasurer. There are three (3) passenger and three (3) freight elevators. This agreement provides all grease, rack lubricants, tools, and cleaning supplies. Videos of the meetings are available the next day on the Citys YouTube channel at APP-51975 FROM THE ILLINOIS HOUSING DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY HOME REPAIR AND ACCESSIBILITY PROGRAM (HRAP), IN THE AMOUNT OF $650,000.00, FOR THE OFFICE OF PLANNING AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. Toggle navigation. The Springfield City Council will meet on Monday, March 6, 2023 at 6:00pm for a Work Session followed by a Regular Session at 7:00pm and followed by a Special Work Session at 7:30pm. If you would like to speak on a Zoning matter, you need not file a request. Springfield City Council Meeting, Tuesday June 7, 2022 10:23 am 06/14/2022 The Public Works Safety Zone PSA 10:25 am 06/14/2022 Pritzker Announces Illinois State Armory Renovations. During the regular meetings, residents may address the Council either during a Public Hearing on a specific subject, or under Business from the Audience on any subject of interest to the community member. Itron is not a local vendor. 1 TO AN AGREEMENT WITH HAROLD O'SHEA BUILDERS, INC. FOR CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT AND OVERSIGHT OF THE CONSTRUCTION FOR THREE FIRE STATION LOCATIONS FOR AN ADDITIONAL $405,000.00 AND TOTAL AMOUNT NOT TO EXCEED $1,300,000.00, FOR THE OFFICE OF BUDGET AND MANAGEMENT, AN ORDINANCE ACCEPTING RFP #LL23-33 AUTHORIZING A THREE-YEAR CONTRACT WITH MIDWEST TAPE, LLC., A STREAMING MEDIA DATABASE, TO PROVIDE ACCESS TO THE HOOPLA APPLICATION FOR AN AMOUNT NOT TO EXCEED $165,000.00 FOR LINCOLN LIBRARY. Get an email notification whenever someone contributes to the discussion. Address: Municipal Center West, Room 106 each comment to let us know of abusive posts. Previously, an OBM factsheet (contract number NB22-299U) authorized a professional service agreement with Ms. McCurley in the amount not to exceed $25,000.00 for approximately six (6) months of work. Meetings are bi-monthly on the last Monday at 6pm at First Church of the Brethren, except the picnic and annual meeting. Do you want to keep up with local issues? Wednesday April 6, 2022 10:37 am 06/14/2022 Momentum on Main Street. Please enter a search term: Use "quotation marks" around search text to find exact matches. The service includes examinations, adjustments, and lubrication as deemed appropriate by Cardinals Mechanic. Phone: 217.789.2000 We all have a story and our Channel 4 (Public) and Channel 18 (Government - City of Springfield) is available to our residents to share their insights with the rest of our community. "We're also concerned about how the city's going to assess property, there's 50,000 parcels of property, they have no experience," said Aiello. In addition, Kerstie will create procedures and train applicable employees on these tasks. The applicant must be from the Republican Party, be a registered voter and live within Capital. Council Coordinator who assists in facilitating conversations and communications between constituents, the Alderpersons and the City. AN ORDINANCE ACCEPTING BIDS AND AUTHORIZING THE EXECUTION OF CONTRACT UE23-02-93 DALLMAN COMPLEX ELEVATOR MAINTENANCE & REPAIR FOR A FIVE-YEAR TERM WITH OTIS ELEVATOR CO. "We provide general rental assistance, utility assistance, Workfare assistance, we repurpose individuals with job skills," said Aiello. The current relays are at the end of life and beginning to fail. This ordinance authorizes payment in an amount not to exceed $4,651,988.00 to The Energy Authority, Inc. (TEA) and Midcontinent Independent Systems Operator, Inc. (MISO) for various fees and costs during the Fiscal Year 2024. AN ORDINANCE AUTHORIZING ACCEPTANCE AND EXECUTION OF THE BLOOMBERG HARVARD CITY LEADERSHIP INITIATIVE GRANT, IN THE AMOUNT OF $190,100.00, FOR THE OFFICE OF PLANNING AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. BROUGHTON & SONS, INC., TRUMAN L. FLATT & SONS CO., INC., AND GROUP MATERIALS, INC. FOR FY2024 MAINTENANCE MATERIALS, FOR AN AMOUNT NOT TO EXCEED $803,038.00, FOR THE OFFICE OF PUBLIC WORKS, AN ORDINANCE ACCEPTING THE LOWEST RESPONSIBLE BID AND AUTHORIZING THE EXECUTION OF CONTRACT NUMBER PW23-01-94 WITH TRUMAN L. FLATT & SONS CO., INC. TO FURNISH CONSTRUCTION ON THE FY2024 BITUMINOUS OVERLAY PROGRAM FOR AN AMOUNT NOT TO EXCEED $4,414,928.00, FOR THE OFFICE OF PUBLIC WORKS, AN ORDINANCE AUTHORIZING EXECUTION OF AN AMENDMENT TO THE AGREEMENT WITH ST. JOHN'S HOSPITAL OF THE HOSPITAL SISTERS OF THE THIRD ORDER OF ST. FRANCIS TO ENGINEER, RELOCATE AND RECONSTRUCT PORTIONS OF THEIR ELECTRICAL FACILITIES, APPURTENANCES AND DUCT BANKS RELATED TO THE CONSTRUCTION OF USABLE SEGMENT III OF THE SPRINGFIELD RAIL IMPROVEMENT PROJECT, IN AN THE AMOUNT OF $2,230,190.00 AND FOR A TOTAL AMOUNT NOT TO EXCEED $3,380,190.00, FOR THE OFFICE OF PUBLIC WORKS, A RESOLUTION NOTIFYING THE STATE OF ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION THAT MOTOR FUEL TAX REBUILD FUNDS, IN THE AMOUNT OF $451,984.94 MAY BE USED FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF TRAFFIC SIGNALS AT KOKE MILL ROAD AND GREENBRIAR DRIVE TRAFFIC SIGNAL IMPROVEMENT PROJECT, MFT SECTION NO. The 2023 branch pick-up takes place in March, May, August, and November. Get the latest information about ICON meetings, events, and news! The responses will determine if the city tries to eliminate townships or stops its efforts. PW23-01-95 WITH CAPITOL CONSTRUCTION GROUP, LLC D/B/A EGIZII ELECTRIC TO PROVIDE CONSTRUCTION OF TRAFFIC SIGNALS AT KOKE MILL ROAD AND GREENBRIAR DRIVE (MFT SECTION #20-00493-00-TL), IN AN AMOUNT NOT TO EXCEED $451,984.94, FOR THE OFFICE OF PUBLIC WORKS, AN ORDINANCE ACCEPTING LOWEST RESPONSIBLE BIDS AND AUTHORIZING THE EXECUTION OF CONTRACT NO. Failure of the protection systems can cause more prolonged outages and high costs due to damaged equipment. Email notifications are only sent once a day, and only if there are new matching items. Do you want to keep up with local issues? The Springfield City Council is seeking an interim Councilor to serve Ward 4 through December 31, 2024. This ordinance approves payment for various hardware, software, software maintenance, and hosting services involving the meter reading data with Itron, Inc. (Itron) in an amount not to exceed $80,148.77. Partly cloudy skies. The elevators are located at Unit 4 and Unit 4 AQCS. Email Us:, Springfield Police Department Promotion Ceremony, January 26, 2023, New AMVET Assembly Owen Marsh Elementary School, January 12, 2022, Frontiers International 48th Annual Martin Luther King Jr, Memorial Breakfast, Barack Obama Presidential Announcement Historical Marker Dedication Wednesday, November 30, 2022, Naturalization Ceremony Old State Capitol, July 29, 2022, Springfield Fire Department, Class of 2022 Graduation, January 12, 2023, Springfield Police Department Promotions Ceremony Tuesday December 13, 2022, Poplar Place Redevelopment October 3, 2022, Springfield Co- Responder Deflection Initiative Wednesday, January 18,2023, Citizens Club of Springfield Presents, The 2023 Springfield Mayoral Debate, February 24, 2023, University of Illinois Prairie Research Institute Groundbreaking at CWLP Thursday, December 8,2022, Springfield Committee of The Whole Meeting, February 28, 2023, Senior Services Triad Fashion Show Friday, November 4, 2022, Citizens Club of Springfield, Springfield School District 186, Recording Date: January 27, 2023, Greyhound Joins SMTD Transfer Center Opening Ceremony Tuesday, October 25, 2022, Community Access Project Ribbon Cutting & Co-working Open House Friday, September 30, 2022, Lincoln Library - Library of Things 2022 Petting Zoo, The Grant Conservatory of Music and Dance Performing Arts Center, Coffee With a Cop Thursday September 29, 2022. 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