Length of shell 2.0-2.5 mm (Fig. Flatwood siltsnail 89). Shell obese and ponderous. Shell elongate-conical, with about 5-7 whorls. Aperture broadly ovate. Little is known about these animals, and diverse opinions exist as to how many species are recognizable. Three species in Florida were introduced from Southeast Asia. Thompson, F.G. 1968. Suture of whorls more deeply impressed than in previous species. Peristome incomplete around aperture. Body whorl uniformly rounded peripherally (Fig. Base of shell open when viewed from below, showing most of preceding whorl due to curved basal lip (Fig. Shell 2.8-3.7 mm long. Operculum with concentric growth rings around nucleus (Figs. Penis with 3-7 papillae along right margin and a projection with 1-4 papillae near end on left side (Figs. Penis with a large, blade-like flagellum with continuous heavy dermal glands along each side (Figs. Penis with papillae along right margin (Figs. (Thompson, 2000). The bulimulids of Florida have ovate-conical or bulimoid shells that at maturity range in size from 15 mm to 70 mm. Parapical crest of verge greatly enlarged. (Thompson, 1968). Taylor (2003) monographed the family Physidae. Shell transparent or translucent. Whorls rounded, not carinate above; occasionally angular below. Size small I I to medium, 8-12 mm in length. Whorls of spire less rounded. Penis as illustrated (Fig. (Pfeiffer, 1839). Cymbal Ancylid A preliminary revision of Florida Lioplax (Gastropoda: Viviparidae), with a description of Lioplax talquinensis n.sp. Aphaostracon monas Aperture relatively ample (Figs. Occasional Papers on Mollusks, 2: 385-412. 75). Central tooth of radula with long basocones along base (Fig. Revista de Biologia Trpical, 51 (supplement): 1-299. Occasionally it may be necessary to turn to other information sources to determine identifications with a greater degree of certainty.. Aperture terminating below periphery of body whorl. 10). 64). Contents 1 Shell description 2 Distribution 3 Ecology 4 References 5 Further reading Shell description [ edit] Five views of a shell of Pomacea paludosa It became increasingly important to provide an identification manual of the freshwater snails of Florida for many reasons. (Pfeiffer, 1839). Outer lip straight in lateral profiles. Apex nearly straight-sided or concave in outline. Shell conical, spire moderatly high. Aperture comma-shaped, tightly appressed against preceding whorl. Alligator Siltsnail Univ. Pygmy Siltsnail) Floridobia parva (Thompson, 1968). After the shells are thoroughly rinsed, they can be air-dried in cardboard trays. The last time anyone had seen a land snail in the Sunshine State was at the tail-end of a year-long, $23-million battle to eradicate the invasive species from South Florida in 2012. Mesa Rams-horn 110). Nautilus, 32: 71. Marisa cornuaurietus common name: tree snails of Florida scientific name: Gastropoda: Stylommatophora: Bulimulidae Introduction - Identification - Key to the Bulimulidae of Florida - Selected References Introduction (Back to Top) Many snails are found in trees, but only a few are exclusively arboreal for most or all of their life cycle. Basch (1963) recognized five valid species. Published April 18, 2013 The state says a "gastropod enthusiast" collected unusual snails in the Coconut Grove area back in August. (Thompson, 1968). Two new species of hydrobiid snails from Florida and Georgia, and a discussion of the biogeography of south Georgia streams. Pseudotryonia brevissimus Shell with prominent ribs and spiral chords on all whorls. Floridobia helicogyra Shell conical; thin and transparent; 4.0-4.5 strongly arched whorls. One species occurs naturally in Florida, and three others have been introduced. 172). A review of the aquatic gastropod subfamily Cochliopinae (Prosobranchia, Hydrobiidae). Identification Damage from snail and slug pests appears as oblong, irregular holes at both the margin and the center of leaves and flowers. Three occur in Florida. Some hydrobiid snails from Georgia and Florida. Lymnaeids are a nearly cosmopolitan family of freshwater snails. 5). (Conrad, 1834). Most species are disc-shaped or planular, as is implied by the name PLANORBIDAE. Micromenetus d. dilatus Work through the questions, each time choosing the characteristic that best matches your snail from the two choices. Hatia pomilia hendersoni Sculpture consisting of axial striations only (Fig.147). Carib Fossaria Curator of Malacology. Operculum with about 6 slowly expanding whorls (Fig. Important diagnostic characteristics for subfamilies, genera, and species are found in the female reproductive system, the male reproductive organ (the penis), and modifications of the radular teeth. Similarities in appearance among the exotic species can make identification very difficult. Recent studies treat amnicolids as a separate families. 19-21). Bantam Hydrobe Adult shells about 40 70 mm high (Fig. Browse and enjoy! Giant African land snails, an invasive species of mollusk, poses a threat to Florida residents as it can spread meningitis from a parasite it carries. Last whorl of adult shell smooth or with growth striations, but not with ribs and spiral chords. Proc. 149). Body whorl rounded (Fig. Sculpture consisting of distinct spiral striations and threads superimposed on growth striations (Fig. Penis with a very long slender flagellum that extends beyond terminal lobe. Interior of adult aperture with brownish tinge. Shaggy Ghostsnail Dorsl surface of penis with a few elongate superior tubercles that form a weakly defined U-shaped pattern. Six species are known to occur in Florida. 60). Sculpture variable. 1962. (Thompson, 1968). Crystal Siltsnail "If you see one of these snails,. Apex very short, only slightly raised above body whorl. i-xxxvi, 1-530 pls. Shell with three whorls. A synopsis of the classification of the freshwater Mollusca of North America north of Mexico and a catalogue of the more recently described species with notes. Floridobia porterae (Thompson, 1968). The basic shell morphology of the PLANORBIDAE is left-handed, or sinistral (FIGS. Shell usually opaque in adults, with a dark red callus inside the lip (Fig. (Lea, 1834). Paper fig A Florida Gulf Coast specialty shell! The International Commision on Zoological Nomenclature has ruled that AMPULLARIIDAE is the valid name for this family of snails. Spilochlamys is most similar to the next genus, Cincinnatia, from which its shell usually differs by having a more deeply impressed suture, more strongly shouldered whorls, and a wider umbilical perforation. Sculpture above periphery of whorls consisting of sharp spiral chords and distinct vertical ribs; shell attenuate. 82). Shell rounded at the periphery (Figs. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has mapped out a . Columellar margin of aperture wide, rounded in front like a spindle. Micromenetus dilatatus avus (Pilsbry, 1905). Nuclear whorl slightly protruding, 0.29-0.41 mm in diameter transverse to initial suture. We Floridians have so much to be proud of. Most other genera have received relatively minor attention, and their systematics are in flux. It is represented in North America by Viviparus. 56). An invasive, giant snail species, that can also lead to outbreaks of meningitis, has been found in New Port Richey. Size larger, adults 7 mm or more in width. Swallow-tailed kites are spring and summer residents; snail kites are specially adapted to feed on apple snails in Florida freshwater wetlands year 'round. Shell large, 4.0-4.6 mm long; thick and opaque. Whorls of spire strongly arched or rounded. Mantle spotted with black, shaded or unmarked; terminal lobe of penis with complex crests that cause it to look like an animals head; flagellum slender, with scattered and discontinuous glands along edge (Figs. Aperture elliptical in shape; spire slenderer and slightly convex in outline; suture moderately impressed suture; parapical crest reduced in size. Sexes not conspicuously dimorphic in size. (Lea, 1862). It was first identified in Florida by Dr. Harry G. Lee, who discovered the snail in Duval County in 2009. Transparent white (Fig. Periphery of last whorl bluntly angular, lying below plane of apex (Figs. Wekiwa Siltsnail Spire depressed, much less than height of aperture, occasionally planular (Figs. Prominent vertical ribs on middle and upper whorls. (Fig. Aperture loosely attached to or slightly free from preceding whorl. (Thompson, 1968). Adults about 6-8 mm wide (Figs. Olive NeriteNeritina usnea(Reding, 1798). Pseudosuccinea columella Their color varies from red-orange, to pink, to a blue purple. File Campeloma The specie prefer quite clear water, of lakes and backwaters of streams andsprings. Most inhabit fresh water, but some also occur in brackish water. (Thompson, 1968). Shell of various shapes and sculpture. 109a, 109b). (Walker, 1925). Ecology: This large snail is found in freshwater lakes, rivers, streams, ponds and ditches, preferring slow-moving water. (Reeve, 1860). Columellar margin of aperture wide, flat-faced; apex of spire usually erroded; apical whorls, when present, with minute spiral striations; central tooth of radula with basocones located on ridged surface of tooth (Fig. Rock Springs Siltsnail About fifteen species have been described from North America. The snail can wreak havoc on agriculture and carry a parasite that causes meningitis in humans.. Combining characteristics of cranes and rails, it . 4, 5). Seminole Rams-horn 16, 29). Fawn Melania (Pilsbry, 1889). Shell coiled to the left, with the aperture on the left side (Figs.147-158). Planorbis alabamensis and dilatatus in the Floridian Pliocene. Acad. 1, 2). (Mihalcik & Thompson, 2002). Shell medium-sized, 3.0-3.8 mm long; thinner, translucent or transparent in life; tear-shaped; spire raised and nearly straight-sided, pointed; body whorl less conspicuously enlarged, not descending to aperture along last half whorl. Others were new taxa not found in earlier surveys. Outer lip less sinuous. (Fig. Identification KeysThese files are all keys for the identification of various kinds of organisms. 111). Nautilus, 19: 34. Genera that serve as intermediate hosts for schistosomatid trematodes have been studied extensively. Slackwater Elimia Penis with large a terminal lobe on the left side and a smaller appendix-like flagellum on the right side. Sides of spire slightly convex. Gray to brownish-yellow in color. Base of shell when viewed from below showing about half of preceding whorl due to straight basal lip (Fig. 1905. Embryonic shell with a strong peripheral spiral chord that continues onto following whorls (Fig. In parthenogenetic organisms each population is inbred in the strictest genetic sense, and frequently a population will have minor characteristics that distinguish it from others. . Vertical sculpture reduced to irregularly spaced and uneven growth striations or low undulating ribs. Shell with spiral chords or spirally arranged series of nodes. NotogiIlia wetherby Adults with about 5 whorls, and 10-13 mm wide (Figs.177-179). It has many colorful stripes, colors, and bands on its shell which are usually orange, light orange, dark orange, or yellow. With the exception of Liguus fasciatus, these snails have shells that vary in color from ivory to tan, often with brown markings.Liguus shells are brilliantly colored and are frequently marked with yellow, green, pink, and brown. Curator of Malacology Penis simple, elongate-conical, without papillae (Fig. Primarily parthenogenetic; females viviparous with young snails in a brood pouch in nape. Shell squat, compact, cylindric-conical in shape, thick and opaque. Females with live embryos in brood pouch in mantle; males with right eye stalk modified as a penis. Ancylid gastropods are small, fragile limpets found in most freshwater habitats. Being nocturnal, these pests aren't always feeding when you're scouting. Conical with relatively slender whorls. Thompson, F. G. & R. Hershler. Most have monotonously simple, conical or depressed-conical shells that are nearly devoid of taxonomically useful characteristics. RELATED: Proof of megalodon extinction is in their teeth, scientists say. Shell distinctly carinated above and below; both apex and base funnel-shaped. The following shells are commonly found on Florida's beaches. Floridobia is known from peninsular Florida north along the Atlantic seaboard to Maine. Penis with 2 or 3 papillae on left margin (Fig. 151, 152). The author has attempted to simplify the key to include the minimum anatomical data needed for accurate identification. 142). (Vanatta, 1934). Shell specimens should be cleaned and air-dried. Base of shell with dark red spiral band. Rather stocky, adult about 15-20 mm long (Fig. Aphaostracon rhadinus Blackwater Ancylid This family contains twelve genera in North America. Umbilicus closed or narrowly perforate. Brackish-water genera, Onobops and Heleobops, that are common in Florida are omitted. Rotund Mysterysnail 87). Somatogyrus is distributed from the Mississippi River drainage system east to Atlantic coastal streams, and south to the Gulf coastal drainage systems. (Thompson, 1968). North American freshwater snails: species list, ranges and illustrations. Amnicola dalli. Channeled Applesnail Your choice will lead you to the proper identification of your snail or the next appropriate pair of questions. Choctaw Lioplax Introduction to the Physidae (Gastropoda, Hydophila): biogeograhy, classification, morphology. Vail, V. A. Hyacinth Siltsnail) Floridobia floridana (Frauenfeld, 1863). Pomacea paludosa, common name the Florida applesnail, is a species of freshwater snail with an operculum, an aquatic gastropod mollusk in the family Ampullariidae, the apple snails . An invasive snail species known as the giant African land snail has officially been eradicated in the state of Florida after years of attempts and $24 million worth . Clench, W.J. (Fig.114). The sexes are separate and fertilization is internal (Andrews, 1964). 81). 162). Aperture rhomboid; baso-columellar angle extended as slight tonguelike projection; basal lip broadly but shallowly indented (Fig. Excentric Ancylid (Frauenfeld, 1863). Apex fairly prominent as a rounded knob in the right posterior quadrant (Figs.
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