By 2008, Altuve moved from Venezuela to Tennessee to play for the Greeneville Astros, who were the Houston Astros' Rookie-level Appalachian League affiliate until 2017. Premium: Whether you can find one in high grade or not, though, its a superb card for any collector to own. 1978 Topps Andre Dawson 72 PSA 10 Rookie Cup PSA 10 Image Credit: ebay While most of these newer A&G Topps cards were baseball players, you can also find other sports represented (wrestling, soccer, MMA, basketball, softball, beach volleyball, boxing, and car racing). Its an extremely tough card to find in high grade. Prices are updated daily based upon 2021 Topps Chrome listings that sold on eBay and our marketplace. The reality was that Pujols was good to go. Anthony Rizzo made his MLB debut for the San Diego Padres on June 9, 2011, against the Washington Nationals, going 1-2 at the plate with a triple and a run scored. Two great images of Banks are show atop a white border than can be notorious for showing print defects. During his rookie campaign, Posey slashed .305/.357/.505 with 18 home runs, 67 RBIs and 58 runs scored in 108 games (406 at-bats). That tells you how much the prices of Clementes rookie card have increased. 2020 Topps card list & price guide. Seldom seen at auction, the 48 card set distributed by the American Caramel Co. of York, Pa. released some of the rarest type cards in existence. But its also one of the issues more difficult cards since it typically suffers from poor print quality and coloration. The 10 Most Valuable 1975 Topps Baseball Cards The future first-ballot Hall of Famer finished the year at 19-6 with a career-high 220 strikeouts and his best ERA since 1998 (2.35). Hes also the only key player in the 1914 set on a horizontal layout. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Copyright 2022 by Old Sports Cards, LLC. The White Cap variation is considered to be the most difficult of the three Mathewson cards, but the Portrait is the most popular. The 1917 Collins-McCarthy candy cards are some of the few card issues that were printed during the mid-teens of the 20th century. Of all theTy Cobb baseball cards, this is by far his most expensive. While not as pricey as the Yellow or Red Ruths of the same set, its still a very expensive card and a key member of the Ruth quartet. The last of the legendary quartet of 1933 Goudey Ruth cards on our list is the #144 Full Body Ruth. Ty Cobb and Honus Wagner also appear in this set but Jacksons card is easily the most important and most valuable card in the set. Issued by the Mayo and Brother Tobacco Works of Richmond, VA, the set contains 48 different cards overall but Anson's is undoubtedly the most coveted. Best 2022 Topps Series 2 Valuable Cards & Best Rookie List | Witt And after striking out 145 times in 518 at-bats the year before, Ortiz K'd just 83 times in 525 at-bats in 2011. This is the other, less expensive, version of this card in the 1938 Goudey set. Most Expensive [2006 Topps] Baseball Cards - SportsCardsPro 2022 Topps Baseball Rookie Cards Guide. Demand for Clementes rookie card has skyrocketed over the past couple of years. Mays could hit, throw, field and run with the best of them. His career ERA of 2.13 proves just how difficult it was to hit off of him. And it can be tough to find in high grade, too. For example, one easy way to tell if youve got an M101-4 Ruth rookie is if the Sporting News ad is on the back of the card as no M101-5 Ruths featured that ad. Since its not his rookie card or his most scarce, the1933 Goudey Babe Ruth #53 isnt his most expensive card but it is arguably one of his most beautiful cards. And with cameras rolling from every angle, Jeter made sure to give HBO a show worth airing. Error cards like Joe Doyles that make it into circulation usually end up being very popular with collectors and this one is no exception. After signing a three-year, $38 million deal in the offseason to remain in Cincy, the 27-year-old first baseman busted out of the gates in a full sprint in 2011. Ungraded & graded values for all '20 Topps Baseball Cards. It was a brutal way for the season to end for the 90-win Red Sox. This isBanks only recognized rookie cardin the hobby and along with the Hank Aaron and Al Kaline rookies, a key to the 1954 Topps set. Their glossy obverse surface usually results in creasing and cracking issues making it tough to find these in high grade. Matty was on the backside of his career in 1911 but still managed to lead the league in ERA (1.99) and put up 26 wins. Estimated PSA 4.5 VG-EX+ Value: $1,100,000. The 97-win Yankees eventually fell well short of their championship aspirations with a five-game ALDS loss to the Detroit Tigers. Collectors got a glimpse of what it was like to be a pitcher in that era with Cobb intensely staring them down before the pitch. Top 100 Most Valuable Baseball Cards - Possessing an explosive triple-digit fastball with electric movement, Chapman struggled to harness his high-octane stuff in his first full year with the Reds. 5. Natl along the bottom before the error was corrected. Mays put up monster numbers over his career and shares the record for most All-Star Game appearances (24) with Hank Aaron and Stan Musial. 1. One of the rarest pre-WWI candy issues ever distributed is the 1912 Plows Boy Candy set that included 69 different baseball players. 1986 Topps Tiffany Rickey Henderson 2. And like Altuve had done by hitting safely in the first seven games of his career to set a club record, Martinez established his own team record in August by driving in 28 runs. Prices continue to climb on them, so keep your eye out for these baseball cards! Both are not cheap but it is this version that is the more desirable and expensive of the two. Rizzo soon earned a reputation as a guy capable of smacking 30 home runs and driving in 100 runs to become a fan favorite at Wrigley. 1914 Cracker Jack Joe Jackson The 1914 Cracker Jack Joe Jackson has a staggering value of $200,000. Most Expensive 2022 Topps 1st Edition Baseball Cards - SportsCardsPro He also turned heads with his slick glove work at first, earning the only Gold Glove of his career thus far. He also loves to write about the hobby and has written for Beckett, Topps, SABR and of course, this website. Honus. Because they were distributed in packages of hot dogs, its extremely difficult to find them in high grade. So, whoever says that baseball cards are no longer valuable simply doesn't know what he or she is talking about Sure, the massive print runs during the late 80's and early 90's killed the value of most post-1980's cards. He received 20 first place votes in the NL Rookie of the Year vote and his 129 vote points outpaced Atlanta's Jason Heyward who 107 vote points for his impressive debut performance. The Giants were 27-19 heading into a home series with the Florida Marlins, looking every bit the contender for a repeat World Series engagement. The Bat On Shoulder and Bat Off Shoulder would then follow. Whenever manager Ozzie Guillen needed him to get a few outs, Sale performed. And its extremely rareone of the rarest in the hobby. Jackson dominated the minors that year and the Naps called him up late in the 1910 season. If you remember, during Game 3 of the 1932 World Series against the Chicago Cubs, Babe Ruth made his famous Called Shot. It is one of the most difficult cards to find overall, making it one of the most important cards on this list. The glossy coatings of these cards present a bit of an issue with cracking at times but they are nonetheless some terrific cards. His incredible career makesStan Musial baseball cards extremely popular with collectors. After 60 years in the hobby, Topps helped celebrate their "Diamond Anniversary" by packing so much into their 2011 Topps baseball card set. Although not as popular as his 1948 Bowman rookie card, his 1948 Leaf rookie card is the tougher of the two. Freeman finished second in the NLs Rookie of the Year balloting, slashing .282/.346/.448 with 21 home runs, 32 doubles, and 76 RBIs. By 2012, Chapman had it down, fine-tuning his electric pitch repertoire en route to becoming a legit Cy Young candidate. That card was later sold for $250,000 in 2007. The 1912 Plows Candy E300 Mathewson features a large photographic image of the legendary pitcher of the Dead Ball Era framed by text reading. Contact him at [emailprotected]. The Green Ruth is the last of the four Babe Ruth cards to appear in the 1933 Goudey set. This card is as visually stunning as it is rare. After 60 years in the hobby, Topps helped celebrate their "Diamond Anniversary" by packing so much into their 2011 Topps baseball card set. Contact him at [emailprotected]. The 23-year-old left walked a career-worst 41 batters in 50 innings pitched, issuing a ghastly 7.4 walks per 9 innings. That production boosted his legend and popularity making him one of the most highly collected players in the hobby. Over his remarkable career, Aaron made 24 All-Star appearances, a record shared with Mays and Musial and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1982. You could argue the imagery isn't the nicest in the hobby but it makes for an unforgettable card design. Theres only one single PSA 10 copy currently in circulation, however, which makes it extremely difficult to find even if you have that kind of money to spend. After winning 61 games in 2010, Seattle finished at 67-95 in 2011 for the franchise's sixth losing season in eight years. #4 Most Valuable Baseball Cards 2000s - Topps Finest For The Record #3B Ken Griffey Jr. Price for PSA 9 featured with Alex Rodriguez: $100 Price for PSA 10 Gem: $1,500 Player's History 13 times All-Star Ken is the son of Ken Griffey Sr, a famous baseball player and coach during his era. 2011 was the year that Ichiro finally looked mortal at the plate. Even in poor condition, they routinely sell for over $1 million. George Close Candy cards are among the scarcer pre-WWI caramel issues and the Honus Wagner is one of the keys to the set. So its no wonder that his 1948 Leaf rookie card is such and important piece of the hobby. Most Expensive, Any modern flagship Topps Baseball set has a lot going on. 1981 Topps #302 Dodgers Future Stars Estimated PSA 9 Mint Value: $225 When it comes to rookie season debuts, the Dodgers have developed a reputation for some of the finest on record. After the 2010 campaign, manager Bobby Cox called it a career, leaving a hole in the Braves clubhouse that couldn't be filled. 2022 Topps Series 1 Baseball Box: Top 5 Cards and Review The error was quickly caught, though, so there arent many copies in existence. And their continued popularity and demand prove that baseball cards still do hold great value. Ungraded & graded values for all '22 Topps Baseball Cards. Altuve was hitting an incredible .423 at that point but eventually cooled to finish with a .276/.297/.357 slash line. Most Expensive 2021 Topps Chrome Baseball Cards - SportsCardsPro The Reds' fall from contention cost Votto at the ballot box, though, as he followed up his 2010 MVP triumph with a sixth-place finish in 2011. National League manager Bruce Bochy was not looped in on Pujols' condition heading into the All-Star Game selection deadline, leaving the San Francisco Giants skipper little choice but to look elsewhere to round out the depth chart. He ultimately fell short of the incredible feat but still finished the season batting .317 with 35 home runs and 115 RBIs. And if you remember, the 1952 Mantle card is relatively more expensive than his 1951 Bowman card. These 5 by 8 cards were part of a redemption program where collectors sent in coupons in exchange for them. By his third season in 2013, Goldschmidt had developed into a perennial All-Star and MVP candidate. Altuve went 1-5 that game, but little did he know then he had kicked off a piece of Houston Astros history. The last card in the '75 Topps set, this Hank Aaron collectible won't ever be confused as the baseball legend's best-looking card. We believe the following 10 cards will be tops in short-term return on investment over the next 1 to 2 years. And then, his season came to a screeching halt with a play that changed the game of baseball forever. 1984. The 1986 Topps Traded Bo Jackson rookie card is his most desirable and most expensive card you can find. The card features a great image of the Sultan of Swat seated in pinstripes looking over his right shoulder atop a green background. No matter where Eddie Mathews appeared in the 1952 Topps set, his only recognized rookie card would be worth a lot. It's still a very unusual-looking card but is one that many collectors dream of owning. Unfortunately, as with most high-numbered cards in the set, Mantles rookie card often suffers from print lines, poor centering and wax stains on the back. 2005 Topps Card Prices | PSA & Ungraded Values - SportsCardsPro Mathewson is the only player in both the 1914 and 1915 sets whose poses are entirely different. Mike Trout made his Major League debut on July 8, 2011, when the Los Angeles Angels called him up to replace speedy centerfielder Peter Bourjos who had injured his hamstring the day before. Buy on: eBay 1964 Topps Phil Niekro RC/Phil Roof RC #541 The Rookie Cards in 1964 Topps Baseball are led by a. Without further adieu, then, here are the 25 most valuable 1987 Topps baseball cards in reverse order, and with a couple of bonus runs tagged on for good measure 35 cards in all! But, the fact that his is the last card in the iconic 407 card set gives it an extra bump due to the inherent difficulty in collecting the card. The 1912 Plows Candy E300 Mathewson features a large photographic image of the legendary pitcher of the Dead Ball Era framed by text readingPlows Candy CollectionandMathewson, New York Nationals.. Not many people outside of the baseball card hobby know who Joe Doyle is. In poor condition, this card would fetch hundreds of dollars but if youre lucky enough to land a copy in PSA 10 Gem Mint condition then youre talking big-time money. A high number card, Mathews rookie is extra tough to collect since it was positioned at the bottom corner of print sheets and usually is found off-center as a result. While Ty Cobb might be the most desired player in the entire set, there is no doubt that Honus Wagner is also an incredibly sought after player as well. The card is key for three main reasons: 1) 1952 was the first year Topps entered the sports card market so the set itself is wildly popular and even common cards in mint condition can fetch over $1,000. 1968 Topps #177 Nolan Ryan RC Collectors go wild for it. Halladay finished with four first-place votes to Clayton Kershaws 27, finishing as the leagues Cy Young runner-up for the second time in four years. And with 103 RBIs on the year, he became the first Reds player since Dave Parker to post back-to-back 100-RBI seasons (1985-86). The Yellow Ruth, #53, is considered to be the toughest, closely followed by the #149 Red Ruth that shows the legendary slugger in an identical pose. Ungraded & graded values for all '20 Topps It's these end-year series that comprise the most valuable Topps baseball cards today. Most Expensive [2020 Topps] Baseball Cards - SportsCardsPro Followed by HBO documentary cameras during his rehab process, Jeter opened up about himself and his pursuit of baseball immortality in a way he'd never done before. PriceIt Game | During the year, Jones passed Yankees legend Mickey Mantle with his 1,510th RBI, placing him second only to Eddie Murray for the most runs batted in by a switch hitter in MLB history. ThisTed Williams card features a superb black and white image of Williams following through on his classic swing. This is my favoriteSandy Koufax baseball cardand one of the best-looking cards of the 1950s in my opinion. A truly great baseball card of the legendary icon. The most important post-war card in the hobby, price movements of the 1952 Topps #311Mickey Mantle baseball cardare often seen as an indicator of the health of the sports card market overall. inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1971. Let's be clear: most of the cards from this set do not have any value these days. And by 2016, he'd solidified his place as a Cubs legend when he helped the franchise win its first World Series title since 1980, finally breaking the "curse" that had haunted them for over 100 years. Not many players were as consistent as Musial was over their careers as he went on to win seven batting titles and three MVP awards. Its so rare that only a handful exist and not many collectors have even seen one in person. Five Hall of Famers made their rookie card debut in the T206 set and Walter Johnson is one of them, a fact that makes this card even more interesting. Because of its position on the print sheet and the fact that many kids wrapped rubber bands around their stacks of cards (this one on the top), finding Pafko centered and in good shape is very tough. Track your collection for free. He also led the Majors in on-base percentage (.448) and doubles (48) while logging a career-best 7.6 bWAR for Detroit's first division championship squad since 1987. DiMaggio appeared twice in the 1938 Goudey set but this is the more valuable of the two. The 31-year-old superstar ended the year slashing .299/.366/.541 with 37 home runs, 29 doubles, 105 runs scored, and 99 RBIs in 651 plate appearances (579 at-bats). Then they went 9-18 in the campaign's final month, losing out on a playoff spot by a game to St. Louis with a season-ending five-game losing streak. Most Valuable Baseball Cards of All Time - In 2012, Chicago White Sox starting pitcher Chris Sale kicked off a stunning streak of seven-straight All-Star nods and seven-straight AL Cy Young finishes of sixth or better. Along with the Killebrew and Koufax rookies, theRoberto Clemente rookie card is an anchor in the 1955 Topps baseball card set and the most expensive of the three. Prices are updated daily based upon 2023 Topps listings that sold on eBay and our marketplace. 1989 Bowman Tiffany Ken Griffey Jr. 2. Ungraded & graded values for all '22 Topps 1st Edition Baseball Cards. Poor print quality and focus plague this short print card making high-grade copies nearly unachievable. However, there are a handful of his T206 cards that were produced with N.Y. An SGC 2 Example Sold in August 2022 for $7,250,000. While his 1952 Topps card is more popular and more expensive, some collectors forget that this is the only recognizedMantle rookie card. Posey suffered torn ligaments in his left ankle and a fractured fibula in a violent collision that reverberated for years. The most valuable baseball cards in the hobby can easily fetch six and seven figure price levels these days. Over twelve seasons, Martinez has played for the Astros, Detroit Tigers, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Boston Red Sox, with whom he's been since 2018. In early 1914, Jack Dunn of the minor league Baltimore Orioles signed Ruth to a professional baseball contract. In the postseason, Cabrera was predictably excellent. Average ungraded base card value (excludes parallels) for 2020 Topps After a rough start at the plate, 21-year-old first baseman Freddie Freeman found his footing in the seasons final five months or so. So those that remain are some of the most sought after in the hobby. After seeing his batting average dip considerably in the previous three seasons, Ortiz posted the second-best full-season mark of his career thus far with a .309 finish. Most cards in the T206 set are not rare but the Honus Wagner cards are because they were pulled from production early. In this video, we go over the top 3 most valuable Topps baseball cards from the year 1985. That milestone was part of a scintillating month for which Freeman captured NL Rookie of the Month honors while batting .362 with a .433 on-base percentage in July and leading all rookies with 38 hits. Once the owner of the career mark for home runs (755), Aaron possessed some of the strongest hands and wrists that produced some of the quickest bat speed the game has ever seen. Altuve dominated in the Minor Leagues and, by 2011, found himself slashing .361/.388/.569 with five home runs and 25 RBIs in 35 games for the Class AA Corpus Christi Hooks. Of all theWillie Mays baseball cards out there, this is his most important. Interest in the Dodgers/Giants rivalry was skyrocketing, and Kershaw's brilliance was a big reason for it. With so many greats, how do you choose between them? Moreover, the Mathewson Portrait is one of the toughest HOF portraits in the entire set. The sale smashed the record for most valuable baseball card at the time, beating the then-highest sale of a Honus Wagner T206 White Border card at $3.1 million. A record that is pretty safe to say will never be broken,Cy Youngtotaled an incredible 511 wins over his career. He missed 36 games in 2011, slashing .275/.344/.470 with 18 home runs and 70 RBIs in 455 at-bats for Cox's handpicked successor, Fredi Gonzalez. In 49 games for Padres that season, Rizzo slashed a less-than-impressive .141/.281/.242 with one home run, nine RBIs, and nine runs scored in 128 at-bats. Prices are updated daily based upon 2020 Topps listings that sold on eBay and our marketplace. That is a fact not likely to end any time soon. For others, it's the . The Say Hey Kidwas arguably the greatest all-around player to step on the field. Halladay was given the ball for Games 1 and 5. Walter Johnson, Christy Mathewson, and Cy Young were also featured in the set but Cobbs issue is undoubtedly the most desired. As the reigning NL Central champs sputtered to a 79-83 record and failed to make the playoffs, Chapman worked out the kinks in his delivery in 53 relief appearances. But it wouldn't take Goldschmidt much longer to mold into the incredible talent he is today. This still ranks among the most popular baseball cards of all-time. Career highlights: Two-time National League Most Valuable Player (1958, 1959), 14 . Two hits shy heading into a July 9th home game against the Tampa Bay Rays, Jeter took his spot as the 28th member of the 3,000-hit club with a 5-for-5 day now etched in Yankees lore. Not surprisingly, Cobbs card is the cornerstone and to the set. But what puts the Bat Off Shoulder relatively much higher on this list than the others is that you can find this card in PSA 9 Mint condition, unlike the others. His aggressive play on the field and his generous ways off the field made him a special individual. The Left Arm of God as he was known, Koufax possessed raw power that helped him once strikeout an astounding 382 batters in a season. Together with the Honus Wagner, Ty Cobb (Ty Cobb back), and Eddie Plank the T206 Sherry Magie error card is one of the rarest of the entire set. Key to the 1953 Topps set is the #244 Willie Mays baseball card. This card is a prime example of an instance where neither being a star nor an error card can bring in big bucks. It was clear that Topps wanted to do something special for their 60th anniversary and they certainly delivered. Ross is the founder of Old Sports Cards and has been collecting sports cards for over 30 years. While the "Cobb Back" T206 may be his most expensive card, this one is arguably his most popular among high-end collectors. Although past his prime, he still achieved success in the Majors and was twice named an All-Star. Was it because Wagner wanted to be paid by the tobacco company to use his image? 1990 Bowman Tiffany Sammy Sosa Rookie Card Price: $750 The 1990 Bowman Baseball set features an impressive rookie class. What's wackier is that Detroit's Justin Verlander, on the AL side, also earned a pitching Triple Crown in 2011. Cobb turned in an absolute monster of a season in 1911 as he set career highs in batting (.420), hits (248), doubles (47), triples (24), RBI (127), runs (147) and slugging percentage (.621). Many collectors prefer the portrait versions of Cobbs T206 card and specifically the Green Portrait. Read our methodology . Most expensive baseball cards in history Here is a look at the baseball cards that have exceeded a million-dollar price tag, including two by one of the sport's top active players: 1. 2022 Topps Baseball Rookie Cards Guide - Beckett News Ungraded & graded values for all '21 Topps Chrome Baseball Cards. Young appears three times in the epic T206 set with this being the most desired and priciest of them all. Larry Doyle, a second baseman, played for the New York Giants of the NL at the time so most likely that is the reason for the mix-up. And I attempted to estimate their current values when graded in PSA 10 condition so their "raw" or ungraded values may be wildly different. 15 Most Valuable 1997 Topps Baseball Cards - Old - Old Sports Cards These are the Top 3 Most Valuable Baseball Cards Worth Money. In PSA 8 condition, this card would likely sell for $1 million or more. But the value between the two isnt affected. One of his most important, the card shows some beautiful artwork of a young Mays fielding a baseball in his New York Giants uniform. If you asked collectors, most would probably say they prefer the portrait poses with the green portrait more preferred to the red due to its scarcity. The young Florida native made 58 appearances out of the bullpen, finishing 17 games and saving eight. The E300 issue is one of the scarcest prewar sets and had relatively been unknown until the 1960s. However, the gold borders of the T205 cards leave them vulnerable to chipping and wear. The legendary Cap Anson appears on two different cards with the uniform version being the rarer of the two. After spending 1908 and 1909 with the Philadelphia Athletics, they quickly gave up on him and traded him to the Cleveland Naps for the 1910 season. This is the first Topps card to feature Willie Mays, putting it high on Mays collectors wish lists and making it a key card in the hobby overall. In 11 playoff contests against the New York Yankees and Texas Rangers, he slashed a blistering .314/.489/.771 with four home runs, 12 walks, four doubles, seven runs scored, ten RBIs, and two stolen bases. Hoyer had originally drafted Rizzo in the sixth round of the 2007 MLB Draft while he was an assistant general manager for the Boston Red Sox and knew that Rizzo's performance in San Diego didn't reflect his true talent and abilities. Who knows what a high grade example of this card would go for? Prices are updated daily based upon 2022 Topps 1st Edition listings that sold on eBay and our marketplace. Wagner, Ruth, Cobb, Mantle and Mays are just several of the baseball greats that reside on this list of cardboard rarities. The cream of the crop. 3. 4 Hank Aaron #660. This card shares its front design with several others of the era (Dockman & Sons, Nadja Caramels, etc.). That is unless youre talking about the Red Portrait with the Ty Cobb back that was showcased earlier on this list. 100 Most Valuable Baseball Cards: The All-Time Dream List
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