She is sincere in her work. However, Benita grew up with her biological mother Sandra Attebury.She is a manga cum laude graduate in . Benita Alexander-Jeune's Husband. Moreover, she has not shared her siblings information in the public yet. Alexander had already sent invitations to her closed ones. She has had a very successful career in the entertainment industry and has been a part of many hits. For more news & biographies, stay updated with Married Wiki. Benita Alexander-Jeune- Age, Parents, Siblings, Ethnicity, Benita Alexander-Jeune- Professional Life, Careers, Benita Alexander-Jeune- Net worth, Salary, Benita Alexander-Jeune- Rumors, Controversy, American producer, director, writer, correspondent, and narrator. He works from Huntington Woods. Who the hell are you and what the hell is wrong with you? However, she came back to the global media in 2020 and appeared in ABCs documentary series The Con. The grooms mother buses tables at the Long Wharf location of Legal Sea Foods, the restaurant chain, in Boston. Benita has a daughter named Jessica from her first marriage to a man named John Noel. Just two years later, her father asked her to leave the home however, Benita hold herself up and never let it take over her life. Her daughter has thus been the only constant in her life. Somehow, Benita got graduated earning a magna cum laude from Wayne State University with a degree in journalism in 1987. As for Benita's daughter, Jessina currently goes to college, as per the producer's Instagram. At the time, the journalist was busy on a documentary with him, particularly during the production of the Leap of Faith. In the months leading up to the airing of A Leap of Faith, in June 2014, Macchiarini and Alexander went on trips to the Bahamas, Turkey, Mexico, Greece, and Italy. ABC News has announced that their next edition of 20/20 will focus on a sweet love story that quickly turned sour when Benita Alexander uncovered her fianc's web of lies. Benita Alexanders personal life story was part of the documentary film, He Lied About Everything. Comment * document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "aeffcd33995c9bdcbfd7bab2c3e861c3" );document.getElementById("afe063943e").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Later, Paolo insisted on marrying Alexander on the Papal Palace of Castel Gandolfo, Italy, where Pope Francis wouldhost the marriage. The American producer has married two men in total. Ultra sleek and spectacularly beautiful, Benita Alexander is an American Emmy Award-winning TV show director, correspondent, producer, and actress. Analogously, she is from the Christianity religion. During the time, Paolo had told Benita he was in a marital relationship with Emanuela Pecchia for 30 years but was estranged without legal divorce. When award-winning NBC News producer Benita Alexander fell in love with the famous transplant surgeon Paolo Macchiariniwhile filming A Leap Faith, a documentary about him, with Meredith Vieirashe thought her biggest problem was a breach journalistic ethics. Her first marriage was with John Noel. She is a Christian who was born in the USA. We have somebody who has been brave enough to share something thats already humiliating and devastating. However, the details of their first meeting, marriage events, and separation cause are missing. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The couple shares a daughter named Jessina, born in 2003. It does so much unnecessary damage. But unfortunately, her personal life has been marred by a turbulent childhood in Huntington Woods, Michigan, and a series of unsuccessful relationships. She has the access to all the world's luxury and comfort. In the series premiere, Goldberg introduces viewers to Benita Alexander, an award-winning documentary television producer and single mother, and Paolo Macchiarini, an internationally-renowned . Although they stayed married until 2009, citing irreconcilable differences, Benita and John formed a great relationship with their daughter as she grew up. Journalist Benita Alexander is swept off her feet by a dashing Italian doctor, Paolo Macchiarini, while filming a documentary about his miraculous surgeries. Paolo told her lies saying Pope Francis would be officiating their wedding and that Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Elton John, and John Legend, among other celebrities, would be on their guest list on their wedding date. Check out another news personality Rosanna Scotto. At the time, Paolo was married for 30 years with an Italian wife named Emanuela Pecchia but was living separately without legally getting divorced. She has also worked in a few local television stations in the 1990s as well as she was a star student. Needless to say, romance sparked, and Benita was head over heels in love with Paolo. After the cancelation of the wedding, Benita, shocked, surprised, mad and heartbroken, emailed Paolo," I believed you were exactly who presented yourself to be, to me, to my friends and family, to the world. She hasnt been spotted with anyone who appears to be her boyfriend or husband. Benita Alexander-Jeune has been hitched twice to date. Edson Jeune, Benita Alexander's ex-husband, is a Haitian man born in Port-au-Prince in the year 1980. Alexander's gown was being designed by Matthew Christopher, who has dressed stars including Kristin Chenoweth and Carli Lloyd. By profession, John is a fellow journalist. By. Benita is also responsible for staff engagement and innovation within the built environment team in Melbourne. One of the reasons I am so adamant about continuing to talk about this is because I think victim-shaming is terrible. The duo was in a marital relationship for around 6 years and legally separated in 2009. She became close to Paolo as she opened her heart to him about how hard it was for her daughter, then nine years old, to lose her father. Who was Benita Alexanders first husband? Their mutual friend Frederic Havez made the Universal Life Minister's wedding official for their big day. She was married to a fellow reporter John Noel and moved to New York City where she joined NBC's "Dateline". A place for biographies & articles focus on gossip, rumors, affairs, relationships, anniversaries, salaries, net worth, Copyright 2023 GossipGist. She often makes news headlines for her relationship and personal life. Jeune at the moment is discussing her personal life emphasizing what had happened between her and Paolo Macchiarini back in time on ABCs 2020 documentary series, The Con. Edson is professionally a ballroom dancer with whom Benita had been in a lovely marital relationship for more than eight years. Benita Alexander-Jeune has been married twice to date. Her mother left the family just before she turned 16, and a couple of years later, Alexander was asked to leave the house by her father. Her husband works as a ballroom dancer. . The latter refers to his misconduct that led to the deaths of several patients. Her first husband, John Noel, is an American reporter who was a coworker she married, and they relocated to New York together. She is 56 years old, and the Taurus sign is her zodiac sign. Benita has a complicated parental history. Benita Alexander, a TV producer, was set to marry the doctor of her dreams in 2015 in a lavish ceremony officiated by Pope Francis. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. The lady has several tv show credits likeHe Lied About EverythingandCrimes Gone Viral. In 2015, she served as a co-executive producer on "Breaking the Silence", which featured DWTS pro-Cheryl Burke, and "Counting On" alums Jessa Seewald and Jill Duggar Dillard. The duo also took exotic vacations in Venice, Greece, Turkey, and Italy. Edson Jeune is also well-known as the husband of Benita Alexander, a news producer. Alexander then married, Edson Jeune, a ballroom dancer. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Soon after, she began working at local television stations. Alexander admits that, at the time, she was in a vulnerable place. The girl was born in 2003 and is 20 years old now. Furthermore, Benita spent her childhood in Huntington Woods, Michigan. Her usual exercise schedule has guided her to be in a marvelous body posture with appropriate body measurement whereas her body build type is average. The duo was in a marital relationship for around 6 years and legally separated in 2009. Benita Alexander opened her eyes for the first time on 21st April 1966 in the USA. They seem to have been in a dating relationship before saying yes to each other. Her nationality is American. In May 2015, Benita's fairy tale dream crashed! Benita Alexander is the wife of Edson Jeune, a local television journalist. From what we can tell, Benita still resides in New York alongside her daughter, where shes primarily a freelance executive producer for Lion Television, all the while serving as a public figure. During her education, she was well educated, but she experienced a lot of problems. She and Jeune got married on a 130-foot motor yacht, and Frederic Havez officiated the ceremony. Benita Alexander-Jeune fell in love with doctor Paolo Macchiarini only to discover he expertly had trapped her in his series of fake promises and lies. He was the narrator for the crime-themed television show Still a Mystery. Benita was a voice on the truth-emphasizing television show He Lied About Everything. She participated in the production of Breaking the Silence and Counting On.. She hence became the executive producer of a documentary film entitled He Lied About Everything, which chronicled her emotional journey as well as his scientific lies. In 2009, Benita could no longer carry on with togetherness and decided to get a divorce 2009. In addition, The Meredith Vieira Show hired her in June 2014 as a managing director for teams of editors and producers. The two spent time in Venice, Greece, and other romantic destinations although Macchiarini was already married for 30 years!. Two years before her mother abandoned her family at midnight, on September 28, 1982, her father asked her to leave the house. On the other hand, his ex-wife, Benita Alexander, was previously married to John Noel as her first husband. Born and raised in her hometown, her mother left the family in the middle of the night in 1982 just a few weeks before her 16th birthday. However, she graduated from Wayne State University in 1987. The couple tied the knot on 18 October 2012. Watch the video of the episode of True Lies starring Benita Alexander-Jeune below. In 2019, she produced the Oxygen documentary "Seduced By Evil". She has a long road ahead of her and she definitely holds all the potential to make it big in the industry. Is Benita Alexander Married As of 2023? Benita Alexander- Jeune began her illustrious journey as a producer for Dateline NBC in March 1998. Also, she has a balanced body weight of 58 kg. If you want to read more similar content like this hen keep visiting our page featured biography. Alexander was working on a documentary about Macchiarinis success in the medical field. Benita has never been part of any controversial matter or rumors till now. In 2013 investigative journalist Benita Alexander was making a documentary about 'super-surgeon' Paolo Macchiarini and his pioneering synthetic . Show this thread. Source: @vanityfair. Edson is professionally a ballroom dancer with whom Benita had been in a lovely marital relationship for more than eight years. A picture of Benita Alexander-Jeune posing in a white gown. In 2009, Benita could no longer carry on with togetherness and decided to get a divorce 2009. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. To date, Benita Alexander-Jeune has been married twice. Benita Alexander is an award-winning television producer who is known for her won on Investigation Discoverys ID Now, Crimes Gone Viral, Dateline and Inside the Obama White House among other works. Her first marriage was to fellow journalist John Noel. The couple welcomed their first and only daughter together named Jessina in 2003. Previously, Alexander was married to her first husband, John Noel in 2003. This American TV show producer is best known for her work on Investigation Discovery's ID Now , Crimes Gone Viral . Her Relationship History! Unfortunately, Benita was betrayed by Paolo and learned that there was no wedding. Her personal life story was also featured in the documentary "He Lied About Everything," She recounted her experiences with Macchiarini from the minute she met him until the time she became his ex-fiancee. Further, she has been through many heartbreaking relationships in the past. Not to mention, Paolo proposed the lady producer on New Year's Eve of 2013 with a $100,000 ring. Benita walked down the aisle with her boyfriend turned husband, a ballroom dance instructor Edson Jeune on October 18, 2012. She is honestly proud of how far she has come (as she should be), and its evident shell never let anything or anyone take this journey/narrative away from her. Currently, Benita is affiliated with Effran Films as a senior VP of True Crime Programming and Love Con Expert. Rumor has it, that she even has a daughter but Benita is not public about it yet. She shared her story from the time she met the doctor, to becoming Paolo Macchiarini's ex-fiancee. "Trust me, admitting that you got conned, especially as a smart, successful woman, is excruciatingly painful.
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