Salahuddin is black, the alleged victim is white. Open 24 hours. These situations are often tragic; particularly when they result in the loss of life. [60], On 17 March 2021 a 23-year-old haulier from Caledon, County Tyrone was charged with conspiracy to assist illegal immigration in connection with the deaths. [71][72] Alexandru-Ovidiu Hanga, of Tilbury, and Gazmir Nuzi, of Tottenham, also pleaded guilty to assisting unlawful immigration in June and September 2020 respectively. Once again, the brother demanded a retraction. Report An Accident; Chat Room; Grays Ferry Archives; Traffic Cams; Tweet >> Pennsylvania >> Grays Ferry >> DOT Road Conditions Construction Titan St Road is closed from S 30th St to S 31st St due to roadwork. Theyd been sparring partners for years which was an odd spectacle since Dexter gave up at least 60 pounds to Randalls 6-3, 235-pound physique. 4 suspects sought in deadly Grays Ferry Shooting. Police believe that the cab was driven from Northern Ireland on 19 October. [28], On 29 October, Essex Police announced that two brothers from Armagh, Northern Ireland, one of whom owned the haulage company operating the lorry cab detained at Grays, were wanted on suspicion of manslaughter and human trafficking offences related to the incident. View the VIP registry In the 2011 legislative session, HB 1789 set forth minimum requirements for Victim Impact Panels and asked the Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC) to maintain a registry of qualified Victim Impact Panels. He was returned to the UK where he was charged with 39 counts of manslaughter and conspiracy to assist unlawful immigration. No injuries were reported, Golden said, but a detour on the westbound 40 bus was put into place. Police later moved the bodies to a mortuary at Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford for post-mortems to be carried out. 2022 All Rights Reserved by Barry Bowe The ambulance service informed Essex Police, who arrived shortly afterwards. The ideal location for this connection is just south of the Grays Ferry Avenue Bridge where an old railroad crossing is located. Now, 8 Arrests in Crackdown on South Philly Turf War The arrests are linked to two shootings, including one homicide, in the Grays Ferry neighborhood. Police have released video of a shooting that left a 24-year-old man dead earlier this month. "So, basically, Zahiem is not guilty. There are additional resources for people or communities that have endured gun violence. But the issue isall of the trauma that this young black boy had to go through for 2 months," Hardy said. The DA is
[69] Counsel for the Minister for Justice, Ronan Kennedy SC disagreed, calling the claim of extraterritoriality a red herring and that the court should not engage in a "fanciful debate" as to whether other states had jurisdiction to try these offences. Zahiem said one of his friends shot the alleged victim in the stomach, but he did not see the shooting. PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A shooting suspect who was barricaded inside a Philadelphia home on Friday night has died, Action News has learned. So we had another beer. Howard Cosell was broadcasting the fight for ABC-TV. All Rights Reserved. Id just finished another pressure-packed week at work and was starting to unwind for the weekend. Police apprehended each person and rushed both of them to the hospital. Jason Guerrasio. Pete Dexter took that real-life, dramatic incident, and turned it into the novel God's Pocket . Zahiem Salahuddin, 13, and his mother, Zakiyyah Salahuddin, deny that he used his toy gun to shoot anyone. . But Randall Cobb will forever hold a special place in my life. Dexter later described what happened next: So this little fat guy gets up, goes outside for something, and the next thing I know the room is filled up maybe 30 guys. The investigation into the deaths of two socialites whose car plunged from a ferry . [73][74], In January 2021, an extradition hearing was held at Westminster Magistrates' Court for a Vietnamese man, said to be aged 18, who appeared via videolink from HM Prison Wandsworth accused of transporting 10 of the 39 from a safehouse in Anderlecht. As is the case with all homicides, the City of Philadelphia is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. Warning for portions of Clallam, Grays Harbor, Jefferson, and Mason Counties from 1000 on December 2 to 1000 on December 3. But in an Oct. 1 interview with the Inquirer and Daily News both maintained he had done nothing wrong. I also write about civil litigation and trials. The shooting occurred on the 1200 block of South 24th Street around 7:20 p.m. back on July 3. The Inquirer and Daily News reported that on the day Zahiem is accused of shooting the alleged victim with a round plastic pellet from a $3.50 toy gun, he and several friends were playing with toy guns on a basketball court. He started for the Eagles for nine seasons and scored 27 TDs. The male suspect then allegedly fled and barricaded himself inside a home on the 3500 block of Wharton Street. An accident in Grays Ferry left public transit riders with a memorable scene Wednesday when a power-line pole fell on top of a SEPTA Route 40 bus. [35], On 25 October, police arrested a man and a woman from Warrington, Cheshire, on suspicion of manslaughter and conspiracy to traffic people,[36] and another man at Stansted Airport regarding the same offences. [4] The deceased31 males and 8 femalesincluded 10 teenagers; the 2 youngest were 15-year-old boys.[15]. On 23 October 2019, the bodies of 39 Vietnamese people 31 men and 8 women were found in the trailer of an articulated refrigerator lorry in Grays, Essex, United Kingdom.The trailer had been shipped from the port of Zeebrugge, Belgium, to Purfleet, Essex, UK, and the lorry cab and its driver are believed to have originated from Northern Ireland. So Dexter went straight to the bar to try to work things out - alone. The incident began around midnight Friday on South . This data is updated every 5 minutes. Specialties: We do catering and is a great place for office or personal events. [13] The lorry was in Eastern Avenue at the Waterglade Industrial Park in Grays, Essex. PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- New information has been released concerning a deadly police-involved shooting in the Grays Ferry section of Philadelphia. . The man died about 90 minutes later. Antnio Guterres, the United Nations secretary-general, tweeted that those responsible "must be swiftly brought to justice". Pennovation Works at 34th and Grays Ferry Avenue, the University of Pennsylvania's newest campus for research and innovation, officially opened in October 2016. In the Grays Ferry neighborhood in Philadelphia, PA, residents most commonly identify their ethnicity or ancestry as Irish (20.0%). Police say the victim was shot in the face and later died at the hospital. Lucy Liu opened up about an incident with Bill Murray while making "Charlie's Angeles." While rehearsing a scene, Liu said Murray was directing insults at her. Police say the victim was shot in the face and later died at the hospital. The brother was the night bartender at Doughertys Bar in the tough Grays Ferry section of the city. [5][6][7][8] The trailer was loaded onto the freight ferry Clementine in Zeebrugge in Belgium. Counting the bartender, there were four other men inside the bar. [79], On 22 January 2021 the culprits were jailed for the incident. It then travelled through the Republic of Ireland to Dublin, and from there by sea to Holyhead in Wales, from where it was driven to Purfleet. The project, nearly 20 years in the making, has become one of several transformative projects for the Grays Ferry neighborhood that had long been dragged down by racial tensions, gang violence . Randall and I were the last ones out. [48], On 4 March 2020, a man from Essex was charged with an immigration offence related to the deaths. PHILADELPHIA - Philadelphia police are looking to identify three gunmen, as well as a passenger, they say were involved in a deadly shooting earlier this month in Grays Ferry. The victim was shot multiple times and later died at the hospital. 3300 Grays Ferry Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19146. The master plan articulates a phased approach, with initial activity focused on site improvements and renovating existing buildings . That contradicts the police report that said the alleged victim had identified Zahiem as the shooter, Hardy said. $249.9K. The wires pulled down a pair of poles, one of which came to rest against the bus. The main campus is in Bremerton, a short ferry ride from Seattle, the economic and cultural center of our state, and close to Olympic National Park. "This is an example of how the community rose up to defend Zahiem, and in defending Zahiem defended itself against a system, and how this system treats black and brown adults and children," she said. But flames shot through the back of the home. Families were worried they could still be left in debt, despite over 84,000 having been raised to help them. There will be no sucker punches now, Dexter announced. A Collision Records representative is available to assist you with any questions concerning the entry or completion of the Police Traffic Collision Report (PTCR). Many of the ferry's passengers were injured. [91], Later, China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs criticised a CNN reporter's question, which had contrasted the incident with the Chinese government's depiction of a more economically prosperous China. For the latest local news, sports and weather, download the FOX 29 News app. The dead guys mother called Pete Dexter at the newspaper crying. She Was Just Found in Puerto Rico, Eagles' WR Zach Pascal Robbed and Assaulted at Gunpoint in Maryland. Bucks a must-win for Philly? Do not to buy Raspberry Rally cookies from eBay, Girl Scouts say, Brian Laundrie was 'emotional bully,' Petito family lawsuit says, Pa. woman missing since 1992 found alive in Puerto Rico. DOT Incident Report. The rear passenger who got out of the car is described as having a thin build, short-cropped hair. The Grays Ferry Incident. "My son had the mother, in his arms, literally, carrying her across the street from her house," said Naukel Barnes. And then the lights went out. Follow Adam & PhillyVoice on Twitter: @adamwhermann | @thePhillyVoice The incidents displayed below are note-worthy incidents that have been published as media releases or tweets. Seattle Greats. [51][52], On 29 January 2020, a man from Essex, who was the subject of a European Arrest Warrant, was detained in Frankfurt. The shooting took place at about 9:40 p.m. on August 1st in the 1500 block of South Etting Street in the city's Grays Ferry section. "I ain't changing nothing," Dexter said. NBC10 hires Fred Shropshire to replace Jim Rosenfield as weekday evening anchor. . [69] The fact that many locations were mentioned in the warrant did not mean that the offences were extraterritorial and the accused was in the UK and had acted to further an act of conspiracy that underpinned the charges of manslaughter. February 20, 2020 | 5:02pm. The police officers did not suffer any injuries during the incident. But promoter Don King set up a title match with Larry Holmes in the Astrodome provided Randalls arm healed properly. "Going forward, someone needs to apologize to Zahiem. Stoned all the time. That's scary, dangerous, and should never happen.". Fri. Open 24 hours. A piece of plywood leaning against a cement wall served as a gate to the yard. [100] The deputy chair of the Can Lc District, had reportedly been told by officials that the Vietnamese government offered to only pay the costs of bringing the bodies "home from the airport" and would pay in advance on behalf of the families only if the families would later pay them back. Police initially characterized the incident as a shootout. The complainant's mother needs to apologize. On December 2, the NWS issued a Winter Storm Warning for portions of Mason, Jefferson, and Kitsap Counties in effect from 1000 that day until 1000 on December 3. Someones fist crunched the right side of his face and sent bits and pieces of his teeth flying out of his mouth. Details about incidents may change and should not be used as emergency information and/or advice. Open now: Tue. It was a cold Friday night. There are also a number of people of Sub-Saharan African ancestry (15.7%), and residents who report Mexican roots (7.2%), and some of the residents are also of Asian ancestry (6.9%), along with some Puerto Rican . In the last decade, one has become a synonymous with gentrification and redevelopment and the other with post-industrial struggle and decline. A teenage boy was murdered last week in Grays Ferry. Author Barry. She Was Just Found in Puerto Rico, Eagles' WR Zach Pascal Robbed and Assaulted at Gunpoint in Maryland. Kyle Shenandoah worked hard to make his Grays Ferry neighborhood infamously known as Forgotten Bottom seen. The man later . 2023 WWB Holdings, LLC. [44] On 20 April 2020, one of the brothers, a 40-year-old man, was arrested by Garda in the Republic of Ireland on a European Arrest Warrant and charged with 39 counts of manslaughter and immigration offences. The lorry cab, a Scania R-series, was registered in Bulgaria in 2017 in the name of a company owned by an Irish citizen, but had not returned there since, according to the Bulgarian foreign ministry. Jul 28, 2021, 7:45 AM. Neither the District Attorney's Office nor the police would comment on the case Monday. "It's really important to have smoke alarms in your home, on every floor," said Philadelphia Fire Commissioner Adam Thiel at the scene. "Please help us help you. [60] In March 2021, the man appeared in court again accused by Belgian authorities of being a member of a criminal organisation, being involved in human trafficking and using forged documents. Work is underway to build a new, fully operating swing bridge that will meet ADA requirements and provide easy access across the 2 South Philly Gangs. [16][17] There have been a number of incidents in which migrants to Europe died or were injured as a result of dangerous transportation methods. In addition, Valentin Calota from Birmingham and Christopher Kennedy, from County Armagh, were found guilty of immigration offences. The community of Grays Ferry, still more Southern than Northern, is full of people bound together by history, memories, struggle, dreams, blood, love and death. Im just here to tell you that.. "[53], On 17 April 2020, a 42-year-old man from Tottenham was charged with an immigration offence related to the deaths. Randall then purchased three memberships and paid for them in full. Randall crashed the wedding reception halfway through when he drove into the parking lot in a limo with a small entourage. Hardy said Zahiem deserves apologies for the way authorities handled the case. The circumstances of the shots that had been fired before police arrived at the scene were not immediately known. All rights reserved, Pennsylvania Lawmaker Won't Quit Amid Sex Misconduct Claim, Police in Delaware Arrest Two Men For Murder, New Jersey Bill Seeks to Ban Sale of Baby Wipes, Check Your Change! April 2022 Incident Archives, Grays Ferry March 2022 Incident Archives, Grays Ferry February 2022 Incident Archives, Grays Ferry January 2022 Incident Archives, Grays Ferry Decemb [67], On 15 May 2020 Ronan Hughes, the man accused of being a ringleader, attended the High Court in Ireland by video link from Cloverhill Prison in Dublin. [87], Channel 4 postponed a television series called Smuggled that was due to air on 28 October, in which British citizens try to smuggle themselves from mainland Europe to the UK. As of February 2023, the average rent price in Grays Ferry, PA for a 2 bedroom apartment is $1750 per month. [4] Other refugee groups have expressed concern that the border confusion surrounding Brexit will give more opportunities for groups to commit similar crimes. Prosecutors have agreed to drop all charges against a 13-year-old Grays Ferry boy who spent three days in jail after his arrest Aug. 3 for allegedly shooting the son of a Philadelphia police officer with a plastic pellet from a toy gun. [46][47] In February 2020, the man was given leave to appeal the extradition judgment. Officials haven't released the identities of the victims yet. He was immediately released having already served his sentence in custody. July 2, 2022. Advocating for their clients toward the best settlement, or jury award outcomes is . [69] Counsel for the defence argued that many of the alleged offences occurred outside the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom and that the extradition warrant was unclear about whether the United Kingdom was asserting that the alleged offences occurred in UK jurisdiction or were extraterritorial. [19][20], Initially the police said the deceased were all Chinese nationals and the Chinese embassy in London sent officials to assist with identification. The Grays Ferry Av & 29th St stop is the nearest one to 2900 Grays Ferry Ave in Philadelphia. The American Red Cross is helping a family of eight from a nearby home with temporary housing and other needs. Probe into Miami ferry accident that killed 2 socialites focuses on safety standards. But for residents of South Philadelphia, the 2019 explosion was just one part of the story of the refinery . . An hour before closing time, Randall walked in with his girlfriend Priscilla and Priscillas brother. Prosecutors have agreed to dropall charges against a 13-year-old Grays Ferry boy who spent three days in jail after his arrest Aug. 3 for allegedly shooting the son of a Philadelphia police officer with a plastic pellet from a toy gun. He survived, but the incident changed his life. "A black pickup truck stops you without anyone in uniform. Like us on Facebook: PhillyVoice Latest news and updates. Both the man and woman ran into the Bailey Street home where the man collapsed on the living room floor and the woman appeared to ditch her weapon under the kitchen sink, police said. [18], On 11 February 2020, Essex Police said that post-mortems gave a combination of hypoxia and hyperthermia as the provisional causes of death. Bill Gaffney and I were sitting ringside as Randall picked up a TKO victory. 1 cool thing: The project will provide new roads, bike lanes and access to the area along the Schuylkill that's been off limits for more than a century. 1299 S 30th St . [89], In October 2021, the BBC broadcast the hour-long documentary Hunting the Essex Lorry Killers. There's a process, and there's a process for a reason," she said. ("Grays Ferry," ORIS plant code 7337) in Pennsylvania, which is owned by Grays Ferry Cogeneration Partnership, operated by Philadelphia United Power Corporation, and scheduled to commence commercial operation December 1997. But the 23-acre site that borders the neighborhood within a neighborhood (Grays Ferry) wasn't always an abandoned industrial site. "Pennovation is going to be a new anchor and everything will fill in the donut hole between Grays Ferry and Pennovation," suggests Dranoff, whose high-rise One Riverside on the Schuylkill River Trail looks out to Grays Ferry.. All of the others convicted were Vietnamese or Belgians of Vietnamese origin and were accused of buying supplies for the migrants, transporting them in taxis or acting as look-outs at safe houses. Two officers responded to the alley behind South Bailey Street near 26th and Jackson streets minutes after midnight Friday for reports of gunfire, police said midday. [63], On 17 June 2021 a Vietnamese man who is being sought by Belgian authorities for extradition in connection with the deaths was arrested at a supermarket petrol station in Middlesbrough. The Pennovation Works is a distinctive blend of offices, labs, and production space developed by The University of Pennsylvania to link the intellectual and entrepreneurial initiatives necessary for advancing knowledge and generating economic development. See real-time alerts, live cameras, current travel times, and bridge and road restrictions for cars and trucks. Copyright 2023 WPVI-TV. Officials placed the incident under control at 10:49 a.m. Jul 27, 2015; [55] He faced 39 charges of manslaughter as well as immigration offences. When Bill returned to the bar, I was ready to drink up and get going, but Bill said we werent going anywhere just yet. Investigations are being led by Essex Police, and involve the national authorities of the UK, Belgium, Ireland and Vietnam. Otherwise, I woulda had the shit kicked outta me, too and wound up in the hospital. SEPTA Public Information Manager John Golden said the incident began when a tractor trailer made contact with overhead wires. [98] He also urged his country's Foreign Ministry to direct the Vietnamese embassy in UK to closely monitor the situation, co-ordinate with the British authorities to verify the identities of the victims and take protective measures in case it was confirmed Vietnamese were among them. Ali then fought Trevor Berbick and lost. Neighbors tried to save a family trapped inside a burning rowhome in Grays Ferry early Saturday, but two children perished. The accident happened near Schuylkill Avenue and Catherine Street, Golden said. Triage was set up at the waterfront and doctors from Seattle Grace Hospital were sent into the field to triage patients before they could be moved to the hospital. Police investigators remained on Bailey Street after daybreak Friday as the police-involved shooting investigation continued. [92][93] The question was then further criticised by Chinese media after the victims were found not to be Chinese. Grays Ferry average rent price is below the average national apartment rent price which is $1750 per month for a 2 bedroom apartment. This determination is made in response to the June 14, 1996 letter and attachments sent by Roger K. Raufer (air . [91], In an editorial headlined, "The UK must bear responsibility," the Global Times, a state-run newspaper, said that the responsibility for the deaths lay with Britain and other European countries. A father of one of the deceased said he was given two options: having the ashes returned for 41,100,000 Vietnam dong (1,470) or receiving the body for 66,240,000 Vietnam dong (2,209). For all life threatening emergencies, call Triple Zero (000) We responded to 125,583 incidents in 2021-22. [8] Belgian officials said the people were trapped in the trailer for at least 10 hours. A National Crime Agency spokesman said that the individual was "suspected by the Belgian authorities of having played a key role in placing at least 10 migrants inside that lorry. [1][2] The refrigerated trailer was leased on 15 October from a rental company in County Monaghan, Republic of Ireland. Robyn B. Resident; 4y ago "Good people abound in Grays Ferry, and many seem to be LGBTQ friendly." 1. Starts at Mar 01, 2023 01:48am Until: Mar 03, 2023 04:59am. It was the outsiders who gave this neighborhood a bad name. The officers said they saw a man and a woman outside a home on South Bailey Street, but seconds later the woman began firing several shots at the officers. [4][14] The lorry driver was a 25-year-old man from Portadown, County Armagh, Northern Ireland. When someone has been seriously injured in a car crash in Grays Ferry, they are faced with unexpected medical costs and lost income. south side of the Grays Ferry Avenue just west of Grove Street. Randall got hit with a crowbar and I ran toward the guy who did it. By clicking Sign Up, I confirmthat I have read and agreeto the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Tourists, vendors, babies, hundreds of university students and a soccer team from Senegal perished in a little-known ferry disaster 20 years ago. There are still some "original" people left and they take care of their homes and neighborhood." 24. [82], UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a tweet that he was "appalled" at the incident, giving his thoughts to the victims and their families, adding that the Home Office was working alongside Essex Police on the case. The development currently consists of clusters of two and three-story brick row houses located on 40 acres at 30th and Tasker streets in the Grays Ferry section of South Philadelphia. The woman suffered wounds to the thigh, hip and buttocks. NBC10's Steven Fisher reports. All rights reserved. [1][4], The lorry cab and the trailer arrived separately in Purfleet, Essex, from where they travelled together the short distance to Grays. Sat. Neither Salahuddin, an eighth grader, nor his mother, Zakiyyah, could be reached for comment. 1299 S 30th St Grays Ferry, PA DOT Road Conditions and Accidents . The alleged victim, a few years younger than Salahuddin, didn't seek medical treatment. Four people received a custodial sentence of at least 13 years. For whatever reason, there are no properties with an address on the 3200 block of Grays Ferry, with the dueling gas stations at the corner of 34th Street the only addresses on the 3300 block. This time he learned that all the guys seven of them had left the party to drive to Philly to seek retribution for what happened to Dexter. We started heading out the door. They found the victim in a nearby residence on the 1700 block of S. Hollywood [] PTCR forms are available on request by . Those three memberships won the contest for me plus the Porsche 944. It's a little too late . [66] He was remanded in custody until 13 December when he appeared in court, via a video link from Belmarsh Prison in London where he was being held until his trial. Randall was throwing a party at his apartment across the river in Jersey and Bill was getting directions. "While no police officer begins his or her tour expecting to discharge their firearm, that decision must sometimes be made at a moments notice. [4][14], The ambulance service said that all 39 people were dead before it arrived, and attempts at resuscitation could not be made. Smugglers often force migrants to work off the cost of the trip in slave-like conditions. Bucks a must-win for Philly? While he was rehabbing his broken arm, my company was running a national sales contest with a Grand Prize of a Porsche 944. Grays Ferry's home values have risen 26 percent . Grays Ferry feels urban and is home to several business parks, but the Grays Ferry Crescent Trail Park along the riverfront provides locals with a quiet, scenic place to gather for picnics, walks, bicycling, and fishing. These situations are often tragic; particularly when they result in the loss of life.". Published 2 weeks ago Categories Americas Best Crime Writer. 1299 S 30th St Pennsylvania Live Traffic, Construction and Accident Report. Randall was training for a fight with Muhammad Ali.
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