And Im like, Oh, my God.. The sheriff spent more than $15,000 between 2017 and 2018 at Habana Premium on Central Avenue. Has Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple Gone Apple Sauce in the Brain? (518) 487-5037 (fax) +Dollars represents amount in the candidates' accounts as of the last filing date, July 2019. S^)n/*vzFKoRNISwVihK?a=E# W%D]6DPD@ DZn5FB[]9>JGy#'g]rZY%7$X](5elyR? c^J.-\PO5="" " "" " "" " "" " "" " "" " "" " "" " "" " "" " "" " "" " "" " "" " "" " "" " "" " "" " "" " "" " "" " In 1997, he was promoted to Patrol Commander and had oversight of a Patrol Division that covered approximately 375 square miles. A Little History Lesson: Scott Giroux was a Albany County Sheriffs Department captain at the same time Craig Apple was a lieutenant. Sorry. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. He has served in the Albany County Sheriff's Office since 1987. Thompson is allegedlynot certified or qualified to administer the testso it should not have been authorized. At 6:01pm, he runs another check and prints it. Andrew Cuomo that accuses the Democrat of a misdemeanor sex crime. The Albany police chief told the Times Union that the raid was unorthodox; Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple said he was "very bothered" about the raid and disbanded the unit that conducted it. The 32-year-old Commisso spoke out publicly for the first time. Sheriff Apple, 54, runs a department of roughly 700 deputies, correction officers, dispatchers, fire investigators and medical responders. Could that be the reason Apple is calling Thompson back into the Albany County Sheriffs Department with an apparent promotion. endobj And where are the parents who think they can buy their way out of their guilt and shame, their incapacity to be parents? Some reports claimed that the explosion was felt miles away. He looks like a cocaine addict with a heroin habit! He has also faced criticism from the Albany district attorney, David Soares, who has yet to say whether he will prosecute the case. But what we dont understand is how Thompson, now employed at least part-time by the Coeymans police department as Coeymans police chief Darlingtons administrative assistant, is going to be able to give the Albany County Sheriffs Department its moneys worth while doing the same for the taxpayers of the town of Coeymans. Why you ask, because there were NEVER any drugs. Skip Dickstein/The Albany Times Union, via Associated Press. Sign up here to get this newsletter in your inbox. Is this really the best APD can do? Shame on him. The sheriffs of four upstate New York counties Erie, Fulton, Saratoga, and Washington have said that they will not enforce Governor Andrew Cuomo's restrictions on Thanksgiving Day gatherings. User Priority: This story has been shared 144,036 times. The Albany County District Attorney, P. David Soares spends almost half of his day on this blog! Craig D. Apple Sr. is known among some fellow Democrats as the Teflon sheriff for his ability to persevere, even thrive, through trouble that might tarnish less adept politicians. Or is it really as dumb as it first appears? The national limelight fell on Apple, a Democrat, last year when he pursued a misdemeanor case against Cuomo, who allegedly groped former staffer Brittany Commisso at the Executive Mansion in Albany in late 2020. This is a carousel. The Albany County Sheriff's Correctional Facility is one of the largest County Correctional Facilities in the State of New York. Having done that and proved his mettal, Giroux then went on to accept a position with the Federal Bureau of Investitation (FBI). I know exactly how to manipulate the law and Ive gotten pretty good at doing it, Craig D. Apple Sr., then an undersheriff of Albany County, N.Y., was recorded saying to a group of county investigators. On a crisp Bronx afternoon, I prepared our 3-week-old son for his first neighborhood outing, nestling him in his carriage, swaddled in two blankets and a padded snowsuit with matching scarf and mittens. endobj A decade ago, in the midst of what would become a successful campaign to become county sheriff, a potentially devastating recording emerged. Share & Bookmark, Press Enter to show all options, press Tab go to next option, Harold L. Joyce AlbanyCounty OfficeBuilding, NY Connects: Long Term Care Services & Support, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Albany County, Economic Development, Conservation and Planning, Shaker Place Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, Albany County: A Great Place to Do Business, Industrial Development Agency / Capital Resource Corporation, Evacuation Functional Needs ("Special Needs") 911 Registry, Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC). PBS Kids. Arthur. Andrew. Albany officer Craig Apple describes woman as a victim and says investigation of governor could lead to arrest The sheriff of Albany county said he was 'very comfortable' describing a woman. Seems like its an impossibility from where were sitting. The sheriff showed up quickly, organized a vigil, and befriended the boys two surviving sisters, who were placed in the care of Child Protective Services. stream The Albany lawman known for unsuccessfully pursuing groping charges against disgraced ex-Gov. A Long Island man was charged with threatening violence against L.G.B.T.Q. 5 0 obj LATEST. The County contains three cities, ten towns and six villages. . You guessed it! Compensation Specialist. How SMB Uses Resources. Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple said it's possible Cuomo could be arrested if the allegations are substantiated. Sheriff Apple received the Law and Order award from New York State Attorney General Dennis Vacco. BACKGRID. Copyright & Fair UseUPDATED! Craig Apple has been working as a Sheriff at Albany County for 1 year. dozens of hate-filled letters sent over the course of eight years. It may not show immediately, but it is showing from what you tell me, but it has changed the kid and he needs help to work through it. Not only did they arrest and terrorize the entirely WRONG man, they didnt even have enough to convict the moron who is running around with my husbands NYSDL. They also suggest the sheriff had coordinated the timing of the complaint with the state attorney general, Letitia James, who announced her candidacy for governor a day after the charge became public. Edisons piano was sold in 1929 and changed hands a few times over the years. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Andrew Cuomo is known among some fellow Democrats as the "Teflon sheriff" for. endobj Apple said the woman, who is still a state employee, made the formal complaint to the sheriff's office with her attorney in an hour-long meeting on Thursday afternoon, triggering an investigation. Because of the continuing power of the Albany County Democratic party, elected officials here are more likely to face competitive races in primaries not from Republicans or third-party candidates in the general election. David Soares and chief Krokoff have only one option, FIRE the liars. We couldnt believe what we were readingafter all that was going on in the Coeymans police department involving Kerry Thompson, Gerald Deluca, Jason Albert and, of course, Gregory Darlington. The officers who solve crimes against children, women and the elderly and see things that no one should ever have to see. A look at the sheriff's campaign expenses reveal mostly contributions to other local Democratic candidates, donations to not-for-profit groups, and costs to run his fundraisers. The recording originally surfaced when Apple was running for sheriff in 2011. SOUTH BETHLEHEM Clifford C. Apple, 73, of South Bethlehem, beloved husband of Joan (Murray) Apple for 47 years, died peacefully at St. Peter's Hospital Sunday evening, April 10, 2005. << /BitsPerComponent 8 /ColorSpace /DeviceRGB /ColorTransform 0 /Filter /DCTDecode /Height 434 /Subtype /Image /Type /XObject /Width 1600 /Length 73891 >> Raised in Bethlehem, a town just south of Albany, Sheriff Apple joined the department in 1987, just two years out of high school. Otherwise the public would be none the wiser and the parasites in power would go Scott-free. It was unseen and unplayed because he was in Florida and it was in an estate sale on Long Island. Friedman mentioned his purchase to his friend Charles Frommer, a musician and Edison aficionado who has a collection of Edison phonographs. Cuomos allies have suggested that Apple coordinated the timing of the charge with the state attorney general, Letitia James, who announced her candidacy for governor a day after the charge against Cuomo became public. Do you want me to pick and choose my complainants or victims?. Again, your daughter must pursue a claim against the RCS CSD! Zacarese was the Republican candidate who faced now Suffolk County Sheriff Democrat Errol Toulon. I deeply apologize to the unions who supported me, Committee members and volunteers who carried petitions in the hot weather, as well as [Albany County Democratic] Chairman Jake Crawford who tried tirelessly to have me reconsider how I can best serve the community. (518) 487-5400 Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple confirmed on Twitter Saturday that a home in Berne had exploded around 8:30 p.m. Friday. Your tax dollars at work! We questioned how Coeymans would dare do something like that and the reader replied that she had read it on the Albany County Sheriff Department Facebook page. The two law enforcement officials cannot even agree on the documents filed: Mr. Soares said in a letter to the court that a critical section of Ms. Commissos statement was missing; the sheriff disagreed, saying his investigator submitted the necessary paperwork in full not once but twice, after the first copy disappeared. The sheriff galvanized the county and made statewide headlines in 2018, when 300 or so migrants swept up in raids at the southern border were brought to the Albany County jail. Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple has never had an opponent since he first won his office in 2011 and it shows in his campaign account. dormitory-style housing for homeless individuals, arranged medically assisted treatment for inmates with opioid addictions, accusations of sexual harassment against Cuomo. Its current owner Robert Friedman, who after more than 40 years in the piano business calls himself the Steinway hunter bought it in January, unseen, unplayed and unaware. Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple, who is the NYSSA 2nd Vice President, added, "As law enforcement officers, our mental health is just as important as our physical health. And the issues are current and very hot! %PDF-1.5 Are we the only ones who smell the stink? John McDonald, a Democratic assemblyman whose district includes parts of Albany County, said that for anyone to suggest that Sheriff Apple had charged Mr. Cuomo because he needs political support for next years election, its laughable.. Well be contacting you with further information. It almost felt like Edison was in the room.. "Craig Apple will be sheriff for as long as he wants to be sheriff," he said. Scott Giroux was police chief when there was a Ravena-Coeymans joint police department, and Giroux was brought in to clean up the law enforcement mess in Ravena-Coyemans and to merge the two dysfunctional police departments. But Sheriff Apple now finds himself under far more scrutiny. That raises some sticky questions: (1) Whats Apple doing with Kerry Thompson now? Hoping to undermine Apples integrity, they have also publicized an audio recording in which Apple was heard saying, I know how to manipulate the law and Ive gotten pretty good at it.. !12AQq"3RTa4#BSCD$5E ? Are you alleging she is guilty of a crime? It seems that not only Kerry Thompson, Jason Albert have nothing to do. "The bottom line is I never know if I have an opponent or don't have an opponent," Apple said. Theyve put him in protective custody at taxpayer expense; rewarding another criminal. Nor are we interested in his 17-year-old daughter, who, as a minor, would be mentioned only as his 17-year-old daughter, a minor. Has Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple Gone Rotten? xc``g``c ` fbbFuAQ|z`"pA-* Andrew Cuomo was charged with a misdemeanor sex-crime complaint Thursday after an investigation. Whatever is the reason, we think its SCANDALOUS that Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple is making Kerry Thompsonlook like a saint! I mean, its totally up to him. Community Programs; Restorative Justice; Diversion Programs; CONTACT; More. Descent and respectable police officers do their job with honor every day. We are more than happy to release the 44 min tape of CI #392, Det. Me. Mr. Cuomo has also sought to discredit the sheriffs investigation by trying to link it to Ms. James. You can find all our puzzles here. But never has he found himself in water as rough as what he has had to traverse since he charged Cuomo with a misdemeanor sex crime in October. The case is a very solid case, the sheriff said shortly after Mr. Cuomo was charged. He sailed on to victory and has run for re-election unopposed not once but twice since. Your daughter MUST come out and file her Notice of Claim against the RCS CSD school system. Put yourself in my position, he said. Learn more. OzG$qx?.D DDD@ DDD@ DDD@ DDD@ DDD@ DDD@ DDD@ DDD@ DDD@ DDD@ DDD@ DDD@ DDD@ DDD@ DDD@ DDD@ DDD@ DDD@ DDD@ DDD@ ]UR Advertisement. Welcome, Charlotte! Oh no, your sweet baby will freeze, she said. We smell a couple of skunks, dont you?The Editor, Qui tacetconsentirevidetur ubi loquidebuitac potuit. *Represents campaign monies brought in between 2015 and July 2019. Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple said his office will now undertake a criminal investigation based on the aide's complaint. Canada, United States. 2 0 obj The New York Post reports on Doordashs latest venture into the 15-minute delivery world with the opening of a delivery-only grocery store in Chelsea. %# , #&')*)-0-(0%()( C Oh, we also have submitted a completely BLANK state drug report. His biggest annual fundraiser is a golf tournament at the Town of Colonie municipal course that attracts about 400 players at $135 a head, and brings in about $50,000 each year. He is also a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the International Counter Terrorism Officers Association. For Metropolitan Diarys 45th anniversary, wed like your help picking the best Diary entry of 2021. The current staff of 375 for both sworn officers and civilians maintains the day-to-day operations of the Facility. Thats professionally unethical and hes not doing his job! Anyone can read what you share. You have found ALLIES! In October, the sheriff filed a criminal complaint against former Gov. We say apparent because it might be the only way to get Thompson under control without excessive embarassment to the Sheriffs Department. He bit the instrument as it was being played. Ms. Jamess timing kind of was poor, the sheriff said. Lunatic Terrorizing Neighbors AND Local Law Enforcement. Soares who sought and was granted a delay in Cuomos arraignment, which was pushed to January said Sheriff Apple had engaged in troubling investigative methods and hidden potentially exculpatory evidence. Its the double-standard that is the question in the Kerry Thompson case. The RCS CSD school system is committed only to padding the pockets of the teachers (who dont teach) and the administrators (who dont administer) without complying with their duties and obligations of educating and custodianship. ORorke, Angelis, Jordan, Schrauf, Benway, Norris: Fascist Enemies of LocalDemocracy, Making an apparently sworn false statement. When cleaning up the Coeymans police department Giroux fired a number of decrepit officers, inluding Gerald Dirty-Hands Deluca, but when Do-Do cop Gregory Darlington was elevated from useless sargeant to become Coeymans police chief, Darlington hired all the junko cops back, who Giroux fired during his cleanup. Not only did she announce her campaign the day after the criminal complaint against Mr. Cuomo became public she also had recently visited the county, distributing millions of dollars in aid to local governments and posing for photos with local functionaries, including Sheriff Apple. His office began providing rapid Covid-19 tests and vaccines, a move that Sheriff Apple said was made possible by the strong support of the governors chamber.. In 2019, Sheriff Apple pushed for the release of a cook at a homeless shelter, after he was arrested on immigration violations. Maybe hes been spending too much time around the likes of Albany County District Attorney P. David Soares. Tall, rugged and known for his love of cigars, the sheriff also enjoys widespread community support for his many attention-grabbing efforts in matters slightly peripheral to his work. Albany, NY 12207 Since its inception, the Agency has consistently grown to its current strength of over 700 employees. I remembered the story about gnawing the piano from Edison, the biography by Edmund Morris that was published in 2019. The Albany County, New York, sheriff said Saturday that he is in the early stages of investigating a criminal complaint filed by Gov. 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However after exploring this opportunity Im drawn back to the goal I have always set for myself and my kids which is find a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life, Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple said in a Facebook post Wednesday. 1996. Albany County New York Sheriff Craig D Apple Sr. protecting the citizens of Albany County. for coming forward to help us clean this mess up! His attorney is requesting Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple Sr. preserve. Its WRONG and we dont give a damn whos doing it, its WRONG, and we advocate throwing the book at anyone who is involved. Every person who reads this blog has to talk about it. His biggest contributors over the last five years include Council 82, the state's law enforcement union, the New York Laborer's political action committee and a business called Warehouse Services in Mount Vernon, which Apple said are contributions made by his brother. 2023 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved, GOP state senators demand DiNapoli audit MTA: Enough is enough, Pols slam Hochul for Hunger Games LIRR commutes as gov brushes it off, Time to send this teachers union apple polisher packing, Radical NY senators get a well-deserved slapdown from acting top judge. We know that from his performance in Coeymans. New York state sheriffs' campaign 5-year fundraising totals*, Dutchess County - Adrian "Butch" Anderson: $853,552, Suffolk County candidate - Larry Zacarese: $313,117. Sheriff Craig D. Apple Sr. Sheriff Craig D. Apple Sr. Sheriff Craig D. Apple Sr. Home; It's Time 2023! I had almost made it through the lobby to the front door when we encountered another neighbor. A police officer somewhere in the US is going to give his/her life in the line of duty with HONOR. Theyre out there campaigning for the special interest groups, the teachers, the administrators, the teachers unions! Apple denied speculation that submitting the criminal complaint without involving Soares was a move to force the district attorney to prosecute. Thomas Edison dreamed up all those inventions everybody knows about. "I wouldn't say I'm saving it," Apple said about his campaign monies. What were watching: Join Jazmine Hughes, a Metro reporter for the Times and a staff writer for The New York Times Magazine, for a discussion on how the pandemic is reshaping the citys cultural landscape, with a panel of guests: The playwright Lynn Nottage, the artist Laurie Anderson and the writer Sarah Schulman. (Philip Kamrass / Times Union) Philip Kamrass Show More Show Less 5 of 6 Sheriff Craig Apple during a news conference to unveil plans to convert a wing of the Albany County Jail into a drug . First of all because he has been affected by his experience. But Ms. Commissos lawyer went to the sheriff to file the complaint because of concerns that the Albany Police Department would not want to handle a politically explosive investigation into Mr. Cuomo, according to a person familiar with the case. ALBANY, NY (WRGB) Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple addressed concerns about how a criminal charge of forcible touching against former Governor Andrew Cuomo was filed after reports. 60-year-old. As far as those who give to Apple's campaign, more than half of all the sheriff's contributions have also come from donations that were less than $1,000, according to an analysis of campaign filings. ", "I've been in the sheriff's office for 33 years of my life," he said. Is his new assignment a sympathy assignment? The sheriff is facing calls for his resignation after charges that stem from an incident in which he allegedly pointed a gun at his long-time neighbor, and later during an interview with . Mr. Soares requested and was granted a delay in Mr. Cuomos arraignment, which has been pushed to January. We're told they're both extremely grounded in spirituality. It sure as hell wasnt Webb. Andrew M. Cuomo, charging him with a misdemeanor sex crime typically associated with accusations of unwanted sexual advances in public places doing so without the involvement of the county district attorneys office.