Hi friends, I hope you had a nice weekend! Im back on your sight tonight looking for a blue/green/gray for my bathroom, and know youve given me a couple of awesome options. Have it in my mudroom and my laundry room. My painter would like to start on the new color in three days and I dont know what to do. The first consultant came out and we just looked at swatches. Is that okay? For example, in some circles, pink is a stress-reducing colour. As an Amazon Associate decoratedlife.com earns from qualifying purchases. Lets take a break with this relaxing color and find out how it looks in real homes. Hi Kylie! Kylie, Sometimes its that subtle tweak of undertones that does the trick! https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/. And while it has its place in many homes due to its PLACEMENT in the fan deck, I think it gets missed a lot! (I have a similar style home with shingles and same roof GAF Pewter Gray) I paid two color consultants who told me it was SW foggy day and SW St. Barts. Thank you! Hi Angie, If you love Abalone, you might also like, Benjamin Moore Barren Plain / Sherwin Williams Popular Gray / Benjamin Moore Collingwood, Read more: The 9 Best Benjamin Moore Purple Paint Colours, Lets take a quick break to talk about paint samples, Undoubtedly, youll be heading out in the near future to grab paint samples stop right there! There are so many nice white paint colors to use with it. Thank you for all your tips. Shop Now LRV 60.73 Collection Benjamin Moore Classics Also Known As CC-700 Get your own digital color dollop of Quiet Moments 1563 Create My Dollop [object Object] Matching Colors Cloud Cover OC-25 Add to Cart I just think Aegean Teal is a bit limiting, which means less people can use it! This did help a lot to see the colors in a room also. I know what you are thinking, another gray paint color. With just enough gray to keep it muted, Quiet Moments Paint manages to morph between pale blue and pale green in different environments and changing light. by | Jan 25, 2023 | when do pecan trees lose their leaves | congestion worse after sinus rinse | Jan 25, 2023 | when do pecan trees lose their leaves | congestion worse after sinus rinse FULL Paint Colour Review of Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray. Thanks for the details of the space. Shop Now LRV 54.43 Collection Benjamin Moore Classics Also Known As CC-670 Get your own digital color dollop of Gray Wisp 1570 Create My Dollop [object Object] Matching Colors Dove Wing OC-18 Add to Cart Shopping List Change Color Other I think it is really hard to get blues right. It works for all seasons and with any design style. All this color talk is helping me understand why I choose my colors with a blue in them. Notice in the above photos how the colour can rise or fall back depending on the light its getting. Would the undertones of SW Krypton on the island cabinets work well with the Grassland, White Dove, and UbaTuba. Put them together, and what do you get? One Room Package Share JR Aside from this caveat, youre free to use Quiet Moments anywhere you like. 7 / 10. Sadly it turned out light blue in the area I wanted it. I just want to find a gray color that will look good with my counters ( https://m.lowes.com/pd/Silestone-Alpina-White-Quartz-Kitchen-Countertop-Sample/999921066 ) and my carpet has brown and blue in it but it looks more brown/tan to me. I used BM Ashwood in our bedroom . While Silver Marlin doesnt get as much attention as others in this list, it is one of the BEST light-medium depth shades. I dont want the wall to look too much green or blue. It turned out lovely.prettier than I thought possible. 1 views . Yes, I get excited about colours and just have to get painting sometimes, which is why our home has lost sq footage with the coats of paint on the walls . Okay, so heres what I know about paint colours on exteriors. Calming Paint Colour: Benjamin Moore Abalone 2108-60. I just was at a clients home last nite who has Rainwashed in her office and its SO pretty! This beautiful gray has deep green undertones but mainly, in ample sunlight - it appears true green. Mount Saint Anne has an LRV of 42, so shes solidly in the medium tones. The colour might in it might be a bit more apparent in the evening when the sun has gone down. I was using grayed blue/green drapes and a rug with a blue ground. Thanks for visiting FULL Paint Colour Review of Sherwin Williams Rainwashed, Paint Colour Review of Sherwin Williams Quietude (a bit darker). Pale Gray Cabinet Paint Color: "Benjamin Moore River Reflections 1552". It can be considered a greige because of the yellow and gray it has in it. https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/product/feature-wall/, Hello. For a creamy soft gray try Benjamin Moore's Edgecomb Gray. In my bedroom I have SW Topsail, but the Creamy paint does not look right. My Top 10 Benjamin Moore Grays. I love getting feedback from peers, so thanks for the note! When I was testing all of my samples together on the wall, Quiet Moments looked like a slightly darker version of Sherwin Williams Sea Salt to me. Look at the color youre considering in the room that you will be painting, not outside in the bright sun. Area Rugs that go with Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments Paint, Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments Peel and Stick Paint Sample, 14 Popular Bedroom Colors Shown in Real Rooms, Woodinville Interior Designers & Decorators, Merritt Island Interior Designers & Decorators, Frederick Interior Designers & Decorators, all my free printable color palettes and art, 2023 Sherwin Williams Paint Color Forecast, 16 Popular Bedroom Paint Colors from your Favorite Home bloggers, Benjamin Moore Pale Oak why its a favorite, Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17 Review and why its a favorite, Great Smoky Mountains Fall Color Palette and How to Use It, https://www.amazon.com/shop/postcardsfromtheridge/list/5V0ZQST45KWA. Seriously though, one of the best ways to create a calm environment is to wrap yourself in a colour that soothes your soul. ORIGINALLY WRITTEN IN 2019, UPDATED FOR YOU IN MID 2021. I love reading this article very good information and choices of color. If you wanted to DOWNPLAY your oak, well that might not be the best approach, but overall, I think the combo could be very pretty! Now I am trying to choose a paint color for my family room which is located in the middle of the house, partially open to my living room, kitchen, and hallway leading to the master bedroom. In a few weeks Ill be putting out a colour review on it and the colour ISSW Collonade Gray! Lighting and editing as well as screen setting in online images may make them appear different than they look in reality. I think I will consider it for my porch ceiling. Gray Wisp is just a few paint chips away from Quiet Moments. Hi there, love your website! Your email address will not be published. Im sure its beautiful in your dining room! See how the paint color looks in that room during different lighting situationson a sunny day, on a cloudy day, with and without the lights on, and at night. wordlist = ['!', '$.027', '$.03', '$.054/mbf', '$.07', '$.07/cwt', '$.076', '$.09', '$.10-a-minute', '$.105', '$.12', '$.30', '$.30/mbf', '$.50', '$.65', '$.75', '$. Hi Anne Marie, now Im not sure if it will cover just what youre looking for, but I just did an update on a blog post I did a few years ago re: The Best Purple Paint Colours maybe it could help you! Here are just a FEW reasons why I recommend Samplize to my clients, 7. They would bounce off of each other, as opposites attract and make each other look stronger. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! ~Kylie. Rain Sherwin Williams: Significantly less green than Wedgewood. I added more than a dozen rugs that will work with it to a collection that you can take a look at. ~Kylie. Both colors are very similar. Not sure which type of blue is your fave? Built-ins are Cloud White. Eclectic Porchby Merritt Island Interior Designers & Decorators Island Paint and Decorating. While many are inclined towards a GRAYER look with this type of colour (Benjamin Moore Gray Owl ), for those who want a whisper of colour, it's an awesome choice. Its oneof my very favorites and will go in virtually any room. I need help! Peaceful Bedroom Painted with Benjamin Moore Gray Wisp Tropical Bedroom by Rockport Design-Build Firms Jane Haley LLC Soft blues and grays are always wonderful colors for bedrooms. I cannot tell you how gorgeous it came out! Gray Owl has just the right balance of warm/cool undertones that makes it such a dependable color. It works in any lighting, whether you have a room with lots of natural light or artificial light. Paint Colour Review: Benjamin Moore Classic Gray OC-23 48,960 views Nov 5, 2020 356 Dislike Share Save Kylie M Interiors 31.3K subscribers If you're looking for one of the BEST warm gray. Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore Paint Color Review, Benjamin Moore Collingwood Paint Color Review, Benjamin Moore Silver Satin Paint Color Review, Benjamin Moore White Dove Paint Color Review, Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore Paint Color Review, Benjamin Moore Pale Oak Paint Color Review, Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace Paint Color Review, Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist Paint Color Review, Benjamin Moore Decorators White Paint Color Review, Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Paint Color Review, Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal Paint Color Review, 9 of the Best Benjamin Moore Green Paint Colors, 10 of the Best Benjamin Moore Bedroom Paint Colors, 11 Best Benjamin Moore Greige Paint Colors. Thank you Celeste, that is SW Collonade Gray (mad love), Hi Kylie, I have enjoyed reading your blog and appreciate all the great information regarding paint colors. Benjamin Moore says it exudes tranquility and inspires quiet meditation. Earl Gray is a medium-depth paint colour with an LRV of 32. Todays favorite paint color is Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments, #1563. Thank you Brooke! Though I prefer white trim, I cant bring myself to paint over the wood in this home! These are almost true blues and only have a small amount of green in them, which stops them from looking icy cold and helps them hold up a bit better in a north-facing room (which could look TOO cold with a real true blue on the walls). The LRV of Rainwashed is 60, making it a light-depth blue-green paint colour. All that photo is missing is me, a glass of wine and a floofy towel (Ill save that photo for my other blog wink wink). I really like California Teal but wondering if theres something less intense but still a warm blue/green? My painter thought I was nuts until he was finished and then realized that day or night the colors of the walls looked uniform as if they had all been painted the same exact color. I always look forward to your posts and was so glad to see this one. Yes, it does have a bit more body to it, but if the room has some decent natural light coming in, it could be quite sharp with white trim! Please pin this graphic to Pinterest for reference. Right now the rooms are more or less an open palette. The Quiet Moments doesnt overwhelm the room but instead makes a nice subtle backdrop for all of the other items in the space. Take a look at the images on my Pinterest Board "Gray Walls" It is a good starting point. I love the color, Im just not sure where to go with the accessories. Thank you for giving so much good information regarding the undertones of these paints and the colors they favor! BENJAMIN MOORE NOVEMBER RAIN GRAY PAINT. Best, a) they tend to look a good 1/2 tone lighter once they are applied 2 coats on the large scale and b) the undertones tend to come up more on the large scale compared to the smaller sample. I just painted my Southwest facing bathroom Rainwashed . All of its componentsblue, green, and grayare cool colors, so the mix of the three is also cool. This is because paints in this range are adaptable to a wide variety of lighting situations. If youre interested, the link is here, Id love to help! Thank you for your comment. Your email address will not be published. If I lighten Mindful will it go blue like Repose? So, I want you to take a deep breath and a great big gulp of wine and look at SW Gossamer Veil, which Ive found to be one of the the more neutral grays it WILL STILL flash cool undertones, but perhaps less than the ones youve been looking at. Perfect timing! When it comes to personal questions, I do refer to my E-design! If you have a look at my Feature Wall package I think we can get that forest green love seat & couch figured out! Another challenge is I can BET you that this photo was edited. Lots of really helpful info! Design by Claire Jefford. I would have to refer you to my E-design, where I do have the Quick Consult option as well! Hi Kylie, we just painted our laundry room sea salt, and the main areas of the house canvas tan and neutral groundI love it! What you can do also is go into the Benjamin Moore stain guide and look at Hamilton Blue and Normandy. So, I started at Underseas which is like a green with some blue/gray and it felt TOOOO green. The master bedroom at the front of the house faces north and is brightly lit with windows 8 wide by 7 tall. Im looking at repainting my living room sea salt. Your response is good guidance on a starting place. If youd like me to take a look at things I do have a fabulous and affordable E-design service and then you can get the answers youre looking for! This one should come as no surprise to those of you in the colour world. Believe it or not, BOTH of these rooms were painted with Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments. Laura. It's a warm gray that has a lot of depth and looks great with pops of color. Hi Kylie. In addition, it is a color loved by both men and women. The whole porch is just lovely! Gray Cashmere is a popular bedroom and bathroom paint colour with a relaxing vibe. Fun fact-our first apartment was only . Thanks so much for this post! While Earl Gray has its place, many people prefer the increased colour of Gibraltar Cliffs. 6. situations.on a sunny day, on a cloudy day, with and without the visit all of my favorite paint color posts. If the room has reasonably good lighting from the exterior yes. Its a fail-safe color! And you are right, while it is a blue/green colour (that leans toward the green side) it does have gray in it which can be exposed in rooms with Northern Exposure which already have a cool gray/blue light coming in. Gray undertones neutralize and balance color because it diffuses pigmentation, giving a more muted color. Hi Shirley, I can! Beach Glass has an LRV of 50, so its on the slightly darker side of the light-medium range but BLUER and lighter than Silvermist. I hope that helps! Since Benjamin Moore Wish has yellow undertones it will look more beige in a south-facing room. And as far as trends go, theres no other colour blend more popular than blue-green. Your email address will not be published. That doesnt surprise me as Creamy is quite yellow and more in the off-white range, whereas Sea Salt will prefer something cleaner. The painter I hire only want to use SW colors. Give your dining room a classic and elegant aura by painting the walls with Quiet Moments. Lattice has an LRV of 61, so its a great light depth, Lattice can just as easily favour the blue over the green OR the green over the blue, giving it TONS of flexibility, Silvermists LRV of 47 puts it on the slightly darker side of the light-medium range, making it great for ONE room. Thanks! Sea salt looks like my favourite. Repose looks blue as blue can be. FULL Paint Colour Review of Benjamin Moore Gibraltar Cliffs, Undoubtedly, youll be heading out shortly to grab paint samples stop right there! And if you are going absolutely crazy Ill leave you with the thought that it COULD be a custom colour. The floor looks MUCH too bright this is easily done and most designers/photographers do it to clear photos up and tweak them. Hi Yvette! I love this color and your ideas for it. But, this is not a gray off the list of the usual cast of characters. Both north & western facing windows. Benjamin Moore Summer Shower. Classic Gray has an LRV of almost 75, so its at the start of the off-white range, giving a softer, more subtle contrast with white trim. Would you have the paint store lighten it up a bit with some white, or do you think that could change the character of the color? Quiet Moments is soft and muted enough to be your color and neutral workhorse. The soft colors on the bedding and furniture combined with the warm wood floors and woven basket make this such a dreamy bedroom. Home; Operation 9/11; War on Terror; War Via Finance; New World Order; UN/One World Government; New World Religion? Gray Cashmere has an LRV of 65 the highest on this page! Beach Glass is the type of depth that adds GREAT personality to your walls without overwhelming them with colour. I love this color too! Want to learn more about the FUN side of decorating and paint colours? Quiet Moments shows its subdued side in this kitchen, calming the space. For example, the north facing side of a home may look slightly more grayed out while a south facing might have more colour to it. (Even after using samples, etc). Let me know what you think! If you like Pink Bliss, you might also like, Torture (just joking, kind of). Benjamin Moore describes Tranquility as a pale blue blended with sage and gray. On a large scale, you can do things like add more black/red/blue/white to get the tone you want. Repose and Agreeable are the only two Sherwin Williams paints that I went to Home Depot and had them make a little sample of. Lattice is a light blend of gray, blue and green just a whisper of colour for those not ready to fully commit! Hi kylie I just love your style. Its hard to toss one off the top of my head without seeing your countertop/flooring/backsplash as there are different types of gray-blue (ones that flash slightly purple and ones that can flash slightly green) and if you choose the wrong one, it would totally clash! I am considering repainting the master bedroom Wedgewood Gray. Denise Oldest I considered Quiet Moments and I have a painted sample. Are you an avid reader? This color is incredible. Since Quiet Moments is in between blue, green, and gray, it might be hard to match it exactly so I recommend a rug that will complement it. It made the space way more inviting! Quiet Moments can look just as beautiful next to rich, dark wood colors as it does next to light gray woods. Now between beach glass and bm silver marlin. If its shaded? Thank you for visiting! I have SW moody blue on my north facing bedroom and love it however stumped on what color type would go in the adjoining south facing master bathroom.Thinking SWChina doll or lighter color on moody blue strip? THREE SLAPS WITH A WET NOODLE! On a small scale you can make a colour custom simply by darkening/lighting it by 25% 50%. The floors right now are 70s wood parquet. Its hit-and-miss whether Silvermist caters to its blue side or its green one! No Calming Paint Colour: Sherwin Williams Grassland SW 6163. Click HERE or on the above image to see available packages, 5. I am somewhat dying inside. Stay healthy everyone! Not sure what LRV is? That doesnt mean shes overly dark, but she IS well-seated in the medium end of things with a bit more meat on her bones than the others, While there is some green in Mount Saint Anne, shes definitely a blue-dominant colour, Grassland is a great way to get colour on your walls, without going too far, It has an LRV of 50, so its a nice light-medium depth, Ocean Air has an LRV of 73, leaving it sitting pretty in the off-white end of things, Ocean Air is a relatively clean colour. I know I want a blue-lots of white wainscoting. Thank goodness I tried the sample out first. Hot DAMN, I love this colour! Rainwashed is a blue-green-gray which favours blue more than green with the gray falling back quite a bit. Changing all my dingy cream trim to white and what a difference its made! The cabinets are an off white to cream antiqued color. Wickham is a light gray paint colour with a blue-green undertone. I own a remodeling company and blue-green paint tones are very popular! Oh I will cross my fingers for you! Check out myOnline / E-Design Colour Consultations! Revere Pewter is arguably the most popular paint color of all time and my absolute favorite Benjamin Moore gray. Wish is a warm-toned gray paint color that is quite neutral. I love the dark wood floors and the Moroccan looking tiles on the back-splash. Small north facing bedroom looks sad with light colors, even warm creams. I see NO problem doing a room with a different trim colour, especially since its a secondary room (being a bedroom). 1. We just remodeled our website.