I got my NAC from Walmart I used to get this from Amazon but they stopped selling it. 22! Federal government websites often end in .gov or .mil. Two energy drinks and two cups of coffee in a 24-hour period was the norm. Any natural medicine with 0.01% of these deaths and side effects would have been pulled from the market immediately. This is what I have been doing while I am surrounded by the vax people. Your experience is a huge warning for your readers. Because these people wouldnt be injecting people unless they knew the answer. And slept a lotonly up for a couple hours in the morning and then not again till 2pm and then slept till 5 pmI also had the aches in the back of my knees that I get with a bad flu. But the idea here is to get phytochemicals that act the same way as suramin in the human body. Im going to try the pine needle tea. Where did you purchase the pine needle oil capsules? Praying for you and forever grateful for you sharing truthpraying for your full recovery. I already drink at least a gallon of water everyday. Four days after eliminating caffeine from my life, the headaches persisted, but were far less severe. They have several good brands available; their shipping is free after $20. Use DuckDuckGo.com to research as Google has been compromised.. Good Luck, God Bless. Fortunately, we had enough food in the house that we just didnt go out. Suramin inhibits binding of the V3 region of HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein gp120 to galactosylceramide, the receptor for HIV-1 gp120 on human colon epithelial cells. The tea is delicious. I asked her ISNT Your Life Worth More, Than 12.50 ph?To Take The Poisons? The pine needle tea seems to be working. Your story re-confirmed my own. Did it take very long to get one? So the total amount of Ivermectin he took daily was 22 mg. This fragment is excerpted from his book Brief History of the Future, published in France in 2006.. Suramin is the pharmaceutical version of Shikimic Acid (Shikimate) We now know that the Covid-19 "spike protein" does not remain in the injection site but travels through the blood, entering and attacking the vascular system first. But I think now Im just paranoid and any little abnormality creeps me out. If your comment is to dismiss Jesuss message about warning against alcohol, then you are in error. The vet simply told him what dosage to use for himself. It's found in many forests around the world, in Pine needles. We take it once a month on a Saltine (dosage by each of our individual body weights). Check if the good people over at Dr. Kory & Dr. Marik group, FLCCC, might have a job for you; you have immense, valuable, critical knowledge, skills & experience. Take ivermectin, it works. Ad vertisement from shop CarolinaPepperHead. Amen..i totally agree. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6017835/, Spike protein/Piikkiproteiini: I sent her this information praying she read and understand what is truly causing her problems. Get to know your trees. God Bless you all! from something a vaxxed person has used/touched? DEATHS: 31,696 (as of October 21, 2022) I forgot that people were getting jabbed here in Arizona as early as Feb, so I didnt know yet about the danger to the unvaxxed. Im wondering if the vaxxed did spread something to you in the airplanes. Although i dont know if im overreacting tho. There is hope. They drank wine in the old days often because water was not clean. Its ok if you disagree. skin contact? The study suggests that extracts from the pine species P. taiwanensi can be used as an anti-inflammatory ingredient in foods and drugs. I wonder about your measurements 1/4 cup of needles tightly packed? (Excellent info) and been doing it for like 10 yrs. When suramin was introduced for the treatment of African sleeping sickness in 1922, it was one of the first anti-infective agents that had been developed in a medicinal chemistry program. La suramine contenue dans les aiguilles de pin, comme le prconise le Dr Judy Mikovits (voir publication N1 en page d'accueil de ce site). That would indeed make Him a hypocrite, and worse yet, a sinner of the highest order. Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones. My feeling was that some vaxxed person/people transmitted their spike proteins to me and my days were numbered due to blood clots in my brain. What is a drunkard? Pine needle tea and antihistamines are keeping alive, literally. Its stressful for sure!! Im glad you are back to typical. Epub 2021 Mar 22. Now the cancer is growing on his back and his side. Neuroscience. Thx. Their immune system seems to be warding off side effects at this point. I filled three large freezer bags with white pine needles from a huge pine forest, which are everywhere in the Midwest. How many did you get? We are all animals, arent we? Wine was part of their culture. Join the free Brighteon email newsletter. Hi Brian. I saw a lot of people on Etsy selling pine needles for tea. This pandemic has taught all of us a lot, hasnt it? He had his 1st Moderna Mar 11. I have been suffering from severe migraines, nausea, vomiting, brain fog, and fatigue for the past two weeks. I believe that you and any true nurses and doctors, those who were called (you know who you are, as opposed to people who took that route because of the income and/or status) will have to go underground to be real medical practitioners. Also, you could start with small concentrations and evaluate, for more safety. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Activation of Cx43 Hemichannels Induces the Generation of Ca. Next post: 16 minute video explains the vaccine forward to those who need to know. You will then pay for the Rx separately. Also check out GoodRx coupons if you dont have insurance their prices maybe cheaper but in my case it was not. [1][a parasite] Specifically, it is used for treatment of first-stage African trypanosomiasis caused byTrypanosoma brucei rhodesienseandTrypanosoma brucei gambiensewithout involvement of central nervous system. I dont want to suffer any illnesses over this spike protein. WOW! Bought tons of it afraid theyll take it off market when people figure out it works. We will have taken care of having planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution. Many of the younger adults who took both jabs experienced bad migraines and horrible nightmares the days after the second shot. Dont forget not to use City water, it contains fluoride, which calcifies your pineal gland; which will take away the additional awareness of whats going on or being able to sense when things arent right (Spidey Sense). Skippaa mainokset ja jt "fact check"-sivustot huomiotta sill ne on lkefirmojen maksettuja harhauttamismainoksia! Theres also anecdotal evidence that suggests cutting the needles releases all the goodness you want in your body. If your comment is to dismiss Jesuss message about warning against alcohol, then you are in error. Headaches happen to everyone. Her Dr, which is mine too at the moment, wants her to get a head scan and prescribed migraine medication. Some cultures eat the pine needles raw because it is believed that suramin is derived from pine needles. Copper kills MRSA. suramin spike protein November 19, 2021 This antidote to the contagion, that has been known of by the upper levels of the medical establishment and insiders of the elitist class for almost 100 years, is called Suramin, an isolated compound originally derived from an extract of pine needle oil. Suramin has inhibitory effects against components of the coagulation cascade and against the inappropriate replication and modification of RNA and DNA. Brighteon. I start all clients with a Functional Genetic DNA test this test goes way beyond 23&Me or nutrient/fitness gene tests. ones will be living without them! If myself, if Brian, if anyone enters in this spiritual war, you need to be healthy, you need your brain to fully function and you need to be physically and mentally SOBER. Laurie, I agreegood words. Wonderful? This is from Psalm 104, He causeth the grassto growfor the cattle,and herbfor the serviceof man:that he may bring forthfoodout of the earth; I feel VERY Suramin is also used for treating Autism." Consequently, antibodies targeting the ACE2-interacting surface (ACE2IS) located in the receptor-binding domain (RBD) of the spike protein can neutralize the virus. About the first week in May 2020 he came down with a virus (he was not tested for Covid). And others got strokes and are partially paralysed. How many star anise do you use per cup of water? It was used then, as was Pine NeedleTea. You had mentioned the last two, but Im surprised that the balsam fir is also toxic? Alcohol effects our brains, our cognitive functions and it also impairs our health so mentioning the verse about staying SOBER is accurate. I cant believe the amazing results I am having. There is a direct relationship between Suramin (the isolated extract), pine needle tea (a hot water extract of the pine, fir, cedar, and spruce needles), and pine oil (which is derived from the needles though an essential oil steam distillation process). I pray you will study these things out for yourself and truly seek, in full sobriety, understanding and clarification on this issue. Understand that we are smart enough to find our own solutions, and apply them. I read every word of Brians editorial and especially liked how cautious he was about whether he is really a victim of shedding and whether the pine needle tea really cured his headaches. Healthy until March when heavy, irregular bleeding began. I think it is $90 dollars or in that ballpark. Good to get checked out. It was definitely a bioweapon, like nothing I ever had. Bought a bottle of NAC just 2 wks ago. doi: 10.1128/AAC.01168-19. L'antidote la protine Spike. interesting! (The word serum is being used here since, evidently, the way to avoid taking the jab is to say I am allergic to the serum.). The COVID Blog is my duty. Videos: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Pine+Needle+Tea This comment in the PDF also reveals Suramins ability to inhibit micro-clots: Suramin also showed inhibitory effects against components of thecoagulation cascade(71, 130). Wow, this is fascinating. Trypan Blue is a derivative of toluene which is a derivative of pine oil. Its when someone abuses wine, using in excess, that it becomes an issue. Weve lost many people in the community Im from. This action can explain how it both disrupts receptor-G protein coupling and inhibits guanine nucleotide release. HeatherRaeINHC.com. government site. My wife is always about supplements, etc, but I am not and yet she ask me to give her a brief explanation about what others write. Hes 84 so needed some help. Maybe it was a combination of all the other interventions. Didnt even think about getting it from vaccinated people till weeks later I started seeing it on social mediathen we flashed back and wondered if thats who we got it from. When we stay alcohol free, in my experience, we break some of the legal right of the enemy and he has less opportunity against us. Like when Covid first came to US, everyone was recommending elderberry. 2019 Oct 22;3(20):2920-2933. doi: 10.1182/bloodadvances.2019000350. (Please see my comment above). Let him drink, and forget his poverty, and remember his misery no more. ABOUT CONTRIBUTE ENGLISH In 2018 I couldnt kick that illness and finally went to the dr. Luckily I saw a very cool dr, and first thing he said was, you havent been to a dr for 14 yrs based on your historyI laughed and said thats how I like it. You are taking it way past what it actually says, pulling verses out of context in an attempt to say one should never, ever have a drink. In what amounts/frequency? Its one who habitually gets inebriated, who purposely consumes alcohol until drunkenness sets in. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and thought that it is my duty to place a comment so you know that people are reading these informative articles. This new species of vaxxed, GMO human is shedding the spike proteins and infecting others with their contaminated genes. Im amazed you went out and found your own!! Was it just stress-related migraines from working too much and rarely sleeping in my mid-40s? I read something about this supplement and graphine oxide thats in those jabs maybe thats why the FDA wants to change its status to a drug. Your privacy is protected. If myself, if Brian, if anyone enters in this spiritual war, you need to be healthy, you need your brain to fully function and you need to be physically and mentally SOBER. I am severely allergic to the protein shedding from vaxed people. "Jason Shurka Q: Do you know of anyway, to heal oneself from the injuries from the current injection? Pine needletea has been used medicinally worldwide for thousands of years. It is true that many will go with the passing night, yet those that remain will then shine all the brighter. Suramin analogues as subtype-selective G protein inhibitors. Read some of his papers. Oooh, thank you didnt know about Nano Soma. So it should be no surprise that I was quite worried when my normal physiological equilibrium was way off for over two weeks, which is also why we havent updated in a while. Im doing this so I have the product for my family and grandkids and closest friends. It seemed that nothing we did after he came down with the virus was helping. Humans have been drinking pine needle tea for centuries. If MRSA comes in as a secondary invader increase Copper. Go to rumble.com put CATHERINE AUSTIN FITTS PLANET LOCKDOWN in the search engine and listen to her FULL interview. and transmitted securely. It must have been an instinctivecall. This experience was scary for sure. Jesus multiplied the wine and blessed the wedding that he attended. This is not possible on this forum. Elimination (regular bowel movements) is important, as are nutrients, and removal of other toxins (mycotoxins from mold, parasites etc) Dr Neil Nathans book Toxic has excellent information, as does Tennant Institute on the importance of voltage at the cellular level. Here is the trail of science and data that shows the derivative relationship between pine needles and Suramin (the elists antidote to microbial illnesses) and which also provides a potential antidote for those affected by the spike protein contagion (for reasons explained within the following data): Suramin is used for treatment of humansleeping sicknesscaused bytrypanosomes. Multiply that by 5 days and he took 114 mg of Ivermectin total. Trypan red and trypan blue were first synthesized by the German scientistPaul Ehrlichin 1904. In biochemical assays, suramin and its derivatives are at least 20-fold more potent than remdesivir, the currently approved nucleotide drug for treatment of COVID-19. Strategies towards Targeting Gi/s Proteins: Scanning of Protein-Protein Interaction Sites To Overcome Inaccessibility. MP4 is attached) has revealed that the medical establishment has known all along about theantidote to the contagion acontagion that is now being seen today by thousands of people who have not taken the serum, but have merely come in close proximity with others who have taken the jab. Not to mention all the tree sap and bugs on my kitchen floor, and my manicure was utterly destroyed. Which indiamart supplier do you purchase ivermectinfrom? . I know the ivermectin saved me from the covid. etsy Has a lot of wonderful sellers of pine needles etc. God bless you. 1), synthesized by Oskar Dressel, Richard Kothe, and Bernhard Heymann in 1916. I cut all caffeine and alcohol (mostly wine) from my life after the second day of headaches. We investigated how this uncoupling relates to the inhibition of GTPgammaS binding. You are doing such a wonderful service for humanity. It is a pleasure to read such an article and not get lost in too many technicalities. Mol Interv. Unfortunately with MRI they want you to have contrast injected into your veins, the dye they use for MRI is Gadolinium, a heavy metal. WHAT A NIGHTMARE! Plus if youre a Christian, God said, I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. Suramiini on synteettinen molekyyli joka on johdettu tolueenista joka on eristetty mntyljyst. I have the same question as pinus elliotii is abundantly available. Will this eventually kill me? I agree with you! Come winter when the spike protein in their bodies will be challenged with new pathogens, we will all discover our true levels of health. i bought ivermectin at the farm supply store, in paste form, the cheapest. I am in Europe Portugal where i can bye this pine tea please? Brian, often people write articles in which they are competent in understanding, but for a layperson it is often difficult to follow. It comes in a synthetic pharmaceutical concentrate which can be injected into your body in case of emergencies or you can simply extract Pine oil through distillation. Suramin - see below The injection contains TRILLIONS of their coded spike proteins PRIONS! ~ https://holisticgear.com/product/suramin/. Stupid vaxxers have condemmed us to die. Eastern White Pine Needle Powder- suramin, shikimic acid, vitas, spike protein inhibitor ad vertisement by CarolinaPepperHead. There is a potential antidote to the current spike protein contagion which is called Suramin. God Bless you!! Stronger amounts of needles to water can be used therapeutically. The typical Christmas tree (Araucaria heterophylla) is not a pine tree. Sailors drank it to fight off scurvy in the 18th and 19th centuries. I dont have an espresso maker so I am going to try using my italian coffee carafe bc it gets very very hot. The headaches were all but gone by May 18 or so. Strokes/aneurysms can be prevented by upping intake of vit C. It gives elasticity to vessels/arteries. Doesnt have to be White Pine.. Just make sure the one you chose isnt one of the toxic varieties. So I drink two cups per day one in the morning and one before bed. Also childrenshealthdefense.org has a form to sign letting your elected officials know you are against the mandates. I forgot to mention that my boyfriend passed away in October. Ive been wanting to forage pine needles to make tea for a long time now (maybe one day lol). Thank you for the information!!? The headache is beginning to diminish. You both went through so much difficulty for 2+ years. When I write articles I try to make it easy reading and often get feedback precisely about it is pleasant for others to read what I write. The Douglas fir needle tea I have been drinking provides an energetic lift and a nice boost to the immune system. Hi! Period. The bible forbids ***drunkenness***, not casual consumption. Yetpine needle teaprovides a similar, if not superior, benefit, due in part to the fact that it is a direct mild extract of the whole herb leaving many of its properties still intact thatmight be destroyed by excessive heat during distillation and further dissection of its many nutrient components. Suramin is a potent inhibitor of Chikungunya and Ebola virus cell entry Delivery of Suramin as an Antiviral Agent through Liposomal Systems Suramin Inhibits Chikungunya Virus Replication by Interacting with Virions and Blocking the Early Steps of Infection Anti-hypertension/Verenpainetta alentava: I found this blog and thank you so much for this info btw. However, point one, all must determine their own choices, my comment to Brian, one who is perhaps called to this task of informing the public of a very powerful satanic lie, was to Brian. Good and interesting article, However it would be good to know how shedding occurs. Eastern white pines, red pines, and noble firs are what you want. Then, pharmacy calls you personally. The whole herbal source (needles) is superior to the single compound extract (Suramin) because the needles possess a full complement of phytonutrients providing numerous additional benefits that the extract is incapable of. No way to prove it I suppose, but it sure seems odd. It has also been used in the treatment of trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness) and onchocerciasis since the early 1920s. I have a dear friend that that happened to and another person told my friend to get away as she backed up screaming dont come closer, I dont want to die. Socially, it is also much better for the human machine to stop abruptly rather than gradually deteriorate. Hope you get better soon Brian, this is a great website! We have now examined the effect of suramin on G protein signaling for the vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) receptor in lung. Again, I was very fatigued along with the severe headaches. I learned about it sitting with the Elders. Twats. Always err on the side of caution. Can you tell me which I should buy? It's found in many forests around the world, in Pine needles. I was, as always, on my own. We cant change the past, we can only be there and supporting them through these terrible times lying ahead of them. There are several reputable vitamin mfg that sell proteolytic enzymes. Incredible information, too. Informative and content suppressed by the mainstream media. Hopefully your country has dandelions growing in the early spring. Something most people are not considering. Itvis all well and good to take these supplements but you really (really) need to know what you are working with and your doctor running a blood test will have no clue! Did get side effects from over taking it,chest pains twitching arm. Wow, with that fast a recovery after pine tea, Id say that stuff truly works. To fully address your comment, let me remind you that in order to establish Gods doctrine on a subject we must take the word/meaning and look at it throughout his holy bible. There are plenty of articles online one what to make the tea from and exact directions. Also an infected toe for the first time, and it wouldnt heal. It is only available by injection, and has been a closely guarded secret not made openly available to the masses during this pandemic, yet is an effective solution for parasites and viruses of several kinds,along with a large number of otherconditions. You might actually enjoy the outing. Its so wrong that he and so many more lose everything because of this damn virus. it doesnt destroy them. I also resumed bromelain/quercetin vitamins, and Ive been eating more pineapple since these contain digestive enzymes for proteins. Trees lower down were sporting yellow needles due to no rainfall this summer. So you can never deny this as truth. It shows it is a wise decision to keep immune system very healthy and also to boost ones defenses against shedders with such things as the pine tree tea. little and much , the first meaning exactly what it says, a little or a small amount. The latter means a great deal, excessive. I find the more stress, the worse the headache and its duration. Also, this person has a cold which has turned into a sinus infection. The tea itself should be relatively clear. Solari.com also has forms to download if youre being threatened with loss of job, school etc. The Rx was in the $200 range for 6 months. 5:11, the word drunkard is from the Greek word methysos , the root word is methy and is defined by Strongs as to drink to intoxication, i.e. We are called to spiritual war. Im glad youre hangin in there, & searching, reaching out for therapies and healing, and, also staying connected to good folks like on this website. Sadly, a downvote will disappear an upvote. I got so worried on the fifth consecutive day of debilitating headaches and fatigue that I actually called an urgent care facility. This doesnt refer to drunkenness, it does refer to wine in moderation. Dont worryivermectin has a very low toxicity level (as you did ease up and its flushed out with no harm). I make 1.5 gallons at a time, hope this helps. Mark 14:25Verily I say unto you, I will drink no more of the fruit of the vine, until that day that I drink it new in the kingdom of God. i have been taking it for 2 or 3 months, with no side effect. Suramin is considered a lead compound targeting this moiety. It was 2019 at that pt and he also had gotten the illness and admitted he had no clue what it was. Many blessings. Then, the Pine Needle Tea. Second, we do an organic acids test. Bookshelf My mother is also vaxed but there is one major issue for me that means I am going to working full time for myself as an NLP therapist. I tried the pine tea but I dont know if it did anything, but I also have a rare blood type so I dont know. Excessive coagulation causes blood . Something was wrong, very wrong. Why are we still trusting the media and the medical wizards that dreamed up this sham? Mervin got cancer within 6 months, Plavleisel cancer, huge chunk had been cut out behind his ear on his scalp and on his leg. Any way thank you so much for this article. Hi, thats awesome. That had to stop immediately. The holy spirit always gives the best advice, and if he tells you to drink alcohol, thats bewteen you and him. I was wondering where you went! Lets be clear, the bible says not to get drunk, a drunkard will not enter heaven. I harvested some young Dougles Fir needles last fall and have been adding it to my morning tea blend for the last couple of months. Store them in the freezer. You gave up a lot! Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pine_needle_tea I just want to make a note on your comment, Liz. The COVID Blog - All Rights Reserved 2021-2023. When I ventured out to find pine trees for their needles, I kept in mind that the desirable trees have five needles per bundle or clump (fascicle). I lowered dose & they gone away. Some are thankful, I work in a salon and get it because of the people I work close to I wanted to have it on hand in case I start to have symptoms and I take the ivermectin right away for 12 pills you take four pills the first day skip a day another four pills skip another day and another four pills it helps to stop the Covid in your body.. Thank you again for all the work you have done. Int J Mol Sci. My observation is that those who maintain high levels of health are not affected by either the serum nor the transference contagion. She cant walk far or even drive. But Im 95% back to normal now. Wishing you good health and recovery. The infection on my toe also healed, and Ive had energy for the first time in 2 years. My yard likely has a great candidate to make pine needle tea. PINE NEEDLE TEA/MNNYNNEULASTEE: I was at least going to die fighting for what I believe in and not living in fear. The Bible tells us in 1 Corinthians 6 that our bodies are not our own, and Im sure youre familiar with that passage, so I would encourage you to take a look at this study and understand what any amount of alcohol does to the body. The next day after starting the pine tea, the bleeding stopped and the pain lessened to where I was able to exercise. Granted, Im not going to go out and start taking tablespoons of turpentine. hi, i found white pine needle on etsy. 2021 Apr 7;4(1):409. doi: 10.1038/s42003-021-01936-2. I was sleeping for 14-15 hours per day for over a week. https://chemrxiv.org/engage/chemrxiv/article-details/60c74e3e4c8919a35fad39a8, >the most potent inhibitor was a suramin analogue Jesus turned water into winenot grape juice. Sobriety is a huge advantage, in my experience. Everyone MUST be vaccinated before September 1. Tank you It is even known to greatly improve the lives of children with autism. Against Foodborne Bacteria, Antibacterial activity of water-soluble extract from pine needles of Cedrus deodara, Volatile components and antibacterial effects of pine needle (Pinus densiflora S. and Z.) https://www.chemistryworld.com/news/espresso-maker-brews-up-tasty-extraction/8532.article, I enjoy reading your newsletter, and glad to keep up on the infoback in Feb this year, my hubby and I saw our primary doc, who had the shot, we always get a hug; and then a few days later, at church, hugged a couple of friends, and then found out in conversationthey always want to brag they had the shotthat yes, they had the shotwell, about a week and a half later, I got sick.
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