SCORPIO 13 Degree - Someone tells a joke and no one laughs. The Rising Sign reveals your perception of reality. Each degree is influential in its own way, however, some degrees carry more weight and importance than others. But if your AC/DC is at 8 degrees Taurus/Scorpio, you won't feel that shift (into Gemini . Its gone, done, stop asking, give it to the Gods. A sensibility of doom. Brutally direct vision and will focused straight down the middle. These cookies do not store any personal information. Karmically a hybrid mixed from opposite sides that seldom go together. SCORPIO 6 Degree - A dancer with eight arms. Scorpio rising is the best ascendant, in that it is said to be the most: attractive, magnetic, intriguing; passionate, driven, endlessly pursuant; diabolical, strategic, psychic, manipulative; mystical, fearless, dark, powerful; steadfast, loyal, devoted, self-sacrificing. Yet the pursuer, the destiny-being, is relentless and unimpressed with excuses. Hello guys! Scorpio rising is the best ascendant, in that it is said to be the most: attractive, magnetic, intriguing; passionate, driven, endlessly pursuant; diabolical, strategic, psychic, manipulative; mystical, fearless, dark, powerful; steadfast, loyal, devoted, self-sacrificing. The Mountain Astrologer December 2012/January 2013, Frida: The Biography of Frida Kahlo by Hayden Herrera, Bloomsbury Publishing 2003, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones. You do this with temptations toward every obsessive or addictive state imaginable and with a tremendous guiding force leading you through any and every extreme, to make all of existence come alive from deep inside - elementally, primally, and regeneratively. One of the most common discussions we see about the 29th degree is the association with karma or fate. But this is what it takes when you have built up in reserve so much retrogressive stuff that you must be enveloped by it in order to uncover a way to be yourself again, without all these barnacles and burdens. I had a childhood friend at 29 Gemini and also my youngest sister at 29 Gemini; both DEFINATELY come across as Gemini, NOT Cancer, even though my youngest sister is a . Note, I used the exact location coordinates for the birth of Edward VIII at White Lodge, Richmond Park. An advanced stage of the warrior battling the self. The Sun this Month: Central Focus, Consciousness. Nothing Mercury in Scorpio says. Eliminating the usual mental considerations, the formative soul sticks to how things feel inside, and pushes for a world that matches the inner pictures. When we live in the thick of storms and with always another threatened or impending, we are impelled into depth emotions, tumultuously drawn to activate the undersoul, personally and collectively. Defiant of roles, masks, and secondary references. Suddenly everybody and everything are there filling you up with goodies. SCORPIO 22 Degree - A rug woven out of rags. SCORPIO 15 Degree - A woman with a gold tooth. The degrees will reveal what is happening now and if we are attentive and responsive to the cues, what is required of us. Ruler Saturn (things that stand the test of time) is anaretic at 29SCO36. They give a peculiar quality to the auric field, as though everything already knew its origin and destination and that knowingness had turned all the colors up a notch. Your instincts given over to this seed. Leading eventually toward mutation and evolutionary breakthrough of the first magnitude. Just as studies show the brain often fires a surge of activity right before death, so too does the 29th degree seem to become bigger, brighter, bolder, louder as it nears the end of its journey. Taking on the projection of the one who brings up, brings out, brings through what everybody would prefer to avoid. Solar Return January 8, 1956. Table of Contents show What does Venus at 29 degrees mean? You are testing yourself, making sure that you are worthy to bear your great treasure across the abyss. A Scorpion Ascendant personality has an air of mystery and a sense of strength too. SR Moon and Venus are currently in Libra 3rd and will trine NN/Venus and Saturn on 9/9/21, just before moving into Scorpio 4th when they will trine Mars and Moon, then conjunct with Neptune. SCORPIO 28 Degree - A building: the only part of it left is the cornerstone. SCORPIO 26 Degree - A she-wolf. SCORPIO 9 Degree - A hand with six fingers. Perhaps one of the paradoxes about the threshold degrees is despite them being in a state of change and the concept of blurred lines, this is the moment that they also express the pure attributes of their sign to the extreme. Scorpio Ascendant Personality Traits. many thanks. Someone with this zodiac sign is at the ascendant on the birth chart. Furthermore, 11 Virgo is considered an astrologer's degree, no doubt with a very tight orb, thus 10 . My mom has Scorpio rising at 29 and my three sisters also have placements at 29 degrees: one with 29 Libra rising, another with a Saturn/Uranus conjunction at 29 Sag, and the youngest has 29 Sag rising. "I am right". Lets look at some examples. Pluto again, associated with death, and it was in the sign of death and destruction at its full culmination, 29 degrees. Leo (10 am - 12 pm) Leo people are ambitious, social, and creative. They usually avoid people looking for just a fling or an open relationship devoid of commitment. In tune with darkness, difficulty, and melodrama, you are sharply drawn to points of view and ways of life that bear the stamp of irony, skepticism, and doubt. The second decan is between 10-20 degrees. Becoming bound up with subtle and hidden layers of existence and tuned out of what is obvious and straightforward. If you happen to have a planet in the 29th degree of a sign (the last degree) this means that in this incarnation you are completing some important phase in regards to this planet-you are bringing to conclusion something started in a past life, so the events of this planet will be more fated and predetermined because of your past life actions." The degree of the rising sign by decan, the sign divided into three, ten degree parts, is another interesting point to decipher. The personal self of now is cast into shadow, seeming trivial, a throwaway. In the meantime, you might find it very beneficial to look at self-love and self-compassion practices. This brings with it a sense that theres an ongoing mission and it remains a constant background hum. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. When you're born with a planet or point at 29 degrees, that puts extra emphasis on that planet or point. The Zodiac degrees also act as an oracle. Explore the natal birth charts of celebrities and famous people by the planetary position of Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto. After giving up his royal title, he addressed the country via the radio saying, I have found it impossible to carry the heavy burden of responsibility and to discharge my duties as king as I would wish to do without the help and support of the woman I love.. Scorpio rising is the worst, in that it is said to be the most: May the highest Gods speed you along your finest quest for perfect embodiment. Otherwise, it tends to be self-serious, obsessive-compulsive, and in many ways indigestible in its obdurate reassertion of ancient codes, with so little sensitivity to the human factor. 29 degrees often has a sense of a mission to accomplish. They are very confident individuals who often try to play the role of leader. So, building up strength and courage inside, toward self-overcoming, is the path. The probation of the soul. Dropping everything to become attuned to collective destiny calls. You invent, conceive, bring into being whatever you hope for and whatever you dread. The twelve 30 zodiac signs are defined by Element (fire, earth, air, water) Modality (cardinal, fixed, mutable) and polarity. As a Scorpio rising, you're ruled by water, and your ruling planets are Pluto the planet of transformation and evolutionand Marsthe planet of anger, passion, sex and war. SCORPIO 5 Degree - An Egyptian queen with a braided beard. And this time, I will take the charge off, and just be authentic without expectations or assumptions. A ruthless will, a fierce life direction. Clinical, quasi-objective, and piercing. Here are the critical degrees for the signs at a glance: Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn): 0, 13, and 26 degrees Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius): 8-9 and 21-22 degrees Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces): 4 and 17 degrees Advertisement Bearing this seed is the most sacred and high-level of tasks. There are critical degrees in the zodiac. Saturn in Scorpio 2nd house. In the US chart, Pluto is anaretic in Capricorn and has been since December 2002. Unconsciously obsessed with something that lives within you and cannot be forgotten. Example: We use the 360 full circle degrees, so for example, someone with the sun in 19 Leo, moon in 20 Virgo, and 10 Libra rising would have a day chart because their Leo sun is in the 11th house (using the whole sign house system). Neptune in Libra 1st house. The veteran of severe internal battles turns around and acknowledges that there is something burning at the center of your being, an essence spark which is immortal and can survive and flourish in the thick of the worst, your own veiled yet potent inner light guiding the journey and never flickering. Thank you for this explanation. The third degree is between 20-30 degrees. Uncovering experientially the magnitude of fears and doubts, avoidances and negations. Moon Your Emotions. SCORPIO 10 Degree - On a human nose a wart that turns into a diamond. Bearing deeply an entirely different future for yourself and everybody. Tennis icon Serena Williams is at 20 degrees of Virgo. Tremendously powerful, treacherous and rewarding. Neptune is so mysterious to me I have had a big dose of it in my life. What does North Node 29 degrees mean? You take everything you experience in all its roughage, just as it is. . Join Me on Patreon Bonus Posts for Patrons! The Magic 29. The Mountain Astrologer October/November 2015, Critical Points: The First and Final Degrees of a Sign by Frank Clifford. With Donald Trumps Ascendant anaretic, this is a critical lifetime where he is pushed to complete a mission, perhaps one that involves being more confident and self-affirming given that his ruling Gemini Sun is conjunct the North Node in the 10th house.