I just had an NPE240A2 professionally installed last week. It was totally worth it, here is why and how to set it up. I pushed the little lever inside the unit down to use the external line. external recirculation pump. On the App, the Enable button appears and is highlighted and now controls the times I have programmed for on/off. If setting parameter 12 to 1 minute works, then naturally I would step back from there until it is no longer satisfactory. External recirc pump and check valves not included. Then I searched and discovered your posting. I also bought a Navicirc. This gives users hot water when they need it, saving water and money. Press either the Up and the Down button to switch between any of these recirculation settings: 3. Attach the water supply to support recirculation. With Navien's Ready-Link cascading technology, when a unit gets up to 80% capacity the next unit will turn on to help meet requirements. It looks like you're using an ad blocker. 60. The internal recirculating pump continuously keeps running. I've also updated the blog post w/ summarized information from everyone's comments. Weekly: It lets a user choose commands for DHW Recirculation on a weekly basis. \"Instantaneous water heaters?\" Tankless water heaters CAN be used to help solve lag time issues on a home, eliminating most of the wait time for hot water, but it depends on the piping. It looks like you're using an ad blocker. Am I correct in assuming this means that the internal loop and buffer tank only heat up when there is there is demand for hot water (i.e. The manual also has dip switch settings for "External Recirculation" but I am afraid if I set it to that setting it will not use the "intelligent computer" and run all the time. This is a complete guide on Navien Recirculation Settings. If the hot button is not engaged, or a schedule is not specified and enabled in the app then the water heater simply will not re-circulate. During this delay gases are blown out of the exhaust and cold-water flows through the burner unheated leading later to a cold-water sandwich. If you don't have external recirc pump dip 1 should be on. If any particular ad is your REASON for blocking ads, please let us know. I was reading the directions, and it wants me to set the Heater to External recirculation. Recirculation is basically just keeping the hot water in the plumbing hot so you get hot water faster. NaviLink Lite is great for single residential units and magnetically mounts to the side of the unit or can easily be mounted on the wall. https://www.navieninc.com/products/npe-240a/downloads#search, NaviLink Timer Schedule not being followed, Navien 240A (Controlling the Circulation Pump). Internal would mean that it recirculates the water inside the unit only. Error Code E046 There is something wrong with limit control. It is now available as an add-on accessory for all NPE-A models (NPE-180A, NPE-210A, NPE-240A). https://www.navieninc.com/downloads/npe-a-s-manuals-installation-manual-en. Given the highly critical reviews of the NaviLink app on the Apple iOS App Store, I am reluctant to buy until I can verify that 1) re-enabling schedules using the NaviLink app is easy to do and 2) we can use the NaviLink app to activate the CP on-demand (in other words, the app does, indeed, have a software-based button). Adjust the recirculation settings from the front panel. View online or download Navien NP-240A Installation Manual. I have been battling this unit for 2 years. The unit is in on one side of our basement and the kitchen is on the far side of the house on the first floor. I'm interested in this as well. Error Code E047 The issue is related to a Navien heater Model NPE 240A recirculation pump. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. I am looking at options for my recirculation too. Hello all. He has a good standing reputation for superior skills in heating, air conditioning, hot water tanks, and indoor air quality systems. "A" Series Recirculation Timer Setting. Set the 2-way valve to INT. Space-saving high-efficiency condensing boilers provide the ultimate heating and comfort experience. My 6-year-old NR-240A NR-240A weekend with E038. It will reduce the energy consumption and deliver you the best heating efficiency. After much frustration getting the app installed and setting a schedule, we are unsure whether the app is actually communicating with the unit according to the schedule. NPE-240A Downloads Download the new Navien mobile app! I expect that would have some positive effect on the time to deliver hot water, even if it is small. If you want the heater to provide the cross over where the hot return and cold combine then set it to internal. I also wanted to enable domain authentication in a somewhat secure manner. Thanks again Mate! Navien NP-240A Pdf User Manuals. (Dip switch settings - https://imgur.com/gallery/xRzjyRN) Did I set this up correctly? This light stays on for about 15 seconds, turns off for about 15 seconds, and then blinks 36 times. Any other comments/recommendations for a Navien tankless newbie are welcome! Can someone help me reconnect? I have even turned off the scheduling function cause it's wasteful if I'm not around and forget to turn it off. I am a fan of technology, fitness, and video games. PFFW-001, NaviCirc Kit: 30022965A. You are using an out of date browser. Error Code E047 It does not appear to be that much different. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Hard to really know if you need button or not. If you'd like to support the site, please allow ads. Right now I have it on recirculate all day long, which gives me instant hot water, but wastes a lot of energy. 1. You need a crossover valve installed under one of your faucets that is far away from the water heater (there are a few different styles but they all have four connections and get installed under a faucet). Navien NPE-240A dip switch settings help please I just got finished getting my Navien NPE-240A tankless installed. So I just got off with a "Senior" support specialist at Navien Customer support. Eliminate the requirement of minimum flow rate, Eliminate the cold water sandwich effect. Solution: Get in touch with Navien technical support at 800-519-8794. You might want to verify if the Navien was installed and programmed for utilizing the "internal" or "external" recirc function. Navien 240a Tankless Water Heater from hybridwaterheater.blogspot.com. Read the user's Navien nr-240a manual to get information on how to flush the heat exchanger and reset the remote for Navien tankless water heater. Every A2 model On Navien Water Heaters, you can choose two pre-heating modes. I love everything about the hardware. Let's check the dip switch settings too. You can find one on the PCB and the other one on the front panel. This Taco valve can even be cleaned easily. 60. 0:00 / 4:21 Troubleshooting Navien NPE-240A Internal Recirculation Pump RCGooner2002 240 subscribers Subscribe 553 122K views 5 years ago Recirculation pump was not providing faster hot. Also, it will get hot water to you quickly depending on the length and size of branch lines off the recirc loop. Just had installed a Navien 240a. Connect the External Pump Wire to the proper wires from the. Connect the water supply. So to speak "standard" recirc pumps are too small to get it the water heater to fire.If it is existing and it has worked in the past, then there may be something wrong with the circulator.Dave H. We have a Navien NR-240A installed in new construction in 2012. 60. . What I have found to keep it easy for understanding the schedule enable/disable on the appis to add the letter "d" at the end of the word being displayed. I had a dedicated external recirculation line installed to use with the Navien internal pump. Am I reading this excellent web page & comments correctly? It will reduce the energy consumption and deliver you the best heating efficiency. I have had my professionally installed NPE-240A for about 8 months now and like it, but do experience longer times to get hot water to all the taps. Recently updated to an NPE-240A. So, you must play with this setting and adjust it according to your water usage demand. For recirculation Navien is not clear as to the use of parameters. MacOS: AnyConnect VPN client was unable to successfully verify the IP forwarding table modifications. What follows is a journey into a ridiculous realm. Access the main menu by pressing the M button and select. Looks fine, Y U NO WORK!? The NaviLink system attaches easily to any new or existing* Navien tankless water heater, combiboiler and boiler. Personally I would start by setting parameter 12 to 1 minute. What I am going to discuss in this article is-. How long do Navien tankless water heaters last? https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B0752P57ZG/ref=as_li_ss_tl?keywords=ewelink+module&language=en_US&ie=UTF8&sr=8-1&linkCode=gs2&linkId=7b93392fcd98392bd94c34a45a30dfb2&tag=twhomeshow07-20. You can find this valve inside the water heater. Navien NR-180(A); NP-180(A); NR-210(A); NP-210(A); NR-240(A); NP-240(A) Condensing Water Heater, Navien NP-240A Service Manual (179 pages), High Limit Switch or Exhaust Limit Switch, Preparing the Water Heater for Inspection, Navien NP-240A Operation & Installation Manual (89 pages), Navien NP-240A Installation Manual (78 pages), Contaminated Make-Up Air will Damage the Unit, Navien NP-240A Owner's Operation Manual (45 pages), Pump Activation Setting Function When Hot Water Is Used, "A" Series Models Built-In Circulation Function, Basic Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions, Navien NP-240A Installation Manual (68 pages), Navien NP-240A Quick Installation Manual (4 pages). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Part No. My home is long and used to have two water heaters, one on either side of the house. The control is recirculation only. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Since my VPN endpoints were not providing me w/ an updated client and w/ no access to Cisco Anyconnect downloads, my only option was to try openconnect. Building penetrations are reduced with Navien's common venting feature. BTW it connect to my phone through the app but then doesn't connect to home wifi and doesn't ask for my password. Thanks in advance for your time. Yes, I know. We get it, but (1) terrylove.com can't live without ads, and (2) ad blockers can cause issues with videos and comments. They had me un-register and re-register to get it working. Default recirculation schedule is every 30 minutes if a 9F degree drop is sensed. If you'd like to support the site, please allow ads. Space-saving high-efficiency condensing boilers provide the ultimate heating and comfort experience. Also, NaviLink Lite does not require external power. with a wire stripper befor e connecting it to the solenoid valve. They are: If you want to select or activate any of the two recirculation modes, you must do two things: You can enjoy several benefits if you activate the recirculation mode. Solution: Get in touch with Navien technical support or a professional heater repairman. Enable=Enabled, and Disable=Disabled. External recirc pump and check valves not included. Navien Recirculation Settings have a lot of advantages. Efficient, durable and high-performance products for any commercial application. 2 yeas of this is insane. Are you sure it is the pump running and not the blower for the heat exchanger? Learn more about our products for home owners. Using the internal pump to set up an external re circulation line through the cold water system as return with a Grundfos comfort valve at the last fixture in the line. High-efficiency condensing and non-condensing tankless water heaters offer endless hot water and reduce gas usage. Support has been useless for the most part and just points to Korea Dev team. So what's going on here? I thought we could re-use the remote controller (NR-10DU) from our old NPE-180A but it does not work with this. Maybe the new NPE is more efficient than the NR. Navien Recirculation Settings: Everything You Need To Know. Space-saving high-efficiency condensing boilers provide the ultimate home heating and comfort experience. Click here to see downloads for other products. From what I have read, I need to set SW1 to on to enable the internal loop recirculation. In particular I'd like to change the temperature at which it begins to recirculate, or the frequency of it. It will leave the valves open but the internal pump will never turn on. Say with external pump being used function, if your recirculation line connects together outside of the heater like with an actual return line then set it external. We don't tend to provide any plumbing advice or any advice that should come from a certified professional. Press the M (menu) button on the front panel and choose the 1. It is not in the manual. It allows you to choose the time in 30 minutes intervals. Nearly Instantaneous hot water can be achieved with a Navien tankless water heaters with a proper recirculation system but is dependant on the homes piping system.Please contact Harry Eklof \u0026 Associates for more information or to set up a training class for your company. My water is well water so I am assuming this is correct. This week we added the NaviLink to our unit (NPE-240A2). Could someone please confirm that I should indeed have well pump "ON"? Internal with external pump. On-demand takes a bit longer to heat up, but oh well. High-efficiency condensing and non-condensing tankless water heaters offer endless hot water and reduce gas usage. is this recirculation pump just recently installed? We have a Navien NPE-240A boiler and an electrical (unconnected) hot water tank that acts as a storage tank. I don't know the best place to post this, but i happened to be fiddling around in the NaviLink app on Feb. 1 and it asked to update. that fan will come on when water is called for and go off a bit after the call has stopped. This may eliminate the waiting for hot water depending on installation method. How does Navien intelligent recirculation work? I tried reconnecting using the AP button. Ive installed hundreds of them. Thanks. Disabling schedules simply disables "recirculation", the function that keeps hot water hot in the plumbing for 'instant hot water'. Adding a "Hot button" overrides schedulers (navilink or NR-20DU). I've learned some things myself. Replacing one NPE for two 90 gallon tanks ( one dead and one likely to die) was a cost savings even though the NPE and recirc is expensive. Also alludes to the fact that recirculation control gets disabled too. If it is not on your navilink still may bridge to your phone but not commiunicate with your npe. PreReqs: RACADM ktpass Powershell 3.0 (2.0 probably works too, but I was using 3.0@ the time) Your root CA's cert This is so it AD Authentication can be setup Solution: It's not a complete solution, but hopefully it'll help you get started in your own endeavors. I even tried using a ethernet hard wire to my router and it still did not connect. http://us.navien.com/Engineers_Features_Benefits/ComfortFlow_Technology/. Im fairly certain this is the case. It is compliant with California Title 24. Brochures English Commercial Solutions Brochure H2Air Brochure NPE Contractor Brochure NaviLink Consumer Brochure Spanish - MX H2Air Brochure Sistema Colector ReadyLink NPE Catalogo Manuals English I thank you for this post! Also the unit needs to be set to utilize the recirculation feature. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Press J to jump to the feed. I too have the NPE-240A, and this is what was explained to me. I just got off the phone with a "Senior" support specialist. This saves energy and provides an endless supply of hot water for households. Is that correct? Thanks for any insight you can provide. https://gadgetsgo.com/images-manual/Navien-NaviCirc-30022965A-Spec-Sheet.pdf, https://armstrongfluidtechnology.coastro_express_lf_valve_io.pdf?la=en&display=1, https://s3.amazonaws.com/s3.supplyhouse.com/product_files/Taco-HLV-1-User-Guide.pdf, https://terrylove.com/forums/index.-recirculation-settings-and-parameters.85181/, Flushing Navien 240A set up for external bypass, Navien NPE-240A2 External circulation question, Navien NPE-240A and HotButton - DIP switches and parameters, Navien-NPE A2 Dedicated Recirc line, Hot Button Setup. Remove the plastic insulation from the solenoid valve wire. 21. They stated that the "Default" re-circulation schedule is every 30 minutes if it senses a 9 degree drop. Internal will keep open the same valves but also use the internal pump as set, and not rely on any external pump. Hopefully after 2 years this crap is over with and I can not heat my basement up to 90 in the summer. Apple iOS Google Android NPE-240A Downloads Click here to see downloads for other products. Navien Npe 240a Review AdinaPorter from www.adinaporter.com Web the navien intracranial support catheter has a nitinol coil and proprietary polymers to deliver thin wall construction 1 that provides a large id among 5/6 fr catheters 2 while delivering improved trackability 1,2 and resistance to ovalization. On the control board, the display does not turn on, there is no clicking from the ignitor, and no pump trys to run. You must log in or register to reply here. That's it, there is no other response from the unit. Glad this thread was able to help you-- The app could really use clarification and a reboot. I suspect a process issue. 8. Research I've seen suggests this will save over 90% of the energy costs associated with 24 hour recirculation, which is essentially what you have. Note: You must set up the Time Settings in the Configuration menu to choose these options. If so, what size/model is it? Thanks. Since the 210A has an internal pump, this confused me. Workaround: Restart the cm-inventory service on each NSX-T mgmt/controller node using API or CLI. Once you turn that DIP switch, the water heater software will monitor the flow demands over a 7 day cycle and recirculate the water from the following week based on water usage. To exit the view information mode, just press the back button on the front panel. Navien Tankless Water Heater Standby Mode, Rinnai Tankless Water Heater Not Getting Hot Enough [Solved], Zoeller Sump Pump Wont Turn On [7 Easy Solutions]. You are incorrect. You are using an out of date browser. Space-saving high-efficiency condensing boilers provide the ultimate home heating and comfort experience. At the push of a button, Navien's HotButton accessory activates the internal recirculation pump and gas-fired burner to heat up the water in the supply lines. Dave, if you could enlighten me (other users) on what you had to do to get scheduling to work that would be great. . Hot water is still on-demand when in a 'off-schedule' mode, but may take longer for hot water to dispense because the plumbing is cold. It does not specify what 'control' means. I agree. Protect your water supply and your water heating equipment with eco-friendly water treatment solutions. You are right. NPE-240A2 Optional NPE-A2 recirculation valve Designed for recirculation of domestic hot water in applications where a dedicated return line is not available. There is always an interval between when water is called for and the start of the burner. Sorry just saw this. With the -A uinits (with the recirculation pump) does that pump have to run to supply on demand hot water? Designed for recirculation of domestic hot water in applications where a dedicated return line is not available. Eventually, I want to run a return line from the kitchen area back to the hot water heater and that should significantly reduce the delivery time, since all the faucets feed off the line that leads to the kitchen. P18 in the parameters in the menu settings allows the navilink to communicate with the unit.it must be turned on. Completing the Install. 57. Using, Summary: NSX-T loses synch w/ vCenter inventory, but statuses don't appear to show an issue. The house is set up with recirculation, though I am not sure where in the house the "T" on the system is located. I have a Navien NPE-240A tankless heater, . Summary: I started running into issue utilizing Cisco AnyConnect on my Mac basically complaining about not able to overwrite IP forwarding tables. Read Also: Navien Tankless Water Heater Post Purge Navien Tankless Water Heater Standby Mode Eric Alvarez Naviens patented ComfortFlow system is the first to include a buffer tank, recirculation pump and fine-tuned controls into a tankless water heater, resolving the cold-water sandwich effect* and issues of minimal flow rates commonly found in other tankless water heaters. Thanks for your inquiry. The Navilink app is "meh" at best and their documentation of the "smart" features is nonsensical. We are on well water and have a low flowing well. How To Set Recirculation Mode On Navien Water Heater? But I think I've figured out the nomenclature. I have even had to swap out control and front panel boards to get the function to work, but they broke that with an app update. The update is not perfect, but seems to be much more user friendly interface. Disabling schedules simply disables "recirculation", the function that keeps hot water hot in the plumbing for 'instant hot water'. Go along the steps described below to set the recirculation settings. Navien Manuals Water Heater NPE-180A Service manual Navien NPE-180A Service Manual Npe series condensing water heaters Also See for NPE-180A: User manual , Installation manual (71 pages) , Operation manual (20 pages) 1 2 3 4 Table Of Contents 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 PFFW-001, NaviCirc Kit: 30022965A. How to use the recirculation modes on a Navien Water Heater? I am not sure why not. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Trying to help the technically challenged so mainly myself. I simply cannot believe the iPhone app won't allow both recirc schedule on a dedicated loop and ability to turn on/off recirc at other times. I call about every 6 months to get any updates on the issue they know nothing about every time. Protect the water supply and water heating equipment with eco-friendly water treatment solutions. My unit is a replacement for an existing electric tank recirc loop system. Navien 240A Recirculation Settings. . Can anyone tell me the process to get the NaviLInk connected to home wifi. It didn't work. Recirculation Settings by pressing down the OK button. I am going on 1 day so far and its working. Set the 2-way valve inside the water heater to "INT.". Do not advertise or try to compare pricing. It's unfortunate he's not around to explain all this to you. If any particular ad is your REASON for blocking ads, please let us know. Our fancy NPE-240A2 was installed yesterday with Navilink. Navien Now Doing Business in Canada as Navien Canada, Inc. Navien Begins Shipping PeakFlowC Commercial Scale Prevention Systems. The flow on demand ratio will continue until all32 units are generating hot water as needed. By using a kerberos keytag, I'm able to in the very least obfuscate the username and password into a file for upload into the iDRAC. 6.5 years old. The app is not the most intuitive. a faucet is open) and no recirculation is occuring? Hi therejust curious since I was considering a Navien 240A. Tech support is clueless. I actually only use the app to view status and utilization these days. Water Heater DIP Switch Settings. If you throw the toggle switch to enable scheduling I don't know if it is 'on' or 'off'. I don't have any answers to your questions, but I am curious to know how you like the overall setup? Note: You can use the Internal Recirculation Mode in the A2 models only. Navien 30015307A Circulation Pump, NCB-E Models OEM PART $272.95 In Stock FREE SHIPPING Navien 30002583A High Limit Switch, OEM PART $18.85 In Stock FREE SHIPPING Navien HotButton Recirc Pump Control for NPE-A Series, PZZZ-00046 $115.45 In Stock FREE SHIPPING NAVIEN 30014189B NHB FLAME ROD ASSEMBLY, OEM Part $31.38 In Stock FREE SHIPPING ktpass /pass ReallySecurePas5word /ptype K, The VPN client was unable to successfully verify the IP forwarding table modification. Today I opened the front panel and saw that all the dip switches were set to off. Factory Setting of DIP Switch. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Press the M (menu) button and head over to 1.Recirculation Setting > 2. This appears to affect NSX-T 2.5 and 2.5.1. So I purchased a NR-20DU remote controller to gain the programmable recirculation feature. I pushed the little lever inside the unit down to use the external line. Water heater without tanks, also called instant water heaters heat water immediately upon request. Navien Recirculation Settings have a lot of advantages. I am concerned because it doesn't specifically say Intelligent pre-heating for external recirculation. Though we share resources, information, and educational guide on plumbing & DIY projects, the content here is not a substitute for professional guidance. The house is set up with recirculation, though I am not sure where in the house the "T" on the system is located. Assuming you've created a Transport Node Profile and associated w/ the cluster. This seems relatively new for Navien and is in a recent Navien technical bulletin from 04/18/16. Strong signal. NaviLink & NaviLink Lite make it easy to communicate with your Navien systems anywhere internet service is accessible. 1. External means you will be using a seperate pump, not the internal one inside the unit. Details: If you were to query the status of the cm-inventory via API or CLI, you could query all 3 manager/controller nodes and get a status of running. Error Code E046 It indicates that there is something wrong with limit control. Generally, you should flush a Navien Tankless Water Heater once a year. Years of experience in the HVAC field have taught him many lessons, not the least of which is that the value of quality and knowledge far exceeds any promised initial savings. Designed for retrofit and new construction, the Navien H2Air Kit includes an add-on controller to integrate space heating and DHW between any NPE-A2 series tankless water heater and a hydronic air handler. Parameter access and and parameters are listed here in section 6.5 page 65. Either you select the Internal Recirculation Mode or the External Recirculation Mode, both these modes has three common recirculation loops: However, the External Recirculation mode has an additional recirculation loop called HotButton, which takes it apart from Recirculation mode. If thats correct, then yes I do want to set it to External, and flip the valve. For more information, please see our The problem is that NSX-T doesn't see the new host and its link to the compute manager (vCenter) looks fine. Privacy Policy. Colector ReadyLink Hoja De Especificaciones Espanol (USA & Can NPE Guia De Conversion De Gas (USA & Canada), NPE Guia De Instalacion Rapida Espanol (USA & Canada), Navien-NPE-Series-CSI 3-Part Formatted Specifications, Ready-Link Manifold 2BB Submittal Package, Ready-Link Manifold 2SS Submittal Package, Ready-Link Manifold 3SS Submittal Package, Ready-Link Manifold 4BB Submittal Package, Ready-Link Manifold 4SS Submittal Package. 800-556-7556 or see HarryEklof.comFull Naivien information including dealer and Rep locators is available at www.navieninc.com Always On: It will repeat DHW recirculation. Recirculation is basically just keeping the hot water in the plumbing hot so you get hot water faster.
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