I have this placement myself and I hate shouting, if the person I want to talk to is across the room Id rather walk up to them and talk instead of shouting. The Day Of Nimble Time. they most likely have the same quirks and friends they had in their past life and may recognise many souls (especially platonic soulmates). fear of letting people see their emotional side or their baggage. at home, perhaps you do a lot of art or are dramatic. You could easily feel obsessed with them or jealous. the thought of people losing all their hardwork when they die makes me cry. basically, scorpio shows your weakness and where you fear of being the most vulnerable which is why you want to have full control of that area of your life. They created sophisticated observations of the star patterns that formed much of the current zodiac calendar. this placement/aspect is common in attractive people that may have impacted other peoples lives in a way. Astrology attempts to study how those positions, motions, and properties affect people and events on Earth. That's it. In their past life, they might have not experienced love at all or didnt have their ideal partner or a healthy relationship so in this lifetime, they are blessed with the ability to intuitively know their partner (they may unexplainably seek the same type of people without knowing or may have avoided a lot of toxic relationships or they just know who their partner is before meeting them in person). most people with this placement are remembered for their money and resources. Astro observations: houses version part 1 (1-6) Hi everyone I'm back with another Astro observation post! you can post it but give me credits <3 english isnt my first language so Im sorry for grammatical errors! Astrology Observations "Do not repost, plagiarize, "reword" my observations. they do not like restriction around their throat area, could also have a fear of choking and may avoid wearing tight shirts around the neck or necklaces. 2nd house placements people have their shit trademarked. or maybe in their past life, they couldnt speak their mind or they enraged many people by speaking so in this life they want to be outspoken as possible and to have freedom of speech. (12th= where spirits reside) People with Sun square / mars get their ego degraded easily, it's easy for them to be insecure. In their past life, they could have been immigrants or were just very different from the people of where they lived. ex: in libra 9th house = you may meet them in foreign lands or in college/a place of learning, you will find them attractive. CAPRICORN OR 10TH HOUSE VENUS can be very attracted to teeth, they either like clean bright teeth and smiles, want to be a dentist or like teeth as part of their aesthetic *cough* me. soulmate-like relationship. I apologise if some of these observations have already been said, I do not keep track. Astrology can be an invaluable tool for clarifying lifes uncertainties, allowing one to navigate lifes ups and downs more confidently. Your email address will not be published. I have sagittarius rising where mars and pluto sits, my alter ego is dat bitch that is intelligent and knows how to fight and is also seductive. for instance, their desk needs to be exactly like their ideal desk (that they probably got from Pinterest LMAO) and they need their ideal art supplies (like high quality coloured pencils) before they can do some artwork. just check out this gif of Famke Janssen, a fixed dominant (scorpio sun, moon, mercury, leo mars). these people may just naturally be good at inventing things, coming up with theories and talking in groups and making friends/connections. they can also be the biggest hypocrites because of their contradictory nature. : scorpio moon protective of their emotions, they want full control over their emotions. they may be very vengeful especially if they died in their past life with lots of vengeance. your 11TH HOUSE is also associated with intuition. this may not be fun to hear but their family/ancestors may have a lot of karmic debts or maybe they have chosen to have the same family as they did in their past life to resolve familial problems (if you have any). I have taurus mars in 3rd house, I work because of the possibility of learning something new and I only work if I know I will treat myself after the hardwork. these people yearn to be themselves and to be accepted for who they really are so these people may look like they try too hard to be unique or they may look like theyre shoving in peoples faces that theyre different (in whichever way). Almost all of the time these gestures are completely platonic, but other people sometimes get . also please do not reword or copy my observations. Which persona charts (or any other Astro placements) highlights a persons strengths, weaknesses, personal development, and path to self improvement?? Observing your birth chart or zodiac sign can give you valuable insight into yourself and your place in the universe, revealing information about your personality traits, potential challenges, relationships with others, etc. I mean, are you kidding? goddess of memory (past, present and future), inspiration and language. the yearning may have continued from their past life. It doesnt necessarily mean that you are, it can just be how you appear to people. Astronomy vs Astrology: What's The Difference? they could have the same scars as they did in their past life too. they could have been lucky enough to have had more education compared to other people and may have made interesting discoveries. Astrology observations I made pt 23. they inspire others by showing that you do not have to be afraid of taboos or the dark side of life, by showing that being interested in taboo things does not make you an evil person (because there might be other reasons why youre interested in them or why you are who you are), by showing that it is okay to hurt people that have hurt you. similarly to the observation above, Ive noticed that GEMINI RISING or MARS are very fast runners, they could also be flexible. these people most likely care a lot about their reputation and naturally have leader qualities and may be naturally hardworking, like its in their blood. I have aquarius venus in 5th house, I deal with them by flirting and (I would) deal with it by having flings with my friends. Astrology Observations Pt. In MNEMOSYNE (57) PERSONA CHART your 10th & 11th house shows why and how you inspire others. they are cautious of letting people get close to them. this placement could also indicate amazing writing skills, their words just stain your mind. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion afterall. Aquarius is often regarded as the 'quirky' 'unconventional' and 'electrifying' placement. For those interested in learning more about this powerful tool for self-discovery and growth, Astrology Observations: Unlocking the Secrets of the Stars for a Better Understanding of Yourself and the World offers readers a comprehensive overview of how astrology can be used as an aid to gaining greater clarity on many of lifes issues. they are secretive as a way to protect themselves. these people are the trendsetters, the pioneers, the influencers you see online, the Pinterest girls. Astrology Observations (part 2) -scorpio moons might indicate an idividual's mother who is hard to handle/emotionally unstable/manipulative/overdramatic -having many planets in the 12th house especially pluto can indicate attracting abusers Persephone and Hades were also lovers. I have scorpio rising where moon also sits, at home I am very secretive and also emotional, no one ever knows how Im feeling or what Im up to. she also helped the dead by allowing them to regain the memories of their past lives. these people should pay attention to their body too (internally) as this could give them hints about their past life. they also inspire people by putting themselves out there, by showing that its okay to have fun, by showing that the spotlight isnt scary and that art (and other types of entertainment) is just as important as other things in life - that it isnt useless. SATURN IN 5TH HOUSE individuals that I know are so talented. Please take this with a grain of salt, not all of these will resonate with you entirely. It features practical exercises and stunning, full-color illustrations. its also interesting that a lot of gemini moons and SCORPIO MOONS get along very well (Scorpio is associated with Hades, the god of the underworld). Astrology and Astronomy in the Ancient WorldOverviewThe first records of systematic astronomical or astrological observation and interpretation lie in the scattered remains of ancient Egyptian and Babylonian civilizations. the sign its in can tell you who are likely to steal your ideas and what type of ideas are likely to get stolen. most people with this placement are remembered for their intelligence and sense of humour and freedom-seeking mind. 6,467 notes. these people were most likely activists or inventors in their past life, or anyone who was seen as weird and didnt fit in with society. Astrology Observations Synastry & Composite Edition Please do NOT repost any of my work on other social media platforms even if you credit me! southnode can show you your skills, the skills you have taken from your past life or your early life. they could also have knowledge on children so they may be very good with children. MNEMOSYNE IN LEO / 5TH HOUSE those with this placement are remembered for their generous, fearless, artistic, childlike and creative self and perhaps even their love affairs. Take what resonates and leave what doesn't. -people with Neptune in the 11th house don't usually end friendships on bad . WILD (1941) shows where you are freed from / where youre most free and where you have to do things yourself with no instructions. Here we go: SENSITIVE. when it comes to past life, they were most likely restricted and were around people who were too stuck in the past, whatever it is, they just couldnt be themselves. these people stand up for whats right and try hard to make everyone feel happy and equal possible, they inspire people because of this. or where you will find them attractive (fast attraction) for the first time. kinda related to the previous one, CANCER/CAPRICORN RISINGS I know have such unique styles, own unique objects and are icons for their fashion and thats because of aquarius/leo in 2nd house. whenever you get sick, you may overthink it a lot. because of this, these individuals may be naturally gifted with lots of knowledge on things and effortlessly understanding things, they may just know things without an explanation. The effect is reinforced when it's Mars. the ascendant of URANUS PERSONA CHART can tell you what your most shocking, 'unique or 'eye-catching" feature is. when it comes to past life, these people were most likely teachers, they had a lot of knowledge on various things and taught many people. MNEMOSYNE IN TAURUS / 2ND HOUSE those with this placement are remembered for their sensuality, materialism, art, loyalty, practicality, determination and stubbornness. I feel like I have freedom now because I can learn things at my own pace. loving (432971) in 12th house in groom/briede/juno persona chart can mean having a private relationship with your spouse. these people could experience times where theyre like oh I thought I already knew this?. they also show others that you need to defend yourself and step into your power, you cant let people walk all over you. the ascendant or descendant in NEPTUNE PERSONA CHART tells you your 'alter ego. Remember these are just my opinions TW: Mention of de*th, S*x Libra moons, Moon in the 7th and 7th house stelliums tend to become absorbed by their romantic relationships and make it apart of their personality. wherever SAGITTARIUS is in your chart, it tells you what you find funny and what makes you laugh. : in 1st house or aspecting your ascendant these people inspire others just for being themselves, for their looks, for their views of life. my Gemini moon friend literally buys stationery every week and loses them. when it comes to past life, these people were most likely rich and didnt have to worry about money much because they were secure, they had freedom. Copyrights sunball 2021 All rights reserved / do not reword or copy. having aquarius or sagittarius in 1st house or mostly covering 1st house can mean that you and your spouse are very different, whether it be because of your appearance (huge height difference, huge age gap, different ethnicities, etc) or because of your personality (the cheerful and the grumpy, the very sociable extroverted one and the antisocial one, etc). It is difficult stealing anything from them. This includes exploring key aspects such as communication styles, trust levels, and compatibility indicators. when it comes to past life, they couldve been hated/hurt/ or died in a horrific way for doing taboo things and were labelled as evil for doing so, they were never truly understood (which is why in this lifetime theyre very good at looking beneath the surface and like psychology). ex: taurus ascendant = can be pretty slow or you choose to run slow because you dont see the point of running fast and using all your energy for no reason. 2nd house Pluto natives also like wearing black. These observations can always be affected by other placements. they werent accepted by their family and society, they were labelled as weird. You naturally admire people who have their sun sign in your moon sign. they truly love hard. By Astrology.com. Source for information on Astrology and Astronomy in the Ancient World: Science and Its Times: Understanding the Social Significance of Scientific Discovery dictionary. the ascendant in IC PERSONA CHART tells you what your early life was like. totally wasnt expecting that. 7th house or venus in PLUTO PERSONA CHART tells you how you deal with breakups and what youre like after them. youre lucky to get intimate with these people. the bad is that this can attract copycats and jealousy and can invoke insecurity in others. It is also possible that in their past life, they were a young child and was curious about the world but may have been restricted. AQUARIUS NEPTUNE people are so awkward in front of the camera wth stop with the peace signs and thumbs up (ofc it depends on the house and aspects). : pisces or neptune in 2nd house these people like to wear pearl necklaces and they look so good with it. LICK (1951) can tell you what youre obsessed with or very interested in. Astrology Observations: Cancer Moon. :p. sagittarius mars especially with scorpio or aries placements are very attractive. In their past life, they might have done something bad so they came in this lifetime with the purpose of repaying their karmic debts hence why these people are kind and forgiving and sacrificial. most people with this placement are remembered for their s*x appeal, wealth and maybe even deaths. these people have the strong desire to be in the higher class because they may have been wronged in their past life by people of power and learnt that nothing matters as long as you have a good social status. people are attracted to them even if they arent usually their type. they could like to wear necklaces that say quite problematic things, or necklaces with charms of something nerdy like charms related to science or technology (brain, aliens, planets, flasks, etc). a lot of GEMINI MOONS I know are actually very deep individuals, perhaps on the same level as Scorpio moons. we have Aizawa in the house, get some eye drops! eg: person A has scorpio moon in 10th house & person B has libra moon in 6th house. Originally posted by afoxthatpretendstobeabear. they may like wearing necklaces that have charms related to the ocean like waves, shells, fish, etc. pretty much anything that stands out and shows their individuality. Mnemosyne unveils and reveals. By delving deeper into astrology, readers will gain valuable insight into the practical applications of self-understanding that contribute to overall personal development. The movement of the planets in the sky is thought to influence us on Earth, influencing our daily decisions and life journeys. this could also apply to. I have aries ascendant, I express it by doing a physical activity like sports and sometimes violence. MNEMOSYNE IN SCORPIO / 8TH HOUSE TW: DEATH, TRAUMA, S*X. those with this placement are remembered for their magnetising, secretive, passionate, mysterious, possessive and powerful self. they are conservative. Disclaimer, this will not resonate with everyone. I know this is obvious but I want to make this post longer, those with SCORPIO OR 8TH HOUSE MOON have mothers that are associated with death in a way. for example, if theyre naturally talented at drawing, they may have been an artist in their past life. she was as important as venus to the ancient Greeks. The drive for freedom and independence works both positively and negatively for May 30 people, but free they must be. It can also mean having a dream-like relationship with them, the type people fantasize and read about. Women with 7H Mars tends to be attracted to "bad boys", macho like men. 3rd or 11th house - you most likely find memes and vine references funny. AQUARIUS DOMINANT these people are confusing. PISCES socks, bikinis, wet hair, heels, anklets, sandals, cosplay? Information on Evolutionary Astrology and also Steven Forrest Astrology. they may experience times where theyre like I thought I already knew this, similarly to Sagittarius, these people could be gifted with claircognizance. someone I know has Candy in 6th house and literally all their co-workers know them and have a crush on them LAHDKFJF this can manifest differently too. It takes a lot for you to let people in that area of your life because once they do, you feel like they have full control of you. 3 <3. these people are constantly reminded of death whenever they feel love. Cancer moon people tend to really struggle with handling deeper emotions due to their deep attachment to them. ex: pisces = you deal with it by secluding yourself. they may recognise many souls, especially romantic soulmates. the way they resolve conflict is applaudable, it takes courage to step into a problem and try solving it. people with PERSONAL PLANETS IN SAGITTARIUS DEGREE (9, 21) can be blunt as fuuuuck, even if its just a degree the Sagittarius energy can still be strongly felt. I think this is also important if you want to know what first impressions people have of you. SATURN IN 3RD HOUSE can give the individual very crooked teeth, their jaw can be uneven and they can have an overbite/underbite. ex: taurus mars = their clothes, money, scent, or even neck. 1st house - you may worry about yourself and think everything you do looks stupid. #1 Those with 2nd house Pluto, especially aspecting Jupiter, Venus and the MC tends financially well off. they should also pay attention to what they want to get recognition for too. these people do not like people telling them what to do. DISCLAIMER- Placements will not play out the same way for everyone and having challenging placements + aspects does not mean that you are a bad person or that you will have a bad life. memory doesnt only mean to remember but also to foresee the future. Having moon and Mercury 5H can indicate higher intelligence in Vedic astrology. Astrology Observations (Based on my *personal* experiences) This post is inspired by @zeldasnotes post about her personal experiences with certain placements etc.. Astro Observations . For centuries, astrologers have studied the positions of the moon, sun, and stars to better understand our personalities and how they influence our lives. MNEMOSYNE IN VIRGO / 6TH HOUSE those with this placement are remembered for their hardwork, helpfulness, analytical, modest and organised selves. something like that. While some are considered more outgoing or creative than others, each sign has its own unique character traits that can help us better understand ourselves and our relationships with those around us. these people should pay attention to their dreams and random visions because theyre gifted with the ability to see their past life. people with LAMB (16089) IN 1ST HOUSE / ASPECTING ASCENDANT have some sort of innocence to them and people just want to protect them. they might have also been badly betrayed by those they trusted in their past life. the 6th house also deals with pets, interestingly, these peoples pets could be their soulmates and they met them in their past life. ex: leo rising = you perhaps received a lot of attention and was very artistic and joyous in your early life. they could have similar appearance or name as they had in their past life, too. : examples Ian Somerhalder, Rihanna, Rachel Mcadams, Bangchan, Paul Rudd, Nadine Velazquez, Ryan Gosling, Cate Blanchett, Lily Collins, Adam Brody, Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry. Major transitions and life changes are often indicated by a solar return ascendant or Midheaven being in the same sign as the natal ascendant or Midheaven. ex: moon in gemini or 3rd house = soft hands. their throats could also get dry easily. this post was 100% inspired by @mystiicwinter because her aesthetic is amazing. an example of this is @mystiicwinter, the little symbols she adds in her posts and also the gifs? so natasha romanoff aka black widow! Its also interesting that a lot of SCORPIOS I know are very attracted to VIRGOS, just like how Hades was attracted to Persephone. sagittarius mars especially with scorpio or aries placements are very attractive. With this information, we will unlock new opportunities and pave the way to a more fruitful future. mnemosyne here slowly unveils and reveals so these individuals may be confused with why they feel a certain way about something even though they have no relations to it. they may have been hated and faced discrimination because of this and always seeked freedom and equality.
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