Anything which attempts to 'fix' the Ping with the success as the intended final product. The third thread about everything in the universe created by Kinoko Nasu! For everything related to Fate, including Fate/stay night or its spin-offs. [R-18, Mature Element Warning!] Anything well-written, having a reasonable grasp of the English language, and conforming to the basic structure of the setting. A place for writers to put forth their ideas and have them commented upon. Nasuverse Fanfiction. A woman who was shunned by most due to her arrogant and cold personality. Right, I need to do that, it was late, and I pretty much passed out like a little bit later. They ain't no expert, but a lucky shot is still enough to kill you, Ironic isn't it? title = technically not Looping, but has Loopers with initial characterisation from that property. Feb 14, 2022; nasuverse Fate Splendorous/Ember Come one, come all! General discussion, recommendations and whatnot, that doesn't necessarily have with fanfiction to do. But I did hear of what the other person recommended. The Sage's Disciple is a Nasuverse Self-Insert fanfiction (specifically Fate/Zero) written by Rictus.After appearing in the summoning circle of a serial killer with a mysterious mask on his face, the protagonist takes up the pseudonym of "Crow" and scrambles to survive the events of the Fourth Holy Grail War as the Master of Caster. Chapter 1: Realization of a Dream So i will share a few link to some canon material about Nasuverse lore : CM3 translations = completematerial [licensed for non-commercial use only], Theory of Magic = CM3 - Theory of Magic (edited draft, public reader), TMdict, a compilation of glossary and material books = TMdict | , Fuyuki Wiki, a dead site that can still be found via Wayback Machine, Tsukikan, a compilation of a bunch of TM things, Clocktower's political and departmental structure. Some loops hes more trigger happy than others (its also just funnier for him to pop in on occasion. Fate/Zero, Fate/hollow ataraxia, Fate/Extra, Fate/EXTELLA, Fate/Grand Order, Fate/Apocrypha, Fate/Strange Fake, The Case Files of Lord El-Melloi II, Fate/Requiem, Fate/type Redline, etc., discuss all of these and more on this subreddit. Personal Discord Server discord .gg/NQFwdWrbwN Fate's Game by Cloud 802 After a incident involving the Kaleidostick 5 years before the start of FateStay Night . Chapter 1: One bad day This can be bypassed. Ruled/guarded by : Romulus-Quirinus / Gilgamesh / Asura / Sinbad. | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO], Another: Stay Night | Anata_Suruu | [F/SN] [F/GO], Type Infinite Loops 2: Return of the Nasuverse, FateStay Night Infinite Loops Chapter 1, a fate/stay night fanfic | FanFiction, (Fate/stay night (Nasuverse)) | {Terrace}, (Ranma 1/2) / (Naruto) / (Harry Potter) / (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha) / (Legend of Zelda) / (My Little Pony) / (Mega Man) / (Fate/stay night (Nasuverse)) | {LordCirce}, (Tsukihime (Nasuverse)) / (Saw) | {mariic}, (Haruhi Suzumiya) / (Fate/stay night (Nasuverse)) | {wildrook}, (Doctor Who) / (Fate/stay night (Nasuverse)) | {wildrook}, (Nasuverse) / (Magica Madoka) | {wildrook}, (Familiar of Zero) / (Fate/stay night (Nasuverse)) / (Pokemon) | {wildrook}, (Fate/stay night (Nasuverse)) / (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) / (Eden Hall) | {Detective Ethan Redfield}, (Madoka Magica) / (Tsukihime (Nasuverse)) | {wildrook}, (Fate/stay night (Nasuverse)) / (A Song of ice and fire/Game of Thrones) | {wildrook}, (Lupin III) / (Fate/stay night (Nasuverse)) | {lord Martiya}, (Fate/stay night (Nasuverse)) / (Carmen Sandiego) / (Lupin III) | {lord Martiya}, (Elder Scrolls: Skyrim) / (Fate/stay night (Nasuverse)) | {Solaris Requiem}, (Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma) / (Fate/stay night (Nasuverse)) | {wildrook}, (Fate/stay night (Nasuverse)) / (Sonic the Hedgehog) / (Doctor Who) / (Xenosaga) / (Eden Hall) | {wildrook}, (DinoZaurs) / (The Land Before Time) / (Nasuverse) | {Harry Leferts}, (Fate/stay night (Nasuverse)) | {Harry Leferts}, (A Song of ice and fire/Game of Thrones) / (Fate/stay night (Nasuverse)) | {Detective Ethan Redfield}, (Kantai Collection) / (Fate/stay night (Nasuverse)) | {Harry Leferts}, (Magic: the Gathering) / (Fate/stay night (Nasuverse)) | {Worldsoul15}, Carnival Phantasm: The Holy Grail Gameshow, Sword Jugglers, Steel Birds, and Bounty on Fakers, Sasaki Loops: Mission? & characters from it. Sleeping in a bed restores HP, MP and all mass effects. Anime & Comics ROMANCE R18 HAREM OVERPOWERED. Press J to jump to the feed. As such, this list features the settings of Prototype/etc. Inspired by Anything which is well-received by the community, is not directly challenged by a thread head, or accepted by a compiler (should the compiler and thread head not be the same person). Mobile version of the world's largest fanfiction archive where fanfic writers and readers unite. Notes: Covers Prototype & F/strange Fake. Fanfiction A man ridden with sins gets reincarnated into the body of one Shinji Matou in the Nasuverse. Until further notice, due to the lostbelts and his status in canon, Dr Romani Archaman is unable to Loop. 22. For everything related to Fate, including Fate/stay night or its spin-offs. Shiki x Mikiya is my favorite Nasuverse romance (one of my favorite romances, period), but Sakura x Shirou is my favorite Fate romance, and second favorite overall. It wasn't a joke All Rights Reserved daft fateseries fatestaynight fatezero fsn gamer magecraft nasuverse project reincarnation Backstory: Set, the egyptian god of deserts and storms somehow got his hands on a corrupted Holy Grail and used it to summon another evil god, Angra Mainyu. Join Now Create Post . If it does contradict a major detail, it can be excused if and only if the writer is able to explain the contradiction in such a way as to appease all parties. The chimes of the doorbell echoed across the entire Tohsaka mansion, the size of which had the visitor expecting it would take a couple of minutes before someone would answer What would your favorite (non-Servant) character look like if he were summoned as a servant in a Holy Grail war? Casted Tournament Game: Protagonist 1. This allows for final checks from those who chose to wait for the finished product rather than check it while still in-progress. This here is the Index for all current Nasuverse Snips from the Anime Thread. Trying to have fun and write a good story at the same time. It was a day like no otheraliens had invaded earth, brought by a Norse god to enslave humanity. Chapter 5: The Battle Is To The (Stupidly) Strong. Nasuverse Ideas. 2 | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO] [Ranma 1/2], A Chance Meeting | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO] [F/SN], Grail At the World's Fair | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO], Smash It Out | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO] [Smash Bros], Stuck in the Sandbox | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO], Gawain in Pain | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO] [Various], Crimson (Mind) F*cker | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO] [Hellsing], Simple Fishing in Luluhawa | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO], Where in the World | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO] [Carmen Sandiego], The Sanson Parable | Conceptualist | [F/GO] [The Stanley Parable], What Temptation? This make harder for author to write a fanfic that still follow the lore, with a discord server or subreddit, it will be easy to ask everyone about the lore. tsukihime kamenrider rintohsaka +16 more # 9 Adventure into Nasuverse by Shinza 431 27 4 Rias Gremory 3. Found Fate Revelation Online about a week ago. I had an idea, but 2000 words couldn't do it justice. It may not display this or other websites correctly. My apologies for the double post, but the snip is ready! Go To. #1. Nasuverse Card Game! 8h c36 . Beyond the Flow of Time Olga Marie Animusphere is unable to Loop. The purpose is to help people writing their own fic, we will offer help regard of lore and proofreading. I feel like panicking and screaming. All-Purpose Nasuverse Fanfiction Thread. The story was about the fight between the famed Sorcerer, Kishua Zelretch Schweinorg, and Crimsonmoon Bruenstued (aka. First, call out the XP Level page. gwonbush Lurking Puma Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords . Hey guys, this is my first time writing a story on SB! Changes to Titles and VIP . One fateful day, the most cliche event happened as he was killed by a truck and sent to the afterlife where another world waited. Lets set up some rule, all magecraft still work as it did and won't suffer any Paradox like OWOD Mage. JavaScript is disabled. Doesn't matter who you are, death always come to you-- sometime in the most amusing of ways, Whether you're a politician, a saint, a hooker, the president of the fucking USA, or a simple piece of trash like me, our bodies are but organic shit bags designed to last for a long time, but not forever, That's the simple truth. FGO X DxD: The Twin dragons of the Morning Star The Thread is dead! Then, once we've hammered out a plot, we'll break it into a discrete progression of scenes. Shirou Emiya is Anchor, with EMIYA as a discrete Looper who often receives Shirou's loop-memories. Rules will be updated as things progress. Watched, and hoping for minmaxing, [X] Ask if something is wrong with the machine, [X]Ask if something is wrong with the Machine. If the community approves, but the compiler does not, the thread-head decides. May his reign be long and prosperous. The world is filled with many stories and epics. Notes: Also Anchored by Shirou Emiya/EMIYA, based on his living existence (albeit halfway across the world & having never become Shirou. Mystic Eyes (Rosario Vampire x Male Reader). You are using an out of date browser. Again. So what's the difference? But who's to say that we still have the Sword Origin? Joined: Apr 18, 2017 Messages: 52 Likes Received: 6 Reading List: Link. ---> Note: Hecate as Admin for these sections. for Optimistic Game: Revised. 2 | ChangingStation | [F/GO], Silver Bullet Marathon | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO], Confrontation | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO] [PMMM], Execution Note | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO] [Death Note], A Little on the Magi-Science Side | Anata_Suruu | [F/GO], Fate Grand Sworder | Conceptualist | [F/GO], Release the Kittens! Gender Posts 2,735 Karasu87: An author that has written a variety of different stories. I will joke about characters, and poke fun at their flaws, after all we aren't dealing with perfect gods here, we're dealing with people trapped in infinite time loops. Touring the world with friends one mile and pub at a time; is heavenly gondola open today. heavily inspired by many other fate quests. A place for writers to put forth their ideas and have them commented upon. tagor villas ritz carlton, abama; daredevil main villains nasuverse gamer fanfiction. A Fate/nasuverse quest set in an alternate version of Fate/Apocrypha. So things like Kara no Kyoukai, Tsukihime, and Fate Stay/Night all belong to the mouse now. What would happen if the Clock Tower with all its members inside appeared in London at the beginning of the first Harry Potter book / film? He eyed at my blank stare, full of mass confusion. Introducing: Nasuverse Card Game - CLICK HERE. As there will be a heavy focus on the lore and details in the various works, newcomers are advised that there will be SPOILERS, and to read the threadmarks for answers to more general questions. Servants that become team is Demiya, Hassan the cursed arm, Angra, and Berseker Lancelot The guild called Chaldea. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. One that is actually well written but apparently only had 2 chapters at the moment, Long story short: I asked the author to make another one like this. Adventure Fanfiction Fantasy Girls Love Mature Romance Slice of Life Supernatural. . It represents the actualization of events that are impossible to reproduce in a certain era, whether by humans or the planet, even if given an infinite amount of time and resources. ---> Note: Rendered non-canon thanks to a later 'reboot'., ---> Shirou stealing Anubis, from a loop (#59) where he was never shown looping., ---> F/Extra is not yet looping discretely. My name is Mitchell, I am a doctor here in Fuyuki Hospital. Evil gods having some fun! Out of character in this case would refer to anything which is unrecognizable as the character being used, whether the original or the Looping version. If the community approves, the thread-head approves, but the compiler does not, the thread-head's decision stands. I don't know what happened next, only that I ended up blacking out in the end, I swear everything in this world hates me, When the feeling of having my ass burnt has subsided enough to regain cognitive awareness of my surrounding, I realized I am no longer in that void, And that I also regain the feelings on my limbs. I do not support character bashing. Lunatique is one of the best, if not the best, Nasuverse fanfictions. Synopsis: In the many multiverses of Fate/stay night there is one constant; the Grail is a dick. Issei changed from his old self to the new him, its a semi-NTR at the start meaning Rias etc doesn't have s*x with their new boyfriend. I use [Scan] on the stick and after seeing the stats of the weapon, I sigh again at the description. All parties involved must have an equal understanding of what they intend to get out of the process. Please, I'm begging you. Anything which is overtly out of character without reasonable explanation. Prologue In this infernal scenario a single red haired boy stood on shaky legs. Well this is my take on The Gamer genre. Hilarious in Hindsight?) The legends of the great. Surrounded by devastation he pushed himself forward with heavy steps, toward an uncertain direction and a much more certain death. Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,733 - Reviews: 16 .
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