Dog Breed: Bernedoodle Age: under under 1 Weight: approx 45lbs, Dog Breed: Bernedoodle Age: under under 1 Weight: approx 30 lbs, Dog Breed: Bernadoodle Age: under under 1 Weight: 50-65 lbs, Dog Breed: Labradoodle Age: 3 years old Weight: approx 45 lbs, Dog Breed: Labradoodle Age: under under 1 Weight: approx 20lbs, Dog Breed: Labradoodle Age: under under 1 Weight: approx 13 lbs, Dog Breed: Goldendoodle Age: under under 1 Weight: approx 40-50lbs, Dog Breed: Labradoodle Age: 1 years old Weight: approx 40 lbs, Dog Breed: Labradoodle Age: under under 1 Weight: 25 lbs, Dog Breed: Labradoodle Age: under 1 Weight: approx 50-55 lbs, Dog Breed: Labradoodle Age: 3years old Weight: approx 22 lbs, Dog Breed: Australian Labradoodle Age: under 1 year Weight: approx 45-55 lbs, Dog Breed: Goldendoodle Age: under under 1 Weight: Approx 30 -40 lbs, Dog Breed: Bernedoodle Age: under under 1 Weight: 50-65 lbs, Dog Breed: Labradoodle Age: 3 years old Weight: 13 lbs. Gabbi is a large, masculine female with excellent structure, accomplished in European dog sports and the drive of an excellent male when it comes to protection. Bendix's rich red pigment contrasted with the jet black color is so striking. Each and every interaction with the new pup is a teaching occasion and what we call an early investment in the life of this puppy. We have already purchased his brother and sister. They have made the cut when it comes to their health . But thats only the beginning of his great attributes. His personality matches his looks, bigger than life. We are huge dog lovers, but still remarkably aware in those moments it is imperative to concentrate more on being a leader and guide as the new pup discovers this new world without the company of its litter mates or mom. Labradoodle Breeder Los Angeles | Puppies for Sale California is our big and gorgeous black and tan male German Shepherd. The dogs:All of our dogs are from shelters or rescue situations. It is best to call us so that we can get an understanding of your expectations and discuss what it is that would most likely work best for you. Learn about the Rights of Individuals with Service Dogs What is a seizure dog? There is sure to be a dog that meets all of your security needs. American Bulldog Harley Harley comes from the most incredible bloodlines that Dr. Ellinger developed himself. This is one of the key elements to the training process, making sure the dog will be extremely reliable when commanded to perform a physical task. Revenue: $150,000. Puppy Training: Essential Skills Every . Kosta Elite Program. This is a filter for dogs and puppies in Los Angeles, where you can find dogs and puppies for sale, as well as different dog types and puppies in Los Angeles. Edgar is a very large (100lbs) laid-back teddy bear yet socially has a bigger-than-life personality. I trained Edison, and I saw changes in Tiko that were amazing! Jopo has been raised by a national competitor in the sport of Schutzhund. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. You hope for a pup that is going to fit in perfectly with your life. I dedicate all of my time to our Bernese Mt. He is 15-months-old and weighs 80 lbs. We continue to strengthen and fine-tune good manners making good behavior a habit for the dog. Most of our dogs are Labrador Retrievers or Golden Retrievers. She is good []. K9 Academy For Protection & Security Dog Training Classes CA - Wolfgang ADA SERVICE DOGS FOR SALE | Service Dog School of America - Superdog Phone: (702) 445-6605. 980-223-2779;; Home; The English Labrador; Puppy Training; About Us. All of the protectiondogs for sale on this page are bred from the finest European bloodline. Pet Classifieds Los Angeles - Buy, Sell, Adopt Pets | We think its very important that you know who you will be dealing with. We have a large variety of premiere family protection dogs for sale. Our Pampered Puppy program is made for the puppy that you already own orplan on getting. She has been raised with children, and happened to be trained be a woman. City: Los Angeles, CA. He is also a very happy and playful boy, making him a great addition to your life! Protection Dogs For Sale Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara County We often take throw away dogs that people dont want or cant handle and turn them into some of the most amazing dogs in the world! He is also available as an Executive Protection Dog for $18,500. We deliver our dogs worldwide. 7-9lbs full grown. Sold to Bernd B. in Los Angeles CA. all. Keep in mind, in order for a dog to qualify as a Service Dog, giving him full access to almost all places his handler goes, he must perform physical tasks that relate to the handlers disabilities. Every exposure and experience builds on the prior one. We begin by teaching obedience the day we bring them home from the breeder;which continues as we improve the dogs behavior. Like a large majority of people with autism, Richens struggles with communication and is still only minimally verbal. House trained, crate trained and able to travel well in a car. They are crate trained, house trained, and doing great on potty training. Paperwork provided. View All ELITE COLLECTION PERSONAL & FAMILY PROTECTION DOGS For Sale - Trained Adults - Protection Dogs He is sweet, well behaved and ready to be your fierce protector and loyal companion. We dont limit ourselves to rigid rules. Vet checked. Proofing Behavior in a Social World in Los Angeles, CA We have had the priveledge of working with individuals that suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Post Tramatic Stress Disorder, Myasthenia Gravis, Rheumatiod Arthritis, and stroke victims. Trained Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Cavachon, & Cavapoo Breeder Despite Ciro's extreme power and ability in protection he is very easy to handle. Puppies for Sale near Los Angeles, California, USA, Page 1 (10 per page) Contacts Us; History; FAQs; Foster; . Basic commands, crate training . However, Richen now has Chiko, and we are working with the family to make sure that all aspects are going smooth. Hulk is our big and gorgeous black and tan male German Shepherd. In most cases, those dogs need a little adjustment, but they are usually ready to go relatively quickly. Anyone with a cockapoo knows they make great pets. 7252307563. Kosta is a MASSIVE Belgian Malinois who is bigger than most German Shepherds. We help guide you in the decision making process. PO Box 36471, Los Angeles, CA 90036 , United States. PAWS Seizure Response Dogs are custom-trained to assist people who have epilepsy with tasks such as activating a life-alert system, finding someone to help, retrieving a phone or stimulating a person during a seizure. 35,000.00. We have built a relationship with many amazing breeders. We provide a worry free experience to add that incredible dog to your life. Protection Dogs for Sale | Integrity K9 Services Once you have made a decision you are ready to add that amazing dog to your life in Los Angeles, California. We are now proud to offer dog boot camp training in Hollister, San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles, Solvang, Salinas, Morro Bay, Big Sur, Orcutt, Santa Maria, Nipomo, Gilroy, Santa Cruz, San Jose, Atascadero, Soledad, Monterey, and surrounding areas. AboutWayne Simanovich. Maltipoo Puppy. Hide Breed Information. Then in a home in the country on weekends. $ 700. If we do not have a dog ready for you, we will discuss a plan and see what we can offer you. 1 Male. Certainly there are things to take into account including where you live, your schedule, are raising a little family, you you may love to go on vacation or youve recently retired. During the course of the imprinting period, every experience is important. Enigma's appearance, personality and presence further support her being one-of-a-kind. Call us today to see if we train service dogs in your area. Goldendoodles for Sale Trained Puppies Love My Doodles Interested in owning a protection dog? Offering this opportunity, encourages your dog to continue to be confident and comfortable in brand-new environments. Indy is no different. Created for free using WordPress and. We have trained and placed service dog in Los Angeles, Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, and many more places. Through many years of hard work and determination, we have developed a training program that has produced some of the finest Service Dogs in the world. On The Lamb Herding Cavapoo for sale Mercedes Villela. He has been training dogs at the highest level competitively and professionally for over 40 years. Why miniature horses? PooDle mALTiPoo. His father typically gets standing ovations for obedience and protection. PooDle mALTiPoo - general for sale - by owner It is most important to gain a very high level of reliability in the command to response ratio of the finished Service Dog. Dogs of Brevet's caliber often sell for twice the price. Trained Dogs for Sale - Family Obedience & Protection Dogs - Dog Training More details. Dachshund puppy price varies, and relies on a number of different factors ranging from coat type (long haired Dachshund puppies Los Angeles), coat color, size (miniature Dachshund puppies for sale Los Angeles), pedigree, and breeder experience. Available Cavalier King Charles, Cavachons & Cavapoos - Recherche Cavs MaltiPoos For Sale, Los Angeles 1 to 20 of 46 results Sort by: View By: Adorable Multipoo Puppy . Our breeding dogs are our pets first and foremost; they sleep on our bed, and steal or hearts. color range from 2 fawn males, lilac/tan male 4 blue fawns 2 males 2 females males might carry fluffy. When you receive a puppy from our team, we are super to deliver the dog of your dreams to you. $600. He's trained protection dogs for celebrities, consulted with governments and the U.S. military, and placed in and won major international awards. Iris also has one of the most unique personalities we have seen in the Malinois. To find out more about their adoption procedure, as well as the process for adopting a retired police dog, visit their "Adopt" page . Because in this moment the handler is in need of a Service Dog that will truly be ready, willing, and able to perform. He loves to protect and enjoys his protection work. When it comes to protection he has extreme drive and is very easy to handle. Dog Training Schools in Los Angeles | Dog Obedience Courses Online Results can be filtered by breed. Puppies learn more during this period than any other period of time in their lives. Service Dogs can be trained to perform many complex tasks. He was purchased as a puppy and raised by one of our trainers in Europe If not, given his ability he may be twice the price. However, if we do not, it will typically take 3 to 6 months. Protecting Service Animals - Animal Care and Control Yorkshire Terrier Female C.K.C. Get Started Now. It is VERY important to us to make absolutely sure the dogs are placed at the right time and to make sure the dog is working for you correctly. for sale. She will make the perfect companion and protector to you and your family. Selecting the breed of your new pup is an essential choice. How to Adopt a Failed Service Dog - The Spruce Pets We help you get through the tough and complicated time that is additionally the absolute most vital training period ina dogs life. Paxo is the largest, most stunning looking bi-color we have seen since Don vom Rolandsteich twenty years ago. Because of this and exposures to other variables your dog readily connects with you and your family members. Jopo's owner often spent time socializing him with other dogs while hiking as well as in their training club. He is shed-free and is ready to be your #1 defender and protector. With thousands of hours of training completed and his raw, natural protective spirit, Ike is a tenacious and determined Belgian Malinois protection dog. DM Free German Shepherds. We get to know our clients so we can help you find the perfect personal protection dog. We even had dogs come to use for service dog training from Hawaii! They are close in size to larger service dogs - up to 34 inches in height and 70 - 100 pounds in weight. Luxor has a unique personality. We have one of the widest selections of fully trained adult dog breeds. Our dogs and puppies receive meticulous care and live in immaculate facilities. We are not an online pet shop selling animals through email. Pinnacle_Protection_dogs . After training thousands of dogs, and double that number of humans, I can tell you that finding the PERFECT MATCH is one of the most important elements in helping dogs and humans live a great life together. Copyright 2023 Aly's Puppy Bootcamp, All Rights Reserved, Ready to go live life with you in a polite way, Manners and socialize well with other dogs and people, With additional training, some even can become Anxiety Relief working dogs, Therapy Dog or Service Dogs. This information will not minimize your options, but instead help clarify your life-style in Los Angeles, CA. This information will not minimize your options, but instead help clarify your life-style in Los Angeles, CA. All my Ads $ 2,500 AKC Poodle Cocoa Puff Training:The training that goes into a Service Dog is quite extensive. Whether youre at the park, on a city street, in a shopping center, at your office, or even in your living room, your Pinnacle protection dog is always ready to protect you. He is the epitome of the classic German Shepherd. Cute teddy bear face, healthy and potty trained! Just want to know what our process is like? 85086, MondayFriday: 9:00AM5:00PM Rather, we prefer a dog that can make great choices. From the the free-range, grass-fed lamb to the healthiest livestock herding dogs, On The Lamb puts the animal first to ensure quality of life as well as quality of product. Contact us to learn more about our service dog training. We offer protection dogs for sale in Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange County. We do take time to make sure the dog is compatible with the handler but we dont waste time in this area. Our family is extremely thrilled with our dog Walter. Solid Blacks, Sables & Black and Reds . For instance, getting him or her to follow us, go up and down stairs, walk over branches, and maybe even get somewhat near to loud noises. It is simply a matter of finding the right dog for you and training him. We matched Tiko up with a very sweet young dog who was named Edison. Choose from Obedience Trained, Family Trained, Protection Trained or Guard Dogs. There are many different types of service dogs, and many different tasks that service dogs can perform. There is no restriction as to what we will incorporate into our methods. Mufasa has to be one of the most beautiful, and interesting, dogs we have ever seen. Mudgi is a large gorgeous female with excellent structure (rating of excellent in show) out of top performance bloodlines. Aaron is our newest superstar. #1 Rated Poodle Puppies For Sale In Los Angeles CA | Uptown Posted: 1 month ago . The initial eight weeks of a new puppys life are as essential astowhat happens after. As one of the highest quality breeders of Bernedoodle, Goldendoodle and Labradoodle puppies in California, we strive to conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity. Are Dachshunds good family pets? Although, from time to time we will use a mixed breed, if the dog shows a high level of aptitude. Almost unheard of in European German Shepherds. Choosing The Best Breeder in Los Angeles, California Gandi is a HUGE male with an adult weight expected to be 110 lbs. Challa is one of the most extreme German Shepherds we have had go through our elite program this year. If within three years your dog cannot continue on as a service dog because of a health-related issue, we will train another dog for you at no-charge. Hypoallergenic & fashionable puppies. Skip to content. Lydia is our highly trained Rottweiler. Protection Dogs For Sale | Protection Dog Sales . Every person and family has different protection dog needs, thats why we work with you every step of the way to match you with the perfect protection dog based on your needs and environment. We can not imagine not having her in our life and we are so thankful everyday that, Marina del Rey CA Lucas Valley-Marinwood CA Coto de Caza CA San Miguel CA Rolling Hills Estates CA Menlo Park CA Bel Air CA Santa Cruz CA Malibu CA Napa CA Diablo CA Villa Park CA Mill Valley CA Santa Monica CA Oak Park CA Montara CA Fairbanks Ranch CA Burbank CA Fremont CA San Carlos CA West Hollywood CA Yorba Linda CA Valley Ranch CA Lake Sherwood CA Bell Canyon CA Camino Tassajara CA Lake Almanor West CA Foster City CA. We restrict our words when giving commands. Good manners, great social skills and a healthy relationship with his or her family are vital.
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