document.getElementById( "ak_js" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); There putter line looks like all rest Ping, Taylormade, Odyssey etc. Amazing feel Already made my $359 back and more! And to be honest, the Karsten TR 1955 putters feel better to me than the Vault version. This is due to the amount of material removed from the face to machine the grooves. This is a $350 putter and I bought a tarnished unit at no discount.. I assume you would have to hit it left of center to generate a right correction. ODYSSEY O-WORKS #1: RRP 179. I bet the people at Ping and Odyssey wont be too far behind with bringing out something similar to match it if they can. This graphic isnt just a fancy piece of marketing. I am unclear as to the point you are trying to make with that statement. Come on man, this is 2017. today. I played it about a year until I discovered the SL7, I love this putter, it has great feel to it (I did add the heavier weights to the bottom). Yet give an armature a $80 putter but tell him it costs $310 and hell think he putts better with it. ALL of your HOPES and DREAMS behind this click: Scotty, Tri-HOT, Taylor Made SIM Galore, Fuji Pro, Callaway Heads - Rogue ST TD LS 10.5/Max 3HL/Max 7W. Im still in maybe $130 for a putter Id put up against the big names. Only club that maintains its value. I switched to ER2 and there is a Big difference in stability , solid roll, great set up, no twisting . Ive been playing since the mid-1970s. But again that is MY experience and I started playing in the mid 1970s when putter had thin heads and weighed nothing. The grooves job is to even out the distance on offcenter strikes. Free shipping for many products! Rifes game is grooves on a milled metal face. Callaway Epic Forged irons - Reg flex Steelfiber, 4~AW, new! Did you change your mind yet? The concept of an overnight success story is misguided at best. My only complaint was the grip (I liked that it was hard rubber for wet days but it was ugly) so I replaced it. $359.00 satin black Hosel Length Yes No They are woody feeling and harsh. Ive had the ER 1 for around 5 plus years, and more than 85 percent of the time its in the bag, I do like the product. Remember what Netflix did to Blockbuster stores? Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. It takes aerodynamically produced forces to make a golf ball curve. This is where Rife believes he further separates himself from competitors. Gaming a Sub70 005 Sycamore wide blade that I snagged for $119 (new theyre only $169). Which we did. If a company doesnt see value in offering at least one model in lefty then it speaks to the value of the technology; not to mention their future planning/staying power. This time I brought in 2 ProV1x golf balls and was shocked how much more I liked this putter when not using the TopFlite balls scattered on the practice green. But Ive been bound to secrecy. I have owned my Evnroll Er6 for a couple months now and I can tell you that it is the best putter I have used. Odyssey DFX Double Wide 1 499 kr. The evolution of Evnroll requires a return to a cohesive, unifying, identity. He can handle us disagreeing with him or challenging his claims politely like a gentleman. If Rife is making putters, an Evnroll ER2 will be in the line. Did MGS change their testing results/procedures from previous putter tests. $329I dont think so. The traffic from this article to their site has caused some server issues. I have to agree with many of the nay-sayers here whom are questioning the claim of gear effect of this putter. [texts-excerpt] multiplying imaginary numbers with square roots calculatorFREE EstimateFREE Estimate That said I was still sold just by how nicely the ball consistently came off the face and rolled. But if the ER 1 helps knock off a few strokes as they say drive for show putt for dough. They are at PGA Tour Superstores Currently. Im certainly not going to spend $330-$380+ on a putter I dont like the look of at setup. Sure, he could do it, but why? The face tech is real and works. document.getElementById( "ak_js" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Smaller and lighter with improved shot tracking. Was very good at distance control with both 4 Quote G410 LST 9* Tour AD DI 6X Here are the results. Will agree that his distance control has improved. When you think about that, its kind of amazing. The 2 is good. Does fast downhill putt get corrected less than slow uphill putt? Three putts hit on the last video, with no visual indication of where those putts were hit from. 3 foot puts I dont recall missing at all again not being a great golfer I would normally miss one or two. Also paid $99 plus tax. Evnroll ER2 Putter Shop at Amazon Pros: Sweet Face Technology has closely spaced grooves that create ideal roll and softer impact Larger sweet spot helps reduce miss-hits for more forgiveness. Rather, it is a function of the interaction between the ball and the club face, influenced by the distance between the club face and the club heads center of mass. Why do you think the EV6 did relatively poorly at 10ft when it had the best 5 and 20ft scores? The Mezz from lab golf sounds hard to beat for results. 2 times I was more than 20 foot away and both times I over-hit the puts considerably. The TR groove story isnt about getting the ball rolling quickly, its about creating a consistent roll on every strike. Theres no way youd have trouble finding 100 people of all skill types. The insert is a blend of 150 stainless steel 'microhinges' (which help . My answer would be for now. But as other have noted, 3 other factors count. Liked the grooves a lot but it was just too light. Just got fit for an ER5 and love it! greater distances should exaggerate the deviations caused by normal putter faces. ER5 here. We just found this particular review a little hyped and the Gearing claim is what many of us are put off by., steer the ball back to the target, in particular. Im confused MGS. Cons After about 25 minutes there were occasions where I may have sensed/noticed the technology working but I wasnt sure. And Im not asserting that Evnroll will overtake Cameron or even nibble off a sizeable portion of the latters market share. Ive read thru all the positive and negative comments but I will have to say that a very similar design on the face of my Heavy putter does in fact improve performance. Some putter grooves have been shown to produce forward roll more quickly than others. In the store I was testing an Odyssey and a Scotty, 200 vs 400 in price. Gravity has nothing to do with it as its on a hard surface ??? Do some research. The other limitation is that it might take Evnroll several years to bring a new design to market. THAT would be the putter to beat all putters! A buzz kill, probablya realist for sure. So I bought the the Odyssey Tuolon instead which gives me lots of control on the rolls. he will do you right. *We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. There are, however, rare products that almost the day they are released seem to forever change the path of how golf is played. In that vein, what do you call an established putter design that Rife then improves? Having gamed several Rifes in the past, my opinion is that grooves do put a smoother roll on the ball, and Rife himself has an eye for a clean design (even if the shapes are highly derivative/copies). Upload or insert images from URL. Sorry MGS, no gear effect to be seen on these videos. ER2 feels better and is more pleasing to my eye. We have contacted them and let them know. By the way the Snell golf ball does everything mygolfspy has claimed..and Dean Snell is a class act to boot!! I keep thinking (as some helpless victim of marketin) that I should upgrade to a bigger name brand. It might be a stretch to think that this will be a end all to finding the perfect putter, but the concept is worth noting. Does anyone have a discount code for ordering online? The putter rolls pretty smooth. It rolls straight and stays on line. or frustrating for consumers who expect the opportunity for an annual update. I wonder if anyone who has played these has experience. Rifes intention is that Evnrolls synergistic design is what captivates golfers; that the combined effectiveness of each individual design attribute is greater than the sum of those parts. You can see it straight away. Hoping someone can give me their impression of the Evnroll ER2 vs. the Stroke Lab Double Wide? It had the small Evnroll grip on it. Am I right in seeing that there are no left handed options currently available? It was. So I must say I was hasty in my review above regarding the feel being off. Nothing feels like.. Are we NOT trying to actually hole putts?? wonder if anyone on tour is using it yet? I started making putts. Where and when will these be available in the UK? We damage our credibility by telling you what we observed in our testing? email subject line The putters seem to work well, but something about his business models or investors seem a bit off. The roll is true. Is Scotty Cameron in Trouble?! For you guys wondering HOW it works, check out this page:, They still dont explain how the grooves make a mishit ball move back toward the hole, they simply say it will. It was more like slapping the ball around. Once they try it they will see for themselves. I prefer a mallet but that seemed inconsistent to me. Just had a streak of 32 holes without a 3-putt with it. Thats it. Sure seems like you answer your own question. Sorry to say but this claim is bogus as it defies the laws of physics. I like looking down at a wide blade so when I decide to make a putter change this winter tried the Odyssey' 1W, Evnroll ER2, Ping Kushin and Scotty Squareback. The curving back phenomenon is explained because the grooves on the inside are deeper and have less space between them than those on the outside of the face. Pardon me? We are currently working to a 5-6 business days build time plus shipping for each putter. If this thing is that good cmon MGS guys and hook us up . The ping has the grooves and is a hard surface. NOW AVAILABLE: GolfWRX G/Fore Hats and Holderness & Bourne Polos! Bought an ER6 a few months ago. Nothing more, nothing less. Just waiting for some more left handed options. Question, I bought a used Evnroll ER-2 from my club that someone had traded in. What forces are in play that are making the ball curve? Evnroll ER2V or Scotty Cameron Squareback 2 By bozack, August 9, 2021 in Putters 1 Fabulous putters. If it supposedly turns the ball in towards the hole due to gear effect then it really should have shined at the longer distances because as the distances increase, the impact of minor mishits increases significantly. Like a high handicapper believing paying $4+ per ball will make him/her better. Beautiful. Scotty putters can do that. I know its industry standard to have 10-20 people in these type of tests. I am sure I can sort this out quickly with a bit of practice. I put the ER2 in the bag three months ago and have made more putts (and missed fewer short ones) than in a long time. Because the forces involved in putting are so low, and the ball is rolling, not flying through the air, the location of the center of mass of the head of the putter has virtually no effect on the path of the ball. Today, we review the Inesis High MOI Putter. Which is the type of putter I play. The ball doesnt actually curve back while rolling? Walk into any big-box retail store and look at the putter corral. Would you be intrigued? A putter has to feel good and inspire confidence. Felt like I could take my hands off it and it'd still work. Evnroll ER2 Black 5 899 kr. I removed the grip to put the larger Evnroll grip on it and realized that there was a counter-balance weight in the end of shaft. If you hit the put with a closed face to the right of center, wouldnt it make the ball spin even further left? In the store it felt great to use but their putting surface was not great as had a bad roll in the surface which was difficult to see. It would also violate the laws of physics. Evnroll Product Highlights Customer Reviews 2 Odyssey Golf White Hot OG Putter (Right-Handed, One, Steel, 35") View on Amazon SCORE 9.6 AI Score AI Score system was built by our team of professionals. Face material, inserts or various metal compounds. Your call. Six years ago, Evnroll compelled golfers to consider the limits of how a putter could impact both the speed and direction of every putt. That to me means something is original. The EVNROLL is not this nice at impact. Sometimes technology seems to change literally overnight. The spacing and design of these grooves are designed to ensure exceptional distance control. I am very excited for this test. Who cares if it is just an expensive chunk of pretty metal but doesnt perform; you look good spring it during your 3-putts?? So happy with the performance. yea is there a working link? Its quite an expensive putter so was not keen to purchase online without having used it. Wouldnt a harder stroke introduce more error in to the putting stroke? So the green speed can dramatically change the tests and comparisons. To each their own but wow, really? Just like PXG and theyve been out of business for two years. Your comments are on the money. Only a matter of time before everyone starts doing it. Flj oss . We are currently working to a 5-7 business days build time plus shipping for each putter. mid. Feel free to contact us at [emailprotected] if you would like to visit. Unreal roll they put on the ball, Too bad a company looking to revolutionize putters doesnt offer lefties. Basically, the details that matter to Rife as a designer also matter to the end user. Too light at 370 Gm ? Overall after just one use I am convinced the evnroll is AMAZING. Evnroll models dominated the top 5 from 5 feet. Even a deviation of 1/8-1/4 from center is super common. A decade of data we have collected shows no correlation between Sound/Looks and Performance. Must be a weight lifter. C $253.55. Call it a head-to-head test against only the best. Tonico: the founder is the same guy who started RIFE putters, which we represent. Either Rife and his team use available resource to produce retail models or they use those same resources for prototyping and special projects. The one cool thing about the ER3 is that off-center hits is that it does kind of bring the ball back towards the hole. What ive found is that on greens with very slick surfaces, over 5 feet, Im much more consistent and putt way better with the odyssey as it slows the ball coming of the face so that even if I miss the longer putt it doesnt go as far. Ive played with it for 4 rounds now. Information. Been in the bag for 5 years., and nothing has come close to making me what to bench it the Scotty X5 can get off the bench. I was putting with a Spider . Paste as plain text instead, Evnroll putters are simply too heavy 370gm heads. Having some idea of the handicaps of the testers will give more credability to the accuracy and meaningfulness of the test. Rather or not you believe in the technology, Ive never hit a putter better than this thing. I recently dusted off my Two-Bar as well. - YouTube So the new club is ready to take on my trusty gamer. That is about it. Beyond that, one could argue that its the best blade putter weve tested in the last six years. Im really looking forward to trying these out and Im sure the slight finish behind Ketsch from 20 feet will probably not even be noticeable (maybe one stroke in 20 rounds?) Lefty clubs ARE offered. Previous big improvement for me was with the Ketsch. Everything else is between the ears. #PowerToThePlayer. #dontknockituntilyoutryit Ask for Jamie if needing help getting fitted. So which is itrobots good, or robots bad? Product Information. It beat out a Ping Sigma Tyne and Scotty Future 5. Im the best putter in my regular foursome (9.2 index) and the other 3 guys all game Scottys. Practically, this means the brand will feature a single black-and-white color scheme that includes the grip and head cover. Since the birth of golf, there have been tens of thousands of putter designs. However I have both the Evnroll ER3 and the Stroke Lab 7. Youve probably seen the videos. Rife is quick to acknowledge the 80/20 retail rule. If you spend $400-$500 on a driver, why not a putter that is definitely great. Ping Eye 2 Iron Set 3-9+SW Black Dot Karsten Regular Graphite Mens LH. Results matter. Sincerely, What about the Ping variable COR face that was intended to help on mishits? Thank you. At least as far as I know. After seeing videos of this technology we quickly reached out to Evnroll putters and asked for samples to be sent to the MyGolfSpy Test Facility for further evaluation. Refinement necessitates a clear acknowledgement of products that define a brand. It sounds great, doesnt it? No future? You never went back to steel or wood. Thats an interesting position. Patented. And the ball goes in the hole. Ill bit I want one. Evnroll technology is the culmination ofGuerin Rifes long career, and the results suggest its nothing short of a masterpiece. How people get there and what makes the. It is a sharpshooter from 15-25 feet and performed better than the other two at these distances in particular. Hey Karl, that is an excellent description of how this technology works. problem is you still have to putt with it and that is where the rubber meets the road regarding how a product performs. It is designed with varying depth grooves to promote the same distance putt across the face. Ok I heard about the New Evn roll putter and stopped in to check it out today, Jamie helped me and was very knowledgeable and helpful regarding putters ended up getting the ER 1 putter. Also seems to apply to other clubs not as popular too for the retail Gods give their stores what to sell. Rapid change only happens because something was built that made the existing model obsolete. No lefty clubs offered. How often are you all shanking your putter? I used to roll my misses a foot or two past the hole. TECH: Odyssey says the new O-Works insert promotes immediate topspin, reducing skid and improving accuracy regardless of your stroke. The ball doesnt whiffle ball to the hole . Our AI tool automatically assigns a score from 0 to 10 based on the collected data. Did you see the video of robot testing? How does the putter know where the target is? Fan for life. My index went down 3 shots in 2 months. Ive gamed Bobbys for a long time and have always wanted to see his putters included, but MGS has stated over and over that Bobby declines to participate. When it comes to putters I listen..the Carbon that was tested has been in my bag since last fall and Ive done very well in tournament play where I live because of itand Im a custom putter guy..if the stats bear out with the ER2 then I will be even happier! Since their website is down and they are working hard on getting it back up, here is a link to their Instagram site so you can start getting some ideas of the product and their technology. Definite feel difference.. Have been playing golf for about 55 years. Evnroll ER5v MidLock . Im most interested in the 5 and 10 foot results (my misses). Oh yeah, and spend more time practicing your putting. The Evnroll ER2 required 9 fewer putts to complete holes at the 10 distance. Is someone on the payroll of Evnroll? I could possibly buy the criticism that pros mishit the putter less often than amateurs..but no one hits the dead-nuts center of the face every time. what is Gearing how does it work? So robot good for a couple things, robot not so good for finding the overall performance of a product in real golfers hands. One thing that I dont see is the test at 30. Our job is to put those claims to the test. He was a great putter and did it with an old Bullseye, which is arguably one of the least forgiving putters out there. Also, Ill never understand how only a test with only 10 participants is acceptable these days. If most sales come from a handful of designs, what about the others? Feel confident to do it varies greatly. I tend to think putters are a very personal thing. 5 Testers Needed! Head to head! Practically, this means the brand will feature a single black-and-white color scheme that includes the grip and head cover. Logic would then tell you that youd have to put a stronger stroke on this putter than a standard putter. They only just made it but they made it! weird laws in guatemala; les vraies raisons de la guerre en irak; lake norman waterfront condos for sale by owner I wouldnt worry about absolute value for that reason, but rather, where the score sits relative to the rest. Thats ridiculous. If they did so, I would have expected to see far more missed putts. Do you know the answer to that? We want you to get the most out of your I have a Mezz.1 prototype, number 33 of the first 100. When we look at the number of putts per hole, and SG18, Evnroll putters filled the top 5, besting both of 2016s Most Wanted Putters. What we knew then was that Rife was on to something with his Sweet Face Technology. Im sold and I doubt Ill ever move to another. Same but the W/S Bucktown. Is there a plan to? Blah, blah, blah bottom line, gotta make money, blah, blah. After today, there are 3 kinds of putters: Here is a basic overview of how these three types of putters (technology) work: As you can see from the graphic above, a putter that actually offers this type of technology could dramatically impact your ability to make more putts. Uhh, spin. Plus, I loved their lighter option jumbo grip. Las mejores ofertas para Putter Evnroll ER1 / 34 pulgadas estn en eBay Compara precios y caractersticas de productos nuevos y usados Muchos artculos con envo gratis! His Armlock Made Easy platform asked golfers to take an existing putter length and add six inches. I know this isnt a Ping thread, but Im definitely disappointed. It has helped me big time. I think this will just take a little time to get used to compared to my previous putter. Definitely recommend you trying them and get your feels, but both are quality putters. I think thats a real shame but I also understand that theres not much reason for them to go buy his putters just to include them since hes such a narrow niche. Even if you wanted to limit it to single digit handicaps, I bet youd find a bunch in whatever area you went to. I thought they were okay overall, but nothing special.