The older driver not only offered to give George a ride but offered to show him a good time with some ladies he knew. Part One: The Murders Between 1979 and 1983, a series of heinous murders shocked Adelaide. Because Neil's transient lifestyle led to him becoming known as a bit of a vagabond, his sexuality was not exactly common knowledge. The first of which was a very specific call alleging that two men - named Doug and Mark - were responsible for abducting Richard Kelvin. Through these connections, police were able to link all of these crimes together. Due to changes in the Forensic Procedures Act, which later allowed DNA samples to be taken from suspects in major indictable offences, all the suspects voluntarily submitted to DNA testing. According to some witnesses in the area, screams had been heard at around the time that Richard had disappeared, some time between 5:30 and 6:30 PM that Sunday. This meant doing away with large plots of dried-out farmland in a prescribed burn to prepare for the upcoming spring bloom. Investigator Hunter made note of this, finding it odd that one man would have connections to two separate murder investigations - especially two gruesome murders that shared such grisly traits. Mark had likely hitched a ride with someone, and his friends trusted that he would make it home. See what they say here. It is estimated that over 150 youths and young men were abducted, drugged, and then raped. This caller alleged that the two older men had been driving around a 1963 EJ Holden sedan. Trevor Peters lived two doors away from one of the transgender suspects and mixed in the same circles as a number of suspects. The victims were all young men, who had gone missing in or near the northern section of town. Unfortunately, it did not. Sadly, almost all of the evidence that may have been left behind was now gone, burned away to ash along with all of Peter's remaining soft tissue. They kicked the footy around. It has been reported that the exposed skin on his face and neck had begun to wither away, leading to the theory that he had been killed shortly after going missing. Little is known about the unidentified man, but Roger James had his ankle broken when he was plunged into the river that May, and was only able to escape with the help of a friendly onlooker. They tried to hitch a ride on Grand Junction Road, a busy thoroughfare in Adelaide, before realizing that they were going to have no luck hitchhiking together. Eventually, Peter's parents discovered the plot among Peter and his friend to skip school, and conveyed this information to the police - who were just as alarmed as they were. [4][10], Some authorities do not recognise the term "The Family", stating that "[t]hey should not be given any title that infers legitimacy. 's had discovered the chemical compound chloral hydrate in the system of Alan Barnes, who also had an above-average level of alcohol in his system: roughly four times the legal limit, which was unusually high for a teenager. So, they believed that this crime might have been perpetrated by someone that Neil owed money to, who wanted to cover up their tracks afterward. Neil's penis had been cut, and he was missing a testicle at the time of discovery. The last victim was the son of our local television newsreader. The convicted killer and notorious head of "The Family" ring who picked up hitchhikers and schoolboys to drug and offer to South Australia's elite to sexually abuse has broken his 20-year silence, to blame his victim, and to claim innocence over other murders. Another anonymous caller claimed that they had seen Richard Kelvin in a snuff film, which had been filmed very recently. In the days after Neil Muir's body was discovered in separate black trash bags, police had received two separate phone calls alerting them to the victim's relationship with a local doctor. A man who donned a balaclava and stormed a man's Adelaide CBD unit, stabbing him within nine seconds, will spend 20 years behind bars. Darko's brother dropped them at a bus stop near the corner of on Grand Junction Rd and Addison Neil Muir was last seen in Hindley St, Adelaide in the company of Dr Peter Leslie Millhouse at 3pm on the day he was murdered. Examiners discovered that just a few inches above his groin - just below his navel - Mark had a small surgical scar that had been sealed shut with staples and a specific type of Johnson & Johnson surgical tape. Young Blood refers to the age of the victims who were brutally murdered. Noctec was found in his blood, suggesting he had been drugged. Unfortunately, from there, the trail would go cold for over a year at which point, another victim had already become ensnared in this tragic saga. This conflict has endured because Alan's bloodstream also showed signs of alcohol consumption, which Alan had participated in that same weekend. But underneath the surface, a monster lingered He told officers what the two had been up to that weekend: hanging out on Saturday and into Sunday morning, before splitting up. He had become so messed up on drugs and alcohol that a bouncer had to physically drag him outside of a bar, where he stumbled onto the pavement and struggled to get up. The following Sunday, June 24th - one week after Alan had last been seen alive - a couple of hikers were bushwalking up in the area known as the Adelaide Foothills. While changes in Southern Australia's draconian laws had decriminalized homosexuality, there were still people eager to prey on or harass gay men and women - behavior that lingers to this day. So prosecutors and the police began to build their case around Millhouse without his cooperation, including witness statements that alleged the two had been together the weekend before Neil's violent death. Now twenty-five years old, Neil had spent the better part of the last few years struggling with addictions and vices that left him moving from place-to-place pretty regularly. Richard Kelvin's disappearance was a slightly higher profile case than the others I've covered so far - due to him being the son of the region's top newscaster - but even then, the investigation was not without fault. Peter Stogneff. In addition to the driver, there appeared to be a couple of other occupants inside of the car that they, unfortunately, could not recall many details of. He also happened to be a relative of Robin Millhouse, South Australia's former Attorney General who would become a Supreme Court Justice in 1982. The name of the group stems from an interview a police detective gave on 60 Minutes,[1] claiming the police were taking action "to break up the happy family". There, George was plied with beers and other alcoholic beverages while the older women flirted with him. The other two men thrown into the river with him managed to escape with their lives, but they did not escape unscathed. The male and female drove off but returned At about 6pm on a Sunday afternoon, Richard walked his friend to the bus stop on O'Connell St, North Adelaide. However, the medical examiners in Adelaide concluded definitively that Alan had died several hours before this happened. Apart from von Einem, three other core members are thought to be directly involved in the murders; while DNA testing re-commenced in 2008, no further charges have been laid. Police spoke to Alan's friend, who had left him behind on Grand Junction Road. He found like minded people who shared a similar sexual bent, and he found people he could mutually exploit to lure victims into his car. Because very little physical evidence had been left behind, it was hard to tell whether or not these crimes belonged to the same spree, or were simply copycats. Five murders and over 150 rapes. From the outside looking in, von Einem was incredibly average. However, what wasn't up for debate was the fact that Alan had been violently tortured for hours before his death, with his death ultimately coming from blood loss due to an anal injury. The victims ranged in age from 14 to 25, and most were found to have suffered brutal violence, sexual assaults, and/or body mutilation before their death. Some time after they went missing, their bodies would each be found, often horribly mutilated. Nine days after Mark Langley went missing, his body was discovered in the Adelaide Foothills, close to Mount Lofty in the area known as Summertown. I think we might get closer to understanding what happened but I think lack of physical evidence pretty much rules out any more charges being laid. But only one recalled seeing where Alan might have gone. Ten years von Einem's junior, Mr B helped von Einem pick up, drug, and rape several young men. Bevan Spencer von Einem was jailed for life for the murder of 15-year-old Richard Kelvin. He was also found to be wearing clothing that did not belong to him, and his original clothing was missing entirely. Between 1979 and 1983, a series of heinous murders shocked Adelaide. When they finally got around to doing this, after the discovery of Richard Kelvin's body, one name popped out at them. An examination of Richard's body discovered that his cause-of-death was virtually identical to the other young male victims: blood loss caused by extensive anal injuries. Neil Muir's body had been so badly mutilated that he still barely resembled an entire being. by enjin | Feb 12, 2021 . This was cancelled the night before. The post-mortem revealed that Langley had died from a massive loss of blood from gross injuries to his anus, similar to Barnes. He had seemingly disappeared, and a brief search of the area failed to come up with him. Richard's family disputed this, vigorously denying the notion that Richard would have run away of his own accord. The "Family Murders" *Warning: graphic content and mentions of sexual abuse ahead. However, they were able to learn that - before his body was burned in the brush fire - his remains had been cut into multiple parts with a saw. The Family murders are the name of the murders of five young men and teenagers who happened in Adelaide, South Australia between 1979 and 1983. Although there were in excess of 150 youths and young men who were drugged and raped, often by multiple men, this section focuses on the five young men who didnt come home. Unlike other drugs, Mandrax was heavily-regulated, meaning that police could search through government records to find out who had a prescription, and whether or not they appeared on their suspect lists. He had been sexually assaulted and went on to report this bizarre, terrifying incident to police. It was broad daylight, and both were assured that Alan would easily be able to find a ride to take him the few miles home. The name of the group stems from an interview a police detective gave on 60 Minutes, claiming the police were taking action to break up the happy family. Peter Stogneff, aged 14,[17] murdered in August 1981. Whatever it was, it looked like a human body but was somehow twisted and contorted in an inhuman nature. The Family Murders are a series of violent and depraved sex crimes committed against five young men and boys in South Australia throughout the 1970's and 1980's. In 1988 Detective Trevor Kipling described a group of people whom he suspected as being responsible as "one big happy family" and vowed to do all that he could to bring them to justice. He was in G Block of Yatala Prison for decades but was transferred to Port Augusta Prison in the north of the state in 2007. View description Share. Do you think the Family Murders case will ever be solved? It wasn't until the next day, Sunday (February 28th), that Mark's parents began to grow concerned. Of the five men that fell prey to this violent killer, at least two had been drugged with Mandrax, as had George. Oh, that reminds me. In a word, no. The Family were not an official group, gang, or organisation. There were signs that he had been tortured and beaten by a sexual sadist, who had likely kept Alan drugged with a chemical compound named chloral hydrate. Only one suspect has been charged and convicted for the crimes: Bevan Spencer von Einem was sentenced in 1984 to a minimum of 24 years (later extended to a minimum 36-year term) for the murder of 15-year-old Richard Kelvin. The father of boat crash victim Mallory Beach refused to shake hands with Alex Murdaugh 's family in court after the legal scion was sentenced to life in prison for the murders of his wife and son . Millhouse was charged and went to trial but was acquitted. Unfortunately, that Thursday, Peter never arrived at the mall to meet his friend. But his teachers recalled him being absent, and hours would pass that afternoon (heading into the evening) and Peter would fail to return home. The two had been dating for about a month now, and Richard had excitedly told his mother that he planned on proposing when his girlfriend and he were nineteen years old. He was seen in the presence of individuals who would become relevant later on, but - at the time - were simply believed to have been his friends. This horrific sight was quickly reported to police, who arrived at the scene and immediately cordoned off the area around where the fisherman had reportedly discovered the floating trash bags. Four of the five murders remain unsolved. He had struggled to wean himself off of heroin, using methadone to do so, only to have methadone become his next addiction. Mark's remains had also clearly been thoroughly washed before being dumped, just like Alan Barnes. [3], Von Einem was convicted in 1984 of the murder of Kelvin and sentenced to life imprisonment. Five young men who were drugged, viciously raped and tortured, kept captive for up to five weeks, horrifically mutilated, and ultimately murdered. He likely did this to hide it from his parents, in case they made it home before he did. It is confirmed that 5 of these victims were murdered, usually by having an object forced so far up their anus that it split the lining and they bled out. "The Family murders" occurred in the period of time between the late 1970s and 1980s. The police came to this conclusion due to the status of his remains, which weren't nearly as decomposed as they should have been; by the time he was discovered at the end of July, he had been dead for no more than a week or two, despite having gone missing at the beginning of June. Criminologist Alan Perry of the University of Adelaide, has argued that the murders were part of widespread series of kidnappings and sexual assaults of boys that might number several hundred victims in South Australia from about 1973 to 1983.[11]. This group was believed to be involved in the kidnapping and sexual abuse of a number of teenage boys and young men, as well as the torture and murder of five young men aged between 14 and 25, in Adelaide, South Australia, in the 1970s and 1980s. Of only one victim. [4][5] In 1989, von Einem was charged with the murders of two other victims, Barnes and Langley, but the prosecution entered a nolle prosequi (voluntarily discontinue criminal charges) during the trial when crucial similar fact evidence was deemed inadmissible by the presiding judge. Rather than have to read the whole site, or miss updates in the case because you dont know they exist, this section will show time-stamped updates so you can keep up to date with developments. As the 1970s entered their homestretch, Alan was beginning to enter the phase of his life where he experimented with drug and alcohol usage. That was when similar stories of young men being drugged and sexually assaulted began to make waves throughout Australia; young men that had been drugged with similar substances. Just like Neil Muir, whoever had taken him had killed him and dumped his body pretty quickly, within a day or two. [8] Little more could be determined as the remains had been accidentally burnt by the farmer while clearing his property of scrub.[11][19]. The bags looked as if they had been dropped from the higher-up wharf, just like the body of Alan Barnes had been. Mark Langley If you recall, M.E. [8] The reward carried an offer of immunity to accomplices, dependent on their level of involvement. At the time of the murder, Dr. Millhouse - a gay man in his mid-forties - lived alone in northern Adelaide, and drove a ten-year-old Holden sedan. Even though he was nearly an adult at this point - and had a fair amount of independence in his life - this disappearance was deemed very out-of-the-ordinary. At the same time he was developing a network of people who made it possible for him to carry out his sexually sadistic fantasies. Bevan Spencer von Einem is serving a life sentence for one of those murders. Boris left on a bus, and Richard started making his way back home a trip that was no more than four-hundred meters. Players - The Family Murders Players Five murdered young men, over 150 violent abduction drug-rapes, two people arrested, one person found guilty. Bevan von Einem was an apex predator. A short time later, police were contacted and later arrived at the scene to document the grisly find. In the latter half of the 1970s, South Australia had started to regulate drugs like Mandrax, known throughout most of the world as "Quaaludes."
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