Time: 11:25pm EDT EF-Scale:EF1 Injuries: 0 EF-Scale:EF0 Injuries: 0 Path length: Counties: Washington, Mercer On the family's cemetery, several tombstones were knocked over and one headstone was destroyed. Path width: Noted discrepancies: None October 7, 2014 Leaving town, the tornado restrengthened and demolished a barn and a nearby house, and unroofed several homes three miles from Elizabethtown on US 62, where the twister grew to a quarter mile wide. Germantown was hardest hit. Noted discrepancies: SPC gives a path width of 10 yards and a path length of 1/10 of a mileNCDC gives nothing for either. Grazulis Narrative: Tornado moved from "Husto" to "Kinney Station". Deaths: 0 Deaths: Counties: Metcalfe May 26, 1894 Path length: 12 miles Injuries: In southwest Jessamine County at the intersection of KY 1268 and US 68 seven horses were killed along with extensive barn and fence damage. Time: 4:06pm CST Notes:Touchdown occurred near the intersection of Hays Pondsville Road and FH Roundtree Road where a small metal shed was destroyed, a trailer was overturned, a fence was flattened, and a home suffered minor roof damage. Noted discrepancies: SPC gives a path width of 10 yards, NCDC 30 yards, Storm Data 300 yards. This tornado moved east-northeast from near Buck Lodge, eight miles north of Gallatin. spread about the "night phantom that appeared Notes: Storm Data begins this tornado on the west side of Simpsonville. Noted discrepancies: SPC has a path length of 41 miles, NCDC has 31 miles, Grazulis says 29 miles. A Kubota UTV weighing 2500 pounds was moved 30 yards and rotated 180 degrees. F-scale: F2 Path length: Path length: Deaths: 0 Time: 4:00pm Path length: 8.2 miles Path width: 300 yards Counties: Washington IN Path length: Path length: 24 miles Path length: EF-Scale:EF0 The tornado lifted just northeast of the intersection of West Mount Tabor Road and Southwest Washington School Road. Path width: 400 yards Counties: Shelby The tornado moved from west to east, generally bounded by Kentucky Street on the north and Oak Street on the south. Abasement crawl space door was blown out along with siding and roofdamage at 125 Spinks Drive. F-scale: F0 Notes: The tornado touched down four miles northwest of Dunnville and skipped along ridgetops to the east-southeast, exiting Casey County at Mintonville. SPC gives a path width of 10 yards, NCDC 30 yards, Grazulis nothing. Path length: 5 miles Only three homes that were affected by the funnel were able to be salvaged. EF-Scale:EF0 Injuries: 19 Deaths: 2 April 16, 1982 Injuries: 58 Notes: SPC's touchdown lat/lon is in McCracken County, and the liftoff lat/lon is in Marshall County. November 5, 1948 On October 25, 1844, a tornado moved northeast from present-day Mission, Kansas, into Missouri. An eyewitness reported seeing a black mass with debris moving horizontally. Deaths: 0 Tragedy and triumph: Spring storms bring reminder of massive tornado June 25, 2018 SKYWARN. Considerable damage was done in what was then known as Brownstown, and today is Old Louisville. Path width: March 25, 2021 County: Bullitt March 27, 2017 Deaths: 0 A cluster of tall evergreens was snapped off and strewn chaotically in all directions. F-scale: F4 Notes: Storm Data takes this tornado from Taswell to two and a half miles north of Milltown. March 22, 1991 Path width: The tornado then crossed IN 60 where people in the Buckboard Diner witnessed it. Ending lat/lon at SPC is over the Ohio River. Injuries: 0 The tornado touched down near, the Hill Grove and Guston area on the south side of U.S. 60, blowing, a porch off the side of a house. It moved an 18,000 pound trailer four feet, and flipped it. A second building, a large two-story brick industrial building 1/2 mile east, had about 20 percent of its metal roof peeled off. Deaths: 0 Deaths: Continuing to the northeast, at a home east of Gaines Road the owner reported that the water was evacuated out of all four toilets in the building as the tornado passed by. Counties: Washington, KY Path width: Notes:A brief tornado touchdown was embedded at the end of a longer axis of straight line winds about 6.2 miles SE of Brownsville. Injuries: February 6, 2008 A second barn had metal sheeting thrown 500 yards. Straight-line winds can easily cause damage similar to a tornado, and can produce a roar similar to that of a tornado. EF-Scale: EF-0 The day after the storm the head of the Louisville weather service office, J. L. Kendall, surveyed the damage. In appears to have struck in or very near Winchester, so additional research may help to pinpoint its exact location. Proceeding into Bourbon County, the house of Rodes Donald had two rooms blown away, the Dudley School was moved four feet off its foundation, fifty trees were blown down on the Ewing Farm, and the Spears Farm on Stewart Road was damaged. Path length: 10 miles Time: 4:00am Grazulis narrative: Moved east in Richmond, destroying a barn and a nightclub. Path length: Mankayia was a great medicine horse or horse-like spirit. Time: 5:00pm F-scale: F3 He later changed his ruling to an F2 tornado. Debris was thrown up to a quarter mile eastward into the woods. Click here for a map showing the approximate path of the tornado through Winchester. Injuries: A small garage was completely destroyed with only minor damage to its contents. Notes:This was an intermittent skipping tornado. It damaged three more barns and uprooted more trees along Montpelier Rd. Narrative: Moved east-northeast seven miles north of Hartford. EF-Scale:EF0 Three east-facing garage doors of one of the outbuildings were blown in, and damage was sustained to the vehicles in the driveway from downed tree limbs. Counties: Clark KY Path width: 125 yards F-scale: EF2 Path length: Looking at the map it seems more logical that the Knox/Daviess tornado would be first, followed by the Crawford/Harrison tornado. SPC gives a path width of 10 yards, NCDC gives 30 yards, Storm Data 587 yards, Grazulis 800 yards. Deaths: 0 Counties: Clark KY (to Powell) Path width: 50 yards Path length: 17 miles The worst damage was in Barren County. Injuries: 28 Residents reported a loud roar. Deaths: 0 On Michael Edward Drive the garage door was blown in on a detached garage and the roof was lifted off and shifted a foot. A ranch style home suffered significant damage. The tornado then continued east damaging trees, homes and small outbuildings just north of Silver City-Huntsville Road. Older, shabbier buildings in the storm were less damaged than the church full of parishioners. Deaths: Deaths: National Weather Service records use latitude/longitude pairs, which are precise enough for general use but leave room for a few miles' error around the exact latitude/longitude pair location, which can make a significant difference. It tore the back end off of a large barn there and collapsed a 60-foot tall silo, then crossedthe road and snapped several trees. Path width: 30 yards Noted discrepancies: This tornado blew down a barn on the north side of Orleans. Time: 1:00pm Injuries: 27 Near Kirksville one home was demolished and another lost its roof. May 14, 1995 Injuries: 0 November 15, 2005 One of the houses, a prefabricated home set on a concrete slab, "could not be found". Time: 5:22pm Mississippi Tornados | Homefacts More research would be nice. At 1598 Carter Brothers Roada riding lawn mower was thrown about 50 yards and thegarbage can flew 150 yards. Path length: EF-scale: EF2 Injuries: 0 Path width: 200 yards Where SPC has Edmonson County (FIPS061) coded, it should be Mason County (FIPS161). Path width: Tornadoes have been part of the historical record for a very long time. Numerous trees were uprooted near a pasture east of Port Royal-English Road. The tornado continued through several fields doing extensive tree and fence damage. Path length: Noted discrepancies: None Large hardwood trees were uprooted along the tornado's path towards Utica. Path width: EF-Scale: EF-2 Injuries: 2 Injuries: Deaths: 2 Deaths: 0 Time: 9:54am EST Injuries: 0 Counties: Butler, Warren The tornado destroyed nine cottages as well as the county fairgrounds. Notes: This weak tornado hit the south side of a farm on Gettlefinger Road, causing a milk barn to collapse and tearing several panels off of a large metal outbuilding in addition to snapping trees in wooded areas on either side of the farm. Four people were killed in Allen County as at least three homes were destroyed. Several businesses were damaged in the Broadway and Lakeview Drive area. Deaths: 0 The tornado completely lifted at Jackie Crow salvage yard with debris thrown on the top of the hill about 250 yards from the salvage yard. Time: 5:39pm - 5:43pm EDT Path width: The park was badly damaged, just 12 days before the season's Opening Day. Deaths: Several witnesses saw two different tornado near the Miami Court and Wobegone Way area. Just east of I-65 a house trailer was lifted and deposited 100 feet away. Noted discrepancies: None Path length: Notes: Aerial photos were matched perfectly with radar signatures to determine that the initial start point of the tornado occurred 4.5 miles south southwest of Hawesville in Hancock County along route 2181. This damage is consistent with an EF-2 tornado and 110 to 115 mph winds. Lat/lon given place it in Sumner County, Tennessee. Storm Data lists only Jefferson and Henry counties. and six were damaged by what was A house was damaged, and a corn crib was destroyed. Union (near the present-day intersection of KY 1421 and Napier Road) and then Holland, killing four. A single-wide trailer experienced roof damage above its entrance. Three single-wide mobile homes near the intersection of Joyce Mill Roadand Highway 625 were destroyed along with tree damage and downed power lines and poles. Counties: Clinton Path length: 6 miles Time: 6:02pm Path length: SPC gives a path width of 10 yards, NCDC gives 30 yards. EF-Scale: EF-2 Other than mud spattering from the south-southwest on the back corner of the brick one-story home, no other evidence of wind was observed, as no shingles were damaged. Path length: Counties: Meade The tornado struck the north portion of Westport Bend Commerce Park, snapping and bending several trees. Path length: Deaths: 0 In this area, several large barns, garages, and outbuildings were either destroyed or sustained significant damage, with debris thrown to the north, northeast, and east. Path length: Time: Noon Time: 10:33pm - 10:35pm CST Notes: Storm Data takes this tornado from two miles east of Broadway to five miles east of Broadway. Path length: 1.9 mile Path width: Historically, the only extreme weather images were from eyewitness sketches. Counties: Warren Path width: 200 yards Path length: 49 miles Path length: 0.5 mi F-scale: F1 Path length: Grazulis narrative: Moved northeast through the northwest corner of Austin. April 2, 2006 Path width: Itcontinued east for approximately 0.5 miles, then turned northeast over the PX and commissary complex before lifting 0.6 miles ENE of the base high school near Wilson Road. Deaths: 0 Injuries: 0 F-scale: F2 Winds in this areawere 110 mph with a path width about 125 yards. Path length: 9 miles Time: 5:00pm Tree and structural damage was widespread northeast of Route 135 as the tornado crossed Trainer Lane and then State Road 335 to Robbs Lane. Path width: 80yards Noted discrepancies: SPC gives a time of 3:20pm, NCDC 2:20pm, Storm Data 4:20pm. Notes: Numerous pine and cedar trees were uprooted or snapped and a few outbuildings were damaged. Path width: Time: 4:15pm Large power poles were snapped. Click here for an incredible picture of the damage (courtesy of the University of Louisville Photographic Archives). November 5, 1948 The only structural damage was to a small home on the top of a hill near South Rays Fork Road. Noted discrepancies: Storm Data also includes Jessamine County, but mentions no specific damage. Time: 12:14am EDT Time: 3:22pm Injuries: 1 The tornado touched down near the intersection of Saint James Court and Magnolia Avenue, where it tore down several fences in Central Park. Noted discrepancies: SPC and NCDC rank this as an F2, but Grazulis does not list it. Path length: Path width: 100 yards About twenty other homes were damaged. Time: 5:50pm Deaths: Deaths: Notes: This tornado struck downtown Munfordville. The most concentrated damage was at 1630 SW Washington School Rd. A corn field on the south side of Lewellen Road showed cyclonic rotation in a narrow path of flattened corn. June 22, 1974 Noted discrepancies: SPC mistakenly replaces Warren County with Lawrence County. Injuries: 10 Counties: Hart Path length: 4 miles Time: 1:06am EST to 1:08am EST Counties: Warren 5 churches, 7 railroad depots, 2 public halls, 3 schools, 10 tobacco warehouses, 32 manufacturing plants and 532 dwellings were destroyed by the tornado. Drone footage clearly showed trees lying in multiple directions. Noted discrepancies: SPC and NCDC list this as an F2, Grazulis says F3. Time: 7:00pm local time Fifty homes were damaged or destroyed, mostly in and near Cave City. Counties: LaRue Deaths: Time: 4:00pm The tornado quickly strengthened and caused quite a bit of damage in Saint Helens, just southwest of Shively. Path length: August 14, 2002 An EF-0 tornado first touched down at the Wal-Mart parking lot on the northwest corner of the Veteran`s Parkway near I-65. Counties: Washington IN Counties: Clark IN, Scott IN, Jefferson IN (to Ripley) Injuries: 0 Northwest of ValleyStation many softwood trees were damaged, a pine tree was snapped, and a trampoline was blown over. Injuries: 0 Path width: 150 yards Witnesses described a "funnel-shaped cloud whirling along at high speed" that "sounded like a train coming across a railroad trestle" with debris circulating the funnel. Notes: Touchdown occurred northwest of Adairville near the intersection of Vick Road and Route 96, where a barn sustained roof damage and another outbuilding was destroyed. Pictures confirm this. Time: 3:17pm EDT - 3:27pm EDT Deaths: 0 Noted discrepancies: This tornado is not listed at SPC or NCDC, but is in Storm Data. Deaths: 0 Time: 2:19pm Time: 10:25pm Nearly a complete roof of one outbuilding was project 1/2 mile to the east. Path width: Time: 7:00pm Path length: Counties: Jefferson KY Items of Interest Deaths: Path length: Deaths: 0 Counties: Logan June 22, 2011 EF-scale: EF3 2. One lane of Interstate 65 was blocked by debris, and cars were damaged. Path width: 100 yards Injuries: 5 Another trailer along Miller Road was turned on to its roof. 1830 - Hurricane impacted the Florida Keys on August 15th. Path width: 60 yards Path length: 0.3mile Event Summary: January 12th Damaging Winds and Tornadoes Path length: Time: 3:50pm - 3:52pm EDT Grazulis takes this tornado into Montgomery County, ending it east of Mount Sterling. Path width: EF-Scale: EF-2 The tornado crossed US 421 and continued northeast. SPC path length is only one mile, however. Further east in the 500 block of Kara Court there was significant tree damage with the back of a house being uplifted and insulation being thrown upwind and downwind around the back of the house. Tablow is directly on the county line. The twisting nature of the winds was clearly revealed when the bodies of the Tyree family were found 75 yards south of their home site, and the bodies of the Redeford family were discovered 100 yards north of the spot where their home had stood. Two homes and several barns were destroyed. Noted discrepancies: SPC and NCDC list this as an F2Grazulis does not list it. Further east, a large 50'x60' barn was destroyed and debris went at least half a mile downwind. SPC/NCDC stop this tornado at Salvisa, but Grazulis takes it into Anderson County, ending it one mile east of Ballard. Counties: Crawford Deaths: Counties: Grayson Grazulis narrative: A new brick home was destroyed and the neighboring home was unroofed in a brief touchdown in Radcliff. F-scale: F4 Path length: 2.2miles Counties: Clinton Deaths: A car was destroyed and tossed about 100 yards in the direction of storm motion from its origin at the home. numerous eyewitness accounts, documented July 13, 1956 Time: 6:04am - 6:05am EST There was other F1 damage to the roofs of farm buildings and homes. May 26, 1989 May 18, 1995 F-scale: F1 A history of twisters: Tornadoes in Mississippi since 1950. F-scale: F2 Louisville newspapers did not mention any damage in Oldham or Shelby Counties. April 3, 2018 Further research is necessary. Path width: 300 yards Path length: EF-Scale: EF-1 Grazulis narrative: Moved northeast from south of Greensburg to Mannsville, destroying a large part of that town. April 9, 1999 If you have any tornado-related information you'd like to share with us, we'd very much like to hear from you. Injuries: 57 Injuries: 87 Noted discrepancies: Not listed at NCDC. Path width: May 15, 1945 Path length: 18 miles A steady watch of the needle may show any sudden fluctuation too rapid to be caught by reading the barometer. Path length: 5 miles The SPC/NCDC liftoff lat/lon is in Oho County but makes no sense for a tornado coming from Hopkins and McLean counties, especially without passing through Muhlenberg County. EF-scale: EF1 Counties: Barren, Metcalfe Counties: Scott, IN Farther east on Webster Road another residence sustained significant roof, gutter, and siding damage. Storm Data lists a path length of 34 miles. Deaths: 0 Some, like #9 in particular, are dangerous. Time: 10:53pm CDT Path length: County: LaRue Path width: 25yards Tree damage continued along thepath with additional EF-2 damage, occurring attwo chicken farms where a 200 yd long chicken barn was. F-scale: F0 Injuries: 0 Residents said there was a major pressure change with the tornado. Notes: This tornado touched down near 812 Mount Vernon Road, damaging a barn and home at that location. Path width: Deaths: Injuries: 0 Grazulis narrative: Moved north-northeast from five miles southwest of Hustonville, passing through Junction City and ending at the south end of Lake Herrington northeast of Danville. Using this data, we cannot assume that there were more tornadoes in this area than in the plains during this time because the movement West did not begin in force until the 1800s. November 9, 2000 Path width: SPC gives a path width of 10 yards, NCDC give 30 yards. The deadliest Michigan tornado occurred in Beecher -- near Flint -- on June 8, 1953. Time: 2:38pm - 2:44pm EDT Injuries: EF-Scale:EF2 Path width: 70 yards A 14" diameter pine tree was snapped and moved about 45 yards downwind as well. Time: 3:05pm Time: 6:42pm Time: 5:30am April 3, 1903 The tornado severely damaged or destroyed several houses and double wide mobile homes around the intersection of Nabb New Washington and Nabb Marysville. Time: 9:40pm Injuries: 8 Time: 6:30pm There were several outbuildings and two pole barns destroyed as well. Path width: 10 yards EF-Scale:EF0 Here, damage was estimated as EF2 with 130 mph winds. The occupant was blown into a field with the debris, even though the living room furniture stayed in place. As many as eight people died in one home. Noted discrepancies: SPC and NCDC give a time of 2:20pm, Grazulis gives 3:25pm, Storm Data 3:30pm. F-scale: F2 Path width: 50 yards Path width: Noted discrepancies: SPC/NCDC call this an F1, Grazulis says F2. The tornado then hit a large farm at 3604 Schley Road destroying the second story of the home. Grazulis narrative: Skipped east-southeast from four miles east of Drakesboro, to near Ennis, South Hill, and Riverside. Time: 9:00am May 17, 1999 Time: 3:27pm Before days of weather forecasting, there are accounts of tornadoes destroying settlements, wagon trains and Indian villages in the Old West same as today Before days of weather forecasting, there are accounts of tornadoes destroying settlements, wagon trains and Indian villages in the Old West same as today. Grazulis has the tornado starting in Muhlenberg County east of Greenville and he lifts it at Hartford in Ohio County (nowhere near the SPC/NCDC lat/lon). Deaths: 0 EF-Scale:EF1 Between 1890 and 2011, the city, which is located near the heart of "tornado alley," was hit by a . Path length: Path length: 5 miles About twenty homes were destroyed, and some were swept completely away. Injuries: Path length: Injuries: 3 F-scale: F3 April 8, 1948 Hazen stood in the way of JP Finley, arguing that much tornado damage was attributable to electricity, not wind. The tornado then hit a house on the corner of Cherry and South High Street resulting in roof and siding damage along with several sections of Cleveland Pear trees snapped. It proceeded to the east-southeast through Little Bend (near Mining City) and into Butler County. April 20, 2011 SPC, Storm Data, and NCDC give a time of 7:00pm, Grazulis give 7:25pm. Path width: 100yards F-scale: F1 The tornado then crossed the road where a brick facade home lost part of its outer wall, suffered roof damage, and was struck by debris. Path length: 5 miles EF-Scale: EF-1 Streets that suffered damage (other than those listed above): Atokad Park, Aztec Circle, Big Ben Court, Carlsbad Court, Carriage Lane, Custer Drive, Custer Lake Court, Dale Drive, East Hills Drive, Glacier Court, Golden Gate Park, Mount Rainier Drive, Packanack Court, Personality Court, Pipestone Court, Rocky Mount Court, Stephen Foster Drive, Shoal Lake Drive, Squires Circle, Squires Road, Tates Brook Drive, Travis Court, Tuscaloosa Lane, Woodview Drive, and Yosemite Circle. Path width: 75 yards Deaths: 0 April 3, 1989 Just east of Route 135, tremendous tree damage wasobserved. The tornado felled trees in varying directions, one of which crashed into a mobile home killing the occupant. National Weather Service information only goes back to 1950, so all pre-1950 tornadoes here are necessarily fromSignificant Tornadoes 1681 - 1991and are considered "unofficial". County: Hardin Wrought-iron Path length: 37 miles (skipping) Path length: Notes: Storm Data takes this tornado from five miles southwest of Gerald to 2.4 miles west of Rome in Hoosier National Forest. Counties: Anderson, Woodford Path width: 50 yards Time: 3:37pm Notes: A tornado with 90 mph winds touched down one mile west of the intersection of KY 214 and KY 953. Notes: This tornado touched down 6 miles southeast of Columbia along Dale Morrison Road. The tornado continued to snap trees and damage outbuildings on its way northeast, scattering debris a quarter mile downwind. Path width: 100 yards Low pressure was centered over southeast Kansas with a warm front reaching due east, along the Kentucky/Tennessee border. Time: 11:05pm Path length: Deaths: 0 Power poles were torn down along New Cut Road. About five and a half miles from Lexington on Briar Hill Road the twister devastated the Kelley Farm. F-scale: F3 This skipping, hopping tornado destroyed four homes, six mobile homes, a church, five barns, and 12 other buildings. Time: 4:25pm Time: 5:40pm - 5:42pm CDT Injuries: 0 Grazulis narrative: One barn was destroyed and another was damaged at Smiths Grove. SPC and NCDC give a path width of 1200 yards, Grazulis give 800 yards. F-scale: F2 Path length: 0.5 mile This scouring was evidence of a multi-vortex tornado, which was confirmed by multiple videos and photographs. The tornado continued east to near B Flood road with additional structural damage consistent with EF-1 damage and 90 mph winds. The first damage observed was of EF1 intensity, and the tornado grew to EF2 intensity before reaching the Madison County line. Deaths: There was also some tree damage. This tornado also damaged a lot of rugged forested area before intersecting with the path of the first vortex near the confluence of Highway 1838 (Corn Creek Road, Highway 625, and Joyce Mill Road. Injuries: 0 County: Jefferson, KY The hailstones had "long icicles" on them. Deaths: Counties: Jefferson KY The only Kentucky event on this day in Storm Data is in Fulton County. Across Washington County, particularly east of IN 135, thousands of trees were uprooted and snapped. Injuries: 72 (70 in Russell County, 2 in Pulaski County) March 24, 1921 Notes: Storm Data takes this tornado from one mile northwest of Versailles to one mile north of Versailles. Path width: 100 yards The cyclone moved from south to north "over the lower edge" of Paris. March 1, 2017 October 26, 2010 Her body was carried about 100 yards. F-scale: F1 Counties: Hardin Two barns were destroyed, two barns suffered significant roof and structural damage, and about two dozen trees were snapped or uprooted. Near Rich Hill, one family of seven was killed. A dumpster full of old building material was thrown 75 yards and snapped one telephone pole. Time: 8:00pm EST to 8:13pm EST Time: 4:45pm Path length: Deaths: 0 Further down on Willard Wilson road, another 30 by 50 foot barn was collapsed and a 400 pound 4-wheeler was moved 30 feet. Deaths: Will map as such, but further research would be helpful. Path length: 0.8mile Noted discrepancies: None Tornado History - National Weather Service April 20, 1996 The tornado lifted just east of the William H. Natcher/Green River Parkway. March 1, 2017 April 8, 2020 The likelihood of tornado involvement seemed to begin near Gilpin, continued east, passing south of Eubank, and ending in northern Laurel County. One minor injury occurred in a double-widethat lost all of its roof and a couple of walls just west of the intersection of Silver City-Huntsville Road and Panther Creek Road. Five other occupants of the mobile home were injured. Path width: Time: 1:00pm Time: 5:55am Noted discrepancies: Storm Data takes this tornado from Rineyville to Colesburg. Injuries: 0 Notes: The tornado touched down in eastern Garrard County south of Nina on Bethel Road. Injuries: 0 Oklahoma County, OK Tornadoes (1875-Present) - National Weather Service There were far fewer towns and people and most went unrecorded. F-scale: F1 Counties: Hardin, LaRue One woman was pulled out of her house and landed on her porch. Deaths: Several theories have been advanced to explain the causes of whirlwinds, but they are supposed to be generally produced by the lateral action of opposing winds, or the influence of a brisk gales upon a portion of the atmosphere repose; in a manner analogous to the eddies that arise at the junction of the two streams, flowing with unequal velocities, or the air-whirls that occur, when the wind sweeps by the corner of a building, and strikes the calm behind it. After further research, it has been decided that this tornado touched down west of Cool Springs and north of Wysox in Ohio County. The tornado proceeded to Route 79/259 and struck a home just north of A.H. Wilson Road with EF-2 strength. Notes: In the Duff area several homes suffered minor damage and numerous trees, both softwood and hardwood, were snapped or uprooted. NCDC gives no beginning or ending locations for this tornado. Deaths: 0 May 2, 1948 Time: 10:34pm Fencing with 8" posts was torn down. Path length: 6 miles Give an estimate of the loss to buildings, also specifying the number of buildings destroyed and their characters as to strength, etc. Counties: Barren The tornado produced EF1 and EF0 damage in Simpson County until it lifted at Russellville-Gallatin Road at 2:09pm CDT. Narrative: A tornado hit near Boat Island on the Barren River. The debris from the barn was thrown over a quarter mile to the northeast. Injuries: Time: 12:43am EST to 12:45am EST Injuries: 0 Path width: The church itself was leveled. Path length: F-scale: F3 It's a compilation of stories that appeared in St. Louis daily newspapers after the tornado hit.It was first published just days after the tornado hit in 1896. Path width: Deaths: 0 F-scale: F0 Path length: Deaths: 0 The first damage was to a farm on Lower Hunters Trace Road. June 12, 1989 Counties: Breckinridge Path width: 400 yards April 4, 2011 June 18, 1992
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