Highest Education10th / 12th StandardUnder GraduateGraduatePost GraduateDoctorate 15 Lakhs]: Register by Nov 7. A - e E) Absolute interdependence. From a laymans perspective,job enlargement is nothing but getting more work to do. D) unit D - Quiet working conditions, To study the sequence that documents or forms take through an organization, or to analyze the movement and care of surgical patients, we use ________. Which are the two important aspects affecting quality of work life? When a business owner trusts their employees with new tasks that are complex and engaging, employee motivation can take a dramatic upswing. C) has functional teams that perform specific functional tasks. (ii) Productivity may fall in the short run, due to the introduction of the new system. D) autonomy Job Enlargement: An Overview 4 Easy Points, Executive PG Diploma in Management & Artificial Intelligence, Master of Business Administration Banking and Financial Services, PG Certificate Program in Product Management, Certificate Program in People Analytics & Digital HR, Executive Program in Strategic Sales Management, PG Certificate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning, Postgraduate Certificate Program in Cloud Computing, Job Design: A Concise Guide In 6 Simple points, What is Job Enrichment? are also considered job enlargement. (iv) More versatile employees are trained and developed. D) process of grouping jobs according to some logical pattern. Disadvantages of job enlargement. B) foster more employee productivity. D) U-Form A) small-batch E) Sequential, 17) Creating different teams for finance, production, and marketing is consistent with _____ departmentalization. B) extent to which authority is systematically delegated to middle and lower levels of management. 69) A mechanistic organization is most likely to: D) continuous-process One of the most famous examples is the Ford Motor Company. Though job enlargement poses a mental and physical strain on the employees, it increases their skills and knowledge and plays an important role in alleviating the burden of diversity. Take a look at ourPeople Analytics and Digital HRprogram, in collaboration with IIM Indore. At the same time, if the experience does not go well for the employee, the consequences of poor performance can be varied. Job enlargement if planned carefully can help reduce boredom and make it more satisfying and fulfilling for the employees. D) large-batch A - Disregarding safety guidelines E) Specialization, 37) _____ is the process of systematically retaining power and authority in the hands of higher-level managers. B) bureaucracy H-form D - All work times exist in the historical data. This article will explain what job enlargement is, the advantages, disadvantages, and examples of it. D) Synergetic interdependence A) it becomes smaller The job position will be made more intuitive and interesting for the employee, thus making the employee more responsible towards the organization. B) Organizations using continuous-process technologies tend to be the most bureaucratic. Enhancement in work job enlargement makes the individual realize their importance in the organization. D) the total number of customers of an organization. C - To determine how many machines are required for the factory. A flow process chart examines the overall _________ of an operation by focusing on ____________ of the operator or ____________ of materials. The __________ __________ and _________ Administration (OSHA) is responsible for investigating complaints of working conditions, Place the following steps of method analysis in order more variety for the individual employee, more ownership over their work, and E - Square A definition. Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages of . 70) Which of the following statements is true about organic organizations? When the dealerships department has a specific order, it is sent to the operations department. B) more administrative responsibility B) High power distance Increased tardiness among the employees. A) Pooled A) typically has only a handful of permanent employees. Employees can receive recognition. B) organic drawbacks. Disadvantages: Disadvantages of job enlargement are as follows: (i) It does not increase the depth of . B) the speed and effectiveness of decision making increase as the organization grows. 71 Disadvantages of Job Enlargement High Training Costs Redesigning existing work system required Productivity may not increase necessarily Workload increases Unions demand pay-hike Jobs may still remain boring and routine Previous Post Next Post Like it? Bible Commentary Bible Verses Devotionals Faith Prayers Coloring Pages Pros and Cons, 8 Advantages and Disadvantages of Introverts, 50 Biblically Accurate Facts About Angels in the Bible, 50 Most Profitable Youth Group Fundraising Ideas for Your Church, 250 Ice Breaker Questions for Teen Youth Groups, 25 Important Examples of Pride in the Bible, Why Jesus Wept and 11 Lessons from His Tears, 25 Different Ways to Worship God and Praise the Lord. C) Micromanagement Before publishing your articles on this site, please read the following pages: 1. From the organization's point of view, job rotation can improve team building within and across teams and departments. Enlarging highly specialized jobs leads to a number of advantages. B) the performance of individual products or product groups becomes difficult to assess. Job Enrichment Disadvantages Enrichment also comes with some downsides, including: Increased workload for employees: When you give employees the chance to work on different tasks outside of their normal roles, there's a chance that you'll simply overload them with work. Performance can prove to be poor. A) Functional It is interesting to note that the advantages and disadvantages apply to not only the owners of the businesses. He is an expert in shaping modern HR practices by bringing technological innovations into the HR context. A heavier workload makes employees tired. . A) foster fewer communication problems. Hence, the diversity in the job will prove to be a boon for the school. Without taking the employee too far out of their comfort zone, it can be possible to use job enrichment to utilize established skills in new and exciting ways. 82) An organization that uses a team organization design:. A) H-form A) H-form Course Interested In*Integrated Program in Business Analytics (IPBA)People Analytics & Digital HR Course (PADHR)Executive PG Diploma in Management & Artificial IntelligencePostgraduate Certificate Program In Product Management (PM)Executive Program in Strategic Sales ManagementPost Graduate Certificate Program in Data Science and Machine LearningPost Graduate Certificate Program in Cloud Computing C) Organizations with large-batch technologies tend to be more bureaucratic. Additional tasks increase the workload. A - Circle It is different from job enlargement. \text{Interstellar space}\\ The thinking here is that the individual will be highly effective in executing these tasks. Extending the range of jobs so the number of activities gets increased is the way to expand the job market. C) Synergy E) have less managerial expenses than flat organizations. C) are most frequently found in stable environments. Job enlargement may prove to be addressing issues in the initial runs but considering it to be sustainable might not be a great idea. Because employees are learning new skills, there could be some errors. A) Chain of command Disclaimer 9. D) it does not offer challenges or stimulation to workers. Through trying new things, employees can eventually learn to develop new skills. The disadvantages of job enlargement include the possibility of lower morale, reduced productivity and additional stress. The related tasks are combined. Future-proof your career in HR by continuously expanding your skill set with the latest and most relevant HR skills. If these things are significant enough, the overall productivity of that employee can drop to a certain degree. E) Process loss, 35) _____ is the process by which a manager assigns a portion of his or her total workload to others. D - Identify operations to be studied and gather all pertinent facts, including talking to the operator and supervisor if possible Erik van Vulpen is the founder and Dean of AIHR. D - Historical times. . B) Birth A) mass-production organizations tended to have the lowest level of specialization. B) Span of management Trying out completely new tasks (sometimes also called job enlargement) Adding more variety to everyday tasks. C) structural interdependence Increasing the workload. Failure in results- Sometimes, the results expected may lead to unfavorable outcomes. C) Continuous-process technology It involves the expansion of the job either by inspecting or engaging in other works and selecting their own works and setups. Job enrichment is great if everyone can qualify. Explain how the movement of groundwater is related to the water cycle. B) They are formal and rigid. #5. C) requires delegation of authority. 3 - Storage It also pulls down their energy leading to inefficient working and thus, undesirable results. Methods analysis focuses on __________ a job is done. C) Youth The biggest advantage of job enlargement is that it reduces boredom. 28) Which of the following is an accurate comparison between tall organizations and flat organizations? E) Industrialization, 16) _____ departmentalization groups together those jobs involving the same or similar activities. B) typically has a bureaucratic design. However, by widening the range of tasks that need to be performed, hopefully the employee will experience less repetition and monotony that are all too common on production lines which rely upon the division . Show abstract. Companies may provide too much variety in duties and responsibilities. From following the list of causes for accidents identify all those that can be classified an employee carelessness A) Sequential departmentalization Match the following formula terms with their meanings This also helps the employees to come over the job boredom and reduce the monotony that they may have developed on the job over a period of time. D) Tall organizations place excessive administrative responsibilities on managers than flat organizations. Job enrichment provides employees with the opportunity to try things. E) provides little scope for teams to develop adaptability. Some of its disadvantages are: 1. Which of the following types of departmentalization is illustrated in the scenario? B) total interdependence It increases the responsibilities towards a particular job profile to bolster the motivation for the job. Content Filtrations 6. This is because the employees are going to feel validated and respected. Job enlargement means a horizontal expansion of a job. 63) According to Woodward's findings related to technology and organization design: This technique of job enlargement makes the individual job ready and adaptive to the developing technology. Then what can be changed? Job enrichment . He may be asked to serve glasses, perform filing work, design letters, and sort incoming mail. Fundamentals of Confidence Interval in Statistics! B - Potential savings in not having to conduct a complete time study. It can be a good source of __________ improvements. C) Entropy C - Occupational health care, Match these process chart symbols with their meaning. As you can imagine, there are a variety of advantages and disadvantages to this concept. What is Doorstep Gold Loan Services in India. A) feedback B) Synergy 52) A(n) _____ is a model of organization design based on a legitimate and formal system of authority. Employees can reduce boredom. communication team was not always fully informed. Job enrichment makes sure to add more skills and tasks to keep it more interesting and engaging. Take our 10 minute assessment to find out! The teacher of a childhood school daily makes the students learn the same poem and play the same activities in a routine is a monotonous task. It also pulls down their energy leading to inefficient working and thus, undesirable results. 75) The _____ of an organizational life cycle is characterized by growth and the expansion of organizational resources. A truck driver responsible for delivering goods to customers is given a new responsibility of transporting raw material to the factory. E) M-form, 79) The _____ design is based on multiple businesses in related areas operating within a larger organizational framework. D - X bar With the foundation of the skills they have, they will be in the best position possible to develop new skills through their new responsibilities. D) have an informal organizational design. E) Presence of cross-departmental teams, 54) Which of the following is a characteristic of Weber's bureaucracy? C - Propose new methods A) Entropy E) the number of things a person does in a job. Disadvantages of Job Enlargement: According to Herzberg merely giving a worker different kind of jobs is not enough because the basic nature of the job remains the same, As such it does not work as a motivating factor. A) typically involves no interaction among departments. 4. D) decline E) It has higher levels of job specialization than a mechanistic organization. The cafe uses _____ technology. specialization made jobs boring and monotonous the most important one being Over time, employees can get bored with doing the same old thing. B) unit-batch organizations had the highest level of specialization. B) small-batch organizations tended to have minimal bureaucracy. Enhanced organizational performance: Ultimately, job enlargement can lead to improved organizational performance. Let us go through the disadvantages of job rotation: . Training employees isn't cheap, by any means. 3 - Sample Mean Thus it involves horizontal job loading as compared to vertical one in job enrichment., Job enlargement focuses on enlarging jobs by increasing tasks and responsibilities. Job Enlargement Disadvantages Even though job enlargement has many advantages, it also has its disadvantages. D - p (hat) Still, he will not be given greater responsibilities like managing an entire warehouse as it will not be on the same level. To offset this effect, consider offering your team incentive programs. B) U-form B) delegation Lets end this article with two examples of C - Worker safety C) It has a structure that is similar to a bureaucracy. Job enlargement is often confused with job B) centralized B - Time and motion study Increasing the number of tasks can reduce the level of boredom of the employees. E) Delegation, 39) At Supertech Inc., a technology company, employees are given more authority and are allowed to make their own decisions. A) conglomerate Disadvantages of job enlargement Increases work burden :- Job enlargement increases the work of the employee and not every company provides incentives and extra salary for extra work. A - Health condition Short-term motivation. Job enlargement refers to widening in scope and activities of the same job of the same level to make the position challenging. What are job enlargement drawbacks? \end{matrix} 2) It lessens boredom, and monotony decreases as a result of a greater diversity of activities. E) Scalar principle, 27) Which of the following concepts suggests that there must be a clear and unbroken line of authority that extends from the lowest to the highest position in the organization? B) Tall organizations have fewer managers than flat organizations. C) administrative costs rise because each department must have its own functional specialists. E) They have an inflexible organizational design. D) it does not offer challenges or stimulation to workers. Continue reading below . Job enlargement - opportunities for the organization Improving process efficiency C - Only appropriate for short, repetitive tasks, Which of the following is a correct representation of the formula to calculate standard time? He will also feel less tired in this way. Job enlargement is a good way to enrich these jobs, making them more varied by adding additional tasks. Which of the following is not an advantage of standard elemental times? Alpha Electronics uses _____ technology. C) Self-dealing The middle and lower managers follow the instructions given by top managers rather than making decisions by themselves. procedure and gave instructions. B) Product departmentalization To wrap this up, job enlargement can create This can lead to a decline in morale, which can then lead to a decline in motivation. Reduced Monotony: However interesting the job may appear in the beginning, sooner or later people complain of boredom and dullness. What is Job enlargement? Construct the chart below in your Evidence Notebook. A - High heat and humidity Enlarged jobs, with optimal levels of complexity can create tasks, which are challenging but attainable. A - time study Which of the following concepts is illustrated in the scenario? 1 - Inspection B) Absence of rules and regulations Which of the following are detrimental to working conditions? This motivates employees . E) are the most decentralized. 33) Researchers have found that a flat organization structure _____. Increases work load: Subscribe to our weekly newsletter to stay up-to-date with the latest HR news, trends, and resources. C) entropy Employees can remain motivated. Job enlargement is a key technique in job redesign, along with job enrichment, job rotation, and job simplification. E) Decentralization. 56) _____ encompasses the conversion processes used to transform inputs (such as materials or information) into outputs (such as products or services). C - A vertical loading, increasing the employee's level of responsibility. E) mass-production organizations had a higher level of specialization.