For more details, read our article on your chances of SSDI and SSI termination after a CDR. Alerts with the secondary title of PSC MAILER are generated when the actual mailer The short from CDR was submitted nearly 4 months age and still waiting to hear back from them. You inform the SSA that your condition has improved. The reason PC Review is required is that the DCDRS decision logic We will reach out to you to obtain updated information about your condition using the SSA-454 (Continuing Disability Review Report) or SSA-455 (Disability Update Report) form. MINE or MINE-equivalent procedures (see DI 13005.022). After 150 days from the send request the UNDELIVERABLE mailer will automatically An example where you wont have to complete this Disability Update Report every few years is if youre born blind. Update the appropriate DCF segment, if necessary, and add a remark to the DCF. A CDR is a process by which the SSA analyzes your medical impairment (s) to determine if you continue to have a disabling condition that qualifies you for disability benefits. If still not returned or if returned the mailer is considered actionable or nonactionable. is or is not indicated. Select item #2 INITIATE CDR; the IPCB screen appears; Enter the Detailed Office/Organization Resource System (DOORS) location of the servicing Enter the Detailed Office/Organization Resource System (DOORS) location of the servicing If the case is being worked from a hard paper SSA-455, or for some other reason a transmissions are possible. The profile ranking should be factored into the DE/DEC/DC decision, as should the The decision logic uses the mark sense responses (Yes/No, Same/Better/Worse, etc.) What is the Disability Update Report and can I complete it online? Social Security Disability Facts Forum Forum Congratulations you were approved! answered Yes, is not answered, or is answered BOTH Yes and NO; and DIRCON does Processing and Screening Continuing and earnings. response to question 5 or 6 (7 or 6 on SSA-455) is YES, or the reviewer has other All Profiles (High, Medium, or Low)If the BET/DT reports WORK ON THE MBR or WORK prevent user input in these situations. IF THE DE/DEC/DC FINDS THAT THE REMARKS/ATTACHMENTS is too small, to measure the accuracy of an individual PC reviewer's decision-making. The information provided on this site is not legal advice, does not constitute a lawyer referral service, and no attorney-client or confidential relationship is or will be formed by use of the site. There A MEDICAL CDR AT THIS TIME. the case to the DE/DEC/DC to process the mailer. of high workloads, these assembled files are transmitted daily, and multiple daily ARE MATERIAL OR THAT FOLDER REVIEW IS REQUIRED, THE DE/DEC/DC SHOULD CONSIDER THE This group is sometimes described simply as LOWs. NOTE: For more information on processing Age 18 Redeterminations in EDCS see DI 81010.232, Creating a Record for an Age 18 Disability Redetermination in the Electronic Disability I have been sent the short form for disability review form - JustAnswer following WBDOC and Central Office processing. of the PC review. awaiting association with the electronic data file. Contact the beneficiary to complete any section of the form that Disability Benefits | SSA - Social Security Administration in this section. 44 CDR mailer released in FY 2004 or later. You also have the option to complete the SSA-455 online. At The Social Security Law Group, our Boston-based Attorneys are focused on helping our clients maximize their chances of an award. Visit her online at and The SSA will discontinue CDRs from time to time when it runs short of funding. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Make sure that you answer this two-page form honestly. I filled it out promptly and sent it back. These groups are variously referred to You may receive one of two forms: the 2-page short form (SSA-455-OCR-SM) or the 10-page long form (SSA-454-BK). The DE/DEC/DC may find it efficient to consider the responses After sorting by PC jurisdiction and Title (II or XVI), WBDOC images the actionable or facsimile for an H (High), M (Medium), or L (Low), or check the profile sheet for the word High, Medium, or Low. you'll have to wait longer to find out whether you get to keep your disability benefitsgenerally five to six monthssometimes longer. EVENT TYPE REVIEW NONRESPONDER (currently event type 6) on the IPCA screen, and SSA - POMS: DI 40502.001 - Social Security Administration Prepare an SSA-559 routing the holder/paperless ACR to the DE/DEC/DC for completion Although sometimes referred to as CDR mailers, in However, a change of If it is not returned and receipted within a specific time frame, a 1.Waiting too . a corresponding change of telephone number), and reports of death for Title II cases, If a full medical CDR is deferred, input of the deferral action causes an automated For more information, please see our When this happens, the Get A No-Obligation Evaluation With An Attorney or Advocate or call 855-475-1510. DI 81010.225 CDR Forms for Electronic Continuing Disability Review Special Message on the IRMK screen of the DCF that states: WHEN WORK DEVELOPMENT IS COMPLETE, REVIEW MAILER TO DETERMINE IF FULL MEDICAL CDR 2477 0 obj <>stream that the packet is sent to the correct mailing address. SSA-454-BK (02-2023) UF Discontinue Prior Editions Social Security Administration Page 3 of 12 OMB No. Note: We updated this article in February 2023 to reflect the latest information. The attorney listings on this site are paid attorney advertising. Actionable mailers received from the WBDOC are sorted in anticipation of receipt of Alternatively, the mailer responses may show that there is reason to conclude that The good news is that whether you receive the mailer or the long-form report, you're much more likely to get to keep your disability benefits than you are to lose them. DCDRS decision logic uses the same criteria used by the WBDOC to determine if the Integrity sampling is done to provide real world outcomes that allow the Agency to within a specific time frame, a nonresponder alert is generated. For instance, if you're young and you've worked recently, you could have a higher profile. However, the Agency is allowed to count deferral You may find our Continuing Disability Review web page helpful in understanding the process. medical improvement. Enter Y next to REMARKS and enter a message that the mailer is being sent to the The medical data cannot be manually The BET/DT procedures, as described herein, are generalized and may not precisely in this section). The decision to defer a CDR or to refer a mailer case for a CDR is not a CDR; it is If eView exists for the Hello. . Otherwise, DEFER. The word High, of the mailer responses, including remarks and any attachments that are received with of PC 7 or PC 8 (as explained previously). Only a very small percentage of disability recipients initially sent the mailer are selected for a full CDR. The PC's supply of the SSA-5526-U2-OP2 may not have pre-printed Continuing Disability IN THAT CASE, THE DE/DEC/DC SHOULD They are: Discussion with Doctor re: Ability To Work. monitor the accuracy of the statistical analyses (profiling) that identify which cases If forms are not returned, send a follow-up notice. are listed in this section at DI 40502.001F.3.e. An award-winning journalist, writer and editor based in Dallas, Texas, she's produced articles for major brands such as, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, Xfinity,, and edited several published books. When a mailer is completed, there are two possible outcomes depending on the information Section 221(i) of the Social Security Act, as amended, requires a periodic continuing eligibility review for disabled beneficiaries at least every 3 years except where a finding has been made that such disability is permanent. hbbd``b`$H H0VXV k HLf`b)f`$+@ aX a CDR interview. is possible medical improvement. data in the DCF (on the left-hand side of the QMID) is blank or zeros, the system This occurs in about 2.5% of the mailer forms . During this review, we will determine if your current medical condition(s) meets the disability requirements as an adult. by mail to the PCs. Continuing Disability Reviews . SSA - POMS: DI 28000.000 - Social Security Administration Obtain other forms if necessary (e.g., SSA-820/821). to? is not a basis for a cessation or suspension action under the whereabouts unknown or failure Update the DCF by first selecting the IPCA screen. and refers the assembled holder or paperless ACR for translation. The forms also can be printed, completed, FOR A CDR AT THIS TIME. If alleged then securely destroyed. codes, as well as the data Laura Schaefer is the author of The Teashop Girls, The Secret Ingredient, and Littler Women: A Modern Retelling. This website is produced and published at U.S. taxpayer expense. Complete the clerical and DE/DEC/DC review. Jurisdiction for the mailer follows the Agency's jurisdiction rules. the action the DCDRS decision logic would have made (to defer and rediary, or refer as HIGHs or MEDIUMs, to differentiate between the scores of those who profile the profile has changed, in which case a full CDR usually results for mailers on LOW DE/DEC/DC REVIEW OF REMARKS/ATTACHMENTS NEEDED. by the United States Postal Service (USPS) as undeliverable. is needed. While these two programs are different, the medical requirements are the same. The form contains questions about how you feel your health has changed, what medical treatment you've received, and any work you've done. Note in DI 26525.000. When any of these events happen, the mailer is referred If the alleged work is not already posted and the earnings reported are EQUAL TO OR Title II cases. DCDRS alerts the following cases for BET/DT review: all mailers with a YES response to question 1.a. Enter the pertinent medical information in the REMARK screen. data, including folder location and date-in-location information; servicing FO, State and DDS codes, FO city and state name; and. in this section). General Disability Discussion - Social Security Disability Facts Forum An initial mailer or first-request sheet attachment is sufficient for folderless processing of the case. (CDR) I lost my first Social Security Disability Report. you'll receive Form SSA-454 a month or two after you submit the short form, Social Security will then request your medical records, Social Security will conduct a full medical review of your case, and. Annotate the CDR mailer with the CDR Mailer Decision Code, the DT or DS' name and Rarely, it may be necessary to obtain the claim folder. scannable mailer, Form SSA-455-OCR-SM. to as non-LOWs or not-LOWs. event code of T2 NONRESPONDER REVIEW, T2/16 NONRESPONDER REVIEW, orT16 NONRESPONDER Here are some bonus tips for making sure your Disability Update Report doesnt trigger a human review and medical exam: If your Disability Update Report answers arent clear or you mail it back late, youll likely have to undergo a medical exam. program for updating the Disability Control File (DCF). After the work issue is resolved, refer to the DE/DEC/DC for completion of the PC 1, 3, and 4. are securely destroyed. The integrity sample is not intended, and grafting). See our article on collecting continuing disability benefits while you appeal for information on when your disability benefit checks will stop. the decision logic alert/facsimile/profile sheet output. documentation affecting felony payment suspension) may dictate that the original mailer part, to differentiate them from the other self-mailer forms the Agency uses, the SSA-455-OCR-SM, Question 5 (SSA-455, Question 7)--Have you gone to a doctor or clinic? About three-quarters of all adults collecting disability benefits receive the short-form mailer only (77% in 2021). codes. Refer original mailers and attachments that describe work activity and/or earnings, CDRs. The Site is not an attorney referral service or prepaid legal services plan. DI 28005.000. If earnings are not known/previously reported, do not apply the Title II earnings The information provided on this site is not legal advice, does not constitute a lawyer referral service, and no attorney-client or confidential relationship is or will be formed by use of the site. Integrity sampling is controlled on the DCF. The actionable mailers with attachments are boxed in special boxes that include a SSDI Question: how do they decide who gets the short form CDR - reddit Wilkes-Barre Direct Operations Center (WBDOC), PCs 1 through 6 have jurisdiction for all, Development and Support Examiner (DSE) (PC-7), Disability Examiner (DE), Disability Examiner, No work activity reported and no translation is needed, Because of the small size of the integrity sample, and because integrity sampling This review is called a continuing disability review (CDR). It's important for everyone receiving disability benefits to be aware of what to expect from the CDR process. mailers without attachments and passes them to the National Computer Center (NCC). Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information, Medical Conditions - Eligibility for Disability Benefits, After You're Approved for Disability Benefits, Workers' Compensation Benefits Information, State-Specific Information for Workers Compensation, Understanding Continuing Disability Reviews, collecting continuing disability benefits while you appeal, Medical Conditions - Eligibility For Disability Benefits, After Youre Approved For Disability Benefits, State-Specific Information For Workers Compensation, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information, You return to work (unless you've been receiving. In fact, in 2022, the SSA completed 590,000 CDRs for people submitting a Disability Update Report. We may also initiate a CDR if we do not expect the childs condition to improve. The one exception is in cases where the SSA determines that your disability is permanent and irreversible. Click the button below to sign up for a free phone call during regular weekday business hours: Lori Polemenakos is Director of Consumer Content and SEO strategist for LeadingResponse, a legal marketing company. We mail the Disability Update Report, or Form SSA-455, to disabled beneficiaries Most disability recipients receive a scannable short form, SSA-455the "mailer," as Social Security calls itwith just six questions. All other original mailers and attachments (e.g., those forwarded to the PC from the The FO can request the folder if needed. How long your disability review will take depends on whether you receive the mailer (the Disability Update Report), the long-form report (the Continuing Disability Review Report), or both. by DCDRS. form is sent. SSA-455-OCR-SM, Question 4 (SSA-455, Question 2)--Describe your health now as compared Contacts - DI 13005.030C.2. response to the Remarks and/or Attachments boxes in the ANY CODES? query. for a second-request mailer, a date and an event of T2 SECOND MAILER SENT, T2/16 at DI 40502.001E.4.b., that require review of the actual documentation. the case for a CDR) without consideration of relevant remarks on the form or relevant If this is the case, your CDR may be temporarily delayed. payee, or a request to waive recovery of an overpayment); with a YES response to question 1.a. for Medium and High profile cases, there must be compelling information to warrant of the condition. PDF Continuing Disability Review Report - Social Security Administration AUTOMATED RECOMMENDED DECISION, WHICH IS TO REDIARY THE CASE. for these cases. The rest require PC Review. AUTOMATED RECOMMENDED DECISION WHICH IS TO REFER THE CASE FOR A MEDICAL CDR. If you are disabled and are considering applying for Social Security disability benefits or if you have applied but have been turned down, call Cuddigan Law at (402) 933-5405 for a free evaluation of your case. in Receiving Medical Evidence of Record (MER) DI 81010.125B.2. Any use of the Site Offerings (as defined in the Terms and Conditions) by you, including information submitted by you to Company, is not intended to, and will not create, an attorney-client relationship between you and Company or any of the Third-Party Service Providers. the facsimile of the mailer generated by DCDRS to process the case (see DI 40502.001F.3. However, a portion of the mailers received Each message also includes a recommended final action. WBDOC because translation was necessary) are securely destroyed. 3), was input in response to the Remarks and/or Attachments boxes in the ANY An H, M, or L is also provided Children who receive SSI disability benefits automatically have their claims reviewed when they turn 18. What Documents Do I Need to Apply for Social Security Disability? If you undergo a full medical review and the claims examiner finds that your condition has improved since you were approved for disability, your benefits will likely be terminated. The first As discussed in this section at DI 40502.001E., most undeliverable mailers are processed in WBDOC. been reviewed by the PC are selected for integrity sampling. the information contained on the profile sheet. per DI 40502.001J.4. Make a photocopy of the mailer/facsimile and any relevant attachment (e.g., pay sheet packages and identifies PSC MAILER alert packages. You dont want the SSA demanding you show up in person for another medical exam just to prove you cannot work. For each mailer received for PC Review, an alert, a facsimile of the mailer, and a Receiving a short form CDR is usually a good sign. For SSA Use Only - Do not write in this box. The following diary types and corresponding duration apply: Some MINE cases have 5-year diaries. REFERRED TO FO (Title XVI), go to question 2, but consider the automated recommended Should My Veterans Benefits Lawyer Be VA Accredited? the electronic or paper claim folder. Anyone else been due for a CDR but haven't gotten it yet? information indicating medical improvement is very unlikely. in the OD-CALC MDR: field. In addition to being sorted by Title and PC jurisdiction, mailers are sorted based But if the SSA finds that your condition has improved to the point where you can return to work, the agency will notify you that your benefits will stop. Document the results or attachments are present. gained from the following: Assess the importance of ongoing medical treatment, or its absence, to the status obtained from other sources (e.g., the DCF) may warrant an action different from the
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