Elif Ozden September 2, 20213 mins read. THE RATIO OF THE 2 PICTURES DONT LOOK THE SAME THE ROOM SIZES DONT SEEM TO FIT. I turned around and there was Michael. THE HEART IS SYMBOLIC OF LUPERCALIA, THIS EVENT CAME 13 DAYS AFTER OCTOBER 31, SAMHAIN, OTHERWISE KNOWN AS HALLOWEEN, CHECK THIS OUT ON SATANIC SACRIFICE OR HOLIDAY CHARTS. Sorry, there was a problem loading this page. Weeks before the Friday 13th attacks there was a Michael Jackson tribute night at the Bataclan, it was on October 17, 2015. This was in 1983. The rolling stone is a reference to when the stone sealing the tomb of Jesus was gone leaving his resting place wide open and his thought to be dead body was nowhere to be seen. Or three, would you be surprised given the fact you just watched him attend a talk about his own funeral on CNN with Larry The Liar King? He is also the founder of the band Foo Fighters and the band's singer, guitarist, and . The Mali one may be real because I imagine the place to be pretty nuts, but it is in countries tucked out of the way that they perform some of the biggest hoaxes and I do have evidence of that just not for todays topic. IS THE TOP PICTURE A SET A PROP WITH FAKE BLOOD SPREAD AROUND IT? My advice to you is save this image zoom in on it do super special auto fix on its grainy crap quality to make it clearer and see for yourself, but most importantly, do not believe what you hear from trained media and government liars ever again in your life. ", Often drawing upon Middle Eastern musical concepts, Kaleidoscope lasted through four albums before splitting in 1970. I just find it "hard" to look at, like I feel horrible for what his father did, but I can not make myself look at a picture of him, so unless it is a picture of him as a child, I just can't look at him it is just too "graphic" and "intense" for me. All of this information is still on the original, Will Or Roger Farrington Epstein Photographer, Satanic Entertainment Industry Exposed | Pandora's Box Office, Michael Jackson Is Alive On CNN Watching Own Funeral Disguised As Dave Dave, https://enchantedlifepath.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/OMG!%20MICHAEL%20JACKSON%20SEEN%20ALIVE%20AT%20HIS%20OWN%2056th%20BIRTHDAY%20CELEBRATION%20FULL.mp4, https://enchantedlifepath.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Michael-Jackson-Told-Us-Of-The-Paris-Attacks-0-Many-First-In-The-World-Findings-From-Enchanted-LifePath.mp4, Boy, 5, Walks Home Alone From Liverpool Youth Centre In Safeguarding Fail. When Dave Grohl's Drum Parts In A Michael Jackson Song Were Removed Mysteriously. In a world first, author Paul Dwyer takes a look into the every-day world of Michael Jackson, stripping away the rumors, the media and the mayhem to take an in-depth look at The MAN - The humanitarian. There was 3 weeks and 6 days between the tribute night and the Blood On The Dance Floor attacks, 36 represents another cube, if you add all the numbers up from 1 to 36 on a 36 square board, or casino table for example, they add up to 666, 36 is also 666 as 3 6s is 666. The point is this was the first time I spotted something and took it on as my own unique decode report. The thing is, a lot of people visit mjjc, some do not even register. FILE - In this undated photo, David Rothenberg, right, who was set on fire by his father in an Orange County hotel room is shown with his mother, Marie Rothenberg in California. I wanna start slow. The cause of death is under investigation. Enchanted LifePath Independent News & Media Dave, who was born David Rothenberg, died on July 15 at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, Clark County Coroner John Fudenberg said Wednesday. You are using an out of date browser. Reviewed in the United States on July 21, 2009. if he was "too vain" to be seen with a different nose, his previous disguises would all show his real nose, thus making them completely useless. michael jackson dave dave 966M views Discover short videos related to michael jackson dave dave on TikTok. Dave Dave is not Michael. .To explain all of this I am going to go back to how it started, with a thought, I jumped up and thought out loud to myself, as I was taking all the info in regarding the Paris attacks at the Bataclan I suddenly said to myself Paris Jackson. Michael Jackson vivo - Le teorie di Adam Kadmonhttps://vimeo.com/59167384David 1988 - sinopsishttp://www.dailymotion.com/video/xs9oyl_david-1988-sinopsis_peopleDavid Rothemberg movie - Now Dave DaveDavid is a drama, the true story of a child named David Rothenberg, who was burned by his father. But not everyone is celebrating the win, which nets. Sadly, Dave Dave . And while Rolling Stone writer Steve Knopper notes that there's little to nothing in Astaire's oeuvre that suggests anger, Jackson certainly tapped into that emotion, particularly with "Billie Jean," which is about a woman falsely claiming that Jackson is the father of her baby. So, 5+6 =11, the 156 is 1 and 11 and the 209 is 11! Dave Chappelle repeatedly steps on a third rail of comedy Michael Jackson and his accusers in his new Netflix special "Sticks & Stones.". I challenge you to watch this without laughing and if you do laugh, or find it weird, please share the article subscribe tohttps://EnchantedLifePath.comfor new content notifications. However, one thing that the two men had in common was the fact that they were both dancers. Life and times of a red carpet lifestyle kid it seems. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. THE LOVE HEART WAS CAREFULLY PLACED TO POINT TOWARDS VALENTINES DAY WHICH IS THE HIGHLY SACRIFICIAL ROMAN LUPERCALIA FESTIVAL REPACKAGED. Dave, who was born David Rothenberg, died on July 15 at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, Clark County Coroner John Fudenberg said Wednesday. Trapped: Michael Jackson and the Crossover Dream. The Eye of Horus (3rd eye call it what you want) can also be seen here on Paris Jacksons forehead in another weird selfie. You should learn some basic numerology to help you get all this. After playing a prominent part on Browne's "For Everyman" (1973) and "Late for the Sky" (1974), Lindley came to the forefront on 1977's multiplatinum "Running on Empty," playing an indelible lap steel solo on the album's title track and sharing lead vocals on the hit cover version of Maurice Williams' "Stay." The author seems to be primarily annoyed at MJ's unwillingness (in his opinion) to take risks and expose himself emotionally, either in his music or his personal life, but the writer's smug condescension makes it difficult to take his critique seriously. Sorry for the further head fucks but for my next points to make sense I need people to know that Christmas day is not Jesus Birthday, Jesus Birthday was on September 11, which is why we seen the 9/11 attacks and the references to the beast of Rev: 911. Carrot" and "I'm sorry, Mr. The whole next part of the article relies on you watching the video below, it is a song from the King of Disguise/Pop called Blood On The Dance Floor and it takes us on an adventure with more truth on this page than you will see on Sly News, (sky News) Bullshits Biggest Channel, (BBC News) or Crappy News Network (CNN) all year combined and that is a scary fact. Let us get back to the Bataclan as we still have more details to dig up on that monstrosity of a false fake news event. The vocal mannerisms are extremely comparable to Michael Jacksons unique way of speaking. , Paperback A guy who had no reason to trust anyone other than his mother was amazingly trusting.. He was 42. German. I say crafty In more ways than one. Do you know of any pictures of him as a child? Michael was like a father to me". And yes my memory is this good so these crisis acting clowns have got an awful lot of tidying to do. dave dave anyway. Look at the dust, the New York-like Skyline, mirrored in the duality as above so below reference in the black and white masonic floor, 911 was the hyper event that pulled this fake vial over our eyes back in 2001 anyway, so let me remove that vial for you, you only have to go looking for answers, you will always find more questions. LAS VEGAS (AP) Dave Dave, a respected Las Vegas artist who was badly scarred as a boy when his father tried to burn him to death in Southern California, has died. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. Welcome to the broken crucifix. IT HAS A BLACK STAGE ABOVE WE SEE A SILVER STAGE. 3:02 p.m. March 3, 2023: A previous version of David Lindley's obituary misstated his age. Dave was 19 when he met his father in prison their first contact since the attack. My birthday is interesting because I was born on June 5th 5/6 (UK format) the 156th day of the year with 209 left. Dave was a young boy that Michael befriended back in the 80's after Dave suffered excruciating and unimaginable trauma at the hands of his own father. Here's our take on. My suggestion is to go to Google. He released the song Blood On The Dance Floor, on March 21, 1997. And, one particular night in 1983, Jackson unveiled a dance move that was so revolutionary that Astaire was compelled to call the Indiana native and talk things over. What is up with the Dave Dave guy and Michael. He befriended me. JavaScript is disabled. Here is some more evidence that it is quite common knowledge that this logo is a satanic symbol associated to witchcraft. Did Michael Jackson disguise himself as Dave Dave? Questions, questions, questions. Michael was like a father to me. I read about Michael being alive and Dave Dave is a disguise for him to go around and live his life but as him. Although heavily opinionated, the book's viewpoint is valuable - and compassionate to Jackson, even though it disagrees with him. Just reminding you so you stay with me. I wonder what bloodline shes representing here all draped in green like butter wouldnt melt in its cold blooded mouth? Other things to look for, apart from that voice was the way he talks over Larry King with confidence, only the most elite stars would even dream to speak over Larry the CIA King of Operation Mocking Bird turned CNN fake news presenter.. I was about 7 years old at the time. At times, Dave Marsh succumbs to overt hyperbole (who the hell cares whether Jackson loves Bugs Bunny cartoons?) Charles Rothenberg spent less than seven years of a 13-year sentence in prison for attempted murder. He took me into his life. on March 9, 2021, There are no reviews yet. And even if I did, I would not post them here on the forums. David Rothemberg movie - Now Dave Dave David is a drama, the true story of a child named David Rothenberg, who was burned by his father. Dave already talked about how the king of pop sucked a kids dick. I've read a little about what his dad did to him, but I think it is more of the mental scars, from bad pictures of him. Did MJ really appear on CNN after he died? I'm not willing and not before the burns but the effects from it as a child. Thomas Jewell, Waltham P.L., Mass. He was not a "disguise" for Michael- he was a real person and there are photos and videos that prove it. As the tale goes, Astaire called Jackson's dancing "angry." WHO SPREAD THE BLOOD AROUND OR DRAGGED THE BODIES? He reunited with Browne for a tour of Spain in 2006; the concerts provided the source material for the live album "Love Is Strange." He already knows some people talked/will talk about the way he looks that way because some people happen to be insensitive. Access Your Home's Equity Before It's Too Late! Please try again. While he would still appear on prominent albums like Bob Dylan's "Under the Red Sky," Iggy Pop's "Brick by Brick" and John Prine's "The Missing Years," he pursued more esoteric interests on his own. Dave Grohl is a successful musician, singer, and songwriter who rose to fame as the drummer of the iconic grunge rock band Nirvana. Please try again. Attempted murder [ edit] She is steeped in the occult also, she follows mystery teachings, those she pretends to be speaking out against. For the record:3:02 p.m. March 3, 2023: A previous version of David Lindleys obituary misstated his age. ", At the funeral Brian Oxman sat next to Dave and spoke of Daves eulogy as moving www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2623700/Jackos-star-burned-so-bright.html, Source:vindicatemj.wordpress.com/2010/10/28/dave-dave-as-another-of-michael-jacksons-child-friends/. The Ballad of Tim Mullen Sandmans Song Summer Wells, Don Wells: Donnie Darko Disco Dance-Off Buffalo 110 Ben Hill Rd. Born in San Marino, Calif., on March 21, 1944, Lindley grew up in a musical household, surrounded by his father's eclectic collection of 78 rpm records. Strange or what? Weeks before the Friday 13th attacks there was a Michael Jackson tribute night at the Bataclan, it was on October 17, 2015. As AV Club reports, that was the night Jackson debuted the moonwalk while performing "Billie Jean" during the broadcast of "Motown 25: Yesterday, Today and Forever." A sad, fascinating story and a good selection for public libraries. Paris, just like the rest of Wackos kids, has been subject of lifelong, is she or isnt she, Michaels child speculation. Michael befriended Dave and though he didn't pay for his surgeries as his mother had an insurance which covered all medical bills, he offered the boy enormous emotional support f or the next 30 years. POSSIBLY A RE-SCALEDSTUDIO SET UP OF THE SECOND IMAGE. Not more sensationalist tripe written for a fast buck while the going was good. Therefore, the entire thing is a fiction of the worst kind that is now eschewed by a public that wants something very simple, really: a fair, balanced, knowledgeable, and insightful account of the life of the foremost creative genius of American popular culture. The reason why the jokes are so similar is because of the great influence Dave has on other people. This was in 1983. 888 is three times the power of 8. Top subscription boxes right to your door, 1996-2023, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates, Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. 15K 4M views 13 years ago Longtime Michael Jackson friend Dave Dave appears on "Larry King Live" on the day of Jackson's funeral. 8x8x8 = 512 add the numbers together to get 8. It was very cathartic to be able to look my dad in the face and tell him exactly what was on my mind, Dave told the Review-Journal. It aired on ABC.http://www.people.com/people/archive/article/0,,20093827,00.html What if Dave Dave saw what you wrote ? And throughout the years he never let me go. Remember she has lied to you about her fathers death as much as CNN have, she is not innocent in all of this. The top says Olodum,Olodumis a bloco-afro from Salvadors carnival, in Bahia, Brazil. Learn more. October 17 is the 209th day of the year, 2 plus 7 in the 27 is 9, the 209th day of the year gives us an 11, in Freemasonry code, they do not recognise the zero so it has to go for this report and 209 now becomes a 29, 2+9 = 11. ", "He has been my friend throughout everything that Ive been through. ", He was a great person. Broccoli. He then appears again after his alleged death watching his own funeral live on CNN dressed up in disguise as burns victim, Dave Dave, who they say is formerly known as Dave Rothenberg before he changed his name because his dad set him on fire in the house. Try again. Including why the official Michael Jackson Twitter page (probably him anyway) thought the day of the Bataclan attacks was a good day for an MJ dance off. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Everyone knows the striking statue of Jesus known as Christ the Redeemer which stands 30 meters (98ft) above Corcavado Mountain in Rio. Definitely possible BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR? He heard about me and contacted me. Discover delightful children's books with Amazon Book Box . Bring your club to Amazon Book Clubs, start a new book club and invite your friends to join, or find a club thats right for you for free. Dave grabbed hold of life with a sense of urgency and passion, Mike Watkiss, a family friend, told the Orange County Register . I am sick of people turning this into a democracy, I'm not really diggin' this forum anymore because of people arguing over my "opinions". Dave Dave, born David Charles Rothenberg and later David Jordan Robinson (1976 - July 15, 2018) was a conceptual artist whose father was found guilty of attempting to kill him by burning in 1983, when he was six years old. His dad tried to kill him. Michael Jackson's biggest fan, Dave Dave appeared on The Doctors in January of 2015 to share his story on being nearly burned to death by his father, and how he managed his pain. This is brilliant. Me too, I'll have to look thru my picture collection and find one of Michael and Dave Dave, but Dave Dave and Michael were friends, and I recall him saying that Michael was like a father figure to him. On the self-titled 1981 album and its 1982 sequel, "Win This Record!," Lindley played a lively, vaguely new wave-inspired brand of roots-rock that found space for reggae rhythms along with an impish sense of humor; he rewrote the Huey Piano Smith hit "Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu" as "Tu-Ber-Cu-Lucas and the Sinus Blues" and penned an ode to condoms with "Ram a Lamb a Man.". Here is some of the creepy pictures she posted online prior to the Paris attacks, she is now 20, this was when she was a mixed up MK Ultra teenager. Within hours of the attacks we had landmarks in cities around the world, Liverpool included, lit up in the red, white and blue lights as if they had the lights pre-ordered. How the publics opinion about him changed from one of admiration to ridicule was very heart breaking and upsetting to him. "I am happy to have been his friend for all these years,". The actual Dave Dave died just some years ago. What a demon dick hungry little witch. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Freelance Investigative Journalist & Presenter. I found this on the promotional website at the time, a sort of whats on guide for Paris. You have had your emotions manipulated by a satanic symbol which was hidden in plain sight all along, now do you see why I was telling people to remove the Facebook profile picture filters etc? WE SEEN 1 DOOR THE IN FOOTAGE? Here are some serious questions, these are the vital points the idiots on the news flat out fail to hit on when making simple observations of the footage and images released and caught on social media during the multiple events around Paris that night not just the Bataclan. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. I'm a little wimp okay? So was Michael Jacksons Blood On The Dance Floor single cover, take a look if you can see it. He wanted to meet me. (The comparison phot. Be the first one to. I decided to move on and load this page full of my work on MJs death, deceptions, and foreshadowing of the Paris attacks on November 13, 2015. He never hurt a soul and Im happy to have been his friend all these years. I was openly stating on Facebook that it was all highly staged and the profile picture flag extravaganza seemed to be a sort of cyber headcount on how many people still actually bought into this madness and believed the lies. THERE IS ONLY 17 20 BODIES IN THE IMAGE ABOVE WHERE IS THE OTHER 80 AT LEAST? Michael Jackson Is Alive MJ Watched His Own Funeral In Disguise As Dave Dave On CNN MJ Death Hoax, Michael Jacksons name was all over the Bataclan prior to the staged attacks at the now famous French venue. Still, I do despair, anyone who grew up forcibly wearing masks and blankets on their faces in public is possibly forgiven for having some disastrous daddy issues. It has been quite refreshing to revisit some of the insults to our intelligence as they deny us of what we see with our own eyes. And he was severely burned as a child by his father. WE SEEN A BLACK STAGE AND BODIES. My apologies in advance to everyone who thought Michael Jackson was dead. This is what Dave remembers of Michael Jackson: "He heard about me and contacted me. Rothenberg, known as Dave Dave, who was badly scarred at the age of 6 when his father tried to burn him to death, has died. This is the sort of material that WAS the pile-on Michael Jackson, while pretending to be about analyzing the pile-on. He was 42. Without his influence my music would sound completely different. He sees Jackson as a Peter Pan figure, afraid of responsibility, trapped inside a self-created fantasy world where he struggles to remain free from such adult realities as sex, politics, and race. He was 78. Dave Dave was on the news talking about MJ and kind of sounds like him. On albums recorded with his band El Rayo-X in the early 1980s, Lindley displayed the full range of his musical interests, particularly in non-Western sounds. I think out of shadows 2? : These are all plausible questions right now as you have probably spent some time rewatching the interview and listening very closely. 2015 Interestingly, there is a fair amount of judgement and insinuation going on here (and this was before Michael's life got completely out of control), so it is far from an objective journalistic book. He opened up his arms to me and accepted me as a very good friend of his. This book was written in 1985, its like this guy had a crystal ball. Jerrod definitely loves Chappelle, just like everyone of us. He took me into his life. archive@loan17 He accumulated all manner of stringed instruments from around the globe he stated that he had "no idea" how many instruments he could actually play often specializing in finding distinctive sounds in the kinds of cheap instruments other professional players would avoid. Uncover the real truth behind mass media accounts of how they died, and learn the reason for their murders. Please try again. Michael Jackson had a history of wearing disguises in order to experience the world without being recognised. David Rothenberg was born to Marie Rothenberg and father, Charles Rothenberg. Indeed, the former was an elderly man by the time the latter was getting big in music, and further still, they came from completely different cultural contexts. By all rights, Fred Astaire and Michael Jackson were two men who could have gone their entire lives without ever speaking a single word to one another. Here is Paris Jackson, now 20, with suns all over her Kabbalah crazy arm not to mention her her Jacobs Ladder is in the house chest showing her true colours whilst falsely depicting herself as Jesus or Mary in the latter image. This was at a time on YouTube in my early days when I had a largely American only base of people who followed and supported my work. She is crying out to Lucifer in every way possible. Here is a quick video I just uploaded to the Enchanted LifePath Facebook Page showing a few of the things I was saying back in 2015. Video: Michael Jackson Is Alive MJ Watched His Own Funeral In Disguise As Dave Dave On CNN MJ Death Hoax. He opened up Neverland to me as a means to get away. Around this time, Lindley struck up a partnership with Hani Naser, recording a series of albums with the Jordanian oud player. This book covers Michaels early success.Although it was published in the eighties,the reader can get a good idea of the huge success he was if they are not old enough to remember or were not even born in that era. Clark County Coroner John Fudenberg says Dave died on July 15, 2018, at a Las Vegas hospital. He went on to amass a criminal record for robbery and other crimes, eventually being sentenced in 2007 to 25 years to life in prison in California. Based on the book, the documentary delves into Michael Jackson's charity involvement over the course of his career. Do you think Dave Dave sounds like Michael Jackson? The evil little wanker. Uploaded by Liverpool's Number 1 Alternative News Platform - Est. "I believe I lost a Person in my life but at the same time I gained a lot of knowledge. Dave was 6 years old when his father, Charles Rothenberg, gave him a sleeping pill, doused his bed with kerosene and lit it in a Buena Park motel room near Disneyland during a bitter custody fight. Like most people in the entertainment industry circles she has transformed from a young girl into yet another whore of Babylon manifestation who resides amongst. This is what Dave remembers of Michael Jackson: He also developed an enduring relationship with reggae percussionist Wally Ingram. SEE THE LIGHTS ALL AROUND THE RED TOP BALCONY FEATURE MISSING FROM THE IMAGE BELOW? Humanitarian: The Real Michael Jackson (2019) Michael Jackson and Dave Dave in Humanitarian: The Real Michael Jackson (2019) Close 19 of 29 Humanitarian: The Real Michael Jackson (2019)19 of 29 Michael Jacksonand Dave Davein Humanitarian: The Real Michael Jackson (2019) PeopleMichael Jackson, Dave Dave TitlesHumanitarian: The Real Michael Jackson You will then line that up to what you seen at the top of the article with the interview between Dave Dave and Larry King regarding the funeral of Michael Jackson. The cause of his death awaited results of toxicology and other tests and a police investigation, the coroner said. "I can assure you that while Michael Jackson would be thrilled that Dave would become a lawyer, Michael Jackson never wanted to be a lawyer himself. web pages The original Tweet is still there now on Twitter and on my other article from 2015. , ISBN-10 Brief content visible, double tap to read full content. So now it is time to revisit the purposeful way the attacks aftermath and emotional control theme was carefully set by what we like to call crafty bastards. Listen to Michael Jackson's pretend Dave Dave voice as he talks to Larry King and calls his father a criminal, a bad man. The book shows how hard Michael had to work to prove himself to his father, how he had to overcome racism and the speculations about his sexuality. Weitere Stimmen Vergleiche. Remember they are just reports, reports are coming in, then more reports and more then none. I always let them know. Theme: Newsup by Themeansar. There are also 38,880 minutes between the two dates (3=8=11 here we have the 11 representing the twins, the pillars we see on Egyptian and Roman or Freemasonic archways, The pillars of Boaz and Jachin paired up with the Twin Serpent 88, times 8 by 11 to get 888 remember I told you about twinned or trebled numbers earlier in the summer? Watch popular content from the following creators: 727Kbby(@a99le.ju9ce), Michael Jackson (@michaeljacksontru), Gab Gifted Chronicles(@theprototype00), Gab Gifted Chronicles(@theprototype00), trilletrolltrull(@trilletrolltrull) . Discover more of the authors books, see similar authors, read author blogs and more. Hes really had an impact on my life not because he is a celebrity. I no longer felt like I was being lied to. Astaire was so moved that he was compelled to call Jackson on the phone, according to Rolling Stone, and in fact, the younger man was at first incredulous that Astaire was calling him. Ry Cooder enlisted him for "Jazz" and "Bop Till You Drop" in the late 1970s, sparking a collaboration that continued for decades; the pair would occasionally tour as a duo, with one of these ventures captured on the 2019 release "Cooder/Lindley Family Live at the Vienna Opera House. Jackson, on the other hand, began his solo career in part by ditching the anodyne music of his previous group, The Jackson Five, in favor of songs that took on real issues, such as gang violence ("Beat It"). Dave Chappelle has come under fire for his latest Netflix special in which he claims he does not believe Michael Jackson sexually assaulted young boys, and makes jokes at the expense of Jackson . They instantly called the Bataclan attacks The Parisian 911. Dave Hogan/Getty Images. Where they talk about it.
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