And then, the first day I started to follow your tips I received my first Gurus Pick and became a Champion. Honestly, after my research, I left and joined another photography game which is fantastic. When you click on a specific challenge, you can see how you rank compared to other artists. Users without special keys will be kept out. Its like walking into a casino, where the dice are loaded and all the games are rigged. The problem is that voting takes time. Love taking photos? The reason the quality matters is that a lot of people have figured out the best time to use a swap (usually around 4 hours to closing time). What surprises me is how often the winning photo is just, well, average. Git gud, as the kids say! That is ok! The iPad still lacks a native app, which is sad and tells a lot about the lack of attention to the art form. Not only it is a scam, it has nothing to do with photography. If you think this game is all about photography, think again. I led up until 2 minutes remaining, then someone took me over. I also hate that mediocre images win challenges over great ones. (Image: Micro image of small cactus plants bristles.). The last thing you can do to make sure you get the most votes possible on Gurushots is the most important thing. The Boost allows you to give a burst of exposure to one selected photo in a challenge. Here is what I found out5,6. You need to fill up your vote-meter to . Again, its all about maximizing players engagements. This goes against the challenges of quality and uniqueness. It is hard to say when is the right time to join one thing is sure, they now require a key in order to join a challenge 24 hrs or less before the end of the challenge. I would have preferred different names instead. These are not free to use. An example of the narrow theme is flying birds. Surely there must be times when gurushots users are more active. What you write is nothing similar. While a challenge is running, the Guru Pro who created it will have a look at the best pictures and pick a few of them. My main objective is to create a valuable resource for photography enthusiasts with honest tech reviews, course recommendations, and how-to tutorials. See this map for your state's voter laws to find out what form of ID you need to vote in person on Election Day, or if you can vote without an ID. My photos have definitely improved by doing the challenges and whereas when I started I was delighted when they reached premier level, now I'm quite surprised if they don't get 'all star'. Teams are the most important addition to the game in a long time; it creates a new play dynamic. You have to wait for the next match. To that effect, this platform hosts at least five real-life exhibitions for its users each month. Late morning and mid-afternoon will be the easiest times to get in, but if you need to go later, don't let long lines scare you off; as long as you're in line when the polls close, you will be . Thanks again. READ THE CHALLENGE GUIDELINES before submitting your images. In just a few minutes you can create a free poll for any occasion and then share it amongst your colleagues or friends. We covered the monetary aspect of playing on Gurushots, but there is also the time aspect. Another addition to the game is that now youll get a notification when the challenge organizer is actively picking up photos and GuruShots will encourage you to swap one of your pictures to get attention. It's time for our readers to vote for their favorite business and individuals in Nacogdoches and be wary of scammers. Boosts allow the challenge participants to gain a lot of exposure to a particular photo. It is a legit website that allows participants to compete and win big prizes. Everything in your article is easily found on the site if people are willing to read. This guide is based on my gaming experience1 after returning to the well-known photography game, GuruShots, after a very long pause away from it2,3,4. . Generally speaking, for me at least, I perform better in very specific challenge themes. I think you have to be lucky to some extent and swapping often gives a huge advantage to finding that luck. swap the least performing photos and near the end, boost your best shot. The voting system is relatively simple. Without a doubt, there are pros and cons to platform. (LogOut/ Once you use a Fill the exposure meter . As a guru, you can create your contests and decide on the winner. Sorry to hear about that. Youre clearly in the second camp. Hi Strelok, thanks for sharing your experience. Win a challenge 4. I think that's how so many mediocre photos sometimes win. Thanks for your comment. So how do some images get up as high as a couple of thousand? I have a couple of questions: best time to vote on gurushots. Boosting a photo. Gurushots actually has a discussion page that explains the exposure and how it works. My friend won twice and doesnt know what to do to get the money. GuruShots is built with Angular JS and the way it's made had to do with this issue. You dont have to pay to play at all. The previous guide was published at the end of 2018 followed by an update two months later. Im sure itll be useful to a lot of people who are thinking of joining GuruShots or are a part of it, but wonder how honest/legit it is. One Nashville lawmaker has figured out the best times to avoid the crowd. (Image: Atalaya Castle, Huntington Beach State Park, South Carolina; All images are the original photography of the author. Remember that the more you vote, the higher score you give to your competitors, so it seems better to vote as little as possible by joining late. This is according to federal law. It does not keep the 'Exposure Meter' up for the entire challenge. None others than the ones already on the blog post Im afraid, Thank you for your much appreciated tips and tricks! Ive swapped a photo today in a challenge as I thought the leading image had just over 1800 votes and I thought that ought to be within reach for a good photo. This type of pyramid scam in the US would earn them hefty jail terms instead of 3.5 million dollars of yearly revenue (thats for the company of about 10 people). You can find a useful FAQ on Reddit about Gurus picks. Not everyone feels positively about it though. This game is so twisted in its conception; it is mind-blowing. Try Doodle's online voting system - it's easy to use. Find Out if You Need To Bring an ID to Vote. The simple and direct answer is yes. While Guru is not a platform for selling artwork, you can still make money. Get the validation you crave for amateur photos and poor editing . Some people might have difficulties finding enough photos to enter a four-photos challenge. Furthermore, nobody cares about your award-winning budges outside of this website. The game design is based on the same principles behind social media: to get you engaged as much as possible. It does not keep the 'Exposure Meter' up for the entire challenge.. People actually need to vote positively to at least 100 photos a time to get full exposure. Teams can earn rewards at the end of each season., Seasons are a predetermined length of times in days. Guru picks a little star icon that appears on your photo. The standard Seasons will last for 7 days, but this length may change from time to time. By the time they figure out the algorithms and win (if they are smart and lucky enough), they would have wasted A LOT of money and time. Almost 2 years later and Im still at expert, have 660.000 points, 72 challenges at levels: top 100, top 10%, top 20%, and top 30% (All Star+). Join the Game! ACHIEVE . Those people spend 24/7 playing the game. For the script to properly work, your active tab in a browser should be GuruShots page. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. It doesnt make a difference for the final results are most of the voting sessions by others happen at the last minute anyway. Verdict: Gurushots is a photo app that connects and unites photographers from all over the world since 2014. "Shoot to play with Viral Vote, THE photo competition app where everyone has a chance to win. Step 2 That's it, now to vote (automatically)! This is important, since you get more exposure for your photos 3. Deadline: March 31, 2023; Grand Prize: iPad Air; 1st Place Prize: 1 gold bar and Apple Watch Series 3; 2nd Place Prize: 1 platinum bar and Apple Watch Series 3 Respect the theme. The feature allows you to swap one photo with another at $0.99. Im just one win away from Guru, but dont seem to be able to get that one win! The information contained on Digital World Beauty is intended for informational and educational purposes only. Time is shorter for fast challenges, which accumulate votes faster.). Get 'All Stars' 3. Im not convinced if this makes a big difference as you can earn keys pretty easily. Some also call it a Guru Shots photo game. It is a worldwide photo contest, and its an interesting way to challenge yourself, to step up your photography game, get exposure, and meet like-minded folks in this community. Speaking of running challenges: I still have seven challenges waiting in the review queue after more than a year (read my article about how challenges are created here). Why? GuruShots, The first-of-its-kind photo app for photographers of any level, reinvents the way people interact with their photos, making it more fun, exciting and rewarding. If you join too late, you might miss the free boosts requiring you to use a key. Dont give them any. Lets see why Im being so severe here. The numbers are very telling. Either way, the only way to find out whether youll like it or not, is to trying it and seeing it for yourself! I enter most challenges at the beginning. Should be out in the coming weeks. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. It is a money laundering scheme for Russian Israeli mafia. These tips should help that happen. And use your Boost near the end of a challenge and apply it on the best performing photo. Period. If you want to play GuruShots and be successful, read on and youll thank me later. Remember, Boosts arent free and use them while your exposure level is at the maximum. How does this give an advantage with receiving votes? If I have a free swap available I may swap to a new photo towards the end of the challenge. Appreciate it , I Totally agree with Strelok. They dont have any photographs worth mentioning. To win a challenge Is it a must make a swap? However, the maximum views are dynamic and change as the challenge progresses. When you dont have one, youll need to buy one. Great blog and really interesting read, I just joined a 10hr People on the beach challenge, 1hr 45mins to go.. entered an average photo (at best) and tried out the voting theory, to my surprise my very average photo got to 1090 votes and Elite level in about 20mins. I've noticed that there are a flood of really good photos submitted near the end of most challenges, which implies that the higher ranked photographers who offer more points aren't voting until later in the challenge. I ran a challenge and gave out 700 Guru picks and as a result had my privileges of running challenges taken away. This is a place where discussion about the game GuruShots can happen naturally. Choosing the right time to vote or using auto-fill is the best strategy to maximize your photos' exposure level. GuruShots users include both males and females. Mine is Its not. Paste the script and then watch it work. This time, I want to give you the best tips and tricks on playing the game. In any case, heres what people do to get more votes: Choosing the right time to vote or using auto-fill is the best strategy to maximize your photos exposure level. You can see this clearly if you keep track of a picture's average vote total per voter. While the GuruShots app is free to download, there are some very real prizes that users compete for. Hi Nate. Enjoy playing! Please read our rules and help us to make this a fun place to be at. Can you imagine all the time you got back from not playing this shitty game? Also, bear in mind that the voted view differs from standard views. My main objective here is to create a valuable resource for photography enthusiasts with honest tech reviews, course recommendations, and how-to tutorials. Writing about Apple, Photography, Privacy and Climate Change. Im sorry but I dont do support for Gurushots. Youll save time and be able to do other things in your life, like reading my blog. Disclaimer, Im not paid by Gurushots for this article. If you are an upcoming photographer looking forward to exposing your artistic work without spending GuruShots is your best option. But this might help if your pictures isnt performing as expected. The depletion of exposure bonus is faster than it used to be to maximize users engagement with the platform. If you want to see the game in action, head to my Vimeo page. While two teams are engaged, there has to be an equal number of up to 20 players. Other than Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, as well as other various other social media platforms, I have found these particular photography communities to be extremely beneficial to me as a . Apply to as many contests as possible, I would actually try and apply to ALL of them. In the first article "How to Become a Guru at the GuruShots Game" I described how to create your photographer profile, how to enter challenges and play. If you are raising your exposure meter in the wee hours of the morning when fewer Gurushots users are looking at and voting on images, you won't get very many votes by the time your exposure meter starts dropping back down. Consumers complaining about Gurushots most frequently mention several times problems.Gurushots ranks 25th among Photography Forum sites. Founder & content creator at Digital World Beauty. Its an incredibly small greedy group of people who are after you hard earned money. It is similar to Instagram but lacks bio information and a website. This example is for a one photo only challenge. Press the boost key.. Once registered on Gurushots you will have the status "Newbie", the goal of the game will be to pass GURU with good results on the challenges but for that you will need (a lot) of time (there are 9 ranks) and beautiful pictures ! First, lets put a frame around GuruShots7. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Submit your email below for the discounted price! your photo will be showed in the top of the pool for voters. You should see your exposure meter fill to max high! ==> Click here to SUBSCRIBE to my new channel for video-based content! It is much harder to compete in generic themes as you compete against everyone. For a two photos challenge, dividing the result by two is required. Note - The Fill does not automatically vote for random photos, it simply fills up your exposure meter. I use the free boost and I just vote to get my exposure meter up. Hope this helps. Youll save time. Was hoping they would have made some changes to that but not going to waste my time on this nonsense again. You have to claim them, though. Step in GuruShots, the Israeli startup that's created an online platform for budding photographers. in the last year or so and I dont like it. Extremely fair system . However, in a 4 photo challenge, do not fill the exposure after the swap; instead, swap back 8 minutes before the challenge ends and fill the exposure only after the votes have stopped. Change). While a virtual connection is excellent for todays business, humans still crave physical connection. On the first day of early voting, nearly 13,000 people went to the polls in Davidson County. The theme focused challenges attract a more defined crowd. Viral Vote is a free photo competition with real cash prizes! There is a teams leaderboard. Guru's have the same voting system as everybody else. . I had a phenomenal photo that matched the name of the competition perfectly. Just try searching on Google by entering the word GuruShots and wait for keywords suggestions. In one case, the All-star level is set to 2000 points while in another it is set to 2300. Imagine if political staffers could collect permission to vote on behalf of voters in a district in perpetuity not really the will or action of a crowd, but highly effective. The main advantage of entering late is that you don't have to bother with multiple voting sessions to keep your exposure up, and you don't have to feel bad watching your top ten photo plunge to #500 with hours to go. Youll need a key for this. Would you like us to create an actual GuruShots review or does this FAQ page suffice? GuruShots is like speed dating; it has nothing to do with photography as an art form but to consume images. Dont miss part 2 where I give two examples to explain how much time you should expect to play in order to be successful. Level requirements can change from one challenge to the other. Early averages may be as low as 5-5.5 votes per voter while some periods within the last day can be upwards of 6.5-7 votes per voter. One of the best parts of GuruShots is accessibility! Vince Palleschi. They cant even keep up with challenge suggestions11. Unfortunately, I dont know as I never won the first prize ! Trust me. Its a major problem in the game platform as it shouldnt make a difference if votes were evenly distributed during the challenge running time. In a four-photos challenge, starting with four photos is not always the best strategy. Sorry to hear about that, and thank you for sharing your experience, Raymond! Gurushots has a consumer rating of 1.66 stars from 68 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. I do have a challenge waiting in review called Rusty places which never passed the review process. These are activities where the goal is to get as many votes as possible (by participating in as many challenges as possible, obviously). While voting for the images of other users in each challenge you are participating in is a great way to boost the exposure level for your own challenge-submitted images, you dont want to just start voting willy-nilly and hope for the best. And then GS changes the algorithms. Thats a positive change. ! Copyright 2023 | This script also runs on a Cron Schedule, by default it runs every half hour. 5) Once Loaded Vote until the counter reaches 100%. Basically, your images get equal exposure time along with the images of all other users who have submitted photos to that particular challenge, based on the exposure level for each user. Thanks. Have you joined GuruShots with the sole intention of winning big? This means that a swapped-in image gets prime placement in voting feeds for a certain period of time. Here is a scenario: Lets say a Dominant Blue challenge (4 photos) is going to end in 2 hours. This is what your participants will vote on. Michael Zhang. But a lot of folks actually DO enjoy this game-like social platform, and its a great way for beginners and enthusiasts to improve their photography skills. Since you can't predict that optimal time, it gives a huge advantage to people who have enough photos (or duplicates of one a frequently broken rule that's hardly ever enforced) and spare swaps to be able to seek out the hot times during the final day. If your picture gets selected, it earns 50 votes, increasing your chances of becoming a guru. I have spent money on this game but I am not going to play it anymore. Head over to; click VOTE on your desired challenge. At some point, your photos wont get more votes for many hours if your exposure level is at the maximum, then this means your photos wont really get new votes. The privilege of running themed challenges comes with great responsibility for the community. Start it near the end. Like anything else in life, you are rewarded for the effort and time that you put in. Of course there could be even more lower level users joining then as well, it's hard to tell. If you enter late in a challenge, you may be asked for a key as the challenge may be in a locked state. First-Time Voters. Vote on other players' photos, collect votes and see how you rank compared to others. One clarification, you do not need a key to join late in a challenge if you join from within a team participating in a match using that challenge. Unless they have a swarm of bots voting for them I just don't know how they've done so well. This is necessary to prevent a last-minute participant to climb the top of the ranking at the last minute. Thanks for the Tips. On one challenge, Combine a Swap (change a picture with less votes) with a Fill (maximum views). The purpose of this site is for photographers to compete against each other on different subjects. The game puts pressure on players to vote as much as possible. You either have to buy them, or participate in enough challenges to earn them huge waste of time. I am going to stop playing this game.
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