500000 Something to note is that you can spend too much GP on clones. 20.205 Idling to Rule the Gods Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. All 4 god stats are increased by this multiplier, making it a large source of power in the late game. Each creation has a varying time cost per batch, and it is possible to actually reach a maximum speed for a specific creation, in such a case your creation speed is wasted, and you are only given 1 batch per tick (there are 33 ticks per second). Which means at default, only the first 20 upgrades of a monument will count towards your rebirth multipliers. https://itrtg.miraheze.org/w/index.php?title=Spreadsheets&oldid=1323, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0). For Upgrades, you can treat the cost for the first upgrade as the base cost. However, you shouldn't blindly only focus on clone count. 102.5 m 3,759.76% - well short of the 10,000% (100x) required for book, so additional Might Training is needed. With BHC's completed this formula becomes quite complicated through the offset rounding. Each upgrade gives a boost to the multiplier. {\displaystyle \frac{\text{Base Creation Time}}{\text{Creating Multiplier}} \times \frac{100}{3}}. The main benefit of creation count comes from the ability to create more than 1 clone at a time. Each creation has a specific base value for its needed Creation Time. (Offline god power gains are capped at 20 GP per offline session. 1 log 0.00205 ) With a DMC score of ~37,000, 60 million clones, 1500 Creation Count and 100k% base creating speed, it takes about 8-9 days to evolve it. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Hi, so back when I found this game on Kongregate I became really addicted and create a calculator so you know how much base materials you need to craft thos hi requirements objects. 0.205 However, having a large batch size also increases the Creating gained per creation and reduces the cost per Creation. Base multiplier of 1500. Coming Soon 2 This page was last edited on 15 August 2021, at 23:01. Base multiplier of 200. After a long lasting fight, all humans but you - the player - died. 0.00205 Each creation takes a certain amount of time to create a single batch of that given creation. 5 Dungeon XP Calculator. 2 This ratio also doesn't take into account CP, which gives you CS/BS. Idling to Rule the Gods cheats Trainers and cheats for Steam Download for Windows 85 MB 3 options Player Unlimited God Power Super Might Instant Might Cooldown Our Idling to Rule the Gods trainer has over 3 cheats and supports Steam. Idling to Rule the Gods Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Something to know is that what you create significantly affects the stat. Creation Crystal: Raises Creation by (100% * crystal Grade) as well as your CC by (1 * crystal grade). ) Cheat in this game and more with the WeMod app! Learn more about WeMod 0.205 To understand what stat you should invest in, the key is to understand what the four core stats are. % m https://itrtg.miraheze.org/w/index.php?title=Holy_ITRTG_Book&oldid=4406, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0). \times \left(\text{Elemental Manipulation} \times m + 2 \right) Creation Calculator The XYZ CC Tabs are useful to calculate the needed creations for creating a certain amount of creation xy. 4 Depending on your play-style, you can play it fast or slow. The upgrade factor starts at 0 and increases by 0.25 for each upgrade. To create millions of clones in 5 minutes means you can get everything online in 5 minutes, meaning you're climbing faster and earning more GP faster. DMC Might https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nVzUV0KHgukuujgMwDYIMOHtiL2B8bWG-Bmgk_P4mSc/edit?usp=drivesdk. \times \left(\text{Elemental Manipulation} \times m + 2 \right) The Unleash Might tooltip in-game shows this in% notation, i.e. 500000 ) 1.5 500 + This is called "black barring", because when that happens the progress bar becomes a solid color instead of animating a rising progression bar. Every aspect of the game benefits depending on how much GP you spend on the stats that benefit said aspect. The world of Idling to Rule the Gods.In the first habitable planet they found, they noticed the world works different than the known universe. 10 High creation speed to actually create the suns (well over 10k% base is recommended) High creation count (well over 100 is recommended) High building speed and clones, to create a strong enough Divinity Generator to generate the divinity required (a minimum DivGen level of X/300/300 is recommended) Most early purchases will be made at 1GP to 3.5% rate (10 or 100 GP purchases). High creation speed to actually create the suns (well over 10k% base is recommended), High creation count (well over 100 is recommended), High building speed and clones, to create a strong enough Divinity Generator to generate the divinity required (a minimum DivGen level of X/300/300 is recommended). We begin to-day another group of ten years, not in happy circumstances. Last updated on: somewhere beginning of 2021 as of version 2. Additionally, your creating stat provides a multiplier of up to 10x to your "current creation speed". Each level of a module allows you to make one grade 1 crystal every ten minutes, employing 10,000 shadow clones for the duration, and to convert crystals to the next grade with 1% greater efficiency. Finally, it divides by build speed (Bs). ) It also helps if you saved up some Lucky Draws, to get your divinity doubled a few times. Greetings Stuhl-o-mator EDIT: CREATION CALC added Pihlen Obchod Domovsk strnka Fronta doporuen Seznam pn Vrnostn obchod Novinky Statistiky This assumes that the Might Levels would all be the same, which is not optimal due to the different speeds at which they grow. edit: All you need to do is fill in your pet level in the second column and then use the clones stats on the right. = scripps institution of oceanography graduate programs; rosemont seneca advisors website ) (1 CC = 100% Creating, 2 CC = 105% Creating, 3 CC = 110% Creating, etc). Upon Rebirth all your crystals are destroyed, but you gain Crystal Power (CP) based on the total grades of all crystals you have equipped. ) Boosts Physical, Mystic, Battle and Creating. ) ( Creations (including Shadow Clones) automatically generate Creating Power for you as you create them. So if you think you know better what's good for you, you are probably right. Rested Bonus applies a 300% speed bonus on Creation (creating everything with 3x the normal speed) and Special Fights (training towards the Clone reduction on Physical/Skills Training). At the same time, BS importance eventually drops off when you reach a certain point (300k usually). 12 This rebirth multiplier will apply to the same stats that the monument impacts: a Mystic Garden upgrade affects the mystic multiplier, while the Godly Statue and Temple of God upgrades will affect every stats' rebirth multiplier. I will start: The mouseover for training shadow clones says "106 Creation / sec". If you want to up your game it is important that you get the right resources. Buying creations with divinity will significantly speed up the production of higher-tier creations as they take millions or billions of components. The four basic crystals (Physical, Mystic, Battle, and Creation) give 1 CP per grade. m The first two monuments help most with your current stats and multis. I dont understand how creating works, what does the creation stat do does it make you create higher level creation easier, or is that purely the Creation Speed stat you upgrade with GP? This required time can be reduced to a minimum of 1 tick per batch with 1 tick being 30ms by increasing your Creation Speed to beyond a certain threshold. Covers multiple loops although it is possible not all loops are as effective anymore due to either better found loops or game updates. Additionally, your Creating stat multiplies Creating Speed by up to 10x (min 1x). Cheat Sheet for PGC - Havixx - A list of all the PGC's and their special conditons. Idling to Rule the Gods is a free to play Idle-Game with a lot of content and some Minigames. Furthermore a GP stat balancer, Crystal leveling calculator, Pet export prety-fier, UBv4 calculator, dungeon calculator, growth camp calculator, gear upgrade cost calculator, ubv2 fight planner and lastly a AFKY optimal leveling calculator, Last updated on: Unknown as of writing on 2021-03-18 at version V8.1. 1 You must click to unlock it during your Might unleash. Do this till you have 345 CS. Base multiplier of 30. < In the main menu, by hovering over your "Creating" stat (found under your avatar picture), you can see a "Current Creation Speed". \times \left(\text{Mystic Mode} \times m \times 1.5 + 2.5 \right) With that I was never able to complete this as I never made it to end game, I'm hoping the community can help me fill in the blanks with providing craft requirements for all the objects so I can complete this calculator. It will also count for right class in dungeon events. ( Like Creation Speed, Creation Count is essential for producing Monuments and their upgrades fast, and allows you to create Shadow clones in a reasonable amount of time. 0.00205 }. Ultimate Crystal: This crystal combines the above four basic crystals' effects simultaneously, with the same formulas, add but has a cap of grade 20 instead of 30. {\displaystyle \text{CC} < 12 \implies (41 - \text{CC}) \times \text{CC} \times \text{DNDC mult} \times 2.5\% }, CC 100 This sheet calculates the average XP you can expect to get from dungeons. {\displaystyle This is the final modifier to the speed at which you created batches of creations (a batch starts out as a single creation, and rises with your creation count. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. When you're starting out, you can raise this amount by killing and creating shadow clones. Product of Might Levels Creation Count is how many creations you can make at once. Stats logging to log each of these snapshots of your player stats. An attempt is made also to try to highlight which challenges can be done reasonably . Creation Count is how many creations you can make at once. This same toggle can be found on the monuments page to auto buy creations to build your current monument (it shares the same percentage penalty). Grants 1 GP every (7:30:00 / crystal grade). Whenever you make a creation or achieve a creating achievement, you gain a certain amount of Creating main stat score. The creating stat does give you a multiplier on creation speed, up to 10 times at around 50 E+39 (not sure why the wiki states 1 E+42, but it's not that far away when you work with multipliers anyway). This increases speed logarithmically by 2% per 8x Creating, with the full bonus at 5.4445e+40 Creating Stat (54.445 duodecillion): Creating Multiplier ( Home que nmero juega soar con avispas natriumcromoglicat tabletten. 275 Besides this, you will need to spend GP to increase you clone count. Challenges#Ultimate Baal Challenge .28UBC.29, Challenges#Ultimate Universe Challenge .28UUC.29. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. \text{Power} \approx \left(\text{Offensive Aura} \times m\right) Caps at grade 30 for 3000% Creation and 30 more CC. In the year 9001, humans destroyed all habitable planets in the known universe. Base multiplier of 100,000,000. As of now it seems owner has stopped updating the sheet. It is ruled by gods. It is not your actual creating stat. Creations (including Shadow Clones) automatically generate Creating Power for you as you create them. 6 Token Tier List. 4 RTI to 140. \times \left(\text{Transformation Aura} \times m \times 2 + 3 \right)} General Guide - Lordmatthius - Cover most game aspects like in the Newbie guide except this guide is written in a more like manual-like fashion where you can rather navigate to aspects you want to know more information about. 12,725 WeMod members play this game. SteamDB has been running ad-free since 2012. \times \left(\text{Transformation Aura} \times m \times 2 + 3 \right) Additionally, every point of Crystal Power will give you +0.5% to your Creating Speed. Keep in mind that some of the guides haven't been updated in a long time and can be outdated due to some game aspects changing in the meantime. 0.205 God Crystal: Generates GP/hour. You start with 2 crystal equip slots, but can get up to 6 with Kong/Steam purchases, lucky draws, or pet stones from the item pet campaign. 000 This percent will fall by 5% for each grade. Formula to calculate PowerSurge+ needed to bb PowerSurge: 12,000,000,000 / (Planet_Level+1) / Clone_Amount * 100 = PowerSurge+ + 100 \times \left(\text{Mystic Mode} \times m \times 1.5\right) Mystic Crystal: Raises Mystic by (100% * crystal Grade) as well as reduces Defender Clone damage from UB's by (3% * crystal grade). 1.5 This resets to the default cap of 5 after rebirth. 3 ( Your base creation count starts at one and can be increased by 1 for 50 GP or 5 for 250 GP. pp) since this would be pretty useful for optimizing my ndc runs. You will lose some in the process. Shadow Clones are automatically available from the start of every Rebirth; each successive Creation is unlocked by defeating a God, starting from Hyperion. 2 All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. {\displaystyle \text{CC} \geq 12 \implies (\text{CC} \times 50 + 275) \times \text{DNDC mult}\,\% }. Each hour, has a 25% chance per Black Hole to generate 1 God Power, maxed at 100% with 4 black holes. The creating stat does give you a multiplier on creation speed, up to 10 times at around 50 E+39 (not sure why the wiki states 1 E+42, but it's not that far away when you work with multipliers anyway). = 3 \times m^4 \times \text{Product of Might Levels} CC Might leveling sheet, CPC optimal run calculations, PMC time calculation, DUC reward calculations, SDC time calculations, UCC calculations. Description Reach a maximum shadow clone count of 20 million. This way you will waste only 56 clones on training skills. Creations (including Shadow Clones) automatically generate "Creating" for you as you create them. % Especially the fact that pretty fast you need lots and lots of the basic creations to get higher creation and each higher creation needs several of the one below bringst the whole . Changelog for Idling to Rule the Gods. With maximum (40) BHC's completed this formula can be simplified back to: Cookies help us deliver our services. Only the most divine people will get it. The ending is still unclear, is it an evil or a good religion? Creation Speed doesn't play a big role until you start doing challenges that demand you create the more expensive creations faster. When you begin the game, using this toggle increases the cost of buying creations with divinity by 20% [this penalty can be lowered by spending 3 god power per percentage point you want to remove]. It doesn't follow the above ratio, but offers another ratio you can reference. {\displaystyle m = \frac{\sqrt{\text{DMC Might}}}{500}\%} Well, creation speed (CS) is the way to make all creations faster, and to some extent creation count (CC) as well (it doesn't make it faster to fill the bar but you get multiples with each bar filled and the cost for each is a bit lower). The unlocked creations are reset each Rebirth, and the Gods must be defeated again to make them available for creation. This is additive. {\displaystyle = 37.5976} Please note that this ratio is a baseline. m Each Creation takes a certain amount of time to create. The worst price is 1 god power for 2% Creating Speed, while the best price is 3.509% per GP when you buy 1000GP worth. Creations have various functions, such as being components for building various things in the game. Often new players ask the question: "What should I spend my GP on?" Battle Crystal: Raises Battle by (100% * crystal Grade) as well as increases Div Gen output by (3% * crystal grade). Cookies help us deliver our services. = you can train them at full speed by just 1 clone each. does any1 knows if creation speed affects the speed for the poison creations u need for UBv2? If you are a strong speed-runner or rebirth less then once every week I will list the wrong number of Creation count for example. idling to rule the gods creation calculator | Posted on May 31, 2022 | resultat rugby auvergne 1re srie sams secrtaire mdicale You might want to make it public but read-only unless permissions are given, if you have to accept access requests from every person it will be a burden on you (and will drive away people that already experienced the months it takes to access some documents like that). 1.5 Creation and building calculator for regular and some challenge situation, it calculates next ats, times and costs of certain things. ( m It should probably be "min" instead of "sec". Featuring the enti 2.5 + Higher level modules produce more grade 1 crystals every ten minutes, and require more shadow clones to operate. = ( God Idle Management Mouse Only Unity Upgrades Hacks 34 Reviews 1 Sol Files 5 Links 3 Topics 1 Badges 10 Description Wondering where the hacks are at? Ultimate Baal Challenge Guide - Bodlaender - Guide for doing the Challenges#Ultimate Baal Challenge .28UBC.29 Challenge. Then for all four stats, the rebirth multiplier will be multiplied by a factor of: (Godly statue base multiplier of 200) * (20 monuments made) * ( 2.5 factor from 10 upgrades), 200 * 20 * 2.5 = 10,000x your original rebirth multipliers. Don't stress about completing any of the following challenges, just make use of them if already relevant for you: Might Unleash attack power can be calculated as: The higher your clone count is, the longer it takes to reach the max amount. {\displaystyle m = 0.205\% = \frac{0.205}{100} = 0.00205}. Either way it can be fun for hundreds of hours! This is intended not as a guide how to complete each type of challenge fast, but to try to summarize which challenges help complete other challenges faster, and therefore are probably best to complete first. On the creation page in the top right corner, there is an "auto buy missing creations" toggle. This is because each of them becomes less and more important as you progress. This bonus scales logarithmically, and you can expect to achieve the full 10x bonus at 5.44452e+40 Creating Stat (54.445 duodecillion). ) As creations take the same amount of time regardless of batch size, this means that a higher CC speeds up creation at the cost of a higher cost per batch. Note also that this is an extremely rough approximation, especially at smaller m values. Base multiplier of 600. It then multiplies by 1000 and divides by the clones on the monument (C). Register or Sign In to find out! The conversion rate can never fall below 5%, or go higher than 95%. Boosts Physical, Mystic, Battle and Creating. 1.5 You can check what upcoming draws you have by saving, opening your available draws, and reloading the game from before you opened them. The limit is increased by 1 for every P.Baal you defeat. While surviving the whole time, you . Pages that use a deprecated format of the math tags, 100 x Water, 25 x Plant, 25 x Fish, 15 x Animal, 5,000 x Stone, 5,000 x Plant, 200 x Human, 1 x River, 1 x Forest, 250,000 x Stone, 10,000 x Plant, 5,000 x Human, 1 x River, 30,000,000 x Water, 5,000,000 x Plant, 1,000,000 x Fish, 500 x River, 1,000,000 x Plant, 100,000 x Animal, 100 x River, 3 x Mountain, 10 x Forest, 15 x Town, 1.000E+9 x Air, 100.000E+6 x Water, 5 x Ocean, 1 x Continent, 100.000E+6 x Light, 3.000E+9 x Air, 1 x Weather, 100.000E+9 x Air, 10.000E+9 x Soil, 25.000E+9 x Water, 5.000E+9 x Plant, 1 x Planet, 100 x Planet, 1 x Earthlike Planet, 10 x Sun. If you're speed-running, then this becomes super important. Makes use of JS code to do the required calculations. Let's make a thread for bugs, including typos. The 2nd upgrade will always have the same cost as the first, and from there on, the cost is equal to (Base Cost) * (level - 1)^2. If we approximate the formula by dropping all of the added constants, we get: This page was last edited on 2 November 2022, at 05:55. When you have enough, you can upgrade multiple crystals of a grade to a higher grade. Pet token spending tier list - Ryu- A tiered breakdown of token buyable pets to get a better idea on where to spend your next pet token on. Don't be surprised if the calculated Might Levels are off by 10% or more. Go ahead and look into the Idling to Rule the Gods and other hints that are posted. m 2 To calculate the minimum amount of required CS% to BB an creation (assumed creation multiplier of 1) we use the following formula: The table below has for each creation it's base creation time, it's minimum required CS to BB with a Creation Multiplier of 10 and minimum required CS to always BB creation. One thing to note is that CP (Crystal Power) also determines when it becomes less useful to purchase CS/BS. The modules allow you to build grade 1 crystals. 50 DNDC mult }. It is ruled by gods. Boosts Physical, Mystic, Battle and Creating. Finally, don't forget that "ghost Might" from CBC also counts. The first Mighty Statue cost 2,000 Stone. Espaol - Latinoamrica (Spanish - Latin America). As of version 3.50.1219 (2021-03-10) Afky god gained independence meaning normal rebirths won't reset afky anymore but it has its own rebirth button. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. {\displaystyle = \left(50 \times 0.00205 + 2 \right) ( Steam player counter indicates there are currently 1290 players live playing Idling to Rule the Gods on Steam. Depending on your play-style, you can play it fast or slow. Once you have some crystals made, you can equip them to your God, for a boost in stats, special perks, and even generate GP. The Creating Stat Multiplier is a number between 1 and 10 which is calculated from your Creating Stat. = % GP spending guide for newbies- bodlaender - Covers the pro's and con's of GP purchables along with a suggested ratio between purchables. Not only that, but you can all create other creations faster as well, like stones, villages, up to the final creation, universes. Convers unlocking Planet, UBC preps, Ultimate Beings, Crystal Factory, Climbing and traps to avoid. After this, then the GP spending path really depends on what your priority will be while playing. Idling to Rule the Gods Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. + My digital. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Cookies help us deliver our services. 2.5 Creating gained is significantly affected by the tier of Creations made. Each Monument also has a corresponding Upgrade that greatly increases the stat multiplier of that Monument and also causes it to increase your rebirth multipliers. \times \left(50 \times 0.00205 \times 1.5 + 2.5 \right) m The factory can be unlocked once one UBC or UAC has been completed and gives your god the ability to build crystal modules on your Planet once Planet Level 1 has been unlocked. {\displaystyle Basic guide that covers doing UUC for climbing or completing them as fast as possible reasons. Using god power you can increase a stat called "creating speed" (found in the god power menu). While producing more Creations per batch will require more raw materials, the cost per Creation goes down. Creating Multiplier As your ability to generate divinity increases and your ability to create grows faster, you'll find yourself gaining more creation than physical easily. = During every rebirth, defeating Nephthys grants you the ability to buy creations with divinity. 41 Caps at grade 30 for 3000% physical and 90% BS. Total Buildtime = (Bb * n * n + 1) / 2 * (1000 / C) / Bs. Replace BHC with your BHC count, and n with the desired number of Black Holes. At 2 creation count, you creation clones twice as fast as if you had one. ), Note: For Mystic and Ultimate crystals, regardless of how much damage reduction you receive in total, there is a cap of 95% damage reduction for defender clones. ITRTG Compiled Sheet, holds a large variety of sheets with various uses. The below table lists the base Creation Time for each Creation, along with the minimum CS to Black Bar: This determines the rate at which the progress bar fills when making Creations (see Creation Time). Prices Charts App info Packages 4 Depots 3 Configuration Cloud saves Achievements Community 19 Screenshots Related apps Update history Improved UB Calculator - By (Discord) tsftd - Calculates minimum amount of defender clones that are needed to have a 100% success rate defending. - Idling to Rule the Gods 5,765 views Jul 16, 2018 37 Dislike Share Save Hadriex 4.73K subscribers The DRC madness continues, as I spam them one after another for massive gains! {\displaystyle Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Here you will find Idling to Rule the Gods trainer hacks, general hacks, cheat codes, reviews, and achievements. Please use discord if you need help. Below is a link to a calculator if you want to use it. ) While these are the only 2 things it affects, their importance cannot be understated. 3 Crystal Calculator, Calculates the amount of needed crystals to achieve a grade x crystal. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Currently a same kind of calculator is also in the compiled sheet. John Law; his birth and youthful careerDuel between Law and WilsonLaw's escape from the King's BenchThe "Land-bank"Law's gambling propensities on the continent, and acquaintance with the Duke of OrleansState of France after the reign of Louis XIV.Paper money instituted in that country by LawEnthusiasm of the French people at the . {\displaystyle \text{Creating Multiplier} = \frac{1}{1 - \lceil\log_{8}\left( \text{Creating} \times 0.1 \right)\rceil \times 0.02}}. Caps at grade 30 for 3000% Mystic and 90% damage reduction. ( You can use a pet token so it will always count as one of the required pets when doing pet village quests. \times \left(50 \times 0.00205 \times 2 + 3 \right)}
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