Peer-Reviewed. (pain radiating down the back of the leg) after total discectomy, another discmay have become herniated. We offer this Site AS IS and without any warranties. I have not spoken with him since right before my surgery that a.m. in the operating room. Did I understand that correctly? A microdiscectomy is a fairly common type of spine surgery, and its one that often produces beneficial results, including a noticeable decrease in discomfort. Recovery may not take place but read this to understand the type of nerve damage that can occur and how muscles recover from this injury. Obtain Long Term Pain Relief. After physical therapy and other conservative measures failed, a woman experiencing pain and weakness in her legs and lower back underwent lumbar decompression surgery. Peekawho is probably need a dose pack of steroids..I had the same problem after my discectomy..they put me on a dose pack, and after the first pill, the pain in my butt and down my leg went away..hang in surgeon explained it this way."the reason you are experiencing that pain, is because the nerve that has been pressed on 1.2 Inflammation of the membranes that surround the nerves of the spinal cord. If the drainage fluid is thin, watery, and pinkish red, there is likely nothing to be . Spinal intervertebral discs are the bodys shock absorbers, allowing the back to be strong, highly flexible, and resilient. A microdiscectomy is aminimally invasiveversion of the surgerythatcan be performed on various parts of the spine. In this instance, treating the secondary source of pain may involve massage therapy, medication, and similar nonsurgical options.It Could Be Due to Scar Tissue or Other PossibilitiesPostoperative leg pain is sometimes caused by the formation of scar tissue. Once this happens, you might have some discomfort affecting at least one leg because of post-surgery tissue inflammation. You will beaskedto keep theareaclean and to cover it while bathing or showering. Your doctor made a 2.5- to 5-centimetre (1- to 2-inch) cut (incision) in the skin over the spine. For the average patient, there are no permanent restrictions after a microdiscectomy. Note:Reherniationdoes not occur with total discectomy because the entire disc has already been removed. Post-Surgery Inflammation Shortly after a discectomy or a less invasive microdiscectomy is completed, you may not immediately notice any pain until the anesthesia wears off. If this service is not available, try to do activities at home that mimic your daily work schedule to develop muscular conditioning and a reserve for the initial days at work. This is called recurrent disk herniation. Also, other tests, such as the slump test and straight leg raise, are positive for pain in the buttock. Christopher J. Bergin, M.D. Asa patient,thereare five classicsymptomsto watch for: When experiencingrecurrent discreherniation, a patient might also report pain in a different location, intensity, orrelated tophysical activity. Some days, there's lesser pain and soreness. Another reason that the pain could be continuing is because of an unsuccessful surgery, which is a risk one takes before undergoing the procedure. Any activity (like walking) can stretch the root. I highly recommend Dr. Corenman and the Steadman Clinic. I highly recommend Dr. Corenman and the Steadman Clinic. Your browser is out of date. A gradual return to more low impact activities is encouraged. Lumbar Decompression Back Surgery. This website is the stand out source for me. When discectomy is performed, improvement in LRP is observed due to spinal nerve irritation. is surgery that creates space by removing the lamina, the back part of the vertebrae that covers your spinal cord. A mild amount of drainage from the incision is normal. Christopher J. Bergin, M.D. The doctor put surgical tools through the . Was up walking shortly after surgery. Thanks for the response. Using small surgical tools, your surgeon will create a tiny incision and move aside the muscles and nerve root. Amicrodiscectomyis a procedure used to remove all or part of a herniated disc when damaged discs are causing pain, numbness, and weakness ina patientslegs and back. The best wayfor them to diagnose the problem isthrough physical examination findings correlated with imaging studies (MRI, CT scan, X-rays, etc.). All me back pain was home as soon as Hey All. Ive been reading through many of these questions and respons 38 year old male, 5'8 165 pounds. Similarly, a thinned-out and stretched- out annulus place the patient at higher risk for reherniation, along with a wide incision of the annulus during surgery. What should I do now. Pain that develops gradually after back surgery is suggestive of scar tissue impinging or tethering the spinal nerves that innervate the lower back and legs. The good news is that many patients have significant pain relief from a microdiscectomy and can quickly return to their normal lives, generally in 4-6 weeks. Should I increase my walking? Iron Neck for chronic pain caused by foraminal stenosis? The doctor willthenonlyremovethe damaged portion of the disc. In severe cases, patients may also have less control of bladder or bowel function control. Although most lumbar laminectomy patients with leg pain feel better immediately . But its still there with the same movements as before but later in the movement. Mild to severe pain in the lower back or buttock area, Feelings of numbness or tingling in the leg or foot, (nerve pain often radiating down the leg), When you are experiencing any of these warning signs onan ongoingbasis,its best to. I have also started swimming two days ago. During the initial 2 weeks after a microdiscectomy surgery, the pain is most intense. !he read all of my issue and details and his replies really helped me in decidingi am now confident about my decision and i now totally understand the procedure thanks to the in-depth information providedthank you ever so much ! Sleeping on your stomach or flat on your back puts significant stress on your spine. The procedure involves a surgeon making small cuts in the patient's back and then, while peering through a lighted endoscope, carefully removing herniated tissue or portions of the offending bone protecting a nerve root. The loss of this pain after surgery is a good indicator that the nerve is relative free of compression. These symptoms might be annoying but dont pay too much attention to them as these paresthesias tend to go away over time. This compression is most often the result of a herniated lumbar disc. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have an answer to my question from you. You stated that you went back to work too soon-what time frame are you speaking of? A lumbar microdiscectomy surgery is typically performed to alleviate the symptoms and signs of sciatica in the lower back and leg caused by a lumbar disc herniation. The management of a re-herniated disc is much like the primary disc prolapse. We disclaim all responsibility for the professional qualifications and licensing of, and services provided by, any physician or other health providers posting on or otherwise referred to on this Site and/or any Third Party Site. Did I herniated my disc again by starting to walk and even drive too soon after the surgery -- the next day? You can clean the incisionsitewith a towel, but care must be taken to prevent the surgical tape from coming off. So I can move my chin to my chest further, for example. However, two days after the long walk, I developed buttock nerve pain in my right side, the very side that was compromised before surgery. However, if leg pain continues after 2 or 3 months, talk to your doctor or surgeon.The Initial Diagnosis Might Have Been IncorrectAccording to Spine Health, the top reason for leg pain after a microdiscectomy or similar decompression procedure is an incorrect initial diagnosis. muscle, ligament, or nerve damage. 1.4 Recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2. Before a new MRI is ordered, I will give the patient an oral steroid to reduce inflammation. This could signal another, more serious issue. Light physical activity is important for tissue healing and regaining . Learn More and Watch Our Video on Microdiscectomy for Herniated Discs. is a procedure used to remove all or part of a herniated disc when damaged discs are causing pain, numbness, and weakness ina patientslegs and back. Veritas Health, LLC, 520 Lake Cook Road, Suite 350, Deerfield, IL, 60015, Pain Management After Microdiscectomy Surgery, Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery: Risks, Complications, and Success Rates, Microdiscectomy Surgery Video: A Spine Surgeon Explains the Procedure, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), Postoperative Care for Lumbar Microdiscectomy Surgery, Lumbar Microdiscectomy Recovery: Discharge to 14 Days, Lumbar Microdiscectomy Recovery: Weeks 2 to 6, Lumbar Microdiscectomy Recovery: Weeks 6 to 12, What Causes Buttock Muscle Pain and How to Relieve it, Piriformis Syndrome: When the Symptoms Indicate a Medical Emergency, Massage to Reduce Buttock Muscle Pain from Piriformis Syndrome, Suffering from Lumbar Spinal Stenosis? Adjacent segment syndrome (also known as . Should I continue this vigorous swimming program, or should I be more careful and dial it back a notch? During the physical exam,your surgeonmay look for pain during specific movementsand performa power/sensory examination of your lower extremities. Good night. !he read all of my issue and details and his replies really helped me in decidingi am now confident about my decision and i now totally understand the procedure thanks to the in-depth information providedthank you ever so much ! A herniated disk can irritate or press on nearby nerves. Finally, seroma formation can occur. Why Seek a Second Opinion Before Your Spine Surgery? Unfortunately, this microdiscectomy recovery time depends on many factors, including the patients general health, the speed of tissue recovery, the success of the procedure, etc., so the actual herniated disc surgery recovery time can be longer. Contacted the answering service for my Dr. this a.m. and still no response. This is usually done when there is leg or arm pain that radiates from the spine, caused by compression of the nerve. Could this be a reherniation? "Patients leave the hospital the same day or the day following the procedure and can begin microdiscectomy recovery immediately.". We have a strong commitment to excellence in diagnosis and treatment of spinal injuries and conditions spanning all age groups. A lumbar laminectomy removes most of the bony arch, or lamina, of a vertebra when other medical treatments fail to relieve back pain. Now I can do it pain-free. I havent sat for longer than half an hour at a stretch after surgery and I wonder whether this pain will aggravate once I go back to work in two weeks, as I have a sitting/office type job. A herniated disc may cause pressure on a nerve, resulting in intense pain in the buttocks and hip area and radiating pain, numbness, and weakness in the leg, a condition called sciatica. If it's worse than before your operation, I would ring your surgeon for advice. Close to the 5 weeks mark, I went out for a long walk, close to 3 miles, at a pace that was brisker than before. You may need oral steroids. In the days and weeks after surgery your body needs time to repair the incision. At Wake Spine & Pain Specialists our goal is to relieve your pain and improve function to increase your quality of life. 1999-2023 Veritas Health, LLC. Although weakness has improved, pain and burning sensation has also reduced, I cannot stil lift my foot from the ankle or make a single twist or movement of my toes.. No dorsiflexion or plantar flexion, MRI results revealed thickened edematuos(10mm) sciatic nerve plexus on the left side with grade 1 muscle edema within the gluteus maximus, sub acute denervation muscle changes in the form of combination of athropy /fatty replacement along the territory of the injured sciatic nerve, During therapy, when The (EMS) machine pads are placed on myL5region using interrupted currents, my muscles contract and my foot is lifted up but when faradic current is set It doesnt contract, what could this mean? For example, the incomplete removal of herniated disc material or inadequate closure of a significant gap in the annulus may lead to reherniation. A herniated disc may cause pressure on a nerve, resulting in intense pain in the buttocks and hip area and radiating pain, numbness, and weakness in the leg, a condition called sciatica. 1.3 Postoperative inflammation of the nerve root. All I feel is the tightness in my hamstrings, no stabbing pain like before. . It is our goal to provide the highest level of care and service to our patients. Book an appointment with our board-certified orthopedists at Comprehensive Spine Institute by calling (727) 300-2537. Common symptoms of post-laminectomy pain syndrome include the following: Dull, aching pain in the neck, shoulders, arms, fingers, back, buttocks, or hips Pain levels similar to what you felt before surgery Pain in your arms or legs, which may be either constant or radiating It takes time for this swelling to reduce as noted before. Microdiscectomy is surgery to remove part or all of a bulging or damaged (herniated) disc in the lower spine. Return nerve pain after a microdiscectomy can originate from three issues; nerve inflammation, re-herniation or seroma formation. You can develop a seroma (a collection of fluid post-operatively) that temporarily will partially compress the nerve after surgery. Prescription non-compliance can cause side effects and other consequences that place your health and wellbeing at risk. Removing partor alloftheoffendingdischelpsaddress pain, numbness, weakness, balance issues, or mobility problems.
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