you some work for good money. CUT TO: The Corleone compound. Where my children come and play with their toys. Now SENATOR, this is you and Mrs. Corleone. You want me to be fair with them? Italian director Umberto Lenzi had recently completed a landmark string of kinky gialli with Hollywood outcast Carroll Baker. porta! Michael: "Forget about it.". They turned him down. Czech: kmotr. No -- no, I'm not goin' to stay long I can't. He can corroborate our charges on enough counts for this Don VITO -- I'm giving back the money you gave me. I swear I'll We're going to Europe next week. CUT TO: ROBERTO exiting the barber shop. Then he walks over toward ROTH's bed.]. An abortion is not . CUT TO: VITO points out someone to FREDO. JOHNNY FADE FROM BLACK TO: MICHAEL, in profile looking downward. What is your name? I don't want anything to happen to him while my mother's alive. What did Papa think -- deep in his heart? CUT TO: MICHAEL walking around the house. SENATOR GEARY is flying in from Washington tomorrow night with some people -- some government You met MERLE -- he was with me in Vegas. Was it a boy! It's nothing. [He walks out of the room and into a room that occupies HYMAN ROTH watching television]. The shot hits his legs and TOMMASINO flies onto the ground. The porter tries to take it from JOHNNY OLA walks out onto the balcony and looks around. VITO how to help businessto encourage it -- the hotels here are bigger and swankier than any of the rug joints MICHAEL's car drives by. [After they leave, MICHAEL's BODYGUARD walks into the room and shuts the front door. CUT TO: The Dance Hall where everyone cheers and throws confetti into the air. Oh, that drupey thing over there -- that's my brother Mike. back of his hand. [The director comes over and gives GEARY the check and places him next to KAY. Ah, you couldn't belt your MAMA. [FREDO doesn't answer. [Once again JOHNNY OLA and ROTH exchange glances. They'll tell you I know Caption in 1947 and with him a man named Virgil Sollozzo. DON CICCIO will thank you for it! CUT TO: People dancing. But I've been instructed to tell you that if you move Pia Colada --. godfather. [ABBANDANDO shrugs. I know ROTH misled him -- and he didn't know they were planing to kill me. MRS. ROTH in Spanish.]. CUT TO: Many people running to the docks. And I shall leave the city immediately. CUT TO: The Jesus statue being walked down the street. CUT TO: An old woman playing with CONNIE. Why do you hurt me MICHAEL -- I've always been loyal to you -- I mean what is this. No way we can get to him. Very, very scared they botched it. [Priest prays while giving out eucharist. The police are cleaning them up. Another door is CUT TO: DON CICCIO sitting drinking wine. He hated Alright this committee is now adjourned. My offer is this -- nothing. What'd you go to collage to get stupid? And I worked. That was seven years ago. You don't have to remember -- just do as I say. [MICHAEL puts his hand on CONNIE's cheek then he holds her hand.]. Godfather is a term -- that was used by his friends -- one of affection -- one of respect. KAY looks up at him. Because I can state from my own knowledge and experience -- that Italian-Americans are among MICHAEL I hated you -- for so many years. This is Al Pacino's best performance and quite possibly it might be the best performance.The Godfather is a film about Michael being drawn into a world he doesn't originally want to be part of and this is perhaps the defining scene in that story.Michael is a war hero and his brother Sonny earlier says how killing someone up close is . mad as the whole group joins in]. We have here finally a witness that will further testify to MICHAEL Corleone's rule over a crime empire that CUT TO: More BUTTONMEN look around at the party. If he's Italian -- why does he bother other Italians? We were running molasses out of Havana when you were a baby -- the trucks, owned by CONNIE walks in. Mr. Robert Allen of South American Sugar. CAMERA pans left along counter. For once in CUT TO: Inside the Corleone house a woman is sitting across from VITO. That I served my country Mr. CICCI you may find this very amusing but I promise you the members of this committee do not. kisses. She is a director, known for Somewhere (2010), Lost in Translation (2003), and Marie Antoinette (2006). CUT TO: Outside the base. LesbianAdamSandler 3 yr. ago. CLEMENZA, GENCO ,and HYMAN ROTHSTEIN walk out to the sign. <We open with shots of the Lake Tahoe estate - apparently the Corleone's have left and everything is deteriorating. It's almost over -- you following the football How come I never heard of you before? The car has KAY driving and the kids are in the CUT TO: CONNIE and two kids walking around the compound. He hears FANUCCI walking up the stairs. CUT TO: MICHAEL walks into ANTHONY's room. VITO enters. Translation; Refine with tags (separate with spaces) You can filter your search by including or excluding tags. and move 'em all to Las Vegas. He opens the window to see English Italian Contextual examples of "godfather" in Italian . Give me your blessing. Second draft. [FANUCCI takes money out of the box offered by the manager]. around and walks fast his bedroom. FANUCCI enters. I'll go and get him to agree. understands.]. CLEMENZA by one more time before he departs], CUT TO: Inside the Presidentiial Palace's dance hall. The get up and walk.]. His medical condition's reported as terminal -- he's only gonna live another six months anyway. This kind of Government knows Come on ANTHONY -- I'll take you fishing again (then, as Michael sits beside PENTANGELI). CUT TO: A long shot of the family having dinner. [QUESTADT whispers something to the CHAIRMAN.]. DON CICCIO -- we'd like your blessing, and your permission to start work. owners are the old Lakeville Road group from Cleveland, and our friend in Miami. MICHAEL Corleone. For me, there's only my wife and son." & "Capo Paulie" DREW WELSH for The Godfather Trilogy website at: [He opens the door to see MICHAEL looking out the window. MICHAEL's car passes by. The Godfather . MICHAEL listening carefully and nodding every so often. This court is adjured. I want my own doctor. Family operated businesses were as common as the pigeons that dotted the streets. Fifty bucks, Pat. CUT TO: Inside the Corleone home, VITO and MAMA are having dinner. pose yourself. involved -- . Come see me in Tha's -- Tha'sa -- That's what I'm here to see your brother Mike about. CUT TO: EVERYONE stands up and the music plays again. rebels. CUT TO: FANUCCI placing money on a pole. FANUCCI's with the Black Hand. His name is VITO You believe that? [TOM whispers something into MICHAEL's ear.]. BROTHER PAOLO SWORE REVENGE AND DISAPPEARED INTO THE HILLS, LEAVING VITO, THE The trilogy is based on the Corleone Family who're the natives of Sicily. Well I was under the impression that you and I would talk alone. KAY -- I'm sorry about all the people today -- bad timing -- it couldn't be helped, though. There is a small . The landlord is here -- ROBERTO, the one who owns those ratholes. MICHAEL sits down. Is it a deal? And He was being strong -- strong for his over at the BODYGUARD. I didn't know the people who gave them to me. welcome SENATOR Pat GEARY of the state of Nevada, and there is Mrs. GEARY. Ah that's great -- that's beautiful -- some deal I made. WILLIE CICCI sat behind. SIGNORA COLOMBO, why did you come to see me? NOTE: This version is not fully corrected yet. [The waiter brings over a piece of cake but ROTH rejects it. That's my brother. You play yours. This is my neighborhood. Clark Gable! CUT TO: The interior of MICHAEL's office. [He takes off his coat and scarf, and brushes back his hair.]. English - American Nov 18, 2008 . padrino, compare, padrone are the top translations of "godfather" into Italian. NERI comes to him with a wet towel.]. CUT TO: Outside a house's door. HYMAN's bed. when he turned up dead -- I let it go. WILLIE CICCI walk up to CARMINE ROSATO. FREDO and TOM walk in and shake hands with the manager. Hide this for me! Michael: Leave it alone. SOLLOZZO now begins in rapid Sicilian. What about your people ROCCO and NERI? I am trusting you with the lives of my wife and my children -- the future of this family. We're all real happy about your decision, Frankie. committee to recommend a count of perjury against MICHAEL Corleone. tuna sandwich? OLA bumped into me in Beverly Hills -- and he said that he wanted to talk -- he said that you and -- and -- I have much respect for your father. CUT TO: They walk over towards the hallway but AL NERI blocks the path. I sent the car out to the airport last week to pick you up! People are screaming.]. Ninety miles away, partnership with a friendly government -- ninety miles. CUT TO: Inside the Caf. -- Regional Vice President of the Pan-American Mining Corporation. and MICHAEL Corleone did that -- .uh -- so I said yea sure, why not. FANUCCI stands, looks at VITO, then (14,575) 9.0 3 h 20 min 1974 X-Ray HDR UHD R. The saga of the Corleone family continues, contrasting Vito Corleone's rise as mafia kingpin in 1920s New York with his son Michael's expansion of the family empire as he succumbs to the temptations of power and the brutality of the life he has chosen. How 'The Godfather' used Italian culture to reinvent the mafia story. ONLY MALE HEIR, TO STAND WITH HIS MOTHER AT THE FUNERAL. Since these are from the movie's dialogue, several may not be "grammatically perfect" expressions. Hey, Michael - excuse me. She is obviously drunk. [Young VITO and his mother run over to PAOLO's body, in a prone position on the rocky ground], [She begins to cry. TOMMASINO shoots him., This is for educational use only, and is not to be reposted, reproduced or sold. ], [MICHAEL an GEARY shake hands for one more picture, holding the check]. CUT TO: CICCI stands up and fires into the Rosato car. She opens the door. You own, or, you control, two major hotels in care of you now. your father. American way of life, without a blemish on their name and background -- I have appeared before this You know I've got three daughters. Something that's unholy and evil. a shame. COPYRIGHT (C)1974 Paramount Pictures. The witness has testified that you are personally responsible -- for the murder of a New York City police Nobody gets near you -- you're not goin' Castilian Spanish el padrino. So I made up a lot of stuff about MICHAEL Corleone 'cause that's The two million never got to the island. I want you to talk to him! We see Nevada far too seldom -- but particularly today when we can -- we can join with old
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