Find out how to block Giant Eagle Pharmacy caller . I know it's hard to find workers but I'd rather stand in a long line with a WELL worker than get SICK! This happened on November 6th, 2022. at around 1600. Your self check out is hardly a convenience. So here's one problem, why would you give a customer ahead of us their prescription while you said you were closed and then not answer us when we rang the bell? X . We promise not to send you any unrelated messages, Click here if youd like to unsubscribe from notifications about new complaints of Giant Eagle. I like the milk and meat being fresh but I gave two stars because 1. they sell off brands, you cannot find (for instance) brand name saltines. At this point I have spent way too much time with them without a resolution to this problem. Most customers were really nice and then there were some that you just lose faith in humanity from. First off the staff should at least attempt to look busy but there are little ears everywhere. Desired outcome: Reviews There are no reviews yet. because most of these people are the same ones that don't wear a mask in public and are just using COVID an excuse to be lazy and be an $#*! Desired outcome: Piss off! 814-734-5036 Giant Eagle Pharmacy. Giant Eagle Grocery - CentralPercentum GetGo. Same person who called me answered. but 2. Working hours Thu 6:00 am - 12:00 am Tue 6:00 am - 12:00 am Wed 6:00 am - 12:00 am . Terrible customer service. Shame on you! The rudeness of store associate and unwillingness to help. Giant Eagle Initial Complaint 01/18/2023 Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service Status: Answered I submitted a request for my pharmacy records months back and I haven't received a. They Claim I've bounced to many checks and use a third party to make sure the money is there they just bounced 3 of mine and the bank said they never even came though my account plus they are so over Priced they lost my business. Your bakery dept crushed my 6 years whole birthday for that I will never buy from your establishments again, picked up ordered cake on April 23 2022 very disappointing they did the digital print cake split down middle before getting home writing was very sloppy and half was done in cursive and half done in print for what is being charged for these cakes there should be a little more time put in to them i use to love getting my cakes from here but now i will be looking else where from them. See details. " No cons, worked 6 years as a cashier, no complaints no regrets, miss those days and evenings working at Giant Eagle " (in 74 reviews) More Pros and Cons Pros & Cons are excerpts from user reviews. something is seriously wrong here, what happened to the vow to help and save people life, customer service, integrity, values was awful. This review was chosen algorithmically as the most valued customer feedback. I fought over the phone and through email for 2 weeks, when I asked for a refund. As a matter of policy, BBB does not endorse any product, service or business. I guess Heinen's will be my home store. THERE was a sign on the freezer door easily found stating the sale price..meanwhile my price was adjusted on the chicen tenders and my id checked fir the wine. No need to bother with long lines or product availability. Maybe Pittsburgh City Council can wake you up. I now realize I should have taken it back to the store but with the price of gas it did not seem feasible. 4. I need someone from Giant Eagle to call me and let me know how to file a claim and where to send this receipt for the replacement. December 29, 2022Better Business Bureau520 E Main Street, Suite 100Carnegie, PA 15106RE: Complaint ID ********This letter is in response to the complaint submitted by ***** ****** to the BetterBusiness Bureau regarding their experience at the Grove City Giant Eagle located at2173 Stringtown Road Grove City, OH 43123. My cake was accepted the morning of however it was never prepared and I was left cakeless on my daughter's birthday. Additionally, I go to pick it up the second time and when asked where the needles are I am told they now need authorized, why not get the authorization together. I have been contacting them for several days now, and I feel like theyre giving me the runaround. Giant Eagle is currently offering a promotion of 3x perks for members and 5x perks for pros through April 17, 2022. It doesn't matter what department you shop in, employees are extremely rude, could care less about customers and are rude, obnoxious and can't think ahead to prepare for bakery or deli goods after a holiday. They are not the only game in town. BBB is here to help. I have been a customer of Giant Eagle for about 40 years but the last eight years it has been strained. I shall not go back to them. I like the meat because it's fresh but with these prices, I can't see paying for bags that don't hold up til you get out of the store. We have had many cakes from Giant Eagle and never had a problem like this. So they keep putting out thinking it's fixed. On Monday, September 19, I purchased what was supposed to be a USDA Prime NY Strip steak @~$21/lb. I completed the online form prior to presenting at the Giant Eagle Pharmacy on Interchange Road in Erie PA, where weekday pharmacy hours are 8a-8p. I said well we waited all that time and the car ahead of us received their prescription so how we would know? auth #04520C somehow the fuel perks vanished . In fact, how a business responds to customer complaints is one of the most significant components of the BBB Business Rating. It is very challenging to get answers from customer service. When I got to the store, the young man took my card in and re-ran it for payment. What happened to integrity and company loyalty. Well guide you through the process. And who in the hell can even see tiny print on the smartphone. Why stop with ads in the mail? DOWNLOAD OPTIONS download 1 file . An item had part of the label ripped off of it which had the bar code on it. One of the best Retail business at 3841 S Hamilton Rd, Groveport OH, 43125 United States. Today I was kicked out from one of your Giant Eagle stores for not wearing a mask. My mother purchased a $125 Lyft Gift Card at Giant Eagle Store #45. Flu shots are only available from 10a-6p. Claim it and get a lot of features. You can use the phone app to let them know you are on your way. For example, pharmacy business hours are 8a-8p. Are u serious?!? Put prices on product instead of bar code or make sure bar code is right. You can call Giant Eagle's customer service phone number at (800) 553-2324 and you can email their corporate office at I have been having reoccurring issues with medication not being in stock at this pharmacy over the last year. Products used:Your customer service stinks. I am one of you best patrons; I spend hundreds and hundreds of Dollars at Giant Eagle. Complaints: This incident happened on friday june 24, 2022 @ 05:14pm, store #617 in geneva ohio. Another rep told me it's a health insurance issue that they can't do anything about. So I went to the self-checkout, and there I was harassed by two other employees. The language that was heard today with the front of the store staff was horrible. I was told i needed to spend $30 in 1 trip. Shed light on the availability of medication needs brought to someones attention. Management also doesn't know how to utilize people to their best ability. I did so and spoke with 3 representatives and opened up a case. Getgo employee do not have lunch break in 2 years. Total waste of nearly $10. Thank you. Oh and by the way, they have been shopping there under the same circumstance s for the last 3 months! I went to Giant Eagle in Washington Pa for vaccines. Desired outcome: everytime i go theirs always issues! Please look into this matter because I am not alone on this issue, and this is why many of your customers shop at Giant Eagle. Put prices on product instead of bar code or make sure bar code is right. On pick up on Dec17 prices increased. You know that the wheelchair is dangerous, and yet you still allow your mother to sit in it. I'm not expecting any compensation because I cannot provide the evidence, but I did want you to know about my disappointment. plus-circle Add Review. Ripoff Report on: Giant Eagle - Giant eagle metabank visa paypower prepaid card vermilion ohio. Find out how we combat fake reviews. ref# [protected] We have researched this matter and added thecoupon to the consumers advantage card. Although I very much appreciate a wheelchair that I can put my mother in (the only way she can shop) it has become dangerous. Then she said I was trying to steal it! I then went to the customer service desk and asked for a manager. If she was helping it would not be anyone to watch! When I scratched off the gray box covering the pin to make an online purchase, part of the pin was missing, making the card unusable. I've been shopping here for years, and it's a typical grocery store with an infuriatingly long line at the Pharmacy. Good Morning. That's right I said, "wanted to fight" me, a customer for wanting to receive needles when I get my medication. As I cant see how I am the only person experiencing this problem. Desired outcome: Job Work/Life Balance 3. My parents come here to get produce, and they got me into the habit, too. Get the food ad on the mailers. I never got it and spent $212.13 i can see. 8-2-22 In Giant Eagle (I prefer to call it Giant Vulture), you get these ads saying, for example 'Buy 4 for $5 - before was $1.79 each'. Older lady mid 50s, blond curly hair, blue eyes. Giant Eagle has been on the forefront of everything from racial profiling to falsely accusing shoppers of shoplifting. So I did this time. I do not like going to this Giant Eagle! Every time I show up to pick one up they say I owe money and I say no you have to run it through two insurances when people have two insurances and they say oh. I placed an online order for a cake at your location in cleveland on Chagrin rd. if customer service reviewed purchases they woul see all are made in my name with my debit card. Thank you for your time. How convenient! I took the paper back to Giant Eagle the next day and they told me that it was an edible image on the cake. GIANT EAGLE, INC. in Alhambra, CA | Company Info & Reviews Company Information Sponsored Links Company Contacts MING LANG JAN Chief Executive Officer 200 S Palm Ave Alhambra, CA 91801 Reviews Write Review There are no reviews yet for this company. Category Food & Beverages. That they deliberately don't care to abide by the ADA law, or the Civil Rights Act of 1967. show of laziness coming from the higher ups. I ordered 2-(100 piece cooked chicken)for a post funeral family & friends gathering or repass. I purchased 3- $100 gift cards via the Giant Eagle App. Leave a review. I ordered my food and got my receipt. Don't shop in Brooklyn ohio store especially when buying a sub sandwich. They can't because it's simply laziness. Giant Eagle Reviews Updated Mar 3, 2023 Find Reviews Clear All Full-time, Part-time English Filter Found 2,753 of over 3K reviews Sort Popular Popular COVID-19 Related Highest Rating Lowest Rating Most Recent Oldest First 3.5 53 % Recommend to a Friend 60 % Approve of CEO Laura Karet 952 Ratings Companies can't alter or remove reviews. This has not been a one-time thing, this has been an ongoing issue with me complaining to corporate GE and yet nothing has been done about it. When are you guys gonna get the a2 milk? Want to feel comfortable shopping here again and rude employees are being retrained and changing damaging behaviot btw: i went to lucky across the street.. What ever you feel is right. I've waited over an hour in drive thru because people drop off their scripts and sit there and wait, holding up the lines extremely bad. This is not acceptable. GAS. comment. Featured Giant Eagle complaints Giant Eagle - Cooked chicken I ordered 2- (100 piece cooked chicken)for a post funeral family & friends gathering or repass. So, what does the staff do, they flip you off, argue and even have a pharmacist there that wants to fight because you call them lazy for not doing their job. The signs indicate you can buy beer here, which is . I would like to be refunded for the costs of the product I never got. File a complaint. Either the employees/attendants don't understand because they make big issues of either money up front or "How much gas". The next best thing would be some sort of response just so I know you are aware of my issue. Fresh food. - giant eagle chicken salad & giant eagle salsa, I new package if and when they come into the store, Car wash on Rt. i don't have a complaint as much as need advice. It was 5:15. Fine if she was a random teenager, but I cant shop with my child and talk with her?!? None I'm never coming back. Makes me appreciate Kroger even more! Unfortunately, I am no longer in possession of my receipt, so I cannot provide any additional information. In Giant Eagle (I prefer to call it Giant Vulture), you get these ads saying, for example 'Buy 4 for $5 - before was $1.79 each'. Giant Eagle, the store lead is a creep too. The digital coupons are not customer friendly. Only complaint is the pricing is high, occasional specials are good value, but by and large you can always find the standard staple groceries for less money elsewhere. We will forward their concerns to the pharmacy and regional leader. Opening hours, contacts and reviews for Giant Eagle at Washington Pike, Bridgeville, PA. View nearby places on a map. Giant Eagle was first founded in 1918, by three families - Goldstein, Porter, and Chait. She then just said rudely, take it up with customer complaint or something like that which was very insincere. in the whole process( 2nd attendant dark hair and eyes walked awayi went after him and asked to reis state my perks. Something needs to be done, even when waiting in line at location you hear people complaining about it. Upon explaining my concern, store associate said they are out of all items. Was looking forward to these, I bought them In the past and fell in love with them. I explained to them my same situation, and they continued to harass me and discriminate.They tried to tell me that wearing a mask is the law now, they are sorely mistaken. Thank-you; Sincerely Rosemary Hiler. This did not just happen, it's been over 3 years now. Giant Eagle should have signs that tell people that are dropping off scripts, to pull out of drive thru and park until their scripts are ready. Giant Eagle, Inc. I let her know I have health issues so can't wear one. This is over a $300 charge. Basic understanding of Giant Eagle's Business System (GE's version of the Toyota Production System). Share your photos and videos with others to prove the truth of your words. After picking up the order, I realized that none of the substitutions or the additional item were there. 5.0. I just came back to Giant pharmacy after being with CVS. I brought this up at the store this morning and I didn't really know how handles this.. Key date Bought these on 7/15/22 at the Lakewood Ohio Store, 44107 (Choc Chunk Buttercrisp MKT District Cookies 12 ct.) Net Wt 10oz.Sell By 8/4/22, Desired outcome: States they care about work-home balance Pro diversity culture Made formal complaint with Customer Care. I will write and call to everyone I can to let them know how horribly I was treated. i am now a former customer. 5 Our Avon Lake Giant Eagle on Lear Road , Avon Lake, Ohio , is the Best Brian , The produce manager is simply the BEST Goes over and beyond to help me the customer The Manager is always there if you need him , listens and addresses all our concern I use My friendly Giant Eagle Pharmacy for all my prescription needs . Annette S. Little or no financial or budgetary responsibility Amount of Budgetary Responsibility: $0. When someone calmly goes to customer service to clarify a display sign promoting buying three cokes and getting two free and is rudely informed she's wrong in spite of the signage and then is told, "I'm done with you!," in front of other employees and customers, you cant get any lower. Unfortunately when her friend went to use the card she accidentally scratched the pin number to hard rendering it unidentifiable. I have been in the consumer rating business for many years and never seen it as bad as this before. I picked up my groceries and went home thinking nothing of it but later on that day I realized I was billed twice. This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn how the rating is calculated 1 complaint. Here are 8 tips for writing great reviews. 38 complaints closed in the last 12 months. How do I get to use my car was pass now that I lost the sticker before I was able to put it on the windshield, cashier tried to fight my husband in from of the people, Read full review of Giant Eagle and 1 comment, 16 years' experience in successful complaint resolution, Each complaint is handled individually by highly qualified experts, Last but not least, all our services are absolutely free. The kitchen manager needs fired. Like im bothe ring you! I went to pick up my prescription today 3.22.22, this prescription is filled by a Doctor every 30 days, Which mea to pick up that day, per your customer service at the pharmacy who stated we now have a right not to fill it for 2 days, are you kidding me no you don't. She said yes they are closed, the drive thru and that she didn't know why people didn't realize they were closed since they sign was up there. The other guy behind counter was rude also. Consumers complaining about Giant Eagle most frequently mention customer service problems.Giant Eagle ranks 114th among Grocery sites. Very truly yours,Giant EagleClaims Department. Country fried steak & eggs were. Other customers heard this and couldn't believe it either. The Pharmacist & Staff are very professional & friendly. The Giant Eagle Pharmacy - specifically in New Castle, PA on Butler does not consider the patients health or wellbeing. I love that the fruit and vegetable selection is top notch. She was rude and said nothing. A guy with a strange accent was very rude and started to yell at me. Giant Eagle has extremely terrible customer service. If y'all know what store this is then you know what goes on there. Store associates think that they own the grocery world. Your Rochester bakery dept ruined my 6year old sons birthday and the disappointment and cries that came from him when I told him he wasnt going to get the cake he picked out. Time: 1:28 For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below. Thank you. Giant Eagle has extremely terrible customer service. The quality control of your produce does not exceed healthy expectations by your customers. Distribution Coordinator (Current Employee) - Freedom, PA - November 10, 2019. so seems frustrated and CHASTIZINGLY told me he would have to void everthing and start over and was rude! Claim it and get a lot of features. When prescribed an injectable medication it is obvious that needles should accompany the medicine, Right! Too bad. I would like an email sent to my email address [protected] so that I can explain further on how rudely I was treated, and I did not appreciate it. 2412 customer reviews of Giant Eagle. I noticed while ringing up the price, was 7.49 not the sale price of 5.99the male attendant came over i told him the problem and he ran off no explanationin the meantime several minutes later another male attendant asked if he could help? The woman took the product and did not apologize for the inconvenience scanned a similar item and told me the item that had damaged packaging.was going home with me. It's unbelievably immoral and despicable! Every time we try calling to get scrips refilled encluding many times in the past as well as yesterday and this morning I haven't been able to get anyone on the phone . This is the email I received 12/14/22: As with every shopping trip I informed the cashier that I would be using an ebt card and a cash card. DOUG?greatfront of house mgr. 0 Views . Not only is it not obvious to this pharmacy but its oblivious to them. Highly disappointed! When empty the cart basket closes. I purchased chicken salad Giant Eagle last night, 9-28-18. Questions Post Question There are no questions yet for this company. Overall im frustrated, but I just want my money refunded. Especially the old ones, to think they have nothing better to do than be rude on the phone and then start crying if we're out of stock on something. Explore an interactive map with places nearby. This is not the 1st time this has happened to me. She acted as though I was trying to do something bad. Please update the website to indicate when a service is not available during regular business hours. Early History. I was told I would hear back in 2 to 3 weeks. GE card number 78012 And because of this despicable harassment and discrimination, I will be filing a discrimination/harassment complaint to the Ohio attorney general, Better Business Bureau, and Ohio Civil Rights Commission! They said the move has diverted 350,000 pounds of food from reaching landfills about 130,000 meals. Our Team Members enjoy safe and friendly workplaces that offer several benefits plans specific to Giant Eagle stores, warehouses and business services group offices. In recent years they've started carrying more organic and vegetarian products, which is great. I gave this store a lot of business - Never Again! Help even if you are not a cashier, you work for GetGo! She still refused. cashier tried to fight my husband in from of the people, Extremely poor customer service at #43 township of pine market district, 16 years' experience in successful complaint resolution, Each complaint is handled individually by highly qualified experts, Last but not least, all our services are absolutely free. Desired outcome: I called the store. I placed an online order on December 23, 2022. Submit Call Comment; Contact; Support; Blog; Press; Carriers ; Sign Up / Login; Search Results for Giant Eagle Pharmacy. Two weeks later (today) the same product cost me $6.39. I look forward to my perks and using them when I can get a full tank of gaswhich I have been doing for years. Desired outcome: I would like to see her position taken away from her transferred or fired she is a very snobby rude loud and rude, I went giant eagle to pick up some wine 5:45 pm.
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