The Tulsa Remote program, however, is not necessarily the right program for all cities hoping to attract highly paid remote workers. I should find out next week after they meet (apparently its usually weekly, but someone was out this week) on a yes or no from them. Tulsa remote challenges the notion that remote and virtual must equal placeless. They want to know how you would integrate into Tulsa, what your skills are and to learn more about your personality. I was selected as a semifinalist for the Tulsa Remote program and my interview is next week. From the historic Cain's Ballroom and Brady Theater, to the award-winning BOK Center and up-and-coming Duet Jazz Club, Tulsa's music scene continues to be a thriving component of its unique culture. Selected as part of the inaugural cohort of Endeavor's Heartland ScaleUp. Can I apply? In exchange, successful applicants are required to call the city home for at least 12 months. to the local community at least when housing costs dont rise enough to cancel out those benefits. I had my semi finalist interview last Thursday. To analyze Tulsa Remote, Choudhury surveyed workers who moved as part of the program and compared them to two similar cohorts: those who applied to the program but werent accepted, and those who applied and were accepted but werent able to complete the move for idiosyncratic reasons (like a family member getting sick). Psst: Our $10,000 grant can now be received as a lump sum upon the purchase of a home! Tulsa offering $10,000 for people to move there - Axios In July, she and her husband bought a house. Tulsa's current economic base is anchored on manufacturing and aerospace. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Even so, the report is good news for Tulsa Remote, and Choudhury thinks theres a simple reason why the programs participants are more involved. Our consideration for moving to Tulsa is 100% because of the Tulsa Remote Program! Press J to jump to the feed. I enjoy going to all the member meetups TR arranges and free drinks, plus we get to check out different restaurants, bars, and even sporting events in the city. Kinda sucks interviewing and being accepted without knowing where the heck you'll live. Is Tulsa Remote offering jobs to the people who apply? The so-called superstar cities are still winning, both for in-office jobs and even for work-from-home. No. Tulsa Remote is intended for individuals who work remotely for an organization that is not based in Oklahoma. It was intriguing to see how Black entrepreneurs were building back up Tulsa, as a Black entrepreneur and founder myself, says Law, who was invited to be one of 842 members of Tulsa Remotes 2021 cohort. Tulsa Remote participants were more likely to say they intend to stay where they currently live than the candidates who were accepted but didnt end up moving. Though Remoters have higher paying jobs than the average Tulsa resident, they roughly mirror the citys racial makeup. I am not going to lie; I was worried about safety because research says Tulsa is unsafe. There does seem to be a sweet-spot nature, not just to the size of the Tulsa metro, but other characteristics in terms of their domestic migration pattern, [and] in terms of their lagging in a certain segment of their workforce, says EIG s president and CEO, John Lettieri. Tulsa Remote is intended for individualswho reside outside of Oklahoma at the time of application. Since its founding in 2018, Tulsa Remote has brought nearly 1,300 remote workers to town, and a new study suggests that the investment is paying off. For applicants that need to transition to remote work from a non-remote position, Tulsa Remote may require confirmation that they are able to work remotely. Are there any age restrictions to apply for the Tulsa Remote program? and our However, what really has made Tulsa "fantastic" for me, is how well . On the coasts, no one could care less about their stranger neighbors. Did you visit Tulsa? Tulsa's Big Bet on Remote Workers - But there are challenges for other cities looking to copy the model. Wealth in Tulsa is lower than national averages, according to the 2015 American Communities Survey. Tulsa Remote | Whittaker Associates Rent - $658 Tulsa vs. $3,519 SF, 2 BR Avg. Tulsa Remote is an incentive program offering $10,000 to out-of-state remote workers who move to Oklahoma. Additionally, they must be working remotely full-time or self-employed. We mailed many items that were not fragile, like cloth, bedding, etc., fit everything else plus our cat and dog into our SUV, and started our trip to Tulsa. Perry spoke with CBS News in a telephone interview Wednesday. Ask about their family and engage in the excitement about relocating to Tulsa! In addition to the $10,000 grant, participants will receive a 36-month membership at a local co-working space, support in identifying housing, and regular community-building opportunities. . I had major cabin fever since we were cramped in our tiny apartment that we spent way too much for. Those selected for the program must live within Tulsa city limits. A lot of that money stays in the local economy.. They received nearly that many in one day with inquiries from more than 200 countries and . ", "I am loving Tulsa. Benefits: $10,000 (either via monthly stipends or lump sum if you purchase a home in Tulsa) A free co-working space for three years Exclusive events in Tulsa By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. The researchers explain that much of the value of the program comes from ongoing contributions to the local economy, after the one-year requirement has expired. The program requires selected participants to move within 12 months of being accepted and completing the required verification steps. Rent - $658 Tulsa vs. $1,184 Austin, Median Home Price - $157K Tulsa vs. $917K SF, Median Home Price - $157K Tulsa vs. $390K New York, Median Home Price - $157K Tulsa vs. $546K LA, Median Home Price - $157K Tulsa vs. $394K DC, Median Home Price - $157K Tulsa vs. $484K Seattle, Median Home Price - $157K Tulsa vs. $443K Boston, Median Home Price - $157K Tulsa vs. $442K Denver, Median Home Price - $157K Tulsa vs. $385K Portland, Median Home Price - $157K Tulsa vs. $610K San Diego, Median Home Price - $157K Tulsa vs. $242K Chicago, Median Home Price - $157K Tulsa vs. $296K Austin. We've been here for almost nine months, and we've loved it so far! Ive never been to Tulsa and want to visit before I make the move. Of the nearly 800. That just didnt happen. Since I had a remote job at the time, we might qualify. So after some cocktails by Bartender Sen, I started browsing the internet, and I came upon the Tulsa Remote Program. Tulsa also has a significantly lower cost of living than Los Angeles, so we can focus on our business Evolusenand our passion fortravel photography. Press J to jump to the feed. Am I eligible to apply? It's a model that would work well for high-income, potentially transient residents like the ones Tulsa Remote may attract who rent rather than own property. In the first cohort, 90% stayed past the first year. Because the people in the city were super welcoming everywhere we went. Tulsa Remote is a one-year program designed to attract remote workers from around the country by paying them to move to and work from Tulsa for at least 12 months. Sen & I moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, from Los Angeles, California, in May 2021 with theTulsa Remote(TR). Funding is currently provided by the George Kaiser Family Foundation. Thats the logic that leads EIGs models to estimate such a high payoff for Tulsa Remote. Tulsa Remote is a case study in how remote work can shift economic development, and it paints a hopeful picture for smaller cities. Tulsa Remote was estimated to add $62 million in new local earnings in 2021 $51.3 million directly attributable to relocated remote workers and $10.7 million from the employment boost . Aside from the $10,000 disbursed as a house down payment or over time Tulsa Remote members also get assistance with house hunting, access to co-working spaces and weekly social and . A community for Tulsa Oklahoma and surrounding areas. Rent - $658 Tulsa vs. $2,069 Seattle, 2 BR Avg. We are planning to live in Tulsa proper. Privacy Policy. While monetary incentives help bring people to town, Lettieri and Fikri believe that other local amenities and support structures ultimately inspire them to stay, allowing the program to generate lasting value. They do ask about your salary, so dont let that catch you off guard. Sen & I live in Downtown Tulsa, where we can walk to most places. Google Analytics What Tulsa and other cities are doing to woo remote - TechRepublic In 2018, the George Kaiser Family Foundation launched Tulsa Remote, a program for people who can do their jobs from anywhere in the country. We moved to Tulsa Oklahoma with Tulsa Remote! wenwensong "So many people share with us that they're attracted to potentially moving here, especially from people in more expensive cities," wrote Levit in an email to CBS News on Wednesday. . Parking is plentiful (and widely free!). Some of Tulsa's most prominent updates are visible in the city's aesthetics and infrastructure: In the past 10 years, a mix of public and private dollars has helped build the sprawling $465. This is an important part of the local economic development strategy, and the fact that it was designed and backed by a key local institution, in partnership with other local stakeholders, is a big part of the battle.. The program brings remote workers and digital nomads to the community by providing $10,000 grants and numerous community-building opportunities. In my opinion, one of the biggest perks of Tulsa Remote is the community the team has built. We plan to stay put in Tulsa, for now, to focus on working and scaling our business while exploring more of this city. But for now, that question counts as a good problem to have. EIG released another study of remote work. Funded by George Kaiser Family Foundation, Tulsa Remote has basic requirements. The participants report no decrease in productivity since moving. For one thing, the cities with the most remote work are the same big superstar cities that dominated the pre-pandemic economy. While the Oklahoma state population has increased 14 percent since 2000, Tulsa's population growth has been sluggish, according to Census data. Much of what our program does is remove the barriers that cause difficulties in individuals settling into a new city quickly, said Bolzle. It doesnt have much in the way of a technology sector, and it has a smaller share of residents with a college degree than the U.S. as a whole. Anyone can schedule a Guided Tour at their convenience. "Anything they buy in the city, that's helping our economy and tax base," Perry said. It was also wintertime, the height of the pandemic, and a lot of Asian hate news, so we decided to wait. No. Last year, while researching the Tulsa Massacre, Law came across an ad for a program called Tulsa Remote, which enticed remote workers and entrepreneurs to the mid-sized Oklahoman city with a $10,000 relocation stipend. And they estimate every dollar spent on the program creates $13 in economic activity.
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