Upon arrival, they requested a Code 93 cover call as the arsonist was still on-scene. All Officers, CSOs, and CSI on the call did a great job containing the two large scenes, collecting evidence, and thoroughly investigating the incident. The resident advised thathehad heard his doorbell ring numerous times just beforethe suspects begantampering with the window. Several groups were 86d during the shift. They were able to do further investigation, determine that the gun actually belonged to a probationer in the back seat. He ran the three subjects and found that the driver (Antoine Soniea MBA 1/6/83 Xref-3768541) was on formal searchable probation and that all three had extensive criminal histories. No other casings or bullet strikes were located. Hethen walked out of the store while acting belligerent towards the loss prevention employee. Per the female victim, a black firearm with a red laser was brandished at the building. $440 in cash on him. Comp responded and located an open door in his office and didnt know if anyone was still inside. One of the subjects was identified and arecords check of showed he had an active felony warrant for 11378 HS. An enforcement stop was conducted at the above 925. The Buick the (S) had been seated in prior to his flight was evidence impounded and the (S) was arrested for the MJ and firearm. We believe this to be an isolated incident and investigation is ongoing. The vehicle fled from Milipitas PD a day earlier following the robbery. Leach was contacted to update the school district that this did not involve students from Natomas High. When K9 and additional units arrived the three occupants were safely detained. SFD began CPR on the pedestrian and transported him to UC Davis. We located 3 structures in the backyard with 78 live plants. Officers were in the area and found the parked stolen vehicleat the Econo Lodge, unoccupied. No interior video due to no power. A MBA, 20 56/MED got out of the passenger side and brandished a nickel plated handgun and demanded the victims money. The gun still had blood on it and was loaded with shotgun shells that appear to match the spent round recovered at the scene. The victim sustained a substantial head injury, but is not in critical condition. Officers contacted multiple residents and the apartment manager but were unable to locate anyone who knew the subject. Multiple callers called 911 to report an attempted 211 at the CVS Pharmacy. The driver, Raul Garcia (MHA) matched the description of suspect with the gun. Officers arrived on scene and located a victim laying in the grass just north of the Community Center. The passenger was taken into custody without incident and booked for 11378 HS. Prahl (Beat3) got behind the vehicle and initiated a pursuit. Thevictim came home to this 925 after a two week camping trip tofind several subjects in her home. Become aware, before they kill! All of the stolen property was found in plain view on the males bed. warrants for their arrest. We located 1 ounce of meth, 2 ounces of heroin, $1400 and 3 firearms. 19-205855 / 921 / West River Dr. / 0409hrs / 1B. Inside the garage, the residents had a marijuana operation going on, which included 11 large Home Depot boxes full of dried marijuana which needed to be put into processed bags. The Officers used their knowledge of the area to their advantage and were able to position themselves in a spot where the suspect exited the back of a house and into their waiting patrol car. Ofc. Officer Boyer utilized his CNT (Crisis Negotiator Trained) skills and was able to peacefully resolve the conflict and convinced the pitbull owner to hand over his dog to Animal Control. : PD received a call from the victim who was in a nearby park. / 1652 hrs. Nedbalo was booked at SCMJ and Lincoln PD will follow-up on their case while he is in custody. Dales contacted a subject for failing to have a bike light. One caller advised the subjects involved left the scene in Chevy Silverado. Hotel vouchers were arranged, and the family was transported to a local motel where officers checked them in. Officer stopped the vehicle and determined it was the suspect. Upon arrival the suspect barricaded himself inside the residence. He also admitted to firing one round into the air. Officer Jarvis was driving (tac gear/unmarked) SB Norwood Ave when he on viewed a 505 driving at a high rate of speed and swerving in and out of traffic. After failing with the rear door attempt, suspect then smashed the rear window and gained entry. He (Garcia) also had a felony warrant for his arrest. As they reviewed the earlier call, a Ford pickup matching the description drove by them. It was determined that a total of 9 cars had been burglarized. Additionally, we are working with car rental companies on future collaboration efforts to mitigate this issue through the use of technology. The suspect slowing drove away trying to get the victims attention. : A park ranger called PD when he was alerted to a 7 year old child by himself near the river. Victim was walking on Northgate when he was approached by 4 subjs who attempted to forcefully take his portable speaker from him. Further investigation revealed the subject was attempting to break into a business. The (S) became very reckless driving on levees and shallow country roads before entering orchard lands. The suspect dropped an item and asked the victim to pick it, which she did. The young driver appeared extremely intoxicated. Ofc. 19-368467 / 927W @ 4100 block Norwood Starbucks / 2A 1325 Hrs. A 72 yr old male was in the roadway here and apparently did see and was not seen by oncoming traffic. 20-21346 30 block Arden Way 487P 1709 Hrs 2C. As officers moved in for contact one subj decided to try and walk away. Officer turned around and attempted to catch up to the vehicle. The suspects abandoned their vehicle in front of 1655 El Camino and fled into the RV lot on the north side of the street. We will continue to do what we can, but please, please, remind your neighbors and friends to NOT leave valuables in their cars. / 1226 hours / 19-85243Officers responded to the area after receiving multiple calls of subjects fighting, some armed with weapons. The subject was alert and talking but was weak and had slurred speech from loss of blood. Eventually, themale removed his hands and was detained without further incident. Ransacked, butnothing taken. 19-382440 POD 1600 block Arden Way 1857hrs. 19-295939, 459 1900 Bell Ave (Bell Ave School). & Elkhorn. Victim had already left the scene prior to officers arrival, and did not want to make a report in person. CHP later located the suspect vehicle at Elverta / Dutch Haven Bl. Arden Security identified (Ss) as a MBA/FBA, in a silver 2000s Toyota 4d w/paper plates. Outstanding find and ownership of their beat. 20-30534, W. El Camino Ave. / Northglen St., Vehicle Pursuit (1C), NGET Officers attempted to stop a black Acura for vehicle code violations when it fled and took them on a vehicle pursuit. Officers in District 5 subsequently detained one subject who was in possession of the key to the vehicle. 1A / Gun Arrest / 3601 Truxel Rd / 1621 hours / 19-86673Officers responded to a fight at Applebees. They tried to wake him up after seeing a vehicle parked nearby with its flashers on and believed it was his. As the group was walking back to their cars to leave they heard 10-14 gunshots. Officers responded and the very cooperative subject admitted to 4-5 recent 459s in the north Sacramento area. $400-500 worth of marijuana, $400 in cash, and the victims car keys. A witness nearby said that the four occupants ran to the Taco Bell just down the road. Comp called in to report their adult son had a gun and was threatening to kill himself. The male subject stated that he changed his mindabout committing a theftbecausehe sawofficers headlights. Witn/Good Samaritan was driving by when this was occurring and stopped to assist. Boyfriend was a convicted felon and was prohibited from possessing a firearm. The victim is expected to survive his injuries and was speaking with officers at the hospital. One officersustained a moderate scrape/bruise to bothknees during the foot pursuit. Mama Marks Park, officers responded to the park regarding a subj attempting to light objects on fire with alighter. Once he climbed back over the fence he was detained without incident and transported to the hospital for a 5150 evaluation. A felony stop was conducted and several subjects were detained. The victim hit the torch out of the FBA suspects hands which caused the FBA to pick up a piece of copper pipe and begin hitting the victim with it. The Sacramento County Sheriff's Office contracts with LexisNexis to provide crime reporting, community awareness, and data transparency to the public. Officers collected the gloves as evidence and arrested the suspect for 10851 VC, 11377 HS, and 1203.2 PC. She stated he chased her down the trail, forced her to stop, and hit her in the face, while yelling at her about who she was riding with. Due to the circumstances, officers believed that they stowed the guns inside of the house. The victim sustained COP to the right side of his jaw, and had multiple scratches on his head from the bamboo stick and copper pipe, but refused medical attention. As units arrived and asked the subject to remove his hands, the subject refused and told officers that they would have to shoot him and that he wanted to die. A single casing was located in the backyard. : CSO Singh (2CS11) was driving W/B on W. El Camino when he noticed smoke coming from the uninhabited nature area of the sound wall near Highway 80. SPD received a call of a subject back with a gun. Ofc. 19-290041 / Suspicious Circumstances Weapons / 1200 Block South Ave. / 2B / 0506 Hrs. Officers conducted a neighborhood canvas and contacted witnesses. SPD took custody of the suspects from CHPandwas able to getthe driver to admit to burglarizing 2 vehicles and being in pursuit. It didnt add up that he had no knowledge of his CA ID, SS#, or even his own age. The driver (Donald Dibble, 5/2/79) was arrested for evading, resisting, narcotics possession and violation of probation. When Ofc. No signs of foul play. The victims got into a silver Cadillac with a missing headlight and the vehicle took off southbound Ethan Way. 19-292253 Haywood St / Harris Ave Hit & Run 2233 Hrs. Both units re-acquired the 503 and the pursuit continued W/B 80 and then N/B I-5 into Sutter County. This description was familiar to the officer who regularly contacts subjects in the area. Officers responded to this location regarding a POD hit of a 10851 vehicle. We have changed our Problem Oriented Police (POP) Team hours to better address this issue. The officers/Sgt showed tremendous patience on this incident. Officers Raleigh and Del Dotto attempted to make a traffic stop in the area of Northgate Blvd/Haggin Ave. POP is conducting follow up. You will be able to see that crime is going up and we have a long way to go. They arrived on scene and observed the smoke and odor of marijuana emanating from the car. 2B / Robbery / 2541 Del Paso Blvd (SJ Dollar Plus) / 1754 hours / 19-101602. / 2C. Officer located a fairly substantial lump of tar heroin in the front passenger compartment. P1 wasdriving S/B on Northgate when she became impatient and drove around a slower vehicle. (Arrested: Savon Johnson, 1/21/93 for 245 PC). The Homicide Unit was called out. 19-100118 / 4405 Rio Linda Blvd / 1338 hours. The owner watched on his surveillance camera as three suspects then ran in and stole the safe. Officers conducted a traffic stop for 5200 VC. The core safety units located approximately (42) shell casings at the scene in two different calibers and a neighbor who had surveillance video of the shooting. Comp called regarding a call he received from his alarm company at his Storage Unit located above. 19-223397/ 971/ River Plaza and Oak Harbor/ 1B/ 0144 hrs. Maclean was able to locate the car a short time later and it immediately turned into a pursuit. Arrested: Darrol McMurray 7/27/83. The driver was booked for 29800 PC, 30305 PC, 25400 PC, 25850 PC, 11370.1 HS, and 1203.2 PC. James requested assistance from patrol officers and proceeded to search the car. Victim stated that she can ID the suspect. The suspecthad methamphetamine and yellowgloves in his possession. Officers responded to a citizen who stated he could see a person out in the street firing a gun. jurisdiction. Responding officers are following up with the RTCC to try to locate a vehicle capable of hauling the equipment that was taken to try to get a possible suspect vehicle. A photo line-up was conducted and a positive ID was made on one suspect.. Additional follow up is being conducted to identify the second suspect. Officers observed that there were no signs of forced entry. Pet Friendly. Officers soon arrived and confirmed4 good 459s to vehicles. 19-413713 / 927P / 5700 block Arden Way / County / 0927 Hrs. Officers began checking for a scene on Albatross Way. 19-301204 / 496B Bait Bike / 1900 block Canterbury Rd / 2C / 1308hrs. The driver was on probation for 664/459 PC. K9 Officer Pinola located the vehicle in the parking lot of the Bel Air grocery store occupied. A 21 yr old female was driving NB on Fong Ranch Rd when for unknown reasons she veered across the center line and drove up and over two medians before crashing through a landscaped traffic circle and colliding into a retaining wall. TSTOP 0030 Hrs. After the attempted assault, the suspect fled at a high rate of speed but failed to negotiate the roadway and crashed into the creek just off of Arden-Garden Connector. As he spoke with the female, Offficer ran the license plate of the Nissan which returned to a stolen car out of LAPD. Video from the Walgreens implicated the second passenger in the car, Carrie Duffey FWA, as well as Suspect Welcome in the purchase of gift cards using the stolen IDs. When confronted by employees near the entrance/ exit, the male re-entered the store and pointed a silver handgun at the plain clothes loss prevention employee. 19-93748 / XXX Eleanor Ave / 2B / Shot Spotter / 2249 hoursSPD responded to 610 Eleanor Ave regarding a one round shot spotter activation. The female subsequently came downstairs and was detained without incident. She had two passengers trying to get home on Arden after a night of fun. Driver immediately fled on foot across the road e/b and was quickly detained by officers. One subject was arrested for the 11378 HS charge. Another perimeter was set up north of the termination point and AIR23 started looking for for the passenger. AIR21 responded from the hanger and was able to fly over the area. He was a recently discharged parolee who had narcotics in his possession. The pedestrian was wearing dark clothing, so the driver of the truck did not see him until it was too late and he hit him. 19-319385 / 211P @ Lampasas & Rio Linda / 2B 0849 Hrs. After letting his passenger off, the driver continued to SB I-5 at Garden Highway where officers attempted to PIT his vehicle at slow speed (20 MPH). Units flooded the area and while on scene and located the Lincoln with the son at the helm driving back to the house. They stated that there was no emergency at the residence andwere unaware that PD was called. The BEARCAT was utilized to transport a contact team to the front of the residence. The resident consented to a search of his apartment. When the homeowner confronted the suspect, he threatened him with a knife and fled from the residence. General enforcement at the following high 901 locations per crime analysis: -El Camino/Del Paso -Speed enforcement Clay/El Camino. : Officers stopped a vehicle at the above location and found that the driver had a felony warrant for her arrest. Officers responded to the area regarding a subject who approachedthe victim and took his bicycle (Fixie with orange sidewall tires). Officers responded to the scene and contacted the victim at his car. The Crime Index compares the risk or probability of future occurrence of certain types of crime in this community as compared to the national average. There were also scrape marks on the ground where it appears that the subject was attempting to grind down his piece of metal to better pick the door lock. Additional officers responded to establish a perimeter while K9 announcements were made. A number of firearms and parts were recovered. 20-46172 / 245P @ 100 block Estes way / 2A 1027 Hrs. Today, Ofc. The subjectwasbooked for 466 PC,1203.2 PC,and his warrant. The subject was found to be a parolee-at-large. 19-219976 / 459T / 1100 block of Edmonton Dr. / 1C / 1237 Hrs. The pedestrian was declared at 1848 hours and an MCIU callout was made. When observed by owner/vict the (V) chased the (S) out of the store with a hammer. During the neighborhood canvas, officers found a witness that observed a grey or gold sedan with front end damage speeding EB on Harris Ave from the collision scene. All of the above items were seized and both of the subjects were arrested for numerous related charges. Both were captured by SSD ground units without use of force. Masis and Ofc. Officers confirmed an ongoing pattern of him arriving at apartment and making threats while intoxicated or under the influence. Click here to access a new tool that the community can use to get a better understanding of crime in their area. He grabbed one of SFDs gaffe poles and began to swing it around. Officersproactively responded to check the vehicle and located blood on the outside of the window and on the dash of the vehicle. 19-88632/415F/3500 Block of Marysville Boulevard/2B/1136 HoursOfficers responded to this location regarding a disturbance and a family member in need of a 5150 evaluation. The subject was able to ID the 925 and describe the 459 of it (RPT 19-224046). Officer took life saving measures, and applied an inclusive dressing to the wound, that may have ended up saving the victims life. Please remember to slow down in school zones!*. : Comp was at a car wash when a subject in a vehicle next to her brandished a handgun. When officers arrived on scene, the suspects wereGOA. The named suspect from the rental vehicle walked back to the vehicle andwas detained without incident. 19-219822 / 459P / 1400 block of Pebblewood Dr. / 1C / 1007 Hrs. Due to the victims injuries, officers held the scene pending an update from UCDMC. -Distracted driving along the El Camino corridor. The vehicle took over a quarter mile to stop. 20-28508 / 215T@ 2000 block Del Paso Blvd. (S) was alsoa prior felon adding to his charges. Officers located the vehicle unoccupied and waited until the suspects came back to the car. SPD K9 Officer located a stolen vehicle which had hit a POD at W. El Camino/Truxel. / 1A. / 2B. While officers were enroute, a neighbor called in to report a 415 between a male and female and stated that its been on-going for almost an hour. Officer conducted a traffic stop on a speeding BMW. 2C / POD Stolen Vehicle / 1689 Arden Way / 1934 hours / 19-72685Officers were alerted to a stolen vehicle in the parking lot of the mall.
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