All pets must be registered with the Yokosuka Veterinary Services Office, have up-to-date vaccinations, and be micro-chipped for identification at all times. Turn right onto Howard St. which turns into Rickert Dr. after two tunnels. ", Updated the blog. Yokosuka Zushi Hayama Yokohama. HEAT is available to any Service Member at all Navy installations. The HSC staffwillassist withallofyour home-finding needs. If you are interested in RPP, contact the CFAY Housing Welcome Center. from Base Station to Walk Floor Plan Size (SqFt.) Register online for classes, trips, activities, tee times & more! I st, What a wonderful welcome to life in Japan!!. We are friendly but also aim to be the best customer service representative we can. Service Members should check-in with the HSCupon arrival at the installation, even if planning on renting in the local community. 3333. "Onigiri, a very popular comfort food in Japan", Updated the blog. . Overseas Housing Allowance: This allowance helps service members pay for overseas housing "on the economy," or off-base in the surrounding civilian neighborhood. New Arrival 2023/03/03 New! Electrical power in Japanese off-base residences is only 30-50 amps at 100 volts/50 cycles. Any reassignment to an overseas duty station can be expensive, but with initial housing expenses ranging from $4,000-$10,000, Yokosuka is near the top of the list. Check-in at the localHousing Service Center (HSC)upon arrival to theinstallation. The HSC is your advocate, and you should contact them with any issues. Resident advisors (RA) and geographic bachelors (GB) may also reside on-base. Our staff is full of experience, we will be able to resolve problems quickly when they arise. Real estate and housing information for Miura Peninsula and Yokosuka base.-Rioestae Aoyama Message for Rent here . Contact the Housing Office at DSN 315-243-9037or from the United States dial 011-81-46-816-9037. Please note thatgovernment-owned or communityhousing may not be large enough to accommodatelarge or heavy furniture. Yokosuka Housing Services Center Main Housing Service Center Bldg. A few, a bit harder to find. properties from high-rise to spacious house at fine location. RAs sign a memorandum of understanding, agreeing to certain duties and responsibilities in exchange for a room in UH. yokosuka kurihama 5-13-16 Call MIKO 090-2734-2004 MAIL Japan has specific laws regarding Status of Forces Agreement-sponsored service members purchasing real estate in Japan. (5.4km) drive / Garage, BASE Main Gate 15min. Building3333serves as the check-in point. (150m) walk /, BASE Main Gate 30min. We are highly trusted from owners possessing properties. It is an industrial and residential community, with an area of about 39 square miles, and a population of about 422,441. Points of Contact. which range from $40 to $150 due upon vacating. Additionalutilityfees may apply for gas stove connections. OFF BASE HOUSING INFORMATION. All MFH units are furnished with household appliances such as refrigerator, electric cooking stove, microwave oven, washer, dryer and dishwasher. We always welcome your visit and hope to find your favorite home with you. Rent. Have a question, comment or feedback on our website, let us know. (ZENI ARU TOKI WA ZENI NAKIHI WO OMO-E). Disclaimer: The Department of the Navy does not officially endorse any private company or sponsor their products or services. 1441, next to Navy Lodge. Commander, Fleet Activities. If two or more sponsors on the same waiting list have the same control date, placement on the list will be based on seniority. Spouses can use theapplicationas well, needing only minimal information about their Service Member. The information here will give you a head start to an informed beginning in your new home. Related documentation is to be presented at the HWC prior to offer of assignment of MFH. Central Arai Honcho Bldg 1F 1-1 Honcho, Yokosuka, Kanagawa 238-0041. Per Diem official website with information on allowances, travel regulations and lodging websites. The Navy needs about 500 new off-base rentals in Yokosuka for single sailors and will pay for more Americanized apartments, officials told some 80 housing agents and landlords Tuesday.. The NavyHousing Service Center (HSC)mission is to provide housing support for all families and unaccompanied personnel moving to or departing from the local area. All buses from the airports stop just outside the lobby door of the PSD building. Onigiri, a very popular comfort food in Japan, Iino Real Estate- Living off base Yokosuka. "Your first stop online when searching for off base housing near Yokosuka Naval Base" Want to have your own home to relax in after a long day at work? PSC 473 Box 131 Transportation. We have rental houses and apartments for U.S. military personnels and their families, and also civilians~ Announcement Number 23-195_naval_base_point_loma. (9.2km) drive, Kita-Kurihama Station 11min. Documentation certifying registration, vaccinations, spaying or neutering will be submitted to the HSC upon assignment. Contact the CFAY Housing Welcome for your housing questions and needs at DSN 315-243- 9037 or internationally at 011-81-46-816-9037. The local HSCprocesses applications and assigns personnel to government-owned family housing. Off Base Housing Yokosuka for Military - Yokosuka, Yokohama, Zushi Watch on MORE OFF BASE HOUSING VIDEOS Latest Properties HIGHLAND 3CHOME HOUSE BASE Main Gate 30min. Select one of the tabs beloworthemenu button to begin exploring CFA Yokosukahousing. Visit theCNICheadquarters Web siteto access. Hello to the people who are looking for a new home. This family owned business became a part of my family. For more information about the RA program and to obtain an application, please contact the UH Administrative Office. Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries. YOKOSUKA, Japan USS Barry (DDG 52) departed Commander, Fleet Activities Yokosuka, Japan Feb. 17, as part of a scheduled homeport shift following six years of service forward-deployed to U.S. 7th Fleet. Many electrical appliances or home electronic devices sold in the United States are equipped with a standard three-prong plug. For a more inclusive listing of. Kitchen and bathroom areas are small, and closet space is limited. Units meet all CFAY off-base housing acceptability criteria, including hot and cold running water, screens on all windows, sufficient electricity, parking and proximity to Commander, Fleet Activities, Yokosuka. The NEX also has a taxi service which will provide transportation to/from the airport when arranged. Contact the HSC for more information. Branch Dental Clinic, Yokosuka is co-located with Headquarters, United States Naval Dental Center (USNDC) the Far East. The program is strictly voluntary and open to personnel in pay grades E5 to E9 (E4 with their commanding officers recommendation), including GBs. In 2015 Military Family Housing (MFH) at Yokosuka main base, and Ikego Hills annex totaled 2,564 homes and apartments. Apartments BS 904 - Occupied CH 214 - Occupied CH 515 - Occupied CH 516 . Moreover, communicate and collaborate with corresponding managers in North America in order to . This 579 acre naval base occupies a small peninsula jutting into Tokyo Bay. The next profile in our Expat Military Retiree Interview Series features a family who retired in place at their last duty station: Yokota Air Base, in Fussa, Japan. Housing consists of townhomes and high rise towers. Tips:When you inquire to us about off-base housing, we highly appreciate if you tell us your status/rank so that we can search properties according to it. Although government quarters are not luxurious, they provide comfortable living environment. Planning and budgeting ahead of time is key when deciding to live on the Japanese community. There are 2,516family housing unitslocated aboard CFA Yokosuka including townhouses and high-rise apartments. HHGmust be in transit to be eligible forloanerfurniture. Units meet all CFAY off-base housing acceptability criteria, including hot and cold running water, screens . Id. Mailing Address: " (ZENI ARU TOKI WA ZENI NAKIHI WO OMO-E). Visit to search for utility providers based on your zip code. NICE RESIDENTIAL AREA, EWER HOUSE in Hayama area near by Shonan village. Japanese homes cannot accommodate American-style electric ranges. The base is also quiet except for children's noises. We have a range of housing options to meet your needs, whether accompanied or unaccompanied. Discover the perfect place to rent The HSC'strained professionals can help you choose the right housing to meet your needs. Our headquarters can be accessed through both the main security gate or the gate off of Catalina Blvd. Head north on Nimitz Blvd to Clement Blvd. The school is within walking distance of The Sullivans Elementary School and Nile C. Kinnick High School. CENTRAl LIFE is a Real Estate Agency offering good property available in the market. On base housing is typically way more spacious then off base. The housing. Yokosuka Furnished Apartments . All newly arriving eligible personnel will be offered the first home available in Yokosuka or Ikego based on their pay grade, bedroom entitlement and control date. Off-base housing. Check-in at the localHousing Service Center (HSC)upon arrival to theinstallation. Individual Augmentees Spouse and Family Support, Documents List - Command Leadership Toolkit, Mrs. Sybil Stockdale Ombudsman of the Year Award, Transition Assistance for Commanding Officers, Beginning Your Search: Career Exploration, Relocating: Getting Settled Professionally and Personally, Command Financial Specialists Training Schedules, Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System (NFAAS), Deployment Support: Ready and Resilient Webinars, Sailor Assistance and Intercept for Life (SAIL), Incident Determination Committee Training, Problematic Sexual Behavior in Children and Youth, Parenting Resources for Healthy Sexual Development in Children and Youth, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR), Someone I Care About Has Been Sexually Assaulted, Someone I Supervise Has Been Sexually Assaulted, Intervention: Helping to Prevent Sexual Assault, Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month, What Role Can I Play in Helping Prevent Sexual Assault, Sailor and Family Information and Referral, Auto Skills, Car Washes and Vehicle Storage, Fitness, Sports and Deployed Forces Support, Navy Getaways - RV Parks, Campgrounds & Vacation Rentals, CNIC Headquarters Government-Owned Housing, Hosted by Defense Media Activity - 4 min walk. Christine Carlson, a Registered Nurse whose husband is a retired Airman, explains how her family fell in love with Japan and jumped at the chance to stay at Yokota for a few more . 2-1-22 Honcho Yokosuka Kanagawa. For more information, please go to their website. When a unit becomes available, the Service Member and family will receive a government-funded move from their off-base residence to family housing on base. We have a specialized team of employees who understands all needs of local Japan nationals,Military personnel, Federal civilian employees and Contractors. Yokosuka Zushi Hayama Yokohama. Welcome to Taiyo Home !!! frequently called numbers yokosuka action line 243-2567 . Oven Parking (Cars) 1 Yokosukashi Koyabe 4 Kikuchi House 209,000 Huge BBQ space/ Living room Remodel . GBs are receiving basic allowance for housing at the with dependents rate. When a unit becomes available, the Service Member and family will receive a government-funded move from their off-base residence to family housing on base. The HSC staffwillassist withallofyour home-finding needs. Linensareprovided at check-in. 1 was here. On-base quarters are supplied with full-size electric ranges and ovens. Please note that depending on the size or breed of the dog, finding off-base housing may be difficult. The Negishi Heights MFH area is no longer available for housing assignments. Special Featured High-rise Apartment in Yokosuka!Inspected Rent: 189,000*BASE Main Gate 18 min. TOKYO An officer at Yokosuka Naval Base is under investigation for purportedly writing a complaint to the base housing office about the "deviant nature" of enlisted sailors who pose a. Turn left onto Nimitz Blvd. is a symbolic logo for renovated properties of our own design. Accompanied personnelreporting to CFA Yokosukahasto residein government-owned family housing. Dogs are only permitted in single-family/townhouses, and units up to the 3rd floor of housing towers. Womble Gate: Enter Womble Gate onto Nimitz Blvd. Small pets (e.g., no more than two cats (spayed or neutered), fish, gerbils, birds) may be allowed in high-rise units. Fair Share distribution is reviewed quarterly. How soon can I move in after I decide on a house. Furnitureisloaned forup to 90 days or untiltheHHG shipment arrives, whichever occurs earlier. This program offers discounts on selected activities to all single and unaccompanied active-duty E5 and below. Renovated Apartment Close to Oppama Station 210,000yen Oppamacho, Yokosuka New Listings Close to Train Station. click here, Check avaialble apts click here, You can choose one category from each section. Contact the HSC to get the most current projection of housing availability and wait list information. Commander, Fleet Activities Yokosuka Priority housing is only available for categories 4 and 5, EFMP families in that category normally do not pass the Overseas Screening process to come to Yokosuka. Of course they're used to military they make bank off us since we pay multiple times the normal rate. Our experience was prior to kids and COVID-19. The HSC is your advocate, and you should contact them with any issues. 20m U.S Fleet Activities "Housing Office" 21m Yokohama, Japan . Furnished. Pros: There is a train station gate connected to the base. On-base quarters are also provided with 100-volt/50-cycle power, and the load is also about 30-50 amps, depending on the type of housing unit. Also, we explain to our owners the difference in ordinary Japanese lease agreement and military agreement so that more high-grade properties would be available as off-base housing. Sat & Sun - Closed The Military Housing Office (MHO) assists service members and their families in locating suitable On-Base or Off-Base. Our commitment to our customers remains our highest priority, and the new branding allows us a lot more flexibility. These plug adaptors are also available on base. Base Branch has a wide variety of particularly selected houses available. Resumes and applications may also be submitted via email to or dropped off in the black drop box located outside the NAF Human Resources Office located at Bldg 3210, Yama St., Naval Base San Diego, San Diego, CA 92136.
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