The case of Egidio Batista is a good example of the need for protective custody. The obituary said he played football and baseball and loved the Giants and the Raiders. Online records show he was charged with attempted murder, use of a deadly weapon and second-degree burglary. Within a very short period of time he was found dead." He also refused to eat or drink, and the suit alleges no one in jail was supervising his mental and physical health. Nearly four months later, on Feb. 13, the press hold was removed. We interviewed our tech expert, Jaime Vazquez, to learn more about accessible smart home devices. What Happens if You Starve Yourself in Prison? 5325 Broder Boulevard, Dublin, CA, 94568. He also has pulmonary and organ congestion. custody, and control. They made funeral arrangements at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery and Funeral Home. NORTHERN SANTA BARBARA COUNTY'S NEWS AND ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY > FEBRUARY 11 - FEBRUARY 18, 2021 > VOL. He died by suicide within hours of being taken to Santa Rita Jail by hanging himself with a T-shirt, KTVU has learned. Anoxic encephalopathyInvestigative agency: Alameda County Sheriff/Tim EngelIsolation: Sort of. Drug issues: NoRestraints: NoNarrative: Singh collapsed at Santa Rita and was taken to Valley Care Medical Center in cardiac arrest. Your contribution matters. The doctor asked the nurses to clean him up. I havent been getting any sleep. Housing Unit West 7, first in Pod C, Cell 5 and moved to Pod E, Cell 5. The sheriff provided the death report on May 6, 2020. He was yelling he didnt do anything," she said. According to them, Beltram called his mother a few days before his death to say he wasn't feeling well and couldn't breathe. Then she was told she could email the prescription information to the jail, but her emails seemed to go to the "junk" basket and were never received, she said. Drug issues: NoRestraints: NoNarrative: According to his lawsuit, he had refused to take his medicine and he felt that he was being poisoned, due to his mental illness. This is called "Maximum Separation." Investigative agency: Alameda County Sheriff/Erik BordiIsolation: Not listedHealth and/or mental issues: Yes, but redacted. Name: Ali MuhammadAge:72Arrested:Date of death:Total time in jail:Occupation: Stephen Lofton of Hayward. She had also been charged in 2016 with possession of a firearm, possession of a controlled substance and grand theft.Date of death: 2/11/2017Total time in jail: Not listedOccupation: HomemakerRace: LatinaCause of death: Accident. A judge ordered that a jail in California must stop constantly waking its inmates. He had no physical contact with other inmates. He was a barber, mechanic, plumber and electrician.Race: BlackCause of death: Natural. In my opinion, each (of) these factors increased this gentlemans risk for asphyxia," Ferenc wrote. He was housed in unit 35 as a minimum security inmate. Drug issues: None listedRestraints: NoNarrative: Deputies were doing their rounds and found him lying on his top bunk with a blanket covering him. He had a father. Protective Custody in maximum security. "No known prior suicide attempts or ideations. He told them, 'I can't be in this room. Sentenced to weekend sentences for 120 days at Santa Rita. In July 2020, the National Lawyers Guild launched a free hotline for anyone who would like to call to discuss the coronavirus or conditions inside Santa Rita Jail. Drug issues: No drugs found in his system.Restraints: NoNarrative: There was some type of note on his cell bunk. Masterson had a wife and an ex-wife and family in San Joaquin County. Follow Stream "County Line": Facebook: . And, that leads us to todays topic: protective custody in prison what is it and how does it work? Later, he was found hanging from his bunk as lunch was being passed out to the others. A logbook kept by one deputy showed that the officer had made the required visits, the prosecutor's report states, but body camera video surveillance showed "that the deputy did not check on Ms. Martin at the time indicated in the log.". 'Yellowstone' star Wes Bentley speaks out on season 5 and Kevin Costner rumors, Stunning video shows Mercury passing by the sun, Oakland sideshow video: Semi-truck spins as crowd cheers, climbs trailer, Care Flight medical plane crash in Nevada leaves 5 dead: report, Another US agency assesses COVID-19 origin likely a Chinese 'lab leak': report. There also appeared to be a fact of the cat drawn on the cell wall, but deputies didnt know if Gomez had drawn it. This is the first in our series on California sheriff departments leading up to the June 7 elections, alongside stories on Los Angeles and San Diego.. Maurice Monk, who died inside Alameda County's notorious Santa Rita Jail last year on November 15, was there because he had threatened a bus driver who told him to put his mask onand because his family could not afford the $2,500 necessary . As COVID-19 enters Santa Rita Jail, Sheriff Ahern stealthily pursues $255M for more staff, zero for protection of prisoners March 29, 2020 Santa Rita Jail has an architecturally distinguished entrance, but this is where the prisoners live, with little slits for windows. He graduated UC Irvine with honors. "When (Masterson) was put into custody they knew he was suicidal. Deputies said they cuffed Armstrong and he became combative. He had been brought to jail on Jan. 27, for allegedly violating a protective order in Oakland. ForgeryDate of death: 6/23/2014Total time in jail: Five daysOccupation: Not listedRace: WhiteCause of death: Natural. Mario Martinez died on July 15, 2015. Anyone with a history in law enforcement should ask to PC. His mother, Elizabeth Lofton, said her son had planned to go to a program to battle his addictions when he got out of jail. 50 > WWW.SANTAMARIASUN.COM NEWS NEWS EATS What it takes for schools to open [4] Get your shrub on [18] Settlement aims to close part of Main Jail [7] FEBRUARY 11 - FEBRUARY 18, 2021 > VOL. His family said he was in isolation for 19 days.Occupation: He had attended Chabot CollegeRace: LatinoCause of death: SuicideInvestigative agency: Alameda County sheriff's investigator Shawn SobreroIsolation: Yes, but not for very long, his family said. He planned to "rob everyone he could" when he was released, a deputy wrote. The Alameda County Coroner ruled that his death was caused by pneumonia and respiratory failure caused by the traumatic assault. Date of death: 5/9/2015Total time in jail: Not listed.Occupation: Refinery workerRace: Native American, per familyCause of death: Natural. Arrested by Fremont police for a reason, which was redacted. There were blood stains on the concrete table, the wall and the floor. One inmate said he never heard Laventure making noise from his cell and never caused any issues while out for recreational time. But a federal lawsuit alleges that medical and jail staff "were aware" that Masterson suffered from substance abuse/addiction and psychological ailments. Disobeying domestic violence order, resisting arrest, all dismissed after her death. Administrative Segregation, Housing Unit 8, A Pod Cell 13. Name: Johnnie Leonard (coroners report not available)Age:Arrested:Date of death: 10/24/2019Total time in jail:Occupation: Race:Cause of death:Investigative agency:Isolation:Health and/or mental issues:Drug issues:Restraints:Narrative:A sheriff's spokesman said Leonardwent into medical distress after snorting a substance in his holding cell. He had a father and children. Restraints: Yes, WRAP and spit mask. He was in the Outpatient Housing Unit but was also classified as "Administration Isolation." Drug issues: NoneRestraints: None listedNarrative: Chau was transferred to Glenn E. Dyer from Santa Rita at noon and was being held in intake transfer and release while awaiting a housing assignment. There have been several community protests over his death, led by his mother. and Whilhite said, "Im good." By clicking Sign Up, I confirmthat I have read and agreeto the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. He was an administrative segregation inmate and was in cell F by himself. Ask the Yelp community! Name: Christopher Dean Thomas **The sheriffdisputes that Thomasdied in Santa Rita Jail custody, despite his name being released under a Public Records Act by the coroner's office as an in-custody death. The sheriff's office said he was released under the "Compassionate Release program," but no details were provided. The coroner's report noted that Jonah Andrews only had drugs in his system that were prescribed to him. ALAMEDA, CA While COVID-19 cases in Santa Rita Jail (SRJ) have been low for a few months, recently, new cases have emerged. Date of death: 3/26/2014Total time in jail: Three daysOccupation: None listedRace: WhiteCause of death: Suicide by hangingInvestigative agency: Alameda County Sheriff/Solomon UnubunIsolation: He was classified as administrative segregation inmate and was assigned to a "single occupant cell. A doctor at the jail had repeatedly urged him for surgery, which was delayed by jail superiors. Health and/or mental issues: Yes, but redacted. Dr. Michael Ferenc, who performed the autopsy, noted the restraints were so tight that it exacerbated conditions. Jr.Age: 33Arrested: 10/28/2017. What Is Protective Custody? Madrigal was then transported him to Santa R. Name: Christian Madrigal *The sheriffdisputes that Madrigal died in Santa Rita Jail custody, despite his name being released under a Public Records Act by the coroner's office as an in-custody death. The day after he arrived, he started to display "unusual behavior," and he told deputies he was high on drugs. He had a mother and sisters. Jose "Nick" Pia Cardenas died in a hospital on June 7, three weeks after Alameda County sheriff's deputies tackled and restrained him during intake procedures at notorious Santa Rita Jail . An Alameda County criminal defense attorney can also petition for a bail . K. Gemmell requested a press hold on this case. Autumn Rivers. His cell window was obstructed by a piece of cardboard making it "impossible" for the deputy to see inside. Occupation: Not listedRace: East IndianCause of death: Suicide by hanging/asphyxiationInvestigative agency: Alameda County Sheriff/Matthew MedldrumIsolation: Sort of. Bueno has 11 criminal cases in Alameda County ranging from grand theft in 2008 to first degree burglary in 2012 revocation of parole, his last recorded offense.Date of death: 12/6/2014Total time in jail: Three daysOccupation: UnknownRace: WhiteCause of death: Suicide by hangingInvestigative agency: Alameda County Sheriff/Rafael PlasenciaIsolation: No. According to its website, Wellpath handles health care at nearly 400 jails nationwide and more than 140 state and federal prisons. This is protective custody area, which can hold two inmates together. Most of the sentenced inmates are here for less than two years. She couldnt get any information when she called. The walls had "hand drawn occult-like images on them.". He had been in the intake area for a total of 16 hours. His father was authorized to make his funeral arrangements. Jonah Andrews had been in and out of jail and had been receiving help through the county's mental health court and a program called Bay Area Community Services, or BACS. Cardiac arrest. Continue with Recommended Cookies. Drug issues: None listedRestraints: NoNarrative: Singh was found unresponsive by an inmate at the end of "pod time." "He had a lot to look forward to," she said. The Chronicle first identified the suspect as James Hunter, 22. His court case is still listed as active," and he was supposed to have a mental competency hearing on 7/25/2016, two days before he died. Madrigal was then brought to Eden Medical Center where doctors diagnosed him as suffering from a lacerated spleen and liver along with bruising all over his body, including pulmonary contusions. The "K-10" designation, also on a red wristband, is reserved for protective custody inmates who require single-man cells, suspected or confirmed prison gang member dropouts. Jussie Smollett will be held in protective custody -- as requested -- while serving his time behind bars.. Judge James Linn ordered the actor's 150-day jail sentence, and specified he'll serve it . Inmates said they're not being provided with enough protective equipment like face masks, soap, hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies. The proposal for $106 million/year in additional jail funding is the only item (#72) on the agenda for the Supervisors' 1:30 pm meeting on May 12. Photo: Elizabeth Lofton. Name: Bryan Todd StreicherAge: 45Arrested: 6/18/2014. Investigative agency: Alameda County Sheriff/Adam WilliamsIsolation: None listedHealth and/or mental issues: Seizure disorder with subtherapeutic levels of diazepam. Help sustain the local news you depend on. When she called to check on him, jail officials said he had already been released. His mother said he was taking medication for being bipolar.Restraints: NoNarrative: He was first arrested at age 22, his mother said, and he spent 10 years in prison. A forensic report showed he had methamphetamine and marijuana in his system on June 30. Investigative agency: Alameda County Sheriff/Rebecca LorenzanaIsolation: Yes. Villalta was not on intensive observation log, a jail protocol for people demonstrating behavioral problems or who could be suicidal, according to a federal lawsuit. Health and/or mental issues: Scalp contusionDrug issues: None listedRestraints: None listedNarrative: Strangled by his cellmate after a fight. He had a sister, two adult children and a step-daughter. Deputies are supposed to perform a security check on every inmate in the unit at least once every 30 minutes. He apparently had refused any medical attention, including medication. {"email":"Email address invalid","url":"Website address invalid","required":"Required field missing"}, Can you request protective custody in prison, Why would an inmate be in protective custody. He left a suicide note and numbers of people to call. Tom Hermon asked. Notorious criminals, high-profile celebrities, and public figures usually need to PC, too. Police said he pointed a gun at the woman and demanded the keys to her car. Health and/or mental issues: "Long medical history," of congestive heart failure and pulmonary hypertension. She is survived by her mother. Prisoners delivered a comprehensive statement regarding their conditions; as well as a list of demands, which included regular access Investigative agency: Alameda County Sheriff/ Mandy MonaghanIsolation: No. She said that he was being "punished" for his mental health issues, and deputies thought he was "hostile," when he really needed help. On December 11, 2018, the Alameda County Grand Jury visited Santa Rita Jail located at 5325 Broder Boulevard, Dublin, CA. Intracerebral hemorrhage and tumorInvestigative agency: Alameda County Sheriff/Rebecca LorenzanaIsolation: No. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. Sgt. No known news reports. She also sent KTVU pictures of her brother in the hospital. She is questioning why he would have methadone in his system, a medication used to treat drug addiction. He was taken to the jails outpatient housing unit where he could get more medical care. In one instance, upon release, a COVID-19 positive individual transmitted The deputy said, "Are you OK?" Name: Melvin Stubbs Jr.Age: 65Arrested: 3/5/2016. There was a picture of a scythe and phrases in Spanish referring to death on his bunk. However, Singh had also been placed in a "safety cell" at some point (the date and duration arent listed) because he told authorities he wanted to hang himself so "he wouldnt have to continue with the court process." Health and/or mental issues: Inmates told deputies that Gomez was suicidal. He was booked on charges of carjacking, being a felon in possession of a firearm, burglary, reckless evading, resisting arrest and possession of stolen property. At least 14 committed suicide and of those, 11 were kept in some form of isolation, an analysis of records show. The sheriffs policy is that deputies transport inmates to programs, however, lawyers in a federal civil rights lawsuit contend they have never seen any evidence of that. His cell was very neat and clean. The specific name depends on the facility, but administrative segregation is always a special unit that is separate from the general population. However, an autopsy provided by the family shows he was having medical problems in a cell and suffered a heart attack on the sheriff's bus. Drug issues: No drugs found in his system. One handwritten letter in the cell, dated July 24, outlined Reyes' love for his wife and their son but also his disgust that she was cheating on him. Her medical file was included in her case file. Edwin Villalta was being "punished" for his mental health issues, and deputies thought he was "hostile," when he really needed help, his sister Jennifer said. At least 40 people have died at Santa Rita jail since 2014. He was also placed in a spit mask because deputies identified him as a "spitter" on two past occasions.Narrative: Five days before his death, he was lethargic and had trouble breathing. The alleged assailant had been in custody since October on a multitude of firearms offenses, including a shooting, according to Kelly. He had an abscess on his right arm. Narrative: On June 10, Christian Madrigals family sought medical assistance for their 20-year-old son because he was suffering a mental health crisis, according to a claim filed by civil rights attorney John Burris. Drug issues: None listedNarrative: Oldham had been placed in the outpatient unit and given a mattress on the floor "for safety." Ella Baker's Jose Bernal discusses the problems with keeping inmates in isolation. Name: Antonio RodriguezAge: 27Arrested: 8/9/2015 on charges of attempted murder, discharging a firearm and illegal possession of a firearm with a prior felony conviction. Any time a person is in danger of being harmed by others, protective custody may at least be a temporary solution. COVID-19 infections have largely remained stable despite rising case numbers in the Bay Area, according to the latest data published by the Alameda County Sheriff's Office (ACSO). Don't forget to subscribe for more music! I break down and cry every day. He also suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure. Sheriff's deputies forced women prisoners and protective custody inmates to work all kitchen shifts. No lawsuit. About 10:30 p.m. that night, a deputy called her to say he had committed suicide. A deputy checked on his on June 5 at 3:05 p.m. when he had been sleeping. From 2015 through 2019, at least 14 inmates at Santa Rita Jail died of suicide a rate more than twice the national average, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Lewd and lascivious acts on a child and continual sexual abuse on a child.Date of death: 3/10/2019Total time in jail: 29 daysOccupation: BakerRace: LatinoCause of death: Homicide. Health and/or mental issues: Cardiovascular diseaseDrug issues: Substance abuseRestraints:Narrative:A sheriff's spokesman said the man had a terminal illness and there was no sign of foul play. The dentist had given him some medications right before his asthma attack. At first, she was happy. In 2019, 2 Investigates took an unprecedented look at who was dying and why at the jail by reviewing dozens of autopsies, police reports, lawsuits and conducting interviews. The contents were redacted. Restraints:Narrative: He had been placed on suicide watch on June 4. Or follow her on Twitter @ljfernandez. Dat Thanh Luong was going to be sent to Napa State Hospital for mental health treatment. You can post bail 24/7 at the jail, located at 5325 Broder Blvd., Dublin, CA 94568. Health and/or mental issues:Had some sort of history and was taking some sort of medication, according to a nephewDrug issues:Restraints: Narrative: He died in the ER of Stanford Valley Care Hospital in Pleasanton. Last Modified Date: February 13, 2023. Ready to see if you have a case? This article describes an anomalous social space within the field of homelessness in San Francisco, that of "pro" recyclers, homeless men who spend much of their time collecting recyclables for redemption. 2 Investigates received the coroner's report on Oct. 31 from family. Her son had been living on the streets and had been to Santa Rita before. She wants a timeline of what happened. He remains behind bars at Santa Rita with no bail, jail records show. 21 NO. He had been been housed with a cell mate, but that person had been released on the day Singh killed himself, hanging himself with a bed sheet. Santa Rita is the third largest jail in California and the fifth largest it the country. No foul play. He remained there until he was taken to the hospital on Feb. 11.Health and/or medical issues: History redacted. He was divorced and had a child. Part Two: A song for orphans On this week's podcast, we begin a two-part interview between Imprint reporter Nancy Marie Spears and Sandy White Hawk, author of the recently released memoir A Child of the Indian Race: A Story of Return. He died at Santa Rita Jail in November 2021 Photo: Lisa Fernandez, Name: Maurice MonkAge:45Arrested:Date of death:11/15/2021Total time in jail:Occupation: Security guard. Commissary money in the form of a money order may be mailed to: AdvancePay Service Department P.O. He wished his family well and said he had tried unsuccessfully to call them.
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