[4] Her parents own Premium Plywood Products, a wholesale plywood distributor based in Guilderland Center. Her parents own Premium Plywood Products, a wholesale plywood distributor based in Guilderland Center.She is of Czech and Italian descent.Stefanik graduated from the Albany Academy for women , then enrolled at Harvard College, graduating with a degree in Government in 2006.While at Harvard, she received an mention for the Women's Leadership Award. Jay Reeves children: Does Jay Reeves have children? [15], Stefanik ran for reelection in 2016. Economic Growth, Small Businesses, and Jobs, Stefanik Joins House Republicans in Introducing Parents Bill of Rights, https://stefanik.house.gov/2023/3/stefanik-joins-house-republicans-in-introducing-parents-bill-of-rights, Parents have the right to know what their children are being taught, Parents have the right to see the school budget and spending, Parents have the right to protect their childs privacy, Parents have the right to keep their children safe. [101] She also expressed "concerns" about Dominion Voting Systems, the subject of numerous false right-wing conspiracy theories. [153], On July 19, 2022, Stefanik was one of the 47 Republican representatives who voted in favor of the Respect for Marriage Act, which would codify the right to same-sex marriage in federal law. Smith added that the school board has still refused to take accountability for its actions in response to the incident. She grew up with her brother, Matt Stenfanik. [32], In 2017, former ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton endorsed Stefanik for reelection, lauding her work on the House Armed Services Committee. Elise has over 52.5k followers on Facebook, over 211k on Twitter, and about 53.1k on Instagram. "[82][83], In March 2021, all House Republicans, including Stefanik, voted against the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill. Activists, parents and families from across the country gathered in the Rayburn Room to tout the new proposal alongside McCarthy, the House Republican Conference chair, Elise Stefanik, House . This is an insult to every parent in the district, he said. [157], In May 2022, Stefanik linked Democratic lawmakers to unnamed "pedo grifters" (i.e. [73][74] She opposes taxpayer funding for abortion, and supports requiring that health insurance plans disclose whether they cover it. She endorsed him in August 2021, lent him a staffer who played a major role in his campaign, and held a fundraiser for him in May 2022 that raised over $100,000. You are forcing them to wear mask for no reason in this world other than control. [79] She opposed the 2013 sequestration cuts to the federal U.S. military budget, citing its effect on Fort Drum just north of Watertown, New York, part of her district. After graduating from the Albany Academy for Girls, she entered Harvard University, graduating with a degree in Government in 2006. (Andrew Harnik/AP) Article Ambition isn't a demerit in politics it's a job requirement, along. She strongly opposed the first impeachment of Trump in 2019 amid the TrumpUkraine scandal and backed Trump's attempts to overturn the 2020 United States presidential election, objecting to Pennsylvania's electoral votes after Trump supporters were involved in the 2021 United States Capitol attack. By Mary Papenfuss May 14, 2022, 08:45 PM EDT | Updated May 15, 2022 Their son, Samuel, was born on August 27, 2021. Stefanik condemned Paladino's remarks but did not withdraw her endorsement. During the hearing that took place on the 15th of November, she even accused committee chairman, Adam Schiff, of making up the rules as he goes. In August 2013, she named herself the candidate for the United States House of Representatives in New Yorks 21st congressional district. A New York congresswoman is very concerned about the matter of the Corona Virus and its spread to New York State. Thats what I expect in my neighborhood, in my schools, so as long as it abides by what is in this amendment, which is really clear, Im supportive of this amendment., Stefanik told the Daily Caller that American service members have the right to take part in their childs education. [160], After the May 14, 2022, mass shooting in Buffalo, Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) accused Stefanik of promoting "replacement theory" in some of her 2020 campaign ads, a reference to the racist "Great Replacement" conspiracy theory that the alleged shooter had cited. When I am not immersed in writing, I spend most of my time reading, learning languages, and catching up on my favorite shows. Parents can . We are truly blessed, they wrote. The announcement was accompanied by photos of the 36-year-old congresswoman sitting outside next to her husband, Matt Manda, as they both cradled her baby bump. Were so excited to share that we are expecting a baby this fall and we cannot wait to meet our precious bundle of joy.. The same training encouraged educators to normalize using they/them/their pronouns.. Domestic Policy Council. Stefanik proposed the bipartisan bill after she says she discovered that DoDEA schools educator training included radical gender ideologies. Stefanik alleges that one teacher training told educators to keep gender transitioning students a secret from parents, who are service members. She is currently serving as the U.S. Representative for New Yorks 21st congressional district. News of Stefaniks pregnancy came after she was chosen as GOP conference chair last month, replacing embattled Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo. Washington, DC 20515. [50], On May 19, 2021, Stefanik and all other House Republican leaders voted against establishing a January 6 commission. [49] In the 2020 House elections, 18 of the 30 women endorsed by Stefanik's E-PAC were elected. The proposal amends the National Defense Authorization Act and reinforces that service members with children in Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) schools have the right to be involved in their childrens education, while increasing transparency and accountability in DoDEA schools, according to a draft obtained by the Daily Caller. Kids as young as 4 years old are already starting to develop a stable understanding of their gender identity and choosing their friend groups based on gender (among other social constructs, such as race), the slide reads. 2023 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved, US border with Canada on pace to quadruple number of migrant encounters, Elise Stefanik sticks by Rep. George Santos despite more reports of lies, Trump shares video saying suppression of Hunter Biden cost him 20 election. Phone: (202) 225-4611 [50] After her election in 2014, Stefanik named Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg as a major influence on her decision to run for Congress. Editor at Ghanafuo.com! Elise Marie Stefanik is an American politician serving as the U.S. representative for New Yorks 21st congressional district since 2015. Elise lives in Schuylerville with her husband Matt and their newborn son Sam. The Republican Party is the party of parents, babies, grandparents, families, and patriotic Americans. EXCLUSIVE: House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik is introducing a "Servicemember Parents Bill of Rights" to ensure parental involvement in their children's education and increased. Like millions of families, we hope and pray that we will be blessed by becoming parents, the couple had said at the time. CONGRESSWOMAN STEFANIK'S PRIORITIES: Creating jobs and economic opportunities [135], Stefanik voted to release the Nunes memo[136] written by staff members of Representative Devin Nunes. pic.twitter.com/brZqo3cNE8. Born in a wealthy family, Elise's parent's name is Melanie and Ken Stefanik. [164], Some of Santos's campaign contributors who said they had given him large sums because of Stefanik's endorsement and support felt let down by her. Under the amendment, DoDEA schools would also be required to post the curriculum for each course and grade level on the school website and make all instructional and educator professional development materials, including teachers manuals, films, tapes, books or other reading materials, or other supplementary materials used in any survey, analysis, or evaluation, available for inspection by the parents of children attending the school.. [63], On May 28, 2022, Politico reported that Stefanik had been responsible for planting negative stories about Jim Banks, a potential competitor for Stefanik and his aide Buckley Carlson, Tucker Carlson's son. Stefanik claimed without evidence that Pelosi was "aware of potential security threats to the Capitol and she failed to act". [116], In January 2017, Stefanik joined the Bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus, an apparent indication of "a moderate stance on climate change issues". Her father, Ken Stefanik, and mother Melanie Stefanik are into the wholesale plywood business. [149] In the 117th Congress, Stefanik voted against the Equality Act on February 25, 2021, despite supporting the same legislation in the previous Congress.[150][151]. Rep. Elise Stefanik announced on Saturday that she is pregnant with her first child. Parents in Fairfax County and in school districts across this country now had a front row seat to what their children were learning in school, and in most cases, we were dismayed and appalled at the adult subject matter that was not only on the bookshelves, easily accessible on the bookshelves of taxpayer funded libraries, but also being forced upon them in the classroom she said. Heidi Fleiss siblings: Shana Fleiss, Jesse Fleiss, Amy Fleiss, Kim Fleiss, Jason Fleiss. The curriculum wasnt posted online and it wasnt available in the school district. pedophiles) in a tweet, adopting an attack strategy commonly associated with the QAnon conspiracy movement. Parents deserve answers." New York Rep. Elise Stefanik (R), who is a senior member on the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, said that going forward, House Republicans will be. Stefanik was born in Albany, New York, on July 2, 1984, to Melanie Stefanik and Ken Stefanik. [75] In 2019, The National Right to Life Committee, a political action committee (PAC) opposed to legal abortion, gave Stefanik a 71% rating, and NARAL Pro-Choice America, a PAC that supports legal abortion, gave her a 28% rating. Rep. Elise Stefanik is poised to shake up GOP House leadership, with Donald Trump's support. 5055: Amendment, as offered, prohibits -- House Vote #258 -- May 25, 2016", "House Passes Same-Sex Marriage Bill Amid Concern About Court Reversal", "PolitiFact - GOP lawmaker misleads about HR 1 and removal of ineligible voters", "Three False Claims About the Federal Voting Rights Bill", "Facebook COO's influence on new member of Congress, Elise Stefanik", "Rep. Elise Stefanik Attacks Mysterious 'Pedo Grifters' For Shortage Of Infant Formula", "How Elise Stefanik Went From Moderate to MAGA", "House Members Who Signed a Brief Asking the Supreme Court to Consider Overturning the Election", "Elise Stefanik blasted for "despicable" ads pushing "replacement theory", "Stefanik echoed racist theory allegedly espoused by Buffalo suspect", "George Santos' lies are casting a harsh spotlight on a powerful Republican who endorsed and raised money for him", "New York GOP roiled by feud with Stefanik at the center", "GOP Candidate Carl Paladino Calls Adolf Hitler 'The Kind Of Leader We Need Today', "Former GOP lawmaker lambasts congressional candidate after his 'execution' remarks about AG Garland", "Elise Stefanik went all-in on the controversial Carl Paladino for an open House seat. Her parents own a plywood business in the Albany area. "[88], On September 25, 2019, Stefanik announced that she did not support the impeachment of President Trump. The amendment has bipartisan support, according to a video from the House floor. There is no need for elementary school students to be taught radical gender ideology, and parents deserve full transparency from DoDEA schools about what is being taught in their childs classroom.. She became increasingly supportive of Donald Trump's candidacy for president after he won the 2016 Republican Party presidential primary. The Upstate powerhouse has previously sparred with the Albany Times Union over a blog post that had mocked her for being childless.. [7], Stefanik defeated Matt Doheny in the 2014 Republican primary election, 61% to 39%. We are very proud as Republicans and in this Republican majority to be the party of parents and be the party of students, our next generation of leaders, Stefanik said. [14] She managed Representative Paul Ryan's debate preparation for the 2012 presidential debates. Her parents own premium plywood products. "[155][156], Stefanik has long advocated for empowering women in the Republican Party and has influenced the party's culture to prioritize electing more women. Rep. Elise Stefanik announced over the weekend that she is pregnant with her first child. Stefanik was born in Albany, New York, on July 2, 1984, to Melanie Stefanik and Ken Stefanik. Washington, D.C. - Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, a senior member of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, today joined Speaker Kevin McCarthy and her colleagues to introduce the Parents Bill of Rights to ensure parents, not the government, are the primary stakeholders in their child's education. From her seat on the House Intelligence Committee, she emerged as a vocal defender of the president . Winning the election, she became the youngest Republican woman to be elected to Congress. The Parents Bill of Rights provides parents the following rights: Stefanik is proud tostand upfor parents, opposes anyattemptto silence parents, and has led the charge inexposingthe Biden Administrations Department of Justices targeting of parents. #ParentsBillofRights https://cnycentral.com/amp/news/crisis-in-the-classroom/conservative-lawmakers-introduce . 3:29. In the face of the woke agenda and radical CRT the Far Left is pushing even in the midst of the devastating learning loss, we are ensuring parents have the transparency to know if their child is being properly equipped in the classroom. This story has been shared 101,498 times. [81] Stefanik also criticized "Albany's failed leadership and inability to rein in spending". We are coming after you, a letter mailed to an Ohio school board member said, according to the association. The parents-to-be didnt say when to expect their bundle of joy, but thanked their followers for the kinds words. Congresswoman and Albany Academy for Girls alumna, Elise Stefanik, delivers the commencement address during graduation on Monday, June 13, 2016, in Albany, N.Y. Eliza Mineaux/Times Union. [78], Stefanik voted in favor of the Keystone Pipeline. "[164], In 2022, Stefanik endorsed Carl Paladino in the election to succeed retiring U.S. representative Chris Jacobs in New York's 23rd congressional district. Terms under which this service is provided to you, California - Do Not Sell My Personal Information, Business Tycoon Criticizes Democrat-Run States: 'They Are Punishing People Who Are Successful', 'Stick That Up Their Fact-Checker': Sen. John Kennedy Shares More Trademark Truths, Biden's FAA Nominee Can't Answer a Single Question About Aviation, Kamala Harris's Husband Has a Message For All the Super-Progressive, Woke, Liberal Men Out There, The Part of CNN's Interview With Bill Maher That Trump Supporters Probably Won't Like, Russell Brand was challenged to give examples of MSNBC pushing misinformation (that was a BAD idea), 'Propagandist Nut-Crackery': Russell Brand Annihilates MSNBC Analyst Over Network's COVID Hypocrisy. [104][105][106] After a mob of pro-Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, Stefanik condemned the violence but rejected the idea that Trump was at fault. Stefanik's Education She graduated from the Albany Academy for Girls in his hometown. Abigail Angorkor Adjei Editor at Ghanafuo.com! At issue are library books and course material, transgender students use of school bathrooms and the instruction of topics related to race, sexual orientation and gender identity. A mother, Neeley McAllister, shared that her daughter was suspended from Fairfax County public schools 11 times for refusing to wear a mask. Elise Marie Stefanik (/stfnk/; born July 2, 1984) is an American politician serving as the U.S. representative for New York's 21st congressional district since 2015. Townhall.com is the leading source for conservative news and political commentary and analysis. Another parent, Scott Smith, made headlines last year after he was removed from a Loudoun County school board meeting to speak out about the fact that his daughter was sexually assaulted by a boy wearing a skirt in a girls school bathroom. Her parents are the owners of Premium Plywood Products, which is a wholesale plywood distributor based in Guilderland Center. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik @repstefanik 350 Posts 23.5K Followers 244 Following Follow Office Locations Washington, DC 2211 Rayburn House Office Building Washington, DC 20515 Phone: (202) 225-4611 Plattsburgh 137 Margaret Street, Suite 100 Plattsburgh, NY 12901 Phone: (518) 561-2324 Fax: (518) 561-2408 Ogdensburg 330 Ford Street, Suite B8 [46][47][48] This group, named Elevate PAC (E-PAC), announced in an October 22 press conference that it had partially funded the primary campaigns of 11 Republican women from various states. At the Capitol, parents shared stories about how online learning during the pandemic gave parents insight into what their children were learning in school. Speaker McCarthy was joined by a number of other Republican representatives, including Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., and Rep. Julia Letlow, R-La., who initially introduced the "Parents Bill of . Manda works in marketing and communications. Her father, Ken Stefanik, and mother Melanie Stefanik are into the wholesale plywood business. Elise Stefanik siblings She has one sibling; a brother named Matt Stefanik. [18], On August 19, 2017, in Saratoga Springs, New York, Stefanik married Matthew Manda, who works in marketing and communications. This week, Republican lawmakers introduced H.R. We now know that three girls were attacked by the same now-convicted sexual predator.. McCarthy would rather seek to stoke racial and social division and distract us from what will really help our students thrive: an inspiring, inclusive, and age-appropriate curriculum that prepares each and every one of them for their future, the National Education Association, the nations largest teachers union, said in a statement Wednesday. And for that you will pay dearly. It called the board member a filthy traitor.. "[163], During the 2022 election cycle, Stefanik was a strong early supporter of George Santos's campaign for U.S. representative from New York's 3rd district, on Long Island. Her parents had owned a vacation home in Willsboro for many years. Follow me on my official Instagram page, @abby_x99. Body Measurement: Height and Weight Nicole Solas, a senior fellow at the Independent Womens Forum, shared that she was sued by a teachers union after she started digging into what her kindergarten-aged child was learning in school in Rhode Island. Download Congresswoman Stefanik's official picture here. Stefanik reportedly had a history of disputes with Paladino's rival in the Republican primary, then-New York State Republican Committee chair Nick Langworthy. Thanks for contacting us. [159], Stefanik joined over 100 GOP House members in an amicus brief asking the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn the 2020 election. [29], Stefanik faced Democratic nominee Mike Derrick and Green Party nominee Matt Funiciello in the general election. New House panel will use subpoena power to expose 'truth' of DOJ targeting parents, Elise Stefanik says Marisa Schultz, Jeremiah Poff 10 hrs ago Mountain lion attack leaves child in unknown . House Republicans must make whistleblowers feel "comfortable in coming forward" and testifying on government corruption witnessed within federal agencies, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), member of the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, told Breitbart News Saturday. [84], An analysis by FiveThirtyEight in early 2017 found Stefanik supporting Trump's position in 77.7% of House votes from the 115th to the 117th Congress. [10], Stefanik helped prepare the Republican platform in 2012, served as director of new media for Tim Pawlenty's presidential exploratory committee and worked at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and Foreign Policy Initiative. [93] Nunes and Stefanik were violating the procedural rules that were established by an October House vote, and Schiff cited the rule to them. We are absolutely overjoyed to announce that our small family of two will soon be three, Stefanik (R-Glens Falls) wrote in a post on Instagram. [117], On May 4, 2017, Stefanik voted on party lines in favor of repealing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and passing the House Republican-sponsored American Health Care Act. 1128 (Maloney) to H.R. 5055, which would prohibit the use of funds for government contractors who discriminate against LGBT employees. This is simply, as I read it, just to give parents a right to be able to give input and have a say in their childrens education, Carbajal said. House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik (R-NY) told Breitbart News the first select committee hearing to uproot political weaponization within the federal government against political opponents will occur Thursday and lay the groundwork for future hearings. It disrupts the trust we have and keeps the community from healing. [95] The Washington Post and other sources characterized the incident as a "stunt" to portray Schiff as unfair. Permalink: https://stefanik.house.gov/2023/3/stefanik-joins-house-republicans-in-introducing-parents-bill-of-rights. Democratic Rep. Salud Carbajal of California expressed support for the amendment as he claims it would give parents more input in their childs education. 2014 U.S. House of Representatives elections in New York, attempts to overturn the 2020 United States presidential election, U.S. House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack, 2014 United States House of Representatives elections in New York District 21, 2016 United States House of Representatives elections in New York District 21, 2016 Republican Party presidential primary, 2018 United States House of Representatives elections in New York District 21, 2020 United States House of Representatives elections in New York District 21, National Republican Congressional Committee, Subcommittee on Intelligence, Emerging Threats, and Capabilities, Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Human Services, Subcommittee on Higher Education and Workforce Training, United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act of 2008, Trump administration family separation policy, Executive Order to suspend new separations and detain families, Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections, Women in the United States House of Representatives, List of United States representatives from New York, "House panel begins Capitol riot hearings; Rep. Elise Stefanik deflects blame to Pelosi", https://www.cnn.com/2023/01/23/politics/elise-stefanik-george-santos-donors/index.html, "Stefanik delivers national radio address", "Elise Stefanik: from ambitious private school student to ardent Trump backer", "Elise Stefanik declared winner of GOP primary in NY-21", "Meet Elise Stefanik, who will likely become the youngest woman to ever serve in Congress", "How Elise Stefanik Became the Youngest Woman Ever Elected to Congress", NY21: "Is Elise Stefanik a fresh new voice or a carpetbagger?
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