Ryan Vassan, Anne Barmettler Hometown:Houston, TX I knew this was in part due to the overwhelming kindness, humility, and care that each and every person I spoke with exuded during our conversations. In medical school at Jefferson Medical College, I found myself drawn again to ophthalmology because of the cool gadgets and unique gratification that comes with preserving and restoring vision. Adam Hanif, M.D. Joseph Zilisch, MD Charlottesville, Virginia, Philip A. Cofoid, MD McAllen, Texas Thomas Chris McCurry, MD Orlando, Florida As a SOAR resident, I plan to combine my interest in cellular and molecular neuroscience with vision science to study neurodegenerative diseases of the retina and optic nerve. Hometown: Lincoln, NE Anesthesiology Residency Message from the Program Director Message from the Chief Resident Application, Interview and Selection Process Resident Benefits Clinical Training Didactic Training Simulation-Based Learning Current Residents Resident Class of 2023 Resident Class of 2024 Resident Class of 2025 Resident Class of 2026 Resident Life Since coming to Stanford, I have found immense satisfaction in serving the Bay Area communities through the program's diverse clinical training sites. David J. Hedges, MD Blacksburg, Virginia I was attracted to Casey by the, very friendly and welcoming environment that I felt. Washington, John H. Wood, MD Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Christine Lee, MD Chapel Hill, North Carolina Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada Undergraduate: University of Toronto Medical School: University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry Hobbies: Painting and illustration, learning something new, spicy foods, a good book, biking, hiking, DIY. I think that really sets us apart from other programs because it really does feel like a family. Ophthalmology Education & Training Research Make a Gift Home Education and Training Residency Current Residents Current Residents The purpose of our residency program is to train future leaders who will improve lives through curing, treating and preventing eye diseases. Medical School: Stony Brook University School of Medicine, "I was looking for a program that provided meaningful clinical and research opportunities in every subspecialty, including uveitis and oncology. After college, I joined Google[x] Life Sciences (Verily) as a Software Engineer and worked on a variety of projects, ranging from Multiple Sclerosis genomics to cloud security. Mackenzie L. Higgins, MD Thats why I feel that OHSU is very unique. PGY4. University of Virginia Ophthalmology Chief Residents, Current Residents, and Previous Ophthalmology Residents A commitment to research opportunities as the number one ophthalmic program in NIH grant funding. My experiences in the ophthalmology free clinic working to preserve sight in the underserved population led me to focus in ophthalmology as a field. I am thrilled to be staying here! From day one I felt very comfortable. I really felt like any career path would be open to me after training here. I am thrilled to be back at Stanford for my ophthalmology training, as I appreciate the warm and welcoming culture, the brilliant faculty who are enthusiastic about teaching and being supportive mentors, and the unique opportunities to continue pursuing my interests within ophthalmology in global health and medical education. By the time our residents interview for fellowships or private practice positions, they are prepared to impress future instructors, mentors, and colleagues with an excellent fund of knowledge, excellent comprehensive and subspecialty clinical and surgical experience, and an excellent portfolio of accomplishments in research, customer satisfaction, process improvement, humanitarianism, and program and national examinations. This was a bit of an elusiveconcept for me to grasp during the turmoil and uncertainty that interviewing can bring. Communications Services Department of Ophthalmology. I completed medical school at University of Michigan, where I served on the medical student council leadership and led development of a new course in healthcare disparities. I chose Stanford because of its exceptional clinical training and unique support for physician-scientists. Outside of medicine, I have interests in creative writing, singing and theater as well as hiking and enjoying the California outdoors. Jason W. Much, MD Palo Alto, California Current Residents. Residency and fellowship program directors in the University of Colorado Department of Ophthalmology described the Class of 2022 as incredibly resilient. There, I fell in love with the operating room and found my most meaningful time to be in several community clinics. Stanford was my top choice - first and foremost I dreamed of continuing working with my world-class mentors who have selflessly invested so much time and effort in me over the past decade. By the time our residents interview for fellowships or private practice positions, they are prepared to impress future instructors, mentors, and colleagues with an excellent fund of knowledge, excellent comprehensive and subspecialty clinical and surgical experience, and an excellent portfolio of accomplishments in research, customer satisfaction, process improvement, humanitarianism, and . I am very excited for the years to come. Executive Director Nathan D. Wilbanks, MD Seattle, Washington, Shruti Aggarwal, MD Miami, Florida (he/him) My family came to the United States as refugees from the Vietnam war, (and we used to have a restaurant in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco!). Ryan Ridges, MD Edmond, Oklahoma, Jason Chiappetta, MD, FACS Richmond, Virginia Innovation in Eye Care, Research & Education, Learn how we are healing patients through science & compassion, Stanford team stimulates neurons to induce particular perceptions in mice's minds, Students from far and near begin medical studies at Stanford. Charles Kim Medical School: Emory University School of Medicine, "Asa first-generation immigrant, I was looking for a residency programthat wasfamiliar with the unique challenges ofinternationalscholars, provided well-rounded training, and felt like a family. Ophthalmology Residency Program > Our Residents and Alumni > Current Residents Current Residents Our current residents report that our rotations and electives, stimulating research opportunities and supportive faculty constitute a rewarding training environment. Current Residents. After high school, I attended the University of Maryland, College Park for undergrad where I studied Neuroscience and was first exposed to basic science research and clinical care. I completed my transitional year at Cambridge Health Alliance and was also a fellow at Vida Ventures, a life sciences investment firm. I also took a year out for an MD/MBA, during which I took on a leadership role at a clinic working towards surgical equity, interned with the Clinton Health Access Initiative, and completed an ophthalmology elective at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. Dr. Lu believes knowledge, passion, and compassion are the most important qualities of a great mentor. 2023 Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia.All rights reserved. Medical School: Baylor College of Medicine, "The reason I decided to come to Casey, first and foremost, was the level of support we get from the faculty, the program directors and the other residents. At Casey, not only will I get the training to be an excellent ophthalmologist, I also get to learn alongside compassionate and happy people. I earned my MD in 2020 from Harvard Medical School, during which I trained with Dr. Constance Cepko to develop new gene therapy approaches for retinal degeneration and was an HHMI Medical Research Fellow. 412-647-2200. ", Justin Grassmeyer, M.D., Ph.D.(he/him) MGUH/MWHC Ophthalmology Residency Program, 110 Irving Street, NW., Joseph F. Kristan, MD View Profile. L to R: Sean Wang, Gina Yu, Arthur Brant, Aneesha Ahluwalia andBrian Soetikno, L to R:Louisa Lu, Andrea Naranjo Lozano, Elaine Tran, and Caity Logan, L to R:Lucie Guo, Alejandro Arboleda,Michael Yu, Muhammad Hassan, andTracy Lu, Ophthalmology Internal Portal Login (SUNet Required), Comprehensive Ophthalmology and Optometry, Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery | Orbital Oncology, Pediatric Retina and Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP), Inherited Retinal Diseases and Degenerations / Retinitis Pigmentosa, Remote Diabetic Eye Care / STATUS Program, Additional Partnering Optometry Practices, Byers Young Investigators Research Conference, Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Uveitis & Medical Retina Fellowship Program, Additional Collaborations & Training at Various Locations, Mary M. and Sash A. Spencer Center for Vision Research, Stanford Teleophthalmology Autonomous Testing and Universal Screening (STATUS) program, Mary M. and Sash A. Spencer Center for Vision Research Established at the Byers Eye Institute at Stanford, Andrea Kossler, MD, Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology, winner of the Women in Ophthalmology Mentorship Award, Stanford Ophthalmology research team selected for important study funded by the National Eye Institute (NEI), Project Baseline Celebrates One Year Anniversary, SOAR resident receives grant from Knights Templar Eye Foundation to support retina research, Myung Receives Research to Prevent Blindness Grant, Palankers invention leads to restoration of vision in patients with age-related macular degeneration, American Academy of Ophthalmology highlights Singhs expertise on glaucoma surgery, Ophthalmology Department hosting second annual Ocular Melanoma Benefit 5K Fun Run and Walk, Precision Medicine Will Rely on Proteins, Not Just DNA, Direct-to-consumer genetic database used to identify AMD variants, Hewlett Award Winner Mark S. Blumenkranz, MD, MMS: I love what I do. ", Amy Pohodich, M.D., Ph.D.(she/her) Furthermore, there are ample research opportunities for residents. I am from Chapel Hill, NC. After publishing on VMT, portable ophthalmic imaging, UWF biomarkers in JAMA Ophthalmology, Retina, TVST, AJO, I transferred my research to Michigan, where I attended medical school. I am currently a General Surgery intern at Stanford, and will begin my Ophthalmology training next year. Marcus Altman, M.D., Uveitis Fellowship at the University of Utah, Moran Eye Center, Michael Gale, M.D., Glaucoma Fellowship at UC Davis, Ross Passo, M.D., Comprehensive Practice at Hillsboro Eye Clinic, Alexander Walters, M.D., Comprehensive Practice at Asheville Eye Associates, Claudine Yee, M.D., Comprehensive Practice at Kaiser in California, Ian Danford, M.D., Glaucomafellowship at Moran Eye Center, Sarah Glass, M.D., Comprehensive practice inPortland, Oregon, Miles Greenwald, M.D., Cornea fellowship at University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center, Michal Gutowski, M.D., Glaucoma fellowship at UW-Madison Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, Joel Kaluzny, M.D.,Comprehensive practice, Charlotte, North Carolina, Kellyn Bellsmith, M.D., Pediatric Fellowship, Casey Eye Institute, Caitlin Kakigi, M.D., Comprehensive Practice, Northern California, Nathan Lambert, M.D., Comprehensive Practice, Utah, Nathan Law, M.D., Comprehensive Practice, Utah, Joseph Simonett, M.D., Surgical Retina Fellowship, University of Utah, Matthew Duggan, M.D., Glaucoma Fellowship at Duke Eye Center, Timothy Boyce, M.D., Vitreoretinal Surgery Fellowship at University of Iowa, Kishan Gupta, M.D., Ph.D., Cornea Fellowship at UCLA, Bradley Henriksen, M.D., Pediatric Fellowship at Casey Eye Institute, Travis Redd, M.D., M.P.H., Cornea Fellowship at UCSF / Proctor Institute, Brock Alonzo, M.D., Glaucoma Fellowship at University of Utah, Brigid Marshall, M.D., Vitreoretinal Surgery Fellowship at Washington University, St. Louis, Meryl Sundy, M.D., Comprehensive Practice, Bend, Oregon, Jonathan Young, M.D., Ph.D., Glaucoma Fellowship at UCLA, Erin Boese, M.D., Glaucoma Fellowship at University of Michigan, Hillary Stiefel, M.D., Ocular Pathology Fellowship at Casey Eye Institute, Dongwouk Park, M.D., Medical Retina Fellowship at Cole Eye Institute, Bryce Radmall, M.D., Oculoplastics Fellowship at University of Iowa, Fran Wu, M.D., International Ophthalmology Fellowship at Emory; Pediatric Ophthalmology Fellowship at Cullen Eye Institute, Daniel Lattin, M.D., Service Year in American Samoa; Pediatric Ophthalmology Fellowship at Duke, Nisha Naggarkatti-Gude, M.D., Glaucoma Fellowship at Devers / Casey Eye Institutes, Rasna Sandhu, M.D., Comprehensive Practice, Portland, Oregon, David Simons, M.D., Ph.D., Glaucoma Fellowship at Devers / Casey Eye Institute, Akshay Thomas, M.D., M.P.H., Vitreoretinal Fellowship at Duke; Uveitis Fellowship at Casey Eye Institute, Blake Acohido, M.D., Comprehensive Faculty, Devers Eye Institute, Kellyn Bellsmith, M.D., Pediatric Ophthalmology Faculty at OHSU Casey Eye Institute, Erin Boese, M.D., Glaucoma Faculty, University of Iowa, Mitchell V. Brinks, M.D.,Comprehensive Ophthalmology Faculty,OHSU Casey Eye Institute, Roger Dailey, M.D., FACS,Oculoplastics Faculty, OHSU Casey Eye Institute, Andrea D'Ostroph, M.D., Comprehensive Ophthalmology Faculty,OHSU Casey Eye Institute-Portland VA, Ambar Faridi, M.D., Medical Retina Faculty, OHSU Casey Eye Institute-Portland VA, Christina Flaxel, M.D., Retina Faculty,OHSU Casey Eye Institute, Laura Gadzala, M.D., Oculoplastic Faculty, Devers Eye Institute, Matthew Giegengack, M.D., Cornea Faculty, Wake Forest University, Seema Gupta, M.D., Comprehensive Faculty, OHSU Casey Eye Institute, Griffin Jardine, M.D., Pediatric Ophthalmology Faculty; Associate Residency Program Director, University of Utah, Donna Kim, M.D., Comprehensive Faculty, OHSU Casey Eye Institute, Kamden Kopani, M..D, Residency Program Director and Cornea Faculty at Tufts University, Laura Kopplin, M.D., Ph.D., Uveitis Faculty at University of Wisconsin, Andreas K. Lauer, M.D., Chair, OHSU Casey Eye Institute, Robert H. Millay, M.D., Retina Faculty at University of Vermont Medical Center, John C. Morrison, M.D., Glaucoma Faculty, OHSU Casey Eye Institute, Dong-WoukPark, M.D., Comprehensive and Medical Retina Faculty, Casey Eye Institute, Naveen Rao, M.D., Tufts University - Lahey Hospital, Travis Redd, M.D., M.P.H., Cornea Faculty,OHSUCasey Eye Institute, Joseph Robertson, M.D., M.B.A., Retina Faculty, OHSU Casey Eye Institute, Jennifer Rose-Nussbaumer, M.D., Cornea Faculty, Stanford University, Stephen K. Sauer, M.D., Comprehensive Ophthalmology Faculty at University of Wisconsin, Manjool Shah, M.D., Glaucoma Faculty, University of Michigan, Kuldev Singh, M.D., Glaucoma Faculty, Stanford Byers Eye Institute, Eric Steele, M.D., Oculoplastics Faculty, OHSU Casey Eye Institute, Hillary Stiefel, M.D., Ocular Pathology and Comprehensive Faculty,OHSUCasey Eye Institute, Eric Suhler, M.D., Uveitis Faculty, OHSU Casey Eye Institute, Shandiz Tehrani, M.D., Glaucoma Faculty,OHSUCasey Eye Institute, Daniel Tu, M.D., Ph.D., Comprehensive Faculty, Casey Eye Institute Portland VA, David J.Wilson, M.D., Director,OHSUCasey Eye Institute, Jonathan Young, M.D., Ph.D., Glaucoma Faculty, Devers Eye Institute. I got hooked on ophthalmology during my M2 year, after I scrubbed for surgery and sat at the operating microscope with retina-surgeon/scientist Dr. Amani Fawzi. In addition to the rigorous training and high surgical volume, the program emphasizes personal wellness and has anincredibly warm atmosphere. In my free time I enjoy yoga, dogs, and exploring SF. EyeSTAR Genetics. I worked in Dr. Vinit Mahajans lab, where my PhD research focused on using x-ray crystallography and proteomics to study the structure, function, and expression of proteins related to retinal disease. Irfan R. Khan, MD Baltimore, Maryland The faculty have a reputation of wanting to teach residents and making sure they have a great experience. The Wilmer Eye Institute joinsthe Hopkins community to stand in solidarity with the Black community against systemic inequity and police brutality. Learn more below about the pillars of the program: An environment that fosters learning and personal bonds that last a lifetime. The faculty members, fellows, and residents are all very supportive and I immediately felt very comfortable here. Hometown: Beaverton, OR Stanford is the ideal place to dive into research, hone clinical skills, engage with the community, and build a career in global ophthalmology. DOCTORS OFFICES, FACILITIES & PATIENTS Please call: 412.647.2200. I also took a gap year to study medical journalism at Stanford and CNN, hoping to learn how I could use media to improve patient advocacy and health literacy, especially within ophthalmology given what happened to my father.
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