These valves protect the building occupants from any potential contamination from the building's own systems. BP0004915. If the class you are looking for is full, you have any questions or issues with class sign-up, or you need other payment options, please call us at 512-523-8094. 32 Hour BPAT CE (Continuing Education) "Hands On" 12 hours CSI, LI, WO, WWO, WTS . Call us today to schedule testing, repairs, or replacement. Providing training for Backflow Prevention Assembly Testing and continuing education for BPAT and CSI. Automatic Control Valve - Introductory (SMALL GROUP) - Max 12 attendees per class . Small Diameter (1/2 2) $125.00Duration: 4 hours, Large Diameter (2 10) $125.00Duration: 4 hours. To obtain an application or to inquire about additional fees, contact the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality at (512)239-6133. IAPMO-BPI provides training toward professional certification in backflow prevention. Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. - (917) 887 5613, We Are Hiring Instructors!!! Topics include how to apply protection and to prevent backflow, proper installation guidelines, elements of a comprehensive cross-connection control . We also offer theCustomer Service Inspector (CSI) course and many of our classes also are approved for CSI Continuing Education. We also sell backflow kits and do calibrations - check out those offerings at. This course is approved by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners (TSBPE). * Day 1-4 qualifies for TCEQ recertification. Test Gauge's training instructors are always working hard to make our classes informative and interesting. Our 40-hour course is based on the USC (University of Southern California) textbook and course materials. See here. Select options. Very personable and helpful, all you have to do is ask., Buddy is very knowledgeable and gives good information to help understand materials., Buddy was extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and I enjoyed his class! Typical assemblies covered include Reduced Pressure Principles, Reduced Pressure Principle Detectors, Double Check Valves, Double Check Detectors, Pressure Vacuum Breakers and Spill-Resistant Pressure Vacuum Breakers. To check the status of your and or another individual's certification, email or call 801-436-7238. An applicant must produce a current BPAT certificate, a backflow test gauge calibration test report, driver license, proof or insurance, and confined spacecertificate. TCEQ Course Code 1201: This course is primarily designed to provide the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) required eight (8) hours of "hands-on" continuing education and to serve as a refresher of test procedures associated with Backflow Prevention Assemblies for licensed Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers (BPAT). Check out below your state's requirements for testing, and see if maybe we can service your needs. Contact Comfort-Air Engineering & Primo Plumbing, Inc. at (210) 494-1691 to schedule backflow testing in Texas and learn more about how we protect your plumbing systems and property from damage. Class Location: Providing the education criteria is met, two years of relevent water work experience are also required. BPAT Hands On & Advanced Troubleshooting/Repair: Provides 16 hours for a BPAT license and satisfies the hands on, practical skills requirement. TCEQ Regulatory Compliance for Water and Wastewater Systems. Course fee: $795.00. working with you. For more information about rates or any other aspect related to backflow, call us at(817) 996-2000. It consists of backflow prevention definitions and theory, components of a cross connection control program (including local ordinances), and types of backflow preventers approved by water utilities and the Foundation for Cross Connection Control and Hydraulic Research (USC). All backflow prevention assembly tester licenses require 24 hours of Continuing Education (CE) to be eligible for renewal. Privatization Strategies We will be happy to share information with you and put you on the path to an informed decision because, well, that's what we do at City Backflow Testing. Of the 24 hours, 8 hours must be practical skills (hands-on) training. Cross-Connection Control Institute (CCCI) and Hardin & Associates Consulting, LLC (HAC) is a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) approved training provider offering training for individuals wishing to obtain a TCEQ Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester (BPAT) License or Continuing Education to maintain the BPAT License. In most instances they can help solve your problem over the phone. Occupational licenses are valid for three years then must be renewed with the TCEQ. To schedule a class at your facility, contact or call (870) 574-4550. C2 Services provides courses around the State of Texas throughout the year. toward obtaining a Plumbing Inspectors License. Provides 8 hours for the BPAT license and satisfies the hands on, practical skills requirement. Most Texas courses use the USC testing procedures, although some others are approved in most areas. November 10, 2022. Anyone wishing to obtain the Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester (BPAT) license from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) must meet the following requirements (see the TCEQ website for full details): Our BPAT courses scheduled below are approved for the 40-hour training and hands-on exam requirement. Sight Tube and Double Bleed Off Valve Kit. Accrued CEUs that are to be applied to recertification must be used before the students backflow certification expiration date. Texas Commission on Environmental Quality rules state that . If you wish, you can also sign up for a 24 Hour BPAT Continuing Education course. Testers must also supply the original test report to the Water Services within 30 days of testing a backflow device per City Ordinance. Annual or Periodic Isolation (Secondary) Assembly Tests - If the building sublets units, goes on the market for sale, something similar, or has annual or periodic required inspections to renew their liability insurance, they will often need to have backflow survey inspections and assembly tests done for the entire building. Register. The courses consist of classroom discussions and hands on portions. The training course is a 40 hour backflow prevention assemble tester course, including a final exam, offered by a number of training providers. What are the testing requirements? Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester (BPAT) Provider Courses Provided Course Code Hours; Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) . Detailed information can be found on the renewal webpage. Accrued CEU's that are to be applied to recertification must be used before the student's backflow certification expiration date. A Double Check Backflow Prevention Assembly test and maintenance report shall include all of the following information except the: a) address of the installation. | Texas Homeland Security Customized course dates are available to accommodate all of your employees in a course scheduled by your company. Earned CEUs may be applied only once per certification period. For questions about licensing requirements, visit the TCEQ Occupational Licensing page or email Note: TCEQ license prerequisites include at least two full years of TCEQ approved water related work experience, high school diploma or GED, and completion of a criminal background check. renewal course, backflow prevention assembly testers can contact one of our instructors for in-field assistance in the troubleshooting and repair of backflow prevention assemblies. How Cross Connection and Backflow Can Lead to Contaminated Water. Fee Increases - The American Backflow Prevention Association (ABPA) Board of Directors approved an increase in the exam registration fees for the Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers and Cross-Connection Control Specialists.. Here are the locations of Ohio's major backflow training centers: Associated Plumbing and Hydronic Contractors of Central Ohio (APHC), Westerville, Ohio. During the course, your instructor will review any additional attendance requirements, for example a field exercise that cannot be missed. tester or 24 hr. In addition, theses same courses may be used to obtain the following credits: As required by TCEQ, our course is based on the University of Southern California (USC) 10th Edition Manual of Cross-Connection Control, a copy of which is provided to each course participant. Examination process: the practical skills portion of the exam is included and given the last day of class while the written exam is offered at a TCEQ authorized exam site after course completion. Enforcement of state law is the responsibility of the appropriate state agency. Effective January 1, 2023. Texas Water Utilities Association (TWUA), Basics and Rules Relating to Backflow Prevention. Fundamentals of Backflow Prevention: *Click here to begin TCEQ New Backflow Tester OLEA Application, Education: High School diploma or General Equivalence Diploma. See the, Mechanical Equipment for Cross-Connection Control, 40.00 hours Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). KOI Training, Columbus and Sebring, Ohio. We are currently registered in over . OUR TRAINERS . Our Technicians are licensed by the State of Texas, and registered with the city of Coppell. We are City Backflow Testing, serving the Greater Fort Worth area. Their licenses include the following: State Lic. Test and repair on 1/2 4 backflow preventers using a variety of testing equipment. *Free Troubleshooting Assistance After completing the 40 hr. ), but if taking the ABPA exam, the proctor will only accept USC 10th Edition. Instructors presented material in a professional manner and made the learning process very easy. To become an approved backflow prevention assembly tester within the City, you must provide to BSI Online proof of commission licensing and proof that your testing equipment can maintain calibration of plus or minus 0.2 psid accuracy.. Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester (BPAT) license and gauge calibration certification must be submitted and maintained before any backflow test reports will be . Due to the requirement for hands-on training and examination, this course is only approved for live (rather than online) delivery. Training providers who wish to participate are encouraged to review the new guidance and submit courses for review. Sundance Irrigation Training Backflow Prevention, Course 0745, 8 hours: 0745: 8: Purify . To be a qualified and certified backflow tester in Texas, training is needed, including an exam, to be able to gat a state license issued by the Texas Commision of Environmental Quality (T.C.E.Q.). In addition, since Fort Worth also requires rain & freeze sensor testing, an applicantmust also produce an irrigation license (if he or she wants to do both types of testing). NICET credit also available. Fundamental Course. Backflow Prevention Assembly Repairer. Backflow Prevention - TCEQ Course Code #0745 - 8 Hours. Do you need a backflow test kit or need to calibrate a test kit you already have? Bac-Flo Unlimited offers the most comprehensive TCEQ approved backflow courses with free troubleshooting assistance after 24 & 40 hour course completion. How to obtain a license to test backflow prevention assembly on any water system. The following are Workshops which all use Course code 0655: Site Help | Disclaimer | Site Policies | Accessibility | Website Archive | Our Compact with Texans | TCEQ Homeland Security State . | TRAIL Statewide Archive PHCC Texas | 145 Trademark Dr | Buda, TX 78610 | 512-523-8094 | Toll free: 800-992-7422 | Fax: 512-400-7591. Our Locations; Shipping and Delivery; Contact Us; Return Policy . The Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester course provides participants with an interest in cross-connection controls and proper maintenance of water quality standards with guidelines used for acceptable practices of testing backflow prevention devices. We ensure these ASSE requirements are met: Documented practical experience. ICC BACKFLOW PREVENTION ASSEMBLY TESTERS RE-CERTIFICATION COURSE. Most home and business owners are unaware that this is even possible. EU WWW504 169. Water Treatment Specialist. *TCEQ Training Credits Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) training credits are provided with all courses for Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers and for other water licenses when attending the 40 Hr. Backflow Training Schools; Locations ; Customer Service . The students will identify the failing component, disassemble the backflow preventer, repair, re-assemble, and then re-test it. Advanced Training of Texas offers the State of Texas required 16 hour Irrigation Technician Training . EU WWW500 166. Backflow is the flow of water in reverse caused by reduced water pressure or loss of water pressure from the water supplier. 2002-2023 Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, TCEQ-Approved Online Training Courses for TCEQ Occupational Licenses,,, Troubleshooting Todays Technology for the Irrigation Technician, Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester (BPAT), Wastewater Collection and Wastewater Treatment, Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), Mainline Designs and Irrigation Consulting, Texas AgriLife Extension Service - School of Irrigation, Texas Environmental training and Compliance, LLC (TETC), Customer Service Inspector-Cross Control Connection, Customer Service Inspections & Cross-Connection Control, Customer Service Inspection and Cross-Connection Control, Basics and Rules Pertaining to Backflow Prevention, Basics & Rules Relating to Backflow Prevention, Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention Devices, Customer Service Inspection and Cross Connection Control, Backflow Prevention, Course 0745, 8 hours, Purify Learning, Contact John M. Taylor at 281-850-5204, Basic Electrical Troubleshooting for Landscape. Instructor credentials include irrigation, plumbing and water operator licenses along with university degrees and national certifications, 16 Hr. PAWSC has a mobile wet lab allowing them to offer ASSE/ANSI Series 5000-approved backflow certification classes throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. ALL CLASSES MUST BE ATTENDED to complete the forty hour requirement. Register. Topics discussed include TCEQ compliance factors, approved backflow prevention methods, hazardous testing conditions, local requirements, national terminology, backflow incidents, updates in the industry and more. Click for Course Info BACKFLOW TRAINING SCHOOLS. So, you have a backflow assembly. Leadership & How to Affect Change Public Org. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. WWW502 | The Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester 16-Hour Continuing Education course utilizes the TEEX Mobile Backflow trailer to provide students with TCEQ-required hands-on training opportunities designed to help each apply test procedures specific with Backflow Prevention Assemblies for the licensed Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester. This 8 hour BPAT Practical Skills (Hands On) course provides the technical training required by TCEQ once every three years and satisfies the practical skills (hands on) requirement. Our courses prepare students for each credential identified in the ASSE/IAPMO/ANSI Series 5000 professional qualification standards: The Institute's certification programs include: Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester. This is way better. 920 Fournier. Provides 16 hours for a BPAT license and satisfies the hands on, practical skills requirement. CEUs are also provided by the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners for credit toward obtaining a Plumbing Inspectors License. Test Prep View All Classes. For inquiries involving the annual backflow assembly testing and enforcement program: 817-392-8007. A Consumer's Guide to Backflow Prevention in Texas. 16 Hour - BPAT Hydraulics with Practical Skills "Hands-On". This schedule is subject to change without notice. Required course for anyone pursuing the Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester (BPAT) license from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Central Texas . This course is designed for personnel wishing to obtain either a BPAT license, continuing education credit, a Plumbing Inspectors license or other, We use cookies to improve your experience on this site. Work experience must be in an approved area which includes, but not limited to: Operating or maintaining a public drinking water system; Installing or repairing residential, commercial, or industrial drinking water treatment equipment; Installing or repairing lawn irrigation systems; Performing activities requiring a master or journeyman plumbing license of at least 2 yrs. Louisiana Department of Health. Containment (Primary) Backflow Assembly testing is managed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality - there is a vocational credit course required ( 40 hour minimum ) that is registered with the department, and you have to take a BPAT written exam after taking the course, this is outlined below on their website, To be a qualified and certified backflow tester in Texas, training is needed, including an exam, to be able to gat a state license issued by the Texas Commision of Environmental Quality (T.C.E.Q.). Texas Backflow Tester Certification Courses. To becone state licensed, a minimum GED or High School Diploma in needed to start a training course. The 40 hour BPAT certification course is conducted over five days and includes the training, equipment, and information necessary to become licensed by the TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) and qualified to test and maintain backflow prevention assemblies. BPAT Renewal Course. There are no prerequisites for this course. (Per TCEQ rules, this service being provided the day of the course is only allowed due to the advantage of having two instructors on site). These courses provide a good understanding of various backflow devices, guidelines for acceptable practices and the necessary criteria for a functioning, well maintained and managed backflow and cross-connection control program. 16 Hr. A person who repairs or tests the installation or operation of backflow prevention assemblies must hold a license issued by the TCEQ. Rick has been on the training team since 2012. . All certified backflow prevention assembly testers play an important role in protecting the City of Houston water customers. Renewal applicants must have completed the required CE requirements, submit a renewal application and criminal history attestation, and pay the renewal fee. For questions about the license requirements, TCEQ can be contacted at 512-239-6133. Planning, Zoning and Land Use Development. Click here for potential license ineligibility info. TCEQ Course Code 1204/1234 Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Continuing Education: This twenty-four (24) hour class is a combination of the eight (8) hour "Basics and Rules Relating to Backflow Prevention" and the sixteen (16) hour "BPAT Hydraulics with Practical Skills".The Student who successfully completes this course will receive two (2) certificates. Texas. If you have not received confirmation of the class prior to the class start, please contact the division at (800) 723-3811 or (800) SAFE-811 or [email protected] to get the latest . Backflow Certification Classes Backflow Certification Classes Backflow Certification Classes - (917) 887 5613 Course Description These classes concentrate on hands on with the backflow devices. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Ship your gauge for its annual certification to our secure shipping address and well ship it back usually within 2-3 business days. This two day BPAT course satisfies the Hands On (Practical Skills) TCEQ training requirement and includes advanced troubleshooting and repair the second day. effective september 1, 2017, pursuant to tceq reg-521 "criminal history guidelines", those with a felony criminal history should contact tceq licensing division at 512-239-6133 prior to registering for a training course. Note: gauge testing is not part of course instruction, though Bac-Flo Unlimited can offer this service due to the advantage of having two instructors on site. If you have not received confirmation of the class prior to the class start, please contact the division at (800) 723-3811 or (800) SAFE-811 or [emailprotected] to get the latest schedule. Reports may also be delivered in person to: 1601 Graham Road, College Station, TX 77845. Course Location:Bac-Flo Unlimited, 39735 IH 10 W, Boerne, TX 78006. Generally speaking, there are: - Containment (Primary) valves are at the very beginning of domestic water and fire sprinkler systems that connect directly to the public water supply, these valves protect the public water supply from any potential contamination from the building, - Isolation (Secondary) valves are throughout the building(s) and connect the potable water supply to various non-potable sources such as Irrigation Systems, HVAC Make-Up Water, Hair and Nail Salon Tubs, Commercial Kitchen & Restaurant Equipment, and other sources. Comprehensive 40-hour training course which covers industry knowledge and skills. Association Management Software Powered by . NICET credit also available. Please NOTE - Our course is currently not submitted or approved by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, so many water purveyors and jurisdictions may not accept our certificates. For the City of Ft. Worth backflowtesting, the requirements are slightly different. Fort Worth, 76102 . **PLEASE NOTE** This course has been approved by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to fulfill the following credit hours in the following operator license area(s): Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Operator License (40 Hours), Customer Service Inspector Operator License (12 Hours), Landscape Irrigator Operator License (12 Hours), Water Treatment Specialist Operator License (12 Hours). Copyright Cross-Connection Control Institute 2010 - 2022. The course is designed for water treatment plant operators, wastewater plant operators and plumbers who are being re-certified. 40 Hr. At the end of the course the BPAT P-1 written practice exam book is provided to each student. 12/11/23 - 12/13/23. Title 30 Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Chapter 30, Subchapter B 30 TAC Chapter 290 . Applicants with a High School diploma or GED may substitute up to one year of experience with one year of college credit (32 semester hours) or 20 hours of approved training in addition to the required 40-hour backflow prevention assembly testing training course. GCS certifies backflow prevention assemblies . C2 Services also performs Annual Gauge Accuracy testing of Backflow Test Gauges. 100-hours of training credit to an applicant for a Plumbing Inspectors license (through TSBPE) Note : TCEQ has adopted the University of Southern California (USC) 10th Edition Manual of Cross-Connection Control as the standard for backflow prevention assembly testing procedures and this manual is now required for all students attending this class. Thank you, Lisa., Good hands-on learning experience. *Two Instructors This is beneficial in the hands-on training for backflow prevention assembly testers. Products; Calibration Services; Training; Syncta | TRAIL Statewide Archive The ASSE 5000 Single Hose Procedures are a little more efficient and require less equipment (tees, hoses, etc. $315.00. $700.00. For TCEQ Occupational licensing pre-requisites and license renewal requirements, click here. In addition to these areas of instruction, students are . is a TCEQ (Texas Commision on Environmental Quality) Approved Provider of professional training and development to the Backflow Prevention industry. Our 40-hour certificate program is acceptable to ABPA as the pre-requisite training for the backflow tester exam and license, but ABPA certificates are not valid in Texas. Phone 281-456-8126 Email MPL#14556 The training course is a 40 hour backflow . If you have questions about our Water and Wastewater, BPAT CSI, Registered Sanitarians, OSSF and Irrigation training courses, give us a call 817-219-4271 or send an email. We take care of the testing and file the certificate with the city so that you can concentrate on your daily activities or business. PAWSC's classes often include hands-on training and/or actual demonstrations with the actual valves you'll find in the field today. Accuracy Backflow10630 Wild Rose Ct, McKinney, Tx 75070, Tel: (972) 699-7156Hours: M-F 8:30am-4:30pm. Most tests are performed in Denton, Collin County, Tarrant County, Dallas, DFW Texas. toward obtaining a Plumbing Inspector's License. C2 Services also performs Annual Gauge Accuracy testing of Backflow Test Gauges. I look forward to future dealings with Bac-Flo Unlimited. Comprised of industry professionals, our staff has the technical knowledge and expertise to complete projects on time, within budget, and in a manner that exceeds expectations. The Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) requires all public water systems to maintain a cross-connection control program that protects the distribution system delivering drinking water to your home or business. 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. TecH 2 O. Utility Rate Studies for Water and Wastewater. Able to practice on several models. BPAT testers must strictly abide by all licensing or state certification requirements. This written exam is Not given as part of the course and is administered at a TCEQ regional office or approved computer based testing site such as a local community college in applicants area.The average wait time for written exam approval is 3 4 weeks after a complete application has been submitted. We are a factory-authorized service center for: . Including operation of assemblies, case studies, rule updates, water . Still Need Help? ), but if taking the ABPA exam, the proctor will only accept USC 10th Edition. Divisions. The Backflow Prevention Technician Course is approved in New Mexico, and by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). To keep you within code compliance with the water purveyor, we provide written certification upon the . Work Experience: two years of experience (TCEQ substitutes one year for a college degree). 100 Hrs. Gain expert troubleshooting and repair techniques from experienced instructors. $430. This information is verified through the application process described above. . Course Catalog: 24 Hr. Ourtraining staff have over 50 years of combined experience in the backflow industry. This is an in-depth lecture course on the world of backflow prevention. *Free Gauge Certifications One free gauge certification and report is available to each enrolled student in a continuing education course. The 40 hour BPAT certification class provided by Bac-Flo Unlimited is conducted over five days and includes the training, equipment, and information necessary to become licensed and qualified to test and maintain backflow prevention assemblies.