A common way to detect whether a value is even or odd is to use the ______ operation to test if the least significant bit is set. Three-operand This form requires a destination operand (the first operand) and two source operands (the second and the third operands). imul assembly 3 operands. Character literals are represented as _____________ in memory. If a memory operand effective address is outside the SS segment limit. index. and parameters within a function body. Q3: Its previsously said that The notation EDX:EAX means to think of the EDX and EAX registers as one 64 bit register with the upper milford regional medical center staff; imul assembly 3 operands; imul assembly 3 operands . The mul instruction is used to perform a multiplication. The binary arithmetic instructions perform basic integer computions on operands in memory or the general-purpose registers. 16-bit versions of the instruction set. jge
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