Compact Flash, Smart Media, Sony Memory Stick, SecureMMC, SxS, C-Flash, Mu-Card, and more. It is compatible with the following SilencerCo suppressors: Octane series Omega 9K Omega 45K Hybrid 46 Hybrid 46M (Requires AC4751) Omega 36M (Requires AC4751) The 3-Lug Mount must be used with a 3-Lug Muzzle Device. I think Im going to get in touch with Rugged and see what we can do. Material: High-Quality Carbon Steel (Black) For MORE Material Options: Stainless Steel-RAW: N/A Stainless Steel-Black: N/A The adapter can mount any accessories with an HK 3 lug mount. Add to compare list. 7.6239 Vs 300 Blackout: Complete RECOIL Guide [2023], Best Hunting Tripods For Spotting And Shooting [2023 Complete Guide], [Vist] National Museum Of The United States Army: One Of The Best, Any Which Way You Can: Griffin Armaments Bold New DUAL-LOK Family of Suppressors, The Unsung Heroes: Top 9mm Pistols For EDC, What Is .277 Fury: Basics, Ballistics, & Army Adoption, Best 9mm 1911 Pistols (That You Can Actually Afford) [2023], United States State Department Bans Strelok Ballistic App. MSRP: $680.33 $558.08. Good data, thanks. AND contain at least one upper case character Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. SilencerCo Hybrid Piston Mount, Black Finish AC1417 . You risk it locking onto the gun more than unthreading anything so you don't need to tighten it on like a crazy person. Our Price: $17.00. However, not rated for rifle calibers. SilencerCo Alpha Direct Thread Mount Usually Ships in 24 Hours MSRP: $86.00 . It's why on SiCo website it said "work for hybrid 46 with another part". Specifications: Gemtech Lunar 9 Caliber: 9mm, 300 Blackout subsonic Diameter: 1.4 Length: 7 long, 4.7 short Weight: 10 oz long, 7 oz short Mount Type: 1/228 booster included. Accessories. A combination of the sheer numbers of SilencerCo mounts in existence along with the larger diameter of 1.375-mount silencers which makes it easier for mounts to fit ensured SilencerCo would be the winner. I have a Gemtech One and have been looking for a bi-lock to 1.375 adapter/booster. The Gemtech Multi-mount and ONE has a similar system, as does Liberty Suppressors with the Mystic and virtually any new release moving forward. Been around forever. So, I got my Rugged mount yesterday. Show details This item: GEMTCH Mm9 3-Lug Mp5-Style Female Gun Stock Accessories $170.31 The muzzle device is the easiest fix here, as all you have to do is use a little Rocksett during installation. $67.00. Form 4 Generator . Thank you all! A forum dedicated to and laser-focused on Heckler & Koch firearms, Heckler & Koch accessories and the owners and enthusiasts that love them! $150.10. IMHO I do not see the justification of the cost of the Gemtech tri-lug when you can use that system on the 9mm sub-gun threaded platforms. 13729 Research Blvd Suite 630 Austin, TX 78750. Save 3%. Subscribe to our monthly Newsletter to receive firearm news, product discounts from your favorite Industry Partners, and more. I believe if you call or email any manufacturer they will tell you that 300 subsonic can be used. As both an experienced writer and shooter, you can find Dave's work across all RECOIL titles to include RECOIL, CONCEALMENT, OFFGRID, and CARNIVORE. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. AND contain at least one of the below special characters I interested in getting a universal silencer for my 308, 9, 223, one silencer with many adaptors to fir all calibers. YHM gets back to you quicker than anyone: That will be able to handle 300BLK subsonic ammo only. UPPERS. I would disagree that there is no advantage to utilizing the 3-lug on your barrels. Hey y'all, new to the NFA subreddit so forgive me if this isn't the right place to ask. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. .338 Arrow Tri Lug M18x1.5RH. Though they probably didn't realize it at the time, when SilencerCo released the Hybrid line with a 1.37524 internal thread, they would be making the universal standard what would relegate proprietary muzzle devices as a thing of the past. That concerns me. With a handful of new thread adapters, namely Gemtech/GSL/Liberty/SDTA booster assemblies to HUB 1.37524, options will open up even more. Gemtech Suppressor Accessories: Griffin Suppressors and Accessories: . The, hands down, biggest issue with can adaptors is to lock-tight the muzzle device/adaptor & since it up tight. Compare. Check out the suppressor thread adapters Capitol Armory has in stock and available for purchase online. I also wanted a tri lug mount for my r9 and hybrid. Flash Hider for our Sound Suppressor, Griffin Armament 9MM 3 Lug Barrel Adapters, Griffin Armament Revolution Silencer Pistons, Griffin Armament CAM-LOK Silencer Pistons, Griffin Armament CAM-LOK Universal .936x28 Checkmate Direct Thread Adapter, Griffin Armament CAM-LOK Universal 1.125x28 Direct Thread Adapter, Griffin Armament CAM-LOK Universal 1/2x28 Direct Thread Adapter, Rearden SPB Single Port Brake - Nitride - Fits Plan B Mounts, Rearden SPB Single Port Brake - Heat Treat - Fits Plan B Mounts, Energetic Armament VOX/ARX Flash Hiding End Cap. This mount screws into the rear of all LUNAR-45, GM-45, and older BLACKSIDE suppressors to allow use on the 9mm HK MP5 barrel with 3-Lug as well as other . Notify Me Out of stock Share I've got a Rugged mount on the way for my Octane. 3-LUG MOUNT 3-LUG MOUNT $ 139.00 The 3-Lug Mount is a quick-attach mounting option for guns with fixed barrels. All rights reserved. The nice thing about LH thread is they won't come loose, they'll tighten on. Learn. $171.16 Our piston retainer and 3 lug use the 1.125x28 thread. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery, If you are not 100% satisfied with your suppressor after your Form 4 is approved, you may return it to Silencer Shop for a. A more recent example is in the form of digital media storage. Gemtech 22 QDA Thread Mount w/ Only the Mount For the Host Weapon22 QDA Thread Mount, 22LR, Includes Only the Mount For the Host Weapon, Black Finish 22QDA-TMPackage Contents:Gemtech 22 QDA Thread Gemtech Threaded Rear Mount, 1/2X28, Black Finish 12172, Gemtech Gemtech, QUICKMOUNT, Carbon Cutting Flash Hider, 7.62NATO, 5/8 X 24, Black Finish 12153, Gemtech Gemtech, Integra 556, Integrated Suppressed AR-15 Upper Receiver, 556NATO, 10.5" Barrel Length, 16.1" Overall Length, Titanium, Black Finish 12112, Gemtech Gemtech, MIST-22, Integrally Suppressed Barrel System, Ruger 10/22, 22LR, Length 16.1", Twist 1:16, 7075 Aluminum, Black Isonite Finish 12128, 280 Remington Ackley Improved 40-Degree Shoulder, Gun Parts by Gun Make Model19111911 Officer, All Gun Parts by Gun Make Model19111911 Officer, Gun Parts by Gun Make & Model19111911 Officer, All Gun Parts by Gun Make & Model19111911 Officer, Helmets, Masks, Other Protective Equipment, GEMTECH MM9 3-LUG MP5-STYLE FEMALE UPC: 609728888978, GEMTECH ONE 7.62 5/8X24 TITANIUM BLK UPC: 609224347856, GEMTECH QUICKMOUNT FH 5.56 1/2-28 UPC: 609224348037, GEMTECH QUICKMOUNT MB 7.62 5/8-24 UPC: 609224348044, Tactical Retention Lanyard UPC: 609728889784, GEMTECH GM-9/MM9/TUNDR PISTON 1/2X28 UPC: 609728889333, GEMTECH SHIELD 556NATO BLK UPC: 609224347603, GEMTECH QDA THREAD MOUNT 22LR BLK UPC: 609224346873, GEMTECH MM9 FIXED THREADMOUNT 1/2-28 UPC: 609728889210, GEMTECH QUICKMOUNT FH 7.62 5/8-24 UPC: 609224348020, GEMTECH INTEGRA 556 SUPPRESSED UPPER UPC: 609224347030, GEMTECH MIST-22 10/22 INGRLLY SUPPR UPC: 609728889692. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Gemtech LID Booster . Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid. That's right; the one they've already invested in in the form of muzzle devices. All Rights Reserved. Get Quote. Click Here to get your pack of 50 Print-at-Home targets when you subscribe to the RECOIL email newsletter. . Sign up for the ARFCOM weekly newsletter and be entered to win a free ARFCOM membership. I have a Liberty 3LUG Adapter on my TM SG-2, both are awesome. [ARCHIVED THREAD] - Let's compare 3 lug modules, https://www.AR15.Com/media/mediaFiles/398162/IMG-2275-104644.JPG,, I know this will sound dumb, but check your Rugged mount again. How to purchase a silencer . Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales. I've done a little digging and can't seem to find a solid answer about a tri-lug mount compatible with the YHM 9mm Sidewinder. I believe YHM is the only one. They said specifically not rated for rifle pressure due to it's natural. Back Standard High Capacity Slings & Swivels Sights, Lasers & Lights Grips, Pads, Stocks & Bipods Upper Receivers & Conversion Kits Close Back Standard High Capacity Barrels, Choke Tubes & Muzzle Devices Miscellaneous Parts Storage Close Back Safes & Security Hard Gun Cases Soft Gun Cases, Packs & Bags Shooting Accessories Close Back Targets I have all three attachments to work on my Glock 17 (floating barrel), Mac mini (fixed barrel) and my CA89k (3 lug). Copyright 2023 Midwest Supply Group. The new flash hiders are more aggressive than ever to cut down on carbon build-up in your Threaded End Cap adapters for use with the GM-45 and Blackside suppressors. If you are going to want to transfer that suppressor between multiple firearms I would suggest the YHM-3051 Kurz adapter and our mini QD muzzle devices. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. Copyright 1996-2023 AR15.COM LLC. Interesting. Yes, it fits the tube. With a handful of new thread adapters, namely Gemtech/GSL/Liberty . I found this very informative thread which lists various mounting systems by TPI:, ===========================================================, Silencerco OmegaK/Octane 3 Lug Mount (AC2447), 1.375x24 TPI (the new universal standard). Here is the list from that thread: 1.180-24 TPI . SilencerCo Low Profile 3-Lug Mount, 9MM AC2447. I have a rugged 3 lug attached to an omega 9k that works great on my sp5. Any use of this content without express written consent is prohibited. Looking at getting the CGS Helios and would like to use my Gemtech QD flash hiders with it. M16 x 1LH 45ACP (AC2608) These 3-lug muzzle devices require a 3-lug mount to attach a suppressor. If you're itching for a great 9mm 1911 that won't, Used by millions of sport shooters around the world, the Strelok Ballistic app won't be, Precision Rifle Expo: McWhorter Custom Rifles, Zeroed In: Neal Hunt of Soar No More Decoys, TangoDown Releases Vickers Tactical Carry Trigger, Universal Silencer Standard: HUB 1.37524 TPI, race between the Dead Air Keymount and the Gemtech bi-lock.
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