We miss her so much. She can sass you with the best of them out in public. I have a Standard Schnauzer named Dexter. Especially if your femme fatale seems born to take on an alpha role in her own life.and yours. we call her lettie lou. Good luck. wanting something cute but easy for my two year old to say. Shih tzu mix. copyright 2011 Sharleen Chao/Getty Images. Our beautiful girls, a Beagle named Tilly Cha-ching (named by hubby since once he set eyes on her, it was a joyful spending spree going directly to PetSmart) and our found basset hound name Ruby Begonia (that name is from an old radio show). Dogs do this using sound indicators simple acoustics. There are several dog breeds that have blue or gray coats, including the Weimaraner, the blue Great Dane, the Kerry blue terrier, the Schnauzer, the blue pit bull, and others. I named her from the book, MAXIS SECRETS. I just got a chocolate girl pit with the sweetest temperament.I need a beautiful name.. any ideas? I read over 200 names on here many repeated , no Darbie ! Meg 15. Check out these military-inspired guard dog names. If you purchase a product through this article, we may receive a portion of the sale. i am so sorry for you as i lost my schnauzer Bo in February when i was gone. I have Toy Poodle, Chloe Josette. They draw inspiration from so many different places yet all convey the spirit and bravery of military service. Granite (perfect for a dog with a brindle coat). I HAD A GORDON YEARS AGO BEAUTIFUL BOY NAMED RICKY. Just adopted our white maltipoo from the shelter. Whether youre a first-time dog owner or a longtime pet expert, its no wonder you want to choose a name that matches your poochs heart and soul. Pick a name for your boy dog that you like to say (and that you wont be embarrassed to yell across the park or put on a dog ID tag). Here are some awesome ideas for strong female dog names: Alaska Andromeda Blizzard Brooklyn Cleopatra Diva Echo Elektra Harley Huntress Jinx Joplin Katniss Leia Liberty Mercy Mystique Also, try not to choose a name that sounds too similar to a command. And such a traumatic one at that. A number of years ago I went to the Isle of Skye in Scotland. She was almost 15 I miss her so much, as it happened so fast, all I see is her looking at me my heart hurts so much. Thinking about the name Ruby however I would like additional suggestions . Short for ammunition. She is now 3 months old and keeping us busy. Lancer: A jet bomber prized for its supersonic speed. Any idea on names.. Manuela pronounced manwella is a Portuguese name so is Iva pronounced as Eva,as well as Margarite,and Eugenia. Toy-sized dogs deserve a little love, too! Sometimes a character embodies your dogs personality so much that a name immediately makes sense. Did your favorite boy dog name make it in the top 100? So far thinking Johnni Cash, Ginger, or Sydney which is her name the breeder gave her! Black Lab- Lady Bird. Any suggestions? Or how about looking towards more natural girl dog names or even traditional human female names. Mostly black with a few very small white patches. 1. I always used used greek gods and goddess names. The coat colors can range from a pale gray to a silver-gray to a deep steel gray with a bluish hue. Give us some ideas. If this describes your new feminine furred family member, perhaps these common girl dog names describe her personality to a t!. I have a black/white female shih Tzu named holly born 12.26, Our black and white Shih-Tzu/ poodle mix is named Mitzi . Any ideas? The pup is a super sweet girl who loves to cuddle up. I want it to be unique as well lol. In modern times, people are usually known by their first name, meaning that the middle name can be used for something else, such an honouring a family member or using a name you like, but that isn't perfectly suited to a day-to-day name. If you love the name, you should pick it! Any ideas? Hey, who said strong dogs cant also be adorable? Im sorry for your loss. From Abe to Zora, this list has all sorts of classic dog names. She was my girl and I miss her so much its almost unbearable. We currently have a German Shepherd- Kimber and a cat- Maverick. Andy Short for Andrew, which means "brave" or "manlike" in Greek. It's time to bring home your new pup! I lost my Standard Schnauzer Ozzy in March 2018 broke my heart. I am getting a German Shorthair Pointer female pup. We just lost our precious golden retriever 3 weeks ago. top gun maverick subtitles cinema. My dog is a beagle heeler mix and her name is Micah Blue (Mike for short). Hercules: This Lockheed Martin-made turboprop transport plane carries troops and cargo. Im getting one too in Sept. YOUR RATING. She will be copper/white in color with blue eyes. Names from books and television shows like Game of Thrones have maintained popularity over time (Ghost), and the Disney universe of characters has helped inspire male dog names like Loki, Thor, Kylo, and Simba. Did Rip make the list based on the popularity of the hit show Yellowstone? Discovered this on the way home from getting him. Hello. Female Hunting Dog Names Gravedigger Gauntlet Jagger Shooter Ripley Shadow Meadow Frankie Ramsey Blitz Liberty Neo Wolf Chuck (Norris) Whiskey Shiloh Killshot Sheriff Brady Eli Ammo Homer Orion Link Falcon Get more female dog name ideas from this article. If you want to be extra fancy, check out these dog names that mean strong in various languages. The name Dolly is from Greek origin meaning- A vision and from the English origin meaning- Gift of God. >_ does alpha is male or female dogs name.!?? Gina 10. We also call her Maze a lot. Pennie. Yorkies, r Juicy Couture, Sofie Claire and Cricket Bug. Amigo Meaning "friend" in Spanish, this is a perfect dog name for your new bestie. Both are popular with dog owners today. I have not found the name for my chihuahua. If you use Melly youre not undoing what youve already started, just reinforcing it with her. Our daughter named our first dog, a shepherd mix puppy, DAISY. What food did you feed? I named the female Skyela Elise. We had a black and white Pekingese little girl. So really your only limit in choosing puppy names for girls is your own creativity! Denise Shelton, Great names, I came to your site to find a middle name for my new puppy, Nicah Grace , My girls are called Nora, Sky Dipper and Megan, Your email address will not be published. My sweet Sophie died 2 years ago she was almost 17. Here are some examples of popular human girl names for dogs: Abby/Abbie Alex Amber Becca Beth Carol Carly Chloe Demi Dot Edith Ella Ellie Emma Esme Esther Fran Gwen Georgie Hannah Hattie Imogen Inna Isla Jenny Jess Katie Katya Lola Lottie Mabel Maisie Maddy Mindy Molly Niamh Nina Olive Poppy Quinn Rosie Roxy Ruth Samantha Sophie Suzie Tina Uma Maverick is one of the more popular dog names out there. Can anyone help be find a good name that will go with Jada! I just got a new wolfdog puppy to be a BFF for my boy Spyro he is part GSD I have been thinking about naming her Cookie she is also part Siberian Husky shes kinda lighter than Spyro not because shes a puppy. Flea ridden. I will be getting a morkie. Contact · Disclosure · Resources · Privacy Policy · Archives, 20 Fruits & Veggies That Are Good For Dogs, 5 Skills You Can Teach Your Dog Through Play, Want California To Ban The Sale of Puppy Mill Dogs in Pet Stores? A list of most popular country dog names for male and female puppies. they were yellow lab and boarder collie mix.linda. Every sentence needs to end in her name so that she knows that its her word. to round up her litter. Patsy 20. Her personality is sweet and feisty . We have hundreds of feminine dog names grouped into collections each with a different theme! Had a Havanese pup since she was 6 weeks old. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); 19922023 K9 Web. Cute Dog Names. It comes down to your preference, so its worth scanning down some of our very different collections to see which style of name feels right for you. So you can emit a short sound that transmits as pain (like ouch!) or a longer sound that transmits as pleasure (like aaaaah.). Now, let's look at some tough dog names inspired by history, such as fighters. Definatly a cool, unique name! Dolly-. Help! I rescued a F Maltese. Benson Henderson. We've created a list of over 200 uncommon dog names to choose from . They are our kids now our children are raised. We have a 10 yr old named Bella. So to help you out dogslovers put a list of 500 popular dog names, in this list will find a variety to choose from.. Any ideas?? Well be looking for a black and white shih tzu in the spring and will name her Misty. We both like 2 syllable names. She took a piece of my heart to heaven with her, We are getting a female Golden retriever our bull dog is Henry, need help-. We got two red poodle puppies in April. We will not let her suffer. We had her for 14 1/2 years. Lol. But before you ultimately decide on it, try it out first. We usually have 4 or 5 poodles in our family at any one time. All rights reserved. We re not fond of that name and thinking to name her, Lucy Lou . (a boy & a girl) I adopted them from the animal rescue league.. Since then I have known others the name their Chevy and Dodge. Our sweet Westie, Maeve, passed away in my arms at age 15 on 4/2/18. Her name is Maizee. Cookie is a great name in fact Im planning to name my golden retriever that.? But then again, you may have a real sassy lady on your hands. And at least 20 percent of dogs have traditionally human names like Max, Cooper, or Charlie, which figure high in our list. Such as these: Sometimes, a girl pooch just seems born to have fun and make sure everyone in her inner circle always has a smile on their face. So her name became Snuggles. He's as feisty as his name suggests, always looking for some new feat to overcome whether it's venturing through the woods or soaring on the swingset. All the names on this list have a few things in common: they all refer to being tough or symbolize being a guard dog. she lived to be 16 years old and i still miss her. I just got a female lab and mastiff mix. . You're a lot like he was. We named her nieko neiki for short . What should I name my red nose Pit? I need something for the pup that wont sound anything like the other 2 names. Cant decide on a name! I have a chihuahua mixed with border terrier Im getting her from a shelter and she is 2 months old she is very spunky and loves to cuddle she is brown and White any name suggestions, Mine is a cavachons called myfi which is welsh for my lovely little one and is pronounced muvi x. I am about to welcome a 10 week old female welsh terrier puppy into our home she was born in the month of July so her birthstone is Ruby and her horoscope sign is that of a moon child any suggestions for a name ? Cute Dog Names For Small Dogs. Teddy, Toby & Ryan. W01 stands for Warrant Officer Rank 1, and Warrant Officers have great . If your dog is just too cool (even for you), youll want to give them one of these hipster dog names. what are the parent dogs names in 101 dalmatians. Sorry to hear of her passing???? Reba McEntire, a country singer from McAlester, Oklahoma, who has 26 #1 songs including Little Rock, You Lie and Consider Me Gone. We said, If when we meet her shes a liitle chicken, we will name her Tikka as in Chicken Tikka Masala. She cowered at first, then fell in love with my son and wanted him to hold her, so we now have Tikka Masala! All Rights Reserved. Have 3 mo. Their loss is heartbreaking. Let us know in the comments below! Can we use scooby as a girls name, for a puppy that we have just bought? We have Tory. Wow, I love the name Nemesis, so creatife! I was thinking of maybe Athena or Aleesia. I think it could go either way. Need more names? Ghost. Shes white with red markings. Im getting a girl Lakeland Terrier in a couple of weeks and Im drawn to the name Allie. dog training lacey wa. Here are some names for dogs inspired by villains in popular culture, including some Marvel characters. My male Golden was named Shine Kasey 13. Lost Remington years ago, so we dont want to use it. Im getting a shihtzu cross jackchi and currently struggling with a name Too, mine is female. DARBIE , my gone but not forgotten German Shorthair Pointer. A bit late. Im getting a Portuguese Water Dog girl puppy next week! Still have not decided. Levi. Tasmania is the southernmost state of Australia. They make great female guard dog names too! If you're trying to find the best dog name for your dog or pet, here are 500 of the best dog names to assist get you started.. The name comes from that of a historical individual, one Samuel Maverick, who died in 1870 after an extraordinary career, mainly in Texas. Powerful in Hebrew. My exs shiba was Kibo which meant hope. It just seemed to suit her affectionate nature and her liver and White speckled coat. Speaking of top names, these are the ten most popular dog names inspired by strength. There are hundreds of male dog names out there which you'd want to see and narrow down your choices. Throw in some hard consonants like K or T or P and you have an ideal name for dogs to hear at a distance. But the puppy we chose, the breeder said was the only one out of 10 that would snuggle. Which tough name is your favorite? Female Cane Corso/American bull terrier mix-Solid Black Yellow Gold eyes. Were trying to choose a name for our chocolate pup, so far we have these at the top of the list any others? Poe. She deserves names for dogs female that capture the utter delight she is in your life, such as these good names for girl dogs: It is hard to get any cuter than a teacup furball snoozing in the curve of your arm or jumping up for treats at your feet. My brother named his two Golden Retrievers Biscuits and Gravy. Any suggestions? Nikima (Niki) I just liked the name We turned to the American Kennel Club, Rover.com, andPetPlacethe latter two organizations analyzed their databases to publish this years top unique dog namesto find the most unusual and funboy dog names, girl dog names, and funny dog names for all the cutest dog breeds. Mary Blanche Louisa Trixie Clementine Jojo Faye Elsie Ruby Bonnie Maggie Goldie Tish Tessa Pearl Lynne Kelly Sally Pearl Country Male Dog Names / Country Boy Dog Names Junior Charleston Shiloh Huckleberry Trent Warren Will Jimmy Percy Lee Cade Deacon Rusty Sawyer Gus Roscoe Brody Jack Clyde Billy Prescott Brogan Chad Combine Carver Rocky Slim Ziggy We're locked and loaded - here are our favorite gun inspired doggo names! Your pup will help decide what they want to be called as well. We got 2 Pomeranians that we are naming Sadie and Trixie. Which one is your favorite? I want something cute but its so difficult, Lol! Here are some tough dog names from Instagram if you want more inspiration. It is a name considered by parents looking at names for a baby boy. Top 100 Male Dog Names 2020 The classics prevailed in this category, and according to Rover, Oliver and Leo trended up since last year. Boy Dog Names that Start with A Ace Alfie Andy Archie Arlo Artie Asher Atari Atlas August Abbott Abe Achilles Aero Aiden Alex Alexander Alfie Alford Alistar Amos Andre Andy Angus Boy Dog Names that Start with B Bailey Banjo Barry Baxter Benji Bandit Barkley Barney Baron Blue Bozo Bruno Buddy Buster Improve Your Dog's Allergies & Nutrition! She is strong willed and very spunky. Just not quite right for my girl. I have a chi mix her name is Myia Jane she is the light if my life. What do you think. She is for my 3yr old GS named Nakita (a service dog).