It happened on the same bridge where his mother died in a car accident. And then he probably intended to go on with his life from that point, continuing on in the private sector. Gallaghers forever! I to am watching Hazel, they just don't make shows like that anymore, Hazel had so many family values, Not like all the junk they put on tv today. Thanks for the info. I really enjoy the old shows. It was sad because it was a nice show and we thought they would have returned to the show to have closure in being with their son. I just turned fifty on last Friday, September 16th! I still picture him as they pulled him out, 2 divers. The Steven Spielberg -directed adventure movie starred the late Robin Williams as Peter Pan. That is good, because you already nothing. Instagram: @masielalusha. Why over the years no one bothered to interview the remaining cast members about the show is beyond me. I have hosted a weekly Trivia Radio Show in a major US city for over 35 years, and am surprised that on 10/15/2016 there was a comment that nothing else could be found on Meredith Baxter before "Family Ties." I am proud yo hear of how you and others stood up for him. And besides, a smart Actor should be wise enough not to discuss either subject. Now that its back on Antenna TV, I watch it daily. Much of the first part of the book is in Dad's own words taken from his unpublished memoirs, "Hollywood-DeFore 'n' After." In its day, SOAP, named after its parodying topic, rose many an eyebrow with larger-than-life take on what was such a popular past time: soap operas. It's a shame that that person went off on you like that. Same here, I was born in 1964 too (male). Oscar-winner Shirley Booth, who starred as the sassy live-in maid created by artist Ted Key in his Saturday Evening Post cartoon panel series from 1943 to 1969, died in 1992 after a brief illness at age 94. What a shame! It wasn't head (water)pressure, it was the concrete structure that held the door closed. Sad thing about Hollywood is once you have served their purpose, they are done with you, especially with many child stars like Julia. However, maybe in real like she's a sweet, kind person. :)P.S. Some thought he may have committed suicide because he was deeply depressed from losing her. So now I'm in the process of buying them. I wish I had a picture of us back then. I wonder if anybody has ever suggested this to Meredith? Yes, it was Bobby Buntrock in that commercial. She divorced her first husband and her second husband died. Just wanted to add that I enjoy watching Hazel on DVD every afternoon after work! No matter what "SHIRLEY BOOTH" had done career wise, she will always be remembered as "HAZEL" to her fans. I think I'll go and watch some Commercials. We saw all the episodes and we want to see more. She's on her fourth marriage and is extremely happy. Nowadays, the term "real-time" has been adopted by leading businesses. I think Bobby played the Red Robot. And that kind of depresses me! Don Defoe and and Whitney Blake did not quit Hazel. I thought the same thing. Earline Taylor, that was just nasty!! Chances are you have already looked up and found this information. See editor's note above. time were changing the younger aka (boomers) generation were rebelling against the fake authenticity of how family life was depicted on television. Company Credits If it was, I don't recall seeing another episode until probaby 2011 on "ANTENNAE TV", on a Sunday Morning. The second season of Hazel will be released Feb. 21 on DVD. B53 was our unit. Right now (NYC) I've taped all her seasons and am still enjoying it a lot. Not only did "SONY" haves the "RIGHTS" to the first SEASON OF "HAZEL", but also later shows that I enjoyed, like "FANTASY ISLAND" and the first two SEASONS OF "HART TO HART". I watch Hazel in the mornings and was impressed with Bobby's acting ability at such a young age. Or are you upset because I had something more intelligent to say than you did. Yes, she certainly wasas was the show, which I still enjoy on Antenna TV ! I just wrote a reply but Im not sure it went through. Among them were Adam Ant, Donal Logue . Hazel may have officially been the Baxters' housekeeper, but she ran that house much more adeptly than the often-flummoxed George ran his successful law career. As a veteran and a fan, I salute him and wish that there was an acknowledgement of his service on his grave site. I could have sworn that the young boy on the left was Bobby Buntrock. Good answer, Lola, and the show being only 30 minutes time slot including commercials to watch others acting otherwise to each other. My friend and I knew Bobby during the summer of the flood in 1972. When a customer is shopping online - offering real-time recommendations and personalisation. At this time I'm surprised that "Youtube" are allowing "Hazel" episodes to air. I think Don Defore looked for work in New York. Send me your questions and comments about old and current American, British and Canadian television shows and I will be happy to reply. Her Extreme Left Wing Political Stance was something She Pushed on The Hazel Set and Reagan Friend- Don Defore found her Irritating. She helped him with camera shots and taught him many things about acting. THANK YOU JOANNE and all commenters for making this history of Hazel so emotional and interesting! I was not a close friend of Bobby as he seemed to be a very quiet and private person. He was a member of our Boy Scout troup and then Explorer Scout Post, both sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Glendale, California. And speaking about politics, what about Don? I still have a hard time believing that "LITTLE HAROLD" is gone. Why did Don Defoe and Whitney Blake both leave Hazel at the same time? Shirley Booth was amazing. I remember watching the Hazel series as a teenager. So many people are gone it will be easy for me to leave this earth when my time comes. Mine is somewhere in my mother's attic. @ Earline- that probably was not his first legal drink because at that time most states if not all had the drinking age at 18 years old. However, Maxine Buntrock died on June 20, 1972 of cardiac arrest at the family home.". Bobby Buntrock, who played the Baxters' son, Harold, died in a car accident in 1974 at 21. If someone was so foolish as to do so, you would likely find him and his buddies spoiling to fight you! Hazel (Booth) with Mr. and Mrs. Baxter (DeFore and Blake) Julia Benjamin (Susie Baxter) will turn 58 years old on February 21, 2015 and is retired from acting. when the show was pick up by CBS Hazel was retooled to target a younger audience demographic. I hope you have good friends around and things to do to keep you busy. If he had of lived he may have gone back into the Acting Profession later on. This is to Earline. Young Bobby was such a handsome little boy.His demeanor on the show was very pleasant.He was such a natural at such a young age.I watch and enjoy Hazel on Me TV along with Leave It To Beaver, Dennis the Mennace on Antenna TV, and the Rifle man on Me TV.Great shows with a moral component without vulgarity or smart mouthed kids.I am 64, I remember all the shows on in 1960s.Me.Booth is right about actors and politics.Keep it quiet as you can that maybe half your audience.To campaign for a candidate is not as offensive aspreaching on the show.You make the viewer who is educated want to debate you.not smart.RIP all you actors and actresses. 41-year-old Seamus Dever portrayed Detective Kevin Ryan, Jon Huerta's on-screen best friend. I found the yearbook for 1968 with Bobby Buntrock's photo in it. This is the most accurate account that I know of. Director 2 Credits William D. Russell 86 Episodes 1966 E.W. It was really sad to read about Lynn Borden's death she died a month before my dad did. In 2015 I moved back to where I grew up and instead of feeling warmth it brought misery as the neighborhood changed for the worse. Emmy Rossum, William H. Macy and More. Really interesting fact! I think she was probably tired of "HAZEL" and decided to get out of it. Hazel was a great show and my family and I still watch it every day. What a show: 274 episodes consisting of106 black-and-white episodes and 168 color episodes. At that time I'm not sure if "Hazel" was in reruns. In fact, Shirley Booth, who never had children, actually "adopted" Bobby Buntrock as her own while filming the series. Who would be in a better position to give Whitney's Fans a better insight than than someone who was closely connected to her., Then he told me I would have to leave because they were closing for a private party for Bobby on his 21st birthday and was getting his money from his acting career. Thanks for sharing..I've wondered if they ever commented on his death. Get over yourself!! It's about a legal guardian who learns her clients are deceiving her. Is she still living?. Through the years DON and WHITNEY must have been asked tons of questions about the show. In the end notes of my article, I wrote: "* A false story has been circulating that Bobby Buntrock's mother died a year before her son in a car accident at the same bridge in South Dakota where he perished. There's a section on "Hazel." Well, we happened to come across the Hazel Show on Roku and my husband wanted to watch it because he remembered it as a young boy watching it. The show was a sitcom and poked fun in every way, from cast member portrayal to hot topics, politics, crimes, relationships, sex, infidelity, and much morethe storyline . What beautiful LADIES & hardworking decent men. And my family is never going to be like "THE BRADY BUNCH". I think you gave us alot of trivia information that some of us didn't know. It was most likely a cost cutting measure by the network. But what a wonderful story the person shared says a lot about his character! Hazel-E says she got the surgery because she wanted her old body back. To find out what I have written on any TV topic, use the search box directly below. I became a huge Hazel fan only as of 2014. Home Realizacje i porady Bez kategorii father knows best cast where are they now. I watch Hazel every morning at 10 O'clock in the morning. One became a Karate Kid, another a Top Gun; one went to work in The West Wing while . Dear anonymous, thank you for sharing this information about Bobby. May you rext in peace Bobby. I think I'll give my local Library a call today. Not that you need to convince people, but do you tell people that you did, but they just don't believe you? He may not have pushed his Polital Standings during "HAZEL", but he sure Campaigned for his Old Buddy Ronald, helping to put him in office. I think when I first saw "Hazel", it was in its last season. Yes Lynn Borden passed away, but the actual date of her death was March 3, 2015. Everything is electronic, so if a car goes underwater it's likely to short out the system quickly. Great show!!!! Then he later went into Business with his father. :-), The last names are different as well Buntrock vs Braddcock- (the latter being Mickey's name), It was Micky Dolenz of the Monkees who starred in the adventure series Circus Boy from 1956 to 1958. I guess I don't know how to blog. Hi - I'm a big Hazel fan and love that Antenna TV shows reruns every weekday morning! 8/26/2022. The nurse gave him a note and sent him back to the car. I was in the Air Force and stationed at Ellsworth AFB 1972-1973 and was having some drinks at the Black Forest Inn on a date I don't remember. I don't recall MEREDITH before "Family Ties". I liked the show when it was with his parents, I don't care for these later shows much at all. I think it's a prop. 2023 TV GUIDE, A FANDOM COMPANY. Definitely one of the best shows made in the past 55 years. Thanks. I know some details are difficult to acquire because people just wasn't into trivia like they are today. Watch it all the time on METV. Paula Jai Parker plays Hazel Who is Hazel? If you have to repeat what someone else said, the least thing that you can do is to try not misquoting them. Ron DeFore. I remember how many of the drill instructors used to pick on him and called him Hollywood. I love all the old shows Antenna TV plays. STAY ON WHAT THIS FORUM IS ABOUT. A quick look at imdb dot com would have shown what I've just written about her. It saddens me to read of their loss, let alone at such a young age. They all did! I've thought about moving back to my hometown but with jobs it's the same as when I left and there are none. For 18 seasons and four season 19 episodes, Harmon starred as former U.S. Marine Corps scout sniper-turned-special agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs . Amazing how many people are enjoying the work you have done, and it is 2017! And then it is you who can get over yourself. After all he and Whitney, both, worked with Bobby for Four Seasons of "Hazel". The next time I will comment without trying to reply to someone else's blog. Boy, was I excited. Bobby heard the bartender and told them I could stay and celebrate with them. Just as a side note, when looking up Actor John Newton, make sure that you ask for the "John Newton" who was on "HAZEL". I do have a question - What did Bobby Buntrock do for a career after retiring from acting before his premature demise? He was a good looking kid i'm a bit surprised Disney didn't grab him for some movies. It is a shame that the person who manages this blog did not intervene but I guess that due to freedom of speech she allowed it. You said that Bobby was CELEBRATING HIS 21TH BIRTHDAY and was receiving his earned money from his Acting Career. I too, would like to see Bobby on a photo, as an adult. He also looked very young for his age. RELATED: 10 Best Glow-Ups of 2000s Sitcom Actors (With Before & After Photos) He was very level headed and we lived to tell the tale, despite flood waters that knocked our vehicle off the highway and having to cross swiftly moving, debris filled creeks, turned rivers, on foot. I know this post is 5 years old. Due to salary disagreements, CBS made the mistake of letting DeFore & Blake go. Now if only they would acquire the "RIGHTS" to the TWO MOVIES: "FATHER KNOWS BEST REUNION" and "FATHER KNOWS BEST: HOME FOR CHRISTMAS". Glad also to know what happened with the rest of the cast. The shows take me back to a better time, when people showed respect, and had good values. Don DeFore, who played Hazel's employer, George Baxter, died in 1993 of a heart attack at age 80. There is one photo that has been identified as Bobby as an adult. She co-starred in the TV shows "Bridget Loves Bernie," and "Family." Then she disappeared. Recently, Bloom starred in Prime Video's neo-noir series, Carnival Row. There's no way the adult photos above depict Bobby. So sad to hear about Bobby Buntrock death. I was also a member of the South Dakota National Guard in the late 1970s. I had the pleasure of completing Basic Training at Ft. Ord, CA. I hope maybe one day she'll post here as she seems the type that might enjoy reminiscing about him a bit. Perhaps that person was busy, or was watching something else. Article continues below advertisement. Great movie , and Janis is the only person still around at 99 years old. The previous post about a celebration at the Black Forest Inn would have been for his 21st birthday. I have to admit i don't care very much for the last season with Ray Fulmer (19651966) Lynn Borden (19651966) the dynamics changed it was the same when Don DeFore (19611965) Whitney Blake (19611965) left the series. So who whomever e*mailed me about she and her husband owning the show is incorrect.
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