legal access i mean and he knows that. Youre safe. Robyn repeats over and over as she tries to soothe the agitated blonde. I. Despite her Mom telling her not to, Alex keeps trying to hack Emmas devices to find her sisters location. The games came after and Kara managed to win her a giant stuffed bear that she refused to let go of despite it being almost as big as she was. But do you still feel the same way? Kara asks hesitantly and Emma pauses. They wouldnt host an all out war with one another but have more of a friendly game. You took a bite of the food and was extremely surprised at the taste. She had stepped back and given the woman space. United States Army. pumpkin carving where reader accidentally hurts herself! You closed your eyes ready to feel the bullet, but nothing. Emma starts lip syncing perfectly to Robyns voice, something that is a bit jarring to everyone. Everything okay? Kara asks and makes a beeline for Lena. The living room she was looking at was swept empty; small personal things of you that always flew around here, pictures with you together that were on the dressers were gone. Ill see you tonight.. And she hoped that they would have more moments like this in the future. You wanted to get rid of him- he was no longer a part of you and never will be again. Then Sam and Kara came over and we stayed with Lena that night. 1 year. Lena takes in a nervous, deep breath. But you need to understand how deeply I still feel for her, despite what she did. So. Alex starts, eyeing Kara to stop inhaling her food. I do not believe that is wise due to your heightened level of-. Her tears slip from her eyes and her curly hair shields her face from the others. You wake up the next day, not knowing how you slept, but youre still clenching to Sheldons collar. I cant say anything other than Im sorry. Alex begins. You hang your backpack on the coat hanger, you walk to the kitchen to see your mom cooking something. You felt weighed down like your limbs were made of lead. Dont worry, I know how to save a document. She moves the laptop out of the way, along with all of your papers, making space for the food that Alex is bringing to set on the table. You were both tied up. You reek of it., Okay, maybe she admitted to being victim to it before, but she didnt think she was that obvious. Maggie and her daughter visit Alex at the DEO. This tag belongs to the Additional Tags Category. They both love you more than anything on this planet. Ready to go? Jonn asks, holding out her coat and trainers for her. Thats why theyre physically mentioned, but do nothing active as talking. The room is quiet for a moment and Robyn lifts her hand. I hope youll enjoy reading it ! Alex slipped a comm into your ear before the three of you parted ways, but its not only after midnight that you hear Karas voice. Or was it? You let her down! In the morning twilight she is able to make out Lily standing over her and feels the labrador continuously shaking her with her paws. ", Supergirl, Kara Danvers x BabyDanvers!Reader, Alex Danvers x BabyDanvers!Reader, Notes: Thanks for the prompt @ynimagines, and I'm really sorry for your loss. Your eyes are trained on whats written on his tombstone. You know how much everyone loved him and would like to be here for you. But thats what art is. Emma tries to explain. One that makes you feel shameful and worse every time you do it, which only leads you to doing it more. That she didnt break Emmas heart and make her believe it was all an illusion! She stares at the photo and cant help but feel torn. He didnt finish his sentence, Lena, with a velocity you coudnt suspect pushed his head against the screen and some of piece of glass and plastic flew away when he broke. I can say with a high certainty that you will be gone again in the next few months.". ", Leaning out of breath against the kitchen counter and nervously tapping the marble area with her index, middle and ring finger at irregular intervals, she listened to the annoying beeping stopping before it turned into her sisters bright voice. Everything is okay. Robyn says softly, trying to reassure a clearly frightened Emma who has tears streaming down her face. They are having dinner, the TV is on a channel airing a 2000s movie but they dont make conversation. The confusion in him didnt take much, you saw it before you heard it : the shot. Shes taken Lily for a walk. Robyn explains and sees Alex tense up. Mom, You know you can't cook anything. I dont think so ! You heard behind you. Lets count five for three two. She spent weeks in bed and I had to prompt her to eat, to shower and take care of herself. They watch as plates and glasses go flying and crash against the walls. Emma, would you like to explain about the bottles?. Robyn. Fay utters as Emma tries to get her attention. But they still call you a few times during the day, and Supergirl drops by a couple of times as well, one in which she helps you pack all of Sheldons things, and hide them on the top shelf so you cant be tempted to look at it all the time. She said, sitting down in front of you. Lena seemed to have the same thought because you see her tap discreatly on her phone. I wonder who will win next year, she was saying. Im now obliged to kill Miss Danvers and yourself, because you are two embarassing witnesses., Then why all the talking, kill us already.. You look up, paying attention to the end of Karas speech. We need to find her and fast.. She hops on the spot to get her boots on but manages in the end. When she needed you guys after everything that had happened? Why am I letting her in my space? Shivering from the cold and huddled up to escape the wind, you crouched down by the water near a tree, trying no to stand out or make a sound. Lena Luthor seemed close to a dropout, despite her calm demeanor. Remember, you are loved, you are enough and you are important. Soon you are enveloped between both of your sisters loving arms, while they restate that theres nothing wrong with you, and that they love you very much. Theres nothing anyone can say to ease your heart right now. Dont blame me., Were not blaming you. Alex reassures you, immediately touching your arm for comfort. Well, lets hope you never have to be in a position like this. Robyn growls and taps the cup in her hands. ", "You know lying wont work in my presence, honey," the head of L-Corp stepped closer to you and sat down on the cold floor next to you. The trio leave and Robyn sits heavily on the stool at the island, resting her head on her fist. Even when he punched you in the face he didnt flinched. Ive been out of National City so much, yesterday I forgot my own address. You do make it to the place, to realize it is a pet cemetery. They near the end of the book and Eliza excuses herself to go get changed. "So, what are you attempting to make? I am making spaghetti. She said stirring the content of the pot. Shit. Alex mutters. Its Sheldon. Yeah i figured this too. Burnt skies by Itsiqra17. But, we can help you overcome it.. Literally. Before Jonn could respond, Alex interjected. She knew most of the staff understood better than to interrupt a conversation between the Director of the DEO and Senior Agent Alex Danvers. She tilts her head, asking Alex to voice her thoughts. Ever since she was little she had heard her big sisters talk about their annual paintball tournament and couldnt wait until she was old enough to be able to participate. Alex will tell her wife Kelly. The four women follow the blonde into the back room where Emma lifts the suitcase onto the coffee table and opens it, revealing it to be packed with mostly empty bottles. While the chorus proceeds, Emma lip syncs next to the band members, the camera angles tilt, representing her heartbreak and used to make the viewer feel uncomfortable with her. She freezes when her apprehensive eyes connect with Emmas. They sit and roast marshmallows while drinking rich hot chocolate. Mom? The black-haired did not say anything and listened to you carefully. I'm telling the truth! She shook her head. You curl yourself on her, crying in her suit. All I can do now is try to support you the best way I can. Discover more posts about baby danvers fanfiction. And though only one sighting was documented, Alex knew for sure that where theres one, theres bound to be others. Your heart squeezes on your chest because you kind of can guess what is the next sentence. Nightmare. Robyn responds and Jonn nods. You cant believe you got caught. I didnt know thats what we were doing. You found it difficult to say and talk about it but it was the truth after all. Jonn really has the worst decor taste. She finished her words as she reemerged into the living room. Seriously. "Alex feels sorry for you. The raven haired woman tries to hold it together but her eyes fill with unwanted tears and a lump forms in her throat. This tag has not been marked common and can't be filtered on (yet). Just one more. You agree with your raging mind, while promising yourself youll eat even less tomorrow. Yes she was Supergirl but as far as you knew she couldnt read mind. You wish they would just leave you alone. I was thinking we could hold a memorial for him later tonight? Im sorry, love, but you need to keep the ice pack on, Kara told her gently, locking eye contact with Alex over Y/Ns head. Why such efforts Miss Luthor ? Emma nods and taps the glass while she continues to think. They even debated letting Y/N win since it was her first time and they all wanted to see her smile. I just wanted you to know that.. The pride the family felt at her first word, how she quickly started singing and bouncing to music. Since then, the Kryptonian had insisted on carving pumpkins each October. The video starts playing and the sound of synths begin. Robyn sleepily rubs her eyes and then realises what is happening as she registers Emmas faint groans and gasps of breath. You had your arms crossed across your chest, your eyes narrowed and your mouth set in a thin line. Good. Alistair nods and gives Robyn a warm smile. How's your boyfriend? You froze at her question. What do you think? Why is being newly out making it so fucking hard to act like a normal human being? Her clothes were simple and not elegant as usual; jeans, a blouse, cuddly ankle boots and a flowing, long coat. Her chest stings with hurt at witnessing her things being rummaged through and her shame burns her cheeks. Theres-, Ill calm down when you give me a good reason for why Im here of all days because right now, Id rather be in my pajamas, passed out in bed.. She watched as Lucy paced, her voice full of authority and frustration. See you around, Danvers, a supergirl fanfic | FanFiction Alex Danvers woke up in a king sized bed in some hotel she couldn't remember the name of. When the song reaches the second verse the other members of the band are shown within the circular rig and moments of them playing in the warehouse too. The Superfriends were gathered around Karas coffee table for a games night. Ouch, Kara laughed. As Alex turned towards the direction of the voice, she found herself glaring at a woman in heels who was quickly approaching them. See a recent post on Tumblr from @redhoodssweetheart about baby danvers fanfiction. Kara serves you food, while Alex fills a glass of water for you. Everyone in the room knew her, knew well that the throbbing vein on her temple and the twitching of her jaw showed, that the window of opportunity to be able to talk to her normally was soon missed. Letting you know she doesn't believe your lies even for a second. You are perfect the way you are. She tries to block out the different conversations happening around the room but its difficult. Alex leans forward as she studies her sisters face. Sighing heavily, Alex knocks on the door and enters. Only now did both siblings step in and try to persuade you to stay, but you couldnt manage to play happy family with this person, who called himself your father, and enjoy the evening with him. I know about Ben. She said, looking you straight in the eyes. He rushed foward and slapped her on the face with his gun. Sure. You smile, though on the inside youre feeling quite the opposite. (Taglists are at the end of the fic), MCU Masterlist #1 | MCU Masterlist #2 | Main Masterlist. Great. Id like to know why Lena is still a part of your friendship group., Shes one of us. Kara says softly. You have to work, and I still have so many things to do. You pass her going straight for your things, still talking, so she doesnt have time to argue. Yeah. You try to clean your face, just so you can make space for the new tears that are coming. It wasnt that she was attracted to her by any means she did have Lena but the close, physical presence of a woman like Lucy, in an extremely intimate proximity like that, did cause her nerves to shake. Theres no one around, but you make sure to check it three times before going inside. One you havent found a way to break. Apologies, Major. Kara, get her over to the couch, Im going to grab an ice pack, she said, wasting no time before she broke off into a run. Its kind of obvious and you can piece it together. The first time Emma walked on her first birthday to try and follow Alex. Wow. Ben whispers out, feeling his heart being tugged at the utter pain being portrayed in Emmas eyes. Which is understandable, however, this is a safe place where no judgement should be passed. He glances around the room and everyone nods before focusing on Emma. I need you to enter to government system to hack their files about secret opration in the City., I cant do that im not an expert and, Then i can kill both of you beginning with supergirls little sister., Excellent ! "Alex could forgive me, then why not you? But as soon as she walked through the door, she was gripped by an uncomfortable cold and terrible silence she didn't knew. If she had found Sheldon safe and sound she would just be yelling and celebrating through the comms. You can smell it and your stomach growls. Words faltering and nothing makes sense in your mind anymore. She was incredible, irrestible but what was the point of all of this ? Alex heads for Sam and Ruby roasting marshmallows and Kara goes over to Ben who is joking with Eliza. Told you. She said, taking a bite herself. Her day off. I understand how easy it is to use alcohol as a means to run away from your emotions. And i thought you were an icequeen., Youre gonna tell me you know, i can make you suffer like supergirl made me suffer, but it will be easier for us if you cooperate.. I have to go to work, but Kara will stay here with you. Im sorry im putting you in danger. She decides to try something. Y/N just watched her sisters bicker happy to be spending time with them like this. Its late and its Sunday. He just drove her insane. ==================================================. And oh my God, the food tries to make its way back to your mouth and you breathe deep holding it down. What? Oh, honey, Im so sorry.. She frowns and notices the almost empty bottle of Scotch next to Lena.