Major (temporary) (DC) John Charnley (C.C.19), Indian Army Corps of Clerks. Captain (acting) William Edward Fox (329498), General List. John Henry Butter, Indian Civil Service, Assistant to Political Agent. Bhupendra Nath Sen, District Inspector of Schools, Bengal. Major (temporary) Atma Singh (I.E.C.319), Indian Army. The Reverend Hugh James Purves, Chaplain. Robert Johns, Colonial Agricultural Service, Director of Agriculture. No. S/1589857 Corporal Michael Dean Wippell, Royal Army Service Corps. 3136139 Warrant Officer Class II (acting) James Moffet Greenshields. Acting Wing Commander Ernest Gordon Parry (21257). No. Temporary Lieutenant (A) Arthur Hamersley, RNVR. No. Patricia Hodge was born on September 29, 1946 in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, England, UK. Acting Squadron Leader Horace Frederick King (82119), RAFVR. Acting Wing Commander Frederick Percy Cotterell (35320). Controller of the British Information Services, USA. No 7617170 Warrant Officer Class II Leonard Woolley, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Captain (temporary) William Francis Lister Newcombe (78756), Royal Regiment of Artillery. No. For public services in. Able Seaman Donald Frank Johnson, D/JX.347661. 2118902 Sergeant (acting) Peter Wilton Garbutt, Corps of Royal Engineers. 5338939 Warrant Officer Class II (acting) George Alexander Boyle, Corps of Royal Engineers. Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary) Charles Hedley Briggs (101874), Royal Army Ordnance Corps. Brigadier (acting) John Addison Russel Colam, OBE (717). Eliza Emma Walmsley, British subject resident in China. Colonel (temporary) Chadwick Eckersley Thompson (I.A.813), Indian Army. Major (temporary) Norman Allen Hughes (47768), Corps of Royal Engineers. 12986 Sergeant Frederick James Bowman, The. [1] The daughter of Eric and his wife Marion (ne Phillips), the manager and manageress of the Royal Hotel in Grimsby,[2] Hodge attended Wintringham Girls' Grammar School in Weelsby Avenue in Grimsby and then St Helen's School, Northwood, Middlesex, before attending Maria Grey College in Twickenham (later becoming part of Brunel University London), to train as a teacher. 2021832 Sergeant Jessie Hilda Abbott, WAAF. A. Boulton (118224), RAFVR. Acting Group Captain Frederick Charles Gillman, RAFVR. 5388552 Sergeant Cyril Gerald Rush. 552083 Squadron Quartermaster-Sergeant (acting) Charles Taylor. Colonel (acting) Laban Edwin Vine, MRCS, LRCP, MB, BS, FRFPS, FRCS (225581). Acting Petty Officer Henry Charles Dyble, L/X.19317A. Paper was still in short supply, but those who had been in the services were allowed a special quota. No. 927212 Sergeant Lionel John Breton, Royal Regiment of Artillery. The other was a psychiatrist. Captain (temporary) Ian Reginald Hoar (66215). Captain (temporary) William Geddes (E.C.7756). T/4803085 Staff-Sergeant Frederick William Bass, Royal Army Service Corps. No. Flight Lieutenant D. R. B. Anderson (Can/C.27052). Pilot Officer G. H. Dane (146425), RAFVR (deceased). C.C./22790 Sergeant Frederick Siegfried Arkhurst, No. 7008255 Colour-Sergeant Isaac Wilkinson Snoddon, The. Chief Petty Officer Percy Gordon Lowe, C/JX.148518. Warrant Officer Albert Edward Sturgess (Can.1011). Temporary Captain Edwin Henry Wood, Royal Marines. Patricia Ann Hodge, OBE (born 29 September 1946) is an English actress. This remained the subject of much . 5384614 Sergeant Robert Emmett, Corps of Royal Engineers. Captain (temporary) Henry David Phillips (284234), Royal Army Ordnance Corps. Chief Petty Officer Stanley Taylor, D/J.113479. Principal Matron (acting) Florence Violet Wheelock (257826), QAIMNS(R). Petty Officer Wren Marion Ivy Herbert, WRNS.33732. Flight Lieutenant R. W. E. Duke (133422), RAFVR (deceased). Temporary Acting Lieutenant-Commander (E) Colin Campbell Mitchell, RNVR. No. Peter Douglas Owen: Edward Frederick James: Male: January, 1992: 30 years old: Peter Douglas Owen: Photo Gallery The Life and Loves of a She-Devil (1986) Downton Abbey (2010) Patricia Hodge. Riggers Mate John MacKay Lawson, R/JX.346332. No. Captain (temporary) Abdul Wahid (I.E.C.5986). Chief Petty Officer Wren Lilian Maude Ferguson, WRNS.17320. W/632248 Staff-Sergeant Doris Amy Chalcraft, Voluntary Aid Detachment. 7520646 Staff-Sergeant George Edward Pelham Box, Royal Army Medical Corps. Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist Harold Thomas Saban, C/J.15779. No. Stores Chief Petty Officer Roy Frederick Hooper, C/MX.48854. Norman Longe. Ella Constance Thomas, Telephone Switchboard Operator, Headquarters, Customs & Excise Department. Acting Master-at-Arms George Gunn, P/MX.703439. S. Muthian, Hospital Assistant, Balik Palace. Major (temporary) Joseph Gidman (E.C.2612), Indian Engineers. Warrant Officer H. W. Tindale (1679251), RAFVR. W/20716 Warrant Officer Class II (acting) Bridget Mary Garry, Auxiliary Territorial Service. Captain Stanley Jefford Skinner, Royal Marines. Major (temporary) George Carlyle Emslie (145613). Flight Lieutenant S. R. Roberts (123459), RAFVR. Lieutenant-Commander (S) Harry Stephen Rousseau. For public services in Southern Rhodesia. Frank Edmund Stafford, OBE, Financial Adviser to the Ethiopian Government, 19421944. 550153 Sergeant (acting) Walter James Lynn, Corps of Military Police. Edward Hamilton Stephens, Senior House Master. Owen and Ono did not get on. W/15778 Sergeant (acting) Cicely Margaret Wilcox, Auxiliary Territorial Service. Konnanath Rama Krishna Menon, MBE, Indian Audit and Accounts Service, Director of Inspection (Income-tax), Government of India. Major (temporary) Paul Rooke-Ley (132188). She brought Samuel Beckett to Owens attention, but he was not convinced (this was before Waiting for Godot). We recommend you to check the complete list of Famous People born on 29 September. Brigadier (temporary) Hetherington Long, MC (28097), The, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary) Peter John Luard, DSO (49882), The. 1792332 Sergeant (acting) Arthur Billings, Royal Regiment of Artillery. No. Brigadier (temporary) Harry William Hugh Armytage, MC (15047), late Royal Regiment of Artillery. Flying Officer E. W. Stephens (199542), RAFVR. Andrew William Clow, BEM, Colonial Police Service, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Doris Connell. Acting Squadron Leader James William Adderley (105579), RAFVR. Then I think you bring that to the screen. No. No. Peter Owen said that the book he was proudest of publishing was The Ice Palace by the Norwegian novelist Tarjei Vesaas. Director. No. Captain (temporary) Nawabzada Syed Bahadur Murtaza Ali Khan. No. Charles Rudolph Campbell, Commissioner of Income Tax & Stamp Duties. Major (temporary) William Cecil Walters (345414). Mr. Trevosso Richard John Ernest Dewdney, Temporary Gunner. His Nobel laureates. No. Colonel (temporary) Farrar Robert Horton Morgan, DSO (14595). Flight Lieutenant H. Gibson (134196), RAFVR. Flight Lieutenant A. D. Panton, DFC (33331). Hodge reprised the role alongside the rest of the cast for the 2017 Royal Variety Performance. Khan Daud Khan, Officiating Deputy Superintendent of Police. Senior Commander (temporary) The Honourable Diana Holland-Hibbert (216977). Stanley Pickering, Chief Constable, Stalybridge Borough Police Force. Vincent Fernando Munipurage, Sub-overseer, Class 3, Department of Prisons & Probation. William Kelsey Fry, MC, MRCS, LRCP, LDS, RCS, Dental Surgeon. Acting Air Commodore Owen Washington De Putron. Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary) Noel Gavin Annan (162703), Intelligence Corps. Petty Officer Wireman Thomas Percival Sinclair, C/MX.5O7848. 14384553 Corporal (acting) Harold Walker Peacock. Stanley Mccarthy, Superintendent 1st Class. The Reverend Cyril Leonard Cresswell, MA. Brigadier (temporary) Richard Gardiner, OBE (6835), Corps of Royal Engineers. Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary) Arthur Kenneth Clark (140012). Ronald Hugh Wallace Simpson (1390605), RAFVR. The following list, showing the dates of appointment to the various ranks, is published for general information : [NOTE The figure at the end of a name represents the percentage of contributions under section 19 of the Public Service Superannuation Act, 1 '27.] William Victor Aubrey, Assistant Inspector. 2130369 Lance-Sergeant Wilfred Stout, Corps of Royal Engineers. Flight Lieutenant B. Acting Matron Olive Suddaby, ARRC, PMRAFNS (5026). 973742 Staff-Sergeant Arthur Watson Fielding, Corps of Royal Engineers. Flying Officer A. R. Munro (189829), RAFVR. To get better results, add more information such as Birth Info, Death Info and Locationeven a guess will help. Pilot Officer P. B. Crosswell (Can/J.88362), Pilot Officer J. Y. J. C. Lamarre (Can/J.95374). Major (temporary) George Hind (253603), General List. Harry Watson-Smith, MInstCE, JP, Managing Director and Deputy Chairman. Temporary Electrical Lieutenant William Bennie, RNVR. Edward Frederick Brewtnall . 7 Robert McGill 10 Rodger McGill 4 Major (temporary) George Frank Norman Reddaway (117410). Acting Matron Clementina McLachlan Youngson, ARRC, PMRAFNS (5021). Commander Donald Cecil Granville Neish, Royal Navy (retd. Temporary Lieutenant William Henry Goodridge, Royal Marines. Learn How rich is She in this year and how She spends money? 10350995 Warrant Officer Class II (acting) Charles Frederick Weaver. Captain (temporary) Zorawar Singh (I.E.C.2039), Indian Army. 2590903 Sergeant Bevan Newling, Royal Corps of Signals. Acting Senior Sister Annie Nicol Prescott, PMRAFNS (5073). 1425740 Corporal Ernest John Cooper, RAFVR. No. 13906575 Warrant Officer Class II (acting) Claud Marius Beejoolal, Pioneer Corps. John Logan, Section Leader (Part-time Retained), Portrush, Co. Antrim. However, when applying for television work she found she had become classed as a theatre actress. Nevill Digby Bosworth Smith, Under Secretary, Ministry of Education. 921970 Corpora] Alfred George Payne, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. While this database contains information on the majority of the men and women who served in the Army during this war, it is not complete and does not represent the entirety of the U.S. Army servicemen. Squadron Leader D. E. Pinchbeck, DFC (70902), RAFO. [April 2008], Played the role of "Lady Fidget" in William Wycherley's Restoration comedy "The Country Wife", at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket, London. Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary) William Lacey, MBE, AMIMechE (E.C.10665), Indian Army Ordnance Corps. Colonel (temporary) Anthony James Duncan Rose (15862). Donald Joule Wardley, MC, Principal Assistant Secretary, British Middle East Office. Chief Stoker Arthur Harry Pargetter, C/K.66724. Acting Commander (S) Patrick George Bowmen. Temporary Captain (Sp) Maxwell Gordon Gill, Engineer Captain Augustus Gordon Jarrett, (Retd. S/136215 Sergeant (acting) Harry Ralph Warren, Royal Army Service Corps. No. Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary) Ian Archibald Forbes Craig (E.C.1726). Flight Lieutenant D. H. Mackie (171575), RAFVR. Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary) Khan Bahadur Sorab Gustadji Khambata (I.E.C.704), Indian Engineers (Army Postal Services). In 2023, Her Personal Year Number is 9. Acting Flight Lieutenant Leonard Arthur French (144954), RAFVR (deceased). No. Temporary Electrical Lieutenant Charles Aaron Dodd, RNVR. Stage No-One Was Saved, 1971 Rookery Nook, 1972 Popkiss, 1972 Two Gentlemen of Verona, 1973 Pippin, 1973 4615291 Sapper Walter Askham, Corps of Royal Engineers. No 6188757 Warrant Officer Class I Denis James Plater, LRAM, ARCM. This illness is horrific.. [8] She took the female lead in the 1983 film, Betrayal (based on Harold Pinter's play Betrayal), a roman clef derived from the playwright's affair with broadcaster Joan Bakewell. Find your Brothers on Edward Follet McInerny, Indian Civil Service, District Magistrate, Chittagong. Even when he handed over the day-to-day running of his firm to his daughter Antonia, he remained very much in evidence at book fairs such as Frankfurt. In 1933 Peter, just turned six, was dispatched to live with his grandparents in north-west London and learn English. Sergeant (Temporary) Ernest Taylor, Royal Marines, PLY/X.120473. W/173883 Sergeant Florence Margorie Swift, Auxiliary Territorial Service. Bestsellers as such did not interest him. Moroba Govind Mahimkar, Fitter, Coining Department. 97005578 Warrant Officer Class II (acting) William Francis Newton. W/254367 Private Florence May Goodard, Auxiliary Territorial Service. 1334214 Corporal Henry James Merrylees, RAFVR. W/101832 Sergeant Winifred Rainnie, Auxiliary Territorial Service. Matron (acting) Mildred Isobel Evens (213166). 567072 Flight Sergeant George Willmott Stephenson. Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary) Francis Westwood Grant (65982), Royal Regiment of Artillery. Brigadier (local) Alfred John Edney (347), Corps of Royal Engineers. The couple have two sons: Alexander Richard Charles (born March 1989); and Edward Frederick James (born January 1992). For services as Principal Assistant Secretary. Leading Stores Assistant Ernest John Wesley Dickens, D/MX.675880. Sick Berth Chief Petty Officer John Alfred David, C/MX.46294. Acting Air Commodore Valentine Beaconsfield Ranford. No. No. Alfred Richardson Ventriss, Deputy Controller, Clothing, Clothing Factory. Pratip Chandra Basu, Works Manager, Alambagh Workshops. Charles Edward Miller Judge, OBE, Resident, Director and Managing Agent of The Raza Sugar Co.. John Edmond Moloney, Director of Shipbuilding, Department of Industries & Supplies, Government of India. Pestonji Nanabhai Moos, Indian Civil Service, Secretary to Government, Legal Department, and Remembrancer of Legal Affairs. Major Francis Arnold Southam (1180), Special List of Quartermasters of the Indian Army. Electrical Artificer 4th Class John Henry Binder, C/MX.118410. Thomas George Symonds Babb, Chief Mechanical and Electrical Engineer. Chief Petty Officer Wren Alice Amy Clara Hiles, WRNS.11631. Commonwealth of Australia Gazette. Abdul Latif El Haj Hussein Zeldan, Corporal, This page was last edited on 19 January 2023, at 12:14. Herbert Harris Brown, Director of Fishery Investigation, Development & Welfare, Roger Castillo, lately Secretary to the Government of. Harold John Webster, OBE, Accountant General, Daniel Cottier Wilson. For public services in. No. For services to the South Australian Hospital Visiting Committee. Philip Charles Anscombe, DFM (49255), RAF. Warrant Officer A. S. Winton (995694), RAFVR. 2336771 Company Quartermaster-Sergeant Benjamin Clay, Royal Corps of Signals. Lieutenant Leonard William Lee, ARCM (356228), General List. Vincent Ellis Davies, Indian Civil Service, Secretary to the Government of Bihar, Finance Department, Bihar. Chief Yeoman of Signals Thomas Roland Price, P/J.3751. No. Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary) Geoffrey Whitworth Taylor (E.C.2581), Indian Army. Cecil Thomas Hutson, Assistant Superintendent. Major (temporary) Eric Robert Paterson (77558), Corps of Royal Engineers. Ahmed Sultan, Chief Inspector, Zanzibar Police Force. No. She was widely praised for her acting in Jemima Shore Investigates, and gained more success playing a once-arrogant author in The Life and Loves of a She-Devil. American mom living in Paris mesmerizes the internet after revealing the VERY surprising after-school snack kids eat in France, CPAC king Trump takes the stage TONIGHT as he surges in polls against DeSantis: Mike Lindell calls Florida Governor the 'trojan horse of the Republican Party', Where IS Gavin? Petty Officer Norman Charles Lukins, D/J.11286. Major Edward Henry Staples, Honorary Secretary of the Bangalore Joint War Committee (Red Cross & St John's Ambulance). Eric Valentine Chapman. 2063892 Lance-Corporal Ivie McCaig, Corps of Royal Engineers. 1888056 Sergeant George Wallace Dawn, Corps of Royal Engineers. For services as Chief Mechanisation Adviser. No. 1900120 Sergeant Cyril Pomeroy, Corps of Royal Engineers. No. For public services in. Flying Officer W. R. R. Neave (N.Z.4213913). No. Mr. William Henry Turner, Temporary Acting Commissioned Cookery Officer. Flight Lieutenant H. D. Newman (36271), RAFO. Temporary First Officer Lillian Betty Campbell, Women's Royal Indian Naval Service. Acting Wing Commander Hubert Edward Joshua Acfield (21225). Major (temporary) Robert Alexander Frederick Anderson (212088). Air Commodore Philip Clermonte Livingston, OBE, AFC, FRCS, FRCS(E), MRCS, LRCP, DPH, DOMS. Flight Lieutenant B. Lilofsky (176011), RAFVR. No. Abdul Rehman Mohamud Yusuf, Landlord and Businessman, Novah, Panvel Taluka. 24 Dec. 1945, Major General Archie F. Howard, 24 Dec. 1945 ?? Discover Patricia Hodge's Biography, Age, Height, Physical Stats, Dating/Affairs, Family and career updates. Dominic Joseph Dewan (Can/J.16177), Royal Canadian Air Force. 2347296 Warrant Officer Class II (acting) Percival William Rye, Royal Corps of Signals. 1301840 Acting Flight Sergeant A. L. J. Hutchinson, RAFVR. Brigadier (temporary) Thomas Frederick James Collins, OBE (30827). 7662047 Warrant Officer Class II (acting) John Christopher Doyle. Ernest Victor Casey, Superintendent, Central Jail and Presidency Jail for Women, Khan Bahadur Muhammad Latif Qureshi, Superintendent, Office of the Military Secretary to, Joseph George Williams, Chief Reporter and Personal Assistant to the President of the. 832047 Company Quartermaster-Sergeant Charles William Henry White. Petty Officer Telegraphist William Ernest Fletcher, D/JX.135898. Temporary Major (Acting Temporary Lieutenant Colonel) Willis Farrier, Royal Marines. He was 59 years old. No. 1394582 Acting Flight Sergeant Jack Arnold, RAFVR. Petty Officer Charles Richard Manderson, P/JX.181641. Sister Eva Winifred Stewart, PMRAFNS (5319). ), AMInstCE, I.A.O.C, Director of Mechanization, General Headquarters, India. Lieutenant John William Coddington (173551), Royal Regiment of Artillery. ACKRILL, Gladys Winifred & Owen & Florence Alcie ADAIR, Alfred John & Violet Mary ADAIR, William Frederick & Mary Ellen ADAM, Matthew & Robina Cecelia May . Mr. John Albert Victor France, Warrant Writer Officer. Norman Slade, Indian Ordnance Service, Assistant Inspector of Scientific Stores, Master-General of Ordnance Branch, General Headquarters, India. Alec Reginald Fairleigh, British Instructor, Palestine Police Force. Rao Bahadur Thakur Onkar Singh, Istimrardar of Bagsuri and Assistant Commissioner, Ajmer-Merwara. No. 7260577 Staff-Sergeant Alfred James Nicholas. George Henry Bolsover. No. No. Matron (acting) Elizabeth Jessie Kennedy (213593), Territorial Army Nursing Service. S/14268060 Warrant Officer Class I (acting) Herbert Smith. No. Captain Frank Wilfred George Thompson (358064), Extra Regimentally Employed List. Families of missing 'jihadi bride' schoolgirls issue Britain hit by snow and battered by a 'super moon' tide: Would you dare go Greek on the cheap? No. Major (temporary) Clifford Toulson Healey (E.C.2996). Chung Tak Kwong, Imports & Exports Department. John De Meza, MRCVS, Colonial Veterinary Service, Chief Veterinary Officer, The Reverend George Herbert Eastman. Leading Wren Elizabeth Austin Sparks, WRNS.46927. Chief Engineroom Artificer Harry Rears, C/M.4513. George Preston Bradney, CBE, lately Comptroller and Auditor General. Sick Berth Chief Petty Officer (Temporary) Leonard Raymond Thomas, D/MX.46908. Gordon Coligny Whitteridge. Acting Senior Sister Mildred Annie Hawkins. 10576480 Corporal (acting) Frank Pirie Thom, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. No. For services in Sungei Buloh. Major James Aubrey Johnstone, lately Second in Command. 7617507 Corporal Arthur Hughes, Royal Army Ordnance Corps. 217370 Sergeant Maurice Slater Myram, Royal Regiment of Artillery. 1923741 Warrant Officer Class II (acting) Leslie Charles Lewis, Corps of Royal Engineers. Chief Petty Officer Henry Richard Mucklow, P/J.30057. No. Flight Lieutenant Ian Donald (121388), RAFVR. Junior Commander (temporary) Amir Sen (W.A.C.845), Women's Auxiliary Corps (India). Thomas Fulton. Colonel (local) Bernard Charles Hartley, OBE, General List. Mr. Frank Rippington, Temporary Acting Commissioned Aircraft Officer. Chief Petty Officer John Robertson, P/JX.129296. Malcolm Vyvyan Laurie, Director, Timber Supplies, Department of Industries & Supplies, Government of India. No. Citation Use the citation below to add to a . Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary) Kenneth Duff Henderson (79045), Royal Regiment of Artillery. 1444434 Sergeant Randolph Jones, Royal Corps of Signals. Chief Petty Officer Wren Barbara Mcdonald, WRNS.16649. No. Warrant Officer E. P. Lewis (970467), RAFVR. Ibrahim Mohomed Bun Yadeem Jobe, Supervisor of Customs, Gambia. For services to the Empire Societies War Hospitality Committee in Scotland. Major (temporary) Stanley Ewart Robins (E.C.8179), Royal Indian Army Service Corps. Captain (temporary) Noel Willink Chavasse, MC (174749). Acting Surgeon Captain George McCoull, MD, BS, LRCP, LRCS, VD, RNVR. W/150699 Sergeant (acting) Joan Edith Florence Ferriman, Auxiliary Territorial Service. Ernest Stephen Hawkins. Major (temporary) Kenneth Robertson France (89831), Royal Regiment of Artillery. Major (temporary) Edmund Lacy Taverner (116523), Royal Regiment of Artillery. Acting Wing Commander Samuel Muir (43495). Geoffrey William Aldington. 824233 Battery Quartermaster-Sergeant Thomas John Wright. Jayavant Mallannah Shrinagesh, Indian Civil Service, Joint Secretary to the Government of India in the Department of Industries & Supplies (Munitions Production Branch). Arthur Albert Ashton, Assistant Fire Force Commander (Sub-Area Commander), No. Chief Petty Officer Wren Betty Mary Buck, WRNS.4512. 335352 Flight Sergeant Arthur George John. Temporary Acting Lieutenant-Commander Christopher Briggs, RNR. Henry Crookshank, BAI, Superintending Geologist. Stoker Petty Officer (Temporary) Samuel James Beards, D/KX.76551. Frank Thomas Russell, Social Security Officer, Southern Rhodesia. Rudolf Alexander Little, Director of Postal Services. Major (acting) William Sheard Brearley Oldroyd (241403). 461348 Leading Aircraftwoman Marion Margaret Mclaren, WAAF. Acting Temporary Lieutenant-Commander (E), John Howie. No. 2323213 Company Quartermaster-Sergeant William Cornish, Royal Corps of Signals. British Council Representative in Ethiopia. No. No. No. Title: World War II servicemen alumni files, 1939-1945. Temporary Lieutenant (Sp) Edwin Charles Nash. Normal Layout- 7688333 Sergeant Reginald Gordon Lucas. No. For services during, Hugh Thompson Wells. Brij Lal Sharma, Deputy Principal Information Officer, Press Information Bureau, Information & Arts Department, Government of India. McKintosh ds. From 1885 to 1910, he served as Bishop of Lincoln in the Church of England.Before his consecration to the episcopate, he was Principal of Cuddesdon College (1863-1873), an Anglo-Catholic theological college, and then Regius Professor of Pastoral Theology at the University of Oxford (1873-1885). No. No. Flying Officer R. N. Dore (134833), RAFVR. Brigadier (temporary) Bernard Springett Watkins (41992), Royal Corps of Signals. No. Colonel Harry Macdonald, CB, DSO, IRRO, Deputy Director of Recruiting, Northern Area. 2716568 Company Quartermaster-Sergeant William Kearney. Temporary Acting Lieutenant Commander Henry Nugent Somerville, RNVR. This proved to be Owens first great success. W/50682 Staff-Sergeant Ethel Emma Porter, Auxiliary Territorial Service. No. Major (temporary) David Bower Solomon (185536), Corps of Royal Engineers. Major Dennis George Harmsworth Tuite (31615), Corps of Royal Engineers. W/73532 Warrant Officer Class II (acting) Margaret Edge, Auxiliary Territorial Service. Flight Lieutenant L. N. Laing (Can/ J.26053). 1708081 Sergeant Charles Ernest Corbett, Royal Regiment of Artillery. 5055382 Lance-Bombardier George Harold Kingsley Brown, Royal Regiment of Artillery. Temporary Captain (Acting Temporary Major) James Leah, Royal Marines. Petty Officer Engineman Leslie Arthur Hartford, LT/KX.125192. Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary) George Fortnam Appleton (58817). No. Special (National : 1977 - 2012) Fri 5 Aug 1977 [Issue No.S156] Page 1. Norman Stanley Roberts, MBE, First Secretary (Commercial) at Tehran. Petty Officer Charles Edward Nield, P/J.3735. Acting Captain Ian Reddie Hamilton Black. Press Attach at His Majesty's Embassy at. It opened in 1892. Acting Flight Lieutenant William Henry Robinson (103969), RAFVR. Louis Henry George Bessent, Assistant Master, Currency Note Press, India. 838708 Warrant Officer Class II (acting) John Dewi Williams, Royal Army Medical Corps. Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary) Lionel Russel Osborne (156938), The. Major (temporary) Percy Edward Blunt (E.C.2178), Indian Army. 5956177 Lance-Corporal Herbert Dennis Cousins, The. Violet Gladys Morris, Chief Accountant, Victoria League. Corrected to Ist October, 1942. Her first stage role out of school was in an adaptation of Bob Fosse's Broadway musical Pippin. Colonel Edward Guy Lethbridge Thurlow, DSO, Secretary. Chief Stoker Cyril James Birch, P/KX.79487. Temporary Sub-Lieutenant Archibald Aimers, RNVR. Walter William Cooke, DFM (147312), RAFVR. Lieutenant Cecil Vowe Peake (130033), Corps of Royal Engineers. Francis Bernard Higgins, Colonial Mines Service, Chief Inspector of Mines. 574985 Acting Flight Sergeant Eric Trevor Willson. 1868698 Sergeant Gordon Redvers Pipkin, RAFVR. IN publishing the memorial of the colonists against the introduction of felons from British prisons, we have left ourselves so little space that we can give only a very few particulars in . Benjamin Lightfoot, MC, FGS, Director of Geological Survey, Southern Rhodesia. Sergeant (Acting Temporary Company Sergeant Major) Frank Tynan, Royal Marines, PO/X.1599. S/14733093 Corporal (acting) Sidney Richard Price, Royal Army Service Corps. No. Lawai, Chief of the village of Bareo, Central Borneo. John Moir, Deputy Red Cross Commissioner. Acting Leading Stoker (Temporary) Albert John Robert Boyt, C/KX.9O120. Captain (temporary) Frederick Eden Metcalfe (294587). Major (temporary) Leslie Arthur Camken (163957), Corps of Royal Engineers. Squadron Leader C. A. R. Crews (37795), RAFO. 575835 Sergeant William George Henry White. Son of George Frederick Owen and Ellen Jane Owen (Robinson) Frederick George White, Sergeant Major, Bechuanaland Protectorate Police. Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary) Alexander Patrick Cathcart Hannay, MC (15268), The. The 2nd and 3rd Battalions, 29th Marines disembarked from the United States on 1 August 1944, and landed on Guadalcanal on 7 September 1944 to further stand-up the Division. Flight Lieutenant S. C. Matthews, DFC (142217), RAFVR. Chief Petty Officer (Temporary) Charles Elliot Vincent, P/J.111529. Irany, Headmaster of Boys' Reformatory School, Lazaro Kamugungumu, Principal Minister of. 1012997 Sergeant Stanley Eric Reed, RAFVR. S/5735258 Sergeant (acting) Alex Reginald Robinson, Royal Army Service Corps. She was awarded the OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) in the 2017 Queen's Birthday Honours List for her services to drama. Acting Squadron Leader Francis Austin Wheatley (119970), RAFVR. No 6398407 Warrant Officer Class I Frank Hill. 1105631 Sergeant Leslie Charles Cheetham, RAFVR. Petty Officer Frank Alfred Edward Hines, P/JX.151977. Wing Commander Michael Dorrington Day (39413). Karunaketan Sen, Indian Civil Service, Deputy Director of Supply, Civil Supplies Department, Government of Bengal. Squadron Leader Cyril William Hyslop (80176). David Herbert Nairne, Chief Engineer Officer, SS. Lieutenant-Colonel (acting) Richard Francis Coles (99799), Major (temporary) Derrick Archibald Colls (155020), The. His father was the owner and manager of the Royal Hotel.
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