Jethro Bodine: Well I spent some of the money on vittles, there was boxes of popcorn, a half a dozen candy bars, and a couple of giant orange drinks. Gizzards Smothered in Gristle: Would you eat it? And, the performance of Irene Ryan in this series is right up there with the likes of Lucille Ball and Mary Tyler Moore on their respective series. He was such a liar then, he used to have to get somebody else to call his dog fer him. Milburn Drysdale: I haven't got 11 million. Goodbye dear. He needs rent money ("green, bread, lettuce to feed the kitty") from the Clampetts but, once again they are confused by his slang-filled expressions and take him literally. A Japanese transistor radio! "The Beverly Hillbillies" changed the face of television - to date, it still holds the record for some of the highest-rated single half-hours of television. Jed Clampett: Yeah, Earl Scruggs, you know him? Milburn Drysdale: Well now, I warned you it wouldn't exactly be smooth sailing. At Louise Scruggs' suggestion, the song was released as a single. Justin Addison: Yes she is beginning to give us trouble. When you hear the picking of the banjo and the instantly recognizable baritone voice there's no denying it you're watching "The Beverly Hillbillies.". Nearly 60 years later, the song is still instantly recognizable for fans of all generations. Daisy Moses: [wearing a mini skirt] No 400 year old ghost will mistake me for a grandmother in this. See how your tastes stack up against the rest. And your bathroom is fifty feet from the house. Do Not Sell My Information CA Residents. Milburn Drysdale: It's a genuine imported Oriental magic music maker. How could a bunch of hillbillies possibly buy a mansion like this? 25 Feb/23. Italian Tailor: Oh si, si., Beverly Hillbillies Theme Song ( Milburn Drysdale: What a choice, I can listen to my wife or face an ugly mob. We is fixin' to drive them nails stickin' in it. Granny: Well, move into the shade 'cause your dryin' up something awful! She's unpredictable. He and his kin move to posh Beverly Hills. What does Sheldon mean when he says, "I creamed the machine"? Watch the first episode of the television comedy The Beverly Hillbillies, This article was most recently revised and updated by,, Archive of American Television - The Beverly Hillbillies. ', While they were doing the theme music, I said to Perry Botkin, who was the music director at the time, I think that would make a great single,' she recalled. 3 Must See Episodes | February 27 - March 5. Colonel Blake: Name, address, date of birth, that's okay, but Jethro, where it says sex: write 'male', not 'oh, boy!'. When you hear the picking of the banjo and the instantly recognizable baritone voice theres no denying it youre watching The Beverly Hillbillies.. THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES, Donna Douglas, 1962-71 / Everett Collection Donna went on to become a gospel singer, she recorded her first release in 1982, followed by several gospel albums. Jed Clampett: [checking the Map to Movie Star Homes] Let's see who they got here Joan Crawford Marlene Dietrich Greta Garbo. Elly May Clampett: Quick Pa, let's skedaddle! Grab a scrub bucket and get over there. Here come da Scrooge! The Beverly Hillbillies'theme song is formally called "The Ballad of Jed Clampett" and recruited the Foggy Mountain Boys, a country-bluegrass group founded by Flatt and Scruggs, with Jerry Scoggins singing Jed's tale. The theme song for the skit was termed "The Bel-Arabs". [dances suggestively around Jed]. Seeing it reminded me how entertaining the nine-year series had been. The Beverly Hillbillies 7.2 TV Series Elly May Clampett Maid Marian 1962-1971 273 eps The Twilight Zone 9.1 TV Series Debutante Janet Tyler (revealed) 1960-1962 2 eps Frankie and Johnny 5.5 Frankie 1966 Checkmate 7.7 TV Series Barbara Simmons 1961 4 eps Credits Edit Actress43 Soundtrack3 Self29 Archive Footage13 IMDbPro Expand below Actress He hopes to get rid of them when they can't pay their rent but they find a new a sponsor: Jed Clampett. Mrs. Margaret Drysdale: Listen, to get these peasants to move, I'd dance the Watusi with a keg of nitroglycerin. Daisy Moses: Mr. Drysdale won't give me my money! Jed Clampett: There's the best reason of all. Baracus say these lines on The A-Team? Granny: [Granny enters the kitchen without Pearl knowing and taps Pearl's shoulder] You can quit hoping and praying! C Moon C Moon, Sign up for our newsletter and get stories delivered straight to your inbox. We served our plates with fried rice, lo mein, and sweet and sour chicken. He's been slippery footin' around here like a hog on ice. Jed Clampett: Duke, I know it's askin' a heap, but if you can pull yer eyes open fer a minute, yonder is somethin' you don't see every day, a girl playin' ball with a monkey and a bobcat watchin'. We'll dance the dance of defiance! Anything excitin'? Grits 'n' Black Strap Molasses: Would you eat it? Jed Clampett: You hadn't ought to be ashamed of your Pa. Justin Addison: Ashamed of him? The stereotype of hillbillies as being poor and socially backward might have elicited snickers among people in other regions (who naturally thought themselves of a higher social class than those backwoods hill dwelling hicks), but hillbillies were also noted for their independence and self-reliance. You wanna come up and visit with Miss Jane? Daisy is a violent destructive force. Mr. Fleming Pendleton: 4 tin cans from Pearl? Black gold, Texas tea). The final episode of The Beverly Hillbillies aired 50 years ago, and sadly, the passing of so much time means that only one star of the classic sitcom is still alive today. and And I turned it down at first because of the word Beverly Hillbillies. I didnt know what connotation that was going to take with country people and didnt want to offend them. They rejected that attitude along with the attempts of the city folk to reform them. Jed Clampett: You bet. Mr. Pinckney: Might I have a spot of tea? The actual word hillbilly may have been devised from the combination of the phrase paired with the Scottish word, Rednecks (named supposedly for the "red neck" that comes from the sunburn of working out of one's truck farm) are usually southerners, although they can be found up north and in other regions as well. Mrs. Margaret Drysdale: I'd feel much better if you could put your arm around me. I cain't eat or sleep without you. This Week on the Ed Sullivan Show- March 5th: The Mamas and the MeTVs got the Best Seat in the House! He took Ellie Mae and he threw her on the bed. Jed Clampett: You know the Sibley sodbuster do you? A banjo-dominated sequence occurs between verses and as the ending fade-out. To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that I aim to see her married before she's all wasted away! Cousin Pearl Bodine: Jethrine, why couldn't you have been born with some of my brains instead of just my beauty? Jane Hathaway: Now, Chief, in all fairness to the employees, you do not display much holiday spirit. Jethro Bodine: Double naught spies don't get switched. dumer na coal bucket Mrs. Margaret Drysdale: Can't you tell just by looking at me? Some of the Public Domain episodes of the show have "The Ballad of Jed Clampett" replaced with a generic theme song for copyright reasons. Jed Clampett: [Disgusted] Jethro, some day me and you got to have a long talk. When the cameras are switched back to a closeup, they're back talking to Sheldon by the stairs. However, the voice listeners heard on the single was that of Flatt. According to Jethro, Uncle Jed could really turn a phrase!, Weeeell, doggies! Jed would say, thats , just a couple a wagon races up the road. or, a drop in a rusty bucket down my well. or, {hes} lower than a hogs chin on market day, green enough to stick in the ground and grow., such a liar that he used to have to get somebody else to call his dog for him., showin more colors than a red rooster in a pumpkin patch., tighter than a high string on a two dollar fiddle., so lazy he has to lean up against somethin to buck.. American Slang. Banjo virtuoso Bla Fleck often plays the ballad in concert. It was followed by two other Henning-inspired "country cousin" series on CBS: Petticoat Junction, and its spin-off Green Acres, which reversed the rags-to-riches, country-to-city model of The Beverly Hillbillies. Milburn Drysdale: Yes, you're right. Jethro Bodine: That's the truth. It has that typical East Village coffee- house look with a jukebox and surreal paintings on the walls done by Epps. Are you the weatherman? Justin Addison: Your speaking to him. "such a liar that he used to have to get somebody else to call his dog for him.". Moments later they are seen dancing again. If you ask me, he ain't got it. A nouveau riche hillbilly family moves to Beverly Hills and shakes up the privileged society with their hayseed ways. Corrections? Jed Clampett: Well that's one fer and one against. Granny: But, Jethro'll go to fightin' it! Alan Reed Jr. makes his second of three appearances as eccentric Beat Generation painter Sheldon Epps (preceded by "Clampett A-Go-Go"). [heads for the door]. Jed Clampett: Well I'll be glad to talk to you about that a whatever it means. By what name was The Beverly Hillbillies (1962) officially released in India in English? Director Penelope Spheeris Writers Paul Henning (television series) Lawrence Konner (story) Watch Sundays starting Watch 2 full hours of All in the Family Sundays at 8P | 7C. She's what you call a 36-23-36. I told her I heard about her fixin' up the hotel and I asked her if she'd sell the hotel to me. Elly May Clampett: She's took to bed with double pneumonie and pond water poisonin'! It is the era of the 1960s that produced some of the most beloved sitcoms in history, and all of it was due to a little groundbreaking sitcom about a man named Jed. Daisy Moses: Cain't ya find any famous ones? Daisy Moses: So, you've been wantin' to meet me have you? Daisy Moses: Don't you call my beetles whatever it is you just called them! all got the axe after the 1970-71 season, to be replaced by shows that proved to be ratings kings as the 1970s unfolded -- the "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," "All in the Family," and "The Bob Newhart Show. I got some bad news for ya. Granny: Lets see her cook where I'm gonna [Granny pushes Cousin Pearl into the ceement pond]. Web. This burden is more than I can carry alone. Not too bad.I havent seen that episode in a long time. What is it? Although the first two seasons of The Beverly Hillbillies lapsed into the public domain, "The Ballad of Jed Clampett" did not and is typically edited from public-domain releases of these episodes. The song was sung by Jerry Scoggins for the beginning of the series, with instruments played by Flatt and Scruggs. Nose Doorbell Telephone Daisy Moses: Dogged if he didn't go through it quicker than Mr. Drysdale. [nods to Miss Slocum]. Milburn Drysdale: [Presents Jed with a gift] With my compliments. The Beverly Hillbillies 1993 PG 1 h 32 m IMDb RATING 5.0 /10 19K YOUR RATING Rate Play trailer 1:25 2 Videos 99+ Photos Comedy Family Nice guy redneck Jed Clampett strikes it rich when he finds black oil. Elly May Clampett: Pa come quick! So, he inserted a lot of colorful phrases and Hillbilly talk into the dialogue. Doctor Eugene Twombly: [trying to settle Jed down] You don't understand. Milburn Drysdale: Now, on your way home, if you see anything you want for Christmas, just pick it up and charge it to me. Let's take them back to their home and see how the whole thing started. Jed Clampett: Oh, it's got action before. I poured Chinese Restaurant Tea from the bargain Fiesta ware teapot that I found last fall at our church rummage sale. 1:10. It accumulated seven Emmy nominations during its run. "The Beverly Hillbillies," a sitcom about a poor backwoods family who struck it rich after discovering oil on their property and moved to a mansion in Beverly Hills, California, was one of the most popular television series of the 1960s. Lookee here - she done popped the buttons off her shirt again. See if you can translate these actual bits of dialogue from the sitcom! You're all invited back next week to this locality To have a heapin' helpin' of their hospitality. It ranked first in the Nielsen ratings in its first two seasons and remained in the top 20 until the end of its eighth season. Trending Lionel Messi. The Beverly Hillbillies debuted in 1962 on CBS and aired for nine seasons (1962-71), remaining at or near the top of the Nielsen ratings for its entire run. Sir, have you ever partaken of the curious substances which Granny so quaintly calls "vittles"? Trending. Daisy Moses: She oughta be doin' women's work - helpin' me with the still. Get 4 Weeks of Farm and Dairy Home DeliveredSign Up for your FREE Trial. The Beverly Hillbillies, American television show that was one of the most popular situation comedies of the 1960s. You're drying up something awful. Jed Clampett: Well, I could tell 'em that. Jed Clampett: Never mind Granny, she's had enough. Jethro Bodine: But she's one of the bank people! Jed Clampett: Dogged if that ain't got the Sibley sodbuster backed right off the floor. The answer to the question "is it a type of English" is definitely "yes". John Brewster: No, I'm afraid Tom Mix is dead. Epps is a stereotypical bearded Beatnik hipster in a dirty sweatshirt similar to Maynard G. Krebs from "Dobie Gillis". However, it was originally sung by another country music icon of the 1960s. People tend to confuse hillbillies with rednecks, and although there can be some overlap (some hillbillies are rednecks and some rednecks are hillbillies, but a person doesnt necessarily identify as both), both groups tend to correct you very quickly if you make the mistake of assuming they're all alike. You use kerosene lamps for light. I just captured me the first prisoner. The Cadillac Three. Daisy Moses: Jed, it ain't legal to torture a man into marryin' you. Cousin Pearl Bodine: I just hope and pray when I get to be her age that somebody will be lookin' after me. Jed Clampett: When I said that we had come to see Mrs. Drysdale, this woman said Mrs. Drysdale ain't havin' no visitors. It's short. Handsome, naive Jethro was able to pick up feisty, stubborn little Granny like a sack of flour and carry her off, kicking-mad, shouting, Put me down, boy!. PTVPhilippines. Has Mr. Drysdale ever danced with me like Mr. Cushing done? Another name for promethazine w/ codeine; aka barre, lean, sizzurp, oil, purple stuff, Memphis mud, drank, purple jelly, etc. If this is not your location. Take your shoes off. Says right here, 3 government men have been put on the job of findin' local still and cuttin' off the supply of moon bein' made hereabouts. Jed Clampett: You one of them double naught spies? Daisy Moses: I ain't conjurin' for Miss Jane. Slicker than snot on a glass doorknob. Look at that headline, "Government Puts 3 Men on Moon". That old woman is old and tired and we owe it to her to let her rest. The Beverly Hillbillies debuted in 1962 on CBS and aired for nine seasons (196271), remaining at or near the top of the Nielsen ratings for its entire run. But in fact, neither any controversy nor any particular scene was responsible for the ultimate cancellation of "The Beverly Hillbillies," as the title "The Controversial Scene That Took 'The Beverly Hillbillies' off the Air" wrongly suggested. Jed Clampett: Elly could waste away a good bit and still be ahead of Miss Jane. Despite a lack of critical acclaim, The Beverly Hillbillies was a huge hit with audiences. Its not unusual for rural slang to develop. "green enough to stick in the ground and grow.". Pellentesque nec ante ipsum. [citation needed] It was the first bluegrass record to top the Billboard country charts. Sheldon has goo-goo eyes for Elly May, while Jed and the rest of the Clampett clan struggle to understand a single word he says. scene from The Beverly Hillbillies Jed Clampett: Well, ma'am, them's the kinda things a man likes to find out fer himself. Granny's started spring house cleanin' and she's done caught Jethro. I'll start the cookin'. Jane Hathaway: I too know Arthur Pinckney, and he is a man of unimpeachable integrity, impeccable demeanor, and irrefutable probity. Jed Clampett: Well shucks Ma'am. Daisy Moses: HEY! Jethro Bodine: Uncle Jed, Granny, Looky here what I got. Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree. [Elly's chimp signs] I don't think the company would accept your signature. Elly May's legs Jethro's arms His paintbrushes What is a "horn"? Justin Addison: I am the supervisor of meteorological observations for this area. Theyre tough and hard working, but tend to be poorer than the average American. Mr. Drysdale owns a building that houses a beatnik's club. Jed Clampett: Let's ricochet off that and then drive the nails. The series rose to #1 in ratings within three weeks of its premiere, a feat that remains unmatched in television history. Granny: We sure would be proud to have y'all come and take Thanksgiving vittles with us. Jed Clampett: Oh yeah, what's the matter with me. After the show ended, he did a few movie roles. Elly May Clampett: Well come on Pa, she's about to breathe her last! Cousin Pearl Bodine: [Pearl is doing the ironing in the kitchen while Jethrine is walking towards the door holding Granny's rocking chair] Where are you going with that, Jethrine? 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